trackstick II

Trackstick II is a fun and immersive way to show where you’ve been. Your computer screen can become the guide of a virtual tour for any journey you make.

Take it on vacation to keep a satellite album of your travels, record your explorations, or carry it whenever you go out to get a better sense of your everyday life. Bring it fishing and tag the spots you landed a catch to discover feeding patterns over time, or find a good camping spot and leave it to Trackstick to remember where it is and the path you took to get there. The possibilities are endless and people are always finding new and interesting uses for Trackstick.Works with...

It works anywhere on the planet. Traveled locations can be shown via a red line that is traced on satellite photos and 3D terrain using the latest mapping technologies from Google™ Earth. Trackstick continuously records its exact route, stop times, speed, direction, and other valuable information, all of which can be quickly downloaded and viewed on your computer.

No monthly fees are required and Trackstick Manager,the most
advanced tracking and geo-photo tagging software on the market,
is provided freely in our download section.