Al Jahrā’, Kuwait

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Al Jahrā’, Kuwait

Region: Al Jahrā’ is located in the Al Jahra Governorate

Geographic Coordinates: 29.350000, 47.683300
Temperature Range: 20.0°C to 50.0°C (68°F to 122°F)
Climate: Hot and dry climate with occasional dust storms. Summers are extremely hot with temperatures reaching up to 50°C, while winters are mild with average temperatures around 15-20°C.
Population: 393432
Language: Arabic

Al Jahrā’ is a city situated in western Kuwait, On the coast of the Persian Gulf. It is one of six governorates in Kuwait and covers an area of approximately 100 square kilometers. The name Al Jahrā’ comes from the Arabic word for small river, Which refers to a stream that used to flow through the area. The city has a rich history dating back to ancient times, With evidence of human settlement dating back over 5, 000 years.

The region was known for its pearl diving industry during the pre-oil era and was also an important stop on trade routes between Mesopotamia and India. Today, Al Jahrā’ is a bustling commercial and residential hub with modern infrastructure and amenities. It boasts several shopping malls, Including The Avenues Mall – one of Kuwait’s largest malls – as well as numerous restaurants, Cafes, And entertainment venues. One notable landmark in Al Jahrā’ is Jahra Fort. Built during the Ottoman Empire in 1896 AD by Sheikh Mubarak Al-Sabah, It served as both a residence for local rulers and a military fortress.

Today it has been restored into a museum showcasing traditional Kuwaiti architecture and artifacts from different periods throughout Kuwait’s history. Another popular attraction in Al Jahrā’ is its beaches along the Arabian Gulf coastline. These pristine beaches offer visitors crystal-clear waters perfect for swimming or water sports like jet skiing or parasailing. For those interested in nature-based activities, There are several parks within Al Jahra’s boundaries such as Sabah Al-Ahmad Natural Reserve which provides opportunities for hiking or bird-watching enthusiasts alike.

Overall, Whether you’re looking to explore historical sites or enjoy modern amenities while soaking up some sun on pristine beaches – Al Jahra offers something for everyone!

Important Landmarks

  1. The Scientific Center: A popular science museum with an aquarium and IMAX cinema.
  2. Aqua Park: A water park with various slides, wave pools, and other attractions.
  3. Al Kout Mall: One of the largest shopping centers in Kuwait with a variety of shops and restaurants.
  4. Failaka Island: An island located off the coast of Kuwait that is known for its archaeological sites and ancient ruins.
  5. Kuwait Towers: Iconic towers that offer panoramic views of the city skyline.
  6. Grand Mosque: The largest mosque in Kuwait, known for its Islamic architecture and intricate designs.
  7. Marina Crescent: A waterfront promenade lined with cafes, restaurants, and shops overlooking the Arabian Gulf.
  8. Souk Al-Mubarakiya: A traditional market offering a wide range of local products such as spices, clothing items, souvenirs etc.,
  9. Tareq Rajab Museum: A private museum showcasing Islamic art.
  10. Liberation Tower: A telecommunications tower offering panoramic views.
  11. Dhow Harbor: An old harbor where visitors can see traditional wooden boats.

Primary Industries

  1. Retail: There are several supermarkets, malls, and local markets in Al Jahrā’ that cater to the needs of residents.
  2. Construction: The construction industry is growing rapidly in Al Jahrā’ as new residential buildings, commercial complexes, and infrastructure projects are being developed.
  3. Hospitality: The tourism industry has been developing in recent years with the opening of luxury hotels and resorts along the coast.
  4. Education: There are several schools and colleges in Al Jahrā’, including Gulf University for Science & Technology (GUST).
  5. Healthcare: There are several hospitals and medical centers providing healthcare services to residents.
  6. Agriculture: Although not a major industry, there are some farms producing fruits and vegetables for local consumption.
  7. Fishing: Fishing is an important activity for many locals who rely on it for their livelihoods or as a source of food.
  8. Oil & Gas Industry: While not located directly within Al Jahra’s boundaries, Kuwait’s oil reserves have helped fuel its economy since 1946 when oil was first discovered here; nearby refineries process much of this crude oil into petroleum products such as gasoline or diesel fuel before exportation around the world by sea tanker ships from nearby ports like Mina Abdullah or Shuaiba Industrial Port Complex (SIPC).

Noteable History

  1. The Battle of Jahra: In 1920, Kuwait was invaded by Saudi forces led by Ibn Saud. The Battle of Jahra took place in Al Jahrā’ and was significant as it marked the first time that Kuwaiti forces fought against an invading army.
  2. Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah: Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah was the ruler of Kuwait from 1950 until his death in 1965. He oversaw significant changes in the country, including modernizing infrastructure, education, and healthcare.
  3. Gulf War: During the Gulf War in 1991, Iraqi forces occupied several areas in Kuwait, including Al Jahrā’. The city suffered significant damage during this period.
  4. Liberation Tower: The Liberation Tower is an iconic landmark located in Al Jahrā’. It was built to commemorate Kuwait’s liberation from Iraq during the Gulf War.
  5. Pearl diving: Pearl diving has been an important part of Al Jahrā’s history for centuries. Many residents were involved until oil production became more profitable.
  6. Souq Sharq: Souq Sharq is a popular shopping mall located on the waterfront in Al-Jahrā’. It features many international brands and restaurants and attracts tourists from around the world.
  7. Sheikh Jaber al-Ahmad Cultural Centre: This cultural center is one of the largest cultural centers in the Middle East and hosts many events throughout each year, including concerts, exhibitions, and theater performances.
  8. Mubarakiya Market: Mubarakiya Market is one of the oldest markets not only within Kuwait but also within the Middle East. It offers a variety of goods ranging from traditional food items to gold jewelry.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Jahra Gate: A historic gate that was once a part of the old city wall.
  2. Al-Jahra Museum of Modern Art: A museum showcasing modern art from Kuwait and other parts of the world.
  3. Al-Nasser Sports Club: A popular sports club with a stadium that hosts football matches and other events.
  4. Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre: A cultural center with several museums, including a natural history museum and a science museum.
  5. The Red Palace: A historic palace built in the 19th century by Sheikh Mubarak Al-Sabah.
  6. The Grand Mosque of Jahra: One of the largest mosques in Kuwait with beautiful architecture and intricate designs.
  7. Tareq Rajab Museum of Islamic Calligraphy: An art center featuring Islamic calligraphy from around the world.
  8. House of Mirrors: An artistic house covered entirely in mirrors, created by artist Lidia al-Qattan.
  9. Abdali Farms: An agricultural farm that offers tours and activities for visitors to learn about farming practices in Kuwait.
  10. Souk Al-Mubarakiya: A traditional market with shops selling spices, textiles, souvenirs, and more.

Sports Teams

  1. Al-Jahra SC: Founded in 1964, the club has won several domestic titles and competed in continental competitions.
  2. Khaitan SC: Established in 1956, Khaitan SC is one of the oldest football clubs in Kuwait and has a strong fan base.
  3. Sahel SC: The club was founded in 1970 and has won several domestic titles over the years.

Aside from football, other popular sports played by people living in Al Jahra include basketball, volleyball, handball, tennis and swimming among others.

Cultural Events

  1. Hala February Festival: This is a month-long festival held every year in Kuwait City during February. It features various cultural, musical, and entertainment activities.
  2. National Day: Celebrated on 25th February every year to commemorate the country’s independence from British colonial rule.
  3. Eid al-Fitr: A three-day celebration marking the end of Ramadan fasting.
  4. Eid al-Adha: A four-day festival commemorating Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son for Allah.
  5. Kuwait International Book Fair: An annual book fair held in November featuring local and international authors and publishers.
  6. Al-Jahra Camel Race Festival: A traditional camel racing event held annually in Al Jahra district during winter months.
  7. Gulf Film Festival: An annual film festival showcasing films from across the Gulf region held in April.
  8. Qout Market: A monthly outdoor market featuring local artisans, farmers, food vendors, and musicians held at Al Shaheed Park every first Saturday of the month except during summer months (June-August).


  • Machboos – a traditional rice dish cooked with meat, spices, and vegetables.
  • Gabout – a type of grilled fish served with various sauces and spices.
  • Harees – a porridge-like dish made from wheat and meat.

Some popular restaurants in Al Jahrā’, Kuwait are:

  • Al Boom Steak & Seafood Restaurant – known for their seafood dishes and steaks.
  • Dar Hamad Restaurant – serves traditional Kuwaiti cuisine in a modern setting.
  • Saltwater Fish Company – offers fresh seafood dishes cooked to order.
  • The Regency Hotel’s Silk Road restaurant – serves Chinese cuisine with stunning views of the Arabian Gulf.

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Al Shaheed Park is a large park with a beautiful lake, walking trails, and playgrounds.
    2. Kuwait Zoo is a popular attraction for families with a variety of animals and exhibits.
    3. Green Island is an artificial island with beaches, picnic areas, and water sports activities.
    4. The Scientific Center of Kuwait is a science museum featuring an aquarium, IMAX movie theater, and interactive exhibits.
    5. Al Kout Beach is a public beach with clean waters and plenty of space for sunbathing and swimming.
    6. Failaka Island is an island located off the coast of Kuwait that offers hiking trails, historic ruins, and water sports activities.
    7. Marina Crescent is a shopping mall located on the waterfront offering restaurants cafes shops cinemas.
    8. Aqua Park is a water park featuring slides wave pool lazy river.
    9. The Tareq Rajab Museum showcases Islamic Art & History.
    10. Kuwait Towers are iconic landmarks in the city offering panoramic views from observation deck.


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