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Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking Vehicle tracking is the process of determining the location of a single or numerous vehicle/s at any given time. This system is commonly used in industries of fleet corporations. This refers to companies who run a large fleet of vehicles such as taxis, armored trucks, delivery vans, etc. If you are indeed running a company that manages vehicle fleets, then you probably know the importance of maintaining information regarding the whereabouts of your drivers and vehicles at all times. To accomplish this, most companies use GPS or Global Positioning System.

Why GPS?

GPS was first launched in 1978 by the US Department of Defense. This system was first developed for military and security purposes. In the 1980's, GPS became available to the public. The system works by having a dozen of satellites that are orbiting above the earth. These satellites are able to gather data of any location and will then send data back to earth.

If you are planning to perform some sort of vehicle tracking for your business, then it's in your best interest to use GPS. Not only is it the most modern and efficient tracking system, but it also has a lot of benefits over cellular communication. For instance, a GPS vehicle tracking device will still be able to send date to the main office despite high altitudes or weather interferences.

Monitor your drivers

The use of vehicle tracking also enables you to rate and evaluate your drivers' performance. For instance, you can determine which drivers are wasting a lot of fuel and time getting lost and missing directions. In this case, you can us your GPS technology to help him navigate the streets better. You can also find out which ones are unbearably slow drivers and which ones are driving at breakneck speed. Then you can take the necessary actions to amend the situation.

In case of emergency

A GPS vehicle tracking system can also come in handy in times of emergency situations. For instance, let's say that your taxi breaks down in the middle of nowhere, leaving your driver stranded. A GPS system will immediately help you locate where the driver and taxi are so you can send help. Some devices usually have panic buttons, which the driver can press in times of dangerósuch as a carjacking episode or a traffic accident.

If you are interested in a GPS tracking system for your vehicle/s, then you have come to the right place. Telestpial Systems will help you boost your system through our innovative GPS products. 
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