Anderlecht, Belgium

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Anderlecht, Belgium

Region: Anderlecht

Geographic Coordinates: 50.833300, 4.333300
Temperature Range: -10.0°C to 35.0°C (14°F to 95°F)
Population: 120887
Language: Dutch

Anderlecht is a municipality in the Brussels-Capital region of Belgium with a population of over 120, 000 people. It has a rich history dating back to Roman times and was once an important trading center for textiles, Leather goods, And pottery. One of the most notable attractions in Anderlecht is St. Peter’s Church, Which features stunning Gothic architecture and beautiful stained glass windows depicting scenes from the Bible. Visitors can also explore the nearby Beguinage de la Vigne, Which was once home to a community of single women who lived together in religious devotion.

The Erasmus House Museum is another popular attraction dedicated to Desiderius Erasmus – one of Europe’s most famous scholars. The museum houses an extensive collection of manuscripts, Books, Artwork related to his life and work as well as exhibits on Renaissance culture. For sports fans visiting Anderlecht, There are several options available including RSC Anderlecht football club which has enjoyed success both domestically and internationally over many years. Visitors can take guided tours around their stadium or catch a live game during their stay.

Foodies will love exploring Anderlecht’s vibrant food scene with its many restaurants offering traditional Belgian cuisine such as mussels with fries or hearty stews made with local beer like stoemp or carbonnade flamande. There are also plenty of street markets selling fresh produce where visitors can try out some local delicacies such as Belgian waffles or chocolate-covered strawberries.

nature lovers will enjoy spending time at one of Anderlecht’s parks such as Parc du Scheutbosch or Parc de la Pede where they can go for long walks amidst verdant greenery or simply relax on benches while taking in breathtaking views of the city. All in all, Anderlecht is a wonderful destination for anyone looking to explore the cultural heritage and natural beauty of Belgium. With its rich history, Vibrant food scene, And numerous attractions, It’s no wonder that visitors keep returning year after year.

Important Landmarks

  1. St. Peter and Paul Church
  2. Erasmus House Museum
  3. Constant Vanden Stock Stadium (home of RSC Anderlecht football club)
  4. Astrid Park
  5. Scheutbos Forest Park
  6. The Brussels-Capital Region Parliament
  7. The Abattoir Market
  8. The National Basilica of the Sacred Heart in nearby Koekelberg

Primary Industries

  1. Food industry: Anderlecht is renowned for its food industry, particularly chocolate production.
  2. Retail sector: There are multiple shopping centers and retail outlets present in Anderlecht, including Westland Shopping Center.
  3. Manufacturing: The manufacturing sector of Anderlecht is flourishing and includes the production of textiles, chemicals, and machinery.
  4. Logistics and transportation: Due to its strategic location near Brussels South Charleroi Airport and Port of Antwerp, numerous logistics companies have established their operations in Anderlecht.
  5. Construction: Various construction firms operate in Anderlecht that specialize in constructing residential as well as commercial properties.
  6. Sports industry: RSC Anderlecht football club is headquartered within the municipality which generates substantial revenue for local businesses such as hotels, restaurants, and bars during match days.

Overall, these industries play a crucial role in contributing significantly to the economy of not only Anderlecht but also Belgium as a whole.

Noteable History

  1. The Battle of Anderlecht in 1695 during the Nine Years’ War between France and the Grand Alliance.
  2. Saint Guido of Anderlecht, a 10th-century Belgian saint who is venerated as the patron saint of beggars and blacksmiths.
  3. The construction of the Collegiate Church of Saint Peter and Saint Guido in the 11th century, which became an important pilgrimage site.
  4. The establishment of several breweries in Anderlecht during the Middle Ages, which contributed to its economic growth.
  5. The birthplace of Paul Van Himst, a former Belgian footballer who played for RSC Anderlecht and was named European Footballer of the Year in 1965.
  6. The creation of RSC Anderlecht football club in 1908, which has won numerous national and international titles over its history.
  7. The development of industrial areas along Brussels-Charleroi Canal in the early 20th century that brought new jobs to the area.
  8. World War II saw heavy fighting around Brussels including bombings on railway stations nearby such as Schuman Station or bombing raids on German airfields like Melsbroek Air Base or Evere Airfield.
  9. The famous painter Pieter Bruegel lived here for some time before his death.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Erasmus House: A museum dedicated to the life and works of the famous philosopher Desiderius Erasmus.
  2. Museum of the Belgian Brewers: This museum showcases the history and culture of beer in Belgium, including interactive exhibits and tastings.
  3. Wiels Contemporary Art Center: A contemporary art center located in a former brewery, featuring exhibitions, workshops, and events.
  4. Notre-Dame de la Chapelle Church: A beautiful Gothic church with stunning stained glass windows and intricate architecture.
  5. The Atomium: Located just outside of Anderlecht, this iconic monument is a must-see for its unique design and panoramic views from its observation deck.
  6. The Royal Museum for Central Africa: Located in nearby Tervuren, this museum features exhibits on African art, culture, history, and natural science.
  7. Brussels South Railway Station (Gare du Midi): One of Brussels’ busiest train stations known for its impressive architecture dating back to 1869.
  8. Parc Astrid Park: A large park with walking paths along ponds surrounded by trees that provide shade during summer months.
  9. Place de la Vaillance Square: This historic square is home to several cafes where visitors can relax while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea while people-watching or admiring the surrounding buildings’ architectural beauty.
  10. La Maison d’Erasme (Erasmus House): An authentic 16th-century house that was once home to Desiderius Erasmus who lived there from 1521 until his death in 1536 which has been transformed into an immersive museum experience showcasing his life’s work as one of Europe’s most influential humanists.

Sports Teams

  1. RSC Anderlecht is the most well-known sports team in Anderlecht, Belgium.
  2. It was founded in 1908 and has a rich history of success in Belgian football.
  3. The club has won 34 Belgian league titles, more than any other team in the country, as well as five European trophies.
  4. Another notable sports team from Anderlecht is BC Oostende, a professional basketball team that competes in the Belgian Basketball League.
  5. The team has won multiple league championships and has also had success in European competitions.
  6. In addition to football and basketball, there are several other sports clubs based in Anderlecht that compete at various levels of competition.
  7. These include volleyball club VC Jongeren Anderlues, handball club HC Etoile d’Auderghem-Auderghem Sterrenhandbalclub, and rugby club RC La Hulpe.

Cultural Events

  1. Fête de la Sainte-Anne is an annual festival in Anderlecht that takes place on the last weekend of July to honor Saint Anne, the patron saint of Anderlecht.
  2. Foire du Midi is a popular fair held every year in July and August, featuring carnival rides, games, food stands, and live music.
  3. Festival des Arts de la Rue is a street art festival held annually in September showcasing performances by local and international artists.
  4. Fête de l’Iris celebrates the Brussels-Capital Region with cultural events such as concerts, exhibitions, and street performances.
  5. Bruxelles les Bains is an urban beach festival held during the summer months (July-August) featuring sandboxes for children to play in and sports activities like beach volleyball and soccer tournaments.
  6. Nuit Blanche Brussels is an all-night cultural event held annually on the first Saturday night of October across several neighborhoods in Brussels including Anderlecht with contemporary art installations throughout public spaces.
  7. Laeken Fireworks Festival takes place annually during June or July at Laeken Park near Atomium – this fireworks display attracts thousands of visitors to enjoy stunning pyrotechnics over two nights with music performances from local bands too!


  • Stoemp & Co: This restaurant serves traditional Belgian dishes like stoemp, which is a mashed potato dish mixed with vegetables and meat.
  • Le Pain Quotidien: This bakery-cafe serves fresh bread, pastries, and sandwiches made with organic ingredients.
  • Chez Léon: This seafood restaurant is famous for its mussels served with fries and beer.
  • La Cantina: This Italian restaurant serves handmade pasta dishes like spaghetti carbonara and lasagna.
  • Le Pain Quotidien: Another branch of the bakery-cafe chain that offers a cozy atmosphere to enjoy breakfast or lunch.
  • Pizzeria La Piccola Italia: A family-run pizzeria that offers authentic Italian pizza in a casual setting.
  • Taverne Ter Linden: A traditional Belgian brasserie that serves hearty meals like steak frites and beef stew with beer sauce.
  • Au Vieux Spijtigen Duivel: A historic tavern that dates back to the 17th century serving Belgian beers and classic pub food like croquettes and cheese plates.
  • Belgian Waffles Factory : It’s a waffle shop located in the Westland Shopping Center where you can try different types of waffles (sweet or salty) at affordable prices.
  • Cafe des Spores : It’s a cafe specialized in mushrooms where you can taste different mushroom-based dishes such as risotto or soup among others while enjoying their cozy atmosphere.

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Parc de la Pede: This vast park offers ample green space for picnics, strolls, and sports activities like soccer and basketball.
    2. Neerpede Sports Complex: A favored spot for sports enthusiasts, the complex features multiple soccer fields, a running track, and a fitness center.
    3. Erasmus Park: This stunning park is home to a charming pond, walking trails, and playgrounds for kids.
    4. Astrid Park: Positioned close to the heart of Anderlecht, this park provides various leisure activities including tennis courts and a skatepark.
    5. The Forest National Concert Hall: Renowned for hosting some of the most prominent music acts in Belgium, this venue also hosts other events such as comedy shows and theater performances.
    6. Brussels Kart Indoor: For those who love speed and excitement rushes, this indoor go-karting track is sure to provide an exhilarating experience.
    7. The Royal Greenhouses of Laeken: Although located slightly outside Anderlecht in the nearby Laeken district of Brussels city itself , these stunning glass structures are open to public viewings during springtime showcasing exotic plants from around the world.
    8. Mini-Europe: Also located in nearby Heysel district, Mini-Europe is a miniature park that showcases replicas of famous European landmarks.


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