Aţ Ţā’if, Saudi Arabia

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Aţ Ţā’if, Saudi Arabia

Region: Makkah

Geographic Coordinates: 21.275100, 40.406200
Temperature Range: 10.0°C to 35.0°C (50°F to 95°F)
Climate: Seasonal.
Population: 579970
Language: Arabic

Aţ Ţā’if is a beautiful and historic city located in the Mecca Province of Saudi Arabia. Perched on the slopes of the Sarawat Mountains, It is known for its mild climate, Stunning scenery, And rich cultural heritage. The city has a population of around 300, 000 people and is situated about 1, 700 meters above sea level. One of the most popular attractions in Aţ Ţā’if is its famous rose gardens. The city has been producing roses for centuries and every year in April there is an annual festival to celebrate this tradition.

During this time visitors can stroll through the fragrant gardens and enjoy the many different varieties of roses that are grown here. Another must-see attraction in Aţ Ţā’if is Shubra Palace. This historic palace was built by King Abdul Aziz Al Saud as a summer residence for his family during the hot months. Today it serves as a museum showcasing traditional Saudi Arabian architecture, Art, And culture.

Visitors to Aţ Ţā’if can also explore Wadi Hanifa which stretches over 120 km long from north to south along with Riyadh City until it reaches Wadi Al-Rummah which flows into Gulf at Dammam City . It offers breathtaking views of rugged mountainsides adorned with lush greenery. A trip to Aţ Ţā’if would not be complete without visiting Souq Okaz; an ancient market where traders used to come from all over Arabia to sell their goods such as spices, Perfumes, Textiles etc..

Today this market still operates but mainly sells handicrafts made by local artisans including pottery items like bowls or plates decorated with intricate designs using natural dyes derived from plants found nearby. For those who enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking or mountain biking then Jebel Hafeet National Park will be perfect for them. The park is located just outside of Aţ Ţā’if and offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains, Valleys, And forests. visitors can also experience the local cuisine which is a blend of traditional Arabian dishes with influences from neighboring countries such as Yemen and Oman.

Popular dishes include Mandi (rice cooked with meat), Kabsa (spiced rice with chicken or lamb), And Harees (a porridge made from wheat). There are many restaurants in Aţ Ţā’if that serve these dishes along with other Arabic favorites like falafel, Hummus, Shawarma etc. Aţ Ţā’if is a fascinating city that offers something for everyone. Whether you are interested in history, Culture or nature there are plenty of things to see and do here. With its stunning scenery, Rich cultural heritage and friendly locals it’s no wonder that this city has become a popular tourist destination in Saudi Arabia.

Important Landmarks

  1. Shubra Palace
  2. Al Rudaf Park
  3. King Fahad Garden Park
  4. Taif Cable Car
  5. Al-Anoud Park
  6. Okaz Souq Market
  7. Wadi Mitna
  8. Shafa Mountains
  9. Taif Rose Festival (seasonal)
  10. Taif Zoo

Primary Industries

  • The major industries and businesses in Aţ Ţā’if, Saudi Arabia include:
    1. Agriculture
      • The city is known for its production of fruits such as grapes, pomegranates, and figs.
    2. Tourism
      • The city has a thriving tourism industry due to its scenic beauty and mild climate.
    3. Healthcare
      • Aţ Ţā’if has several hospitals and medical centers that serve the local population as well as patients from other parts of the country.

    Noteable History

    1. The Battle of Hunayn was a significant event in early Islamic history when Prophet Muhammad led his army to conquer Aţ Ţā’if in 630 AD.
    2. Abdullah ibn Abbas, a companion of Prophet Muhammad and an Islamic scholar, lived in Aţ Ţā’if and is known for his extensive knowledge of Quranic exegesis.
    3. Al-Muttalib ibn Abbad was a famous poet who lived in Aţ Ţā’if during the 10th century AD and is considered one of the greatest poets in Arabic literature.
    4. Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya, a famous Islamic scholar who lived in Aţ Ţā’if during the 14th century AD, is known for his extensive works on Islamic jurisprudence, theology, and spirituality.
    5. In the 16th century, Aţ Ţā’if came under Ottoman Empire rule after being conquered by Sultan Selim I.
    6. King Abdulaziz bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud visited Ta’if in 1924 to negotiate with local tribesmen who were resisting Saudi rule over their territories.
    7. In August 2015, negotiations between Yemeni government officials and Houthi rebels took place at a hotel near Ta’if to try to end Yemen’s civil war which began earlier that year.

    Museums and Things To See

    1. Al Rudaf Park: A picturesque park that boasts a lake, picnic areas, and playgrounds.
    2. Shubra Palace: A museum that preserves a historic palace showcasing traditional Saudi Arabian architecture and culture.
    3. Taif Regional Museum: A museum that exhibits the rich history of Taif from prehistoric times to present day.
    4. Al Hada Mountain: A breathtaking mountain range with hiking trails and stunning panoramic views of the surrounding area.
    5. Souq Okaz: An ancient marketplace that played a crucial role in trade and cultural exchange in Arabia.
    6. King Fahad Garden: A sprawling public park with botanical gardens, fountains, and walking paths for visitors to enjoy.
    7. Wadi Hanifa Nature Reserve: An oasis amidst the desert featuring natural springs, wildlife, and hiking trails for nature enthusiasts to explore.
    8. Al-Taif Art Gallery: An art gallery showcasing contemporary Saudi Arabian art from local artists for art lovers to appreciate.
    9. Abu Bakr Mosque: One of Taif’s oldest mosques with an exquisite façade made of white marble adorned with intricate geometric patterns for visitors to admire.
    10. Jabal Thawr Cave: A sacred cave where Prophet Muhammad is said to have sought refuge during his journey to Medina offering stunning vistas over Taif city from its entrance point at 1km above sea level on top of the mountain ridge overlooking it below.

    Cultural Events

    1. Souk Okaz Festival: This is an annual cultural festival that celebrates the heritage of Arabia. It features various events such as poetry recitals, storytelling, traditional dance performances, and theatrical shows.
    2. Taif Rose Festival: This festival is held annually in April and May to celebrate the blooming of Taif roses. Visitors can enjoy a variety of activities such as rose picking, perfume making workshops, and cultural shows.
    3. Al-Balad Music Festival: This music festival features both local and international musicians performing a range of genres including jazz, classical music, and traditional Saudi Arabian music.
    4. Janadriyah Cultural Heritage Festival: Held annually in Riyadh but easily accessible from Aţ Ţā’if by car or public transportation, this festival showcases the diverse cultures and traditions of Saudi Arabia through exhibitions, crafts displays, food stalls offering regional cuisine from all over the country.
    5. Eid al-Fitr Celebration: This religious celebration marks the end of Ramadan fasting month with feasting gatherings among families and friends throughout Aţ Ţā’if’s neighborhoods.
    6. National Day Celebration: On September 23rd every year people across Saudi Arabia celebrate their national day with fireworks displays in public places like parks or on rooftops; parades featuring military bands; flag-raising ceremonies at government buildings; concerts showcasing popular local artists’ performances celebrating their country’s history and culture.


    • Al Nakheel Restaurant – famous for its traditional Arabic dishes like Mandi, Kabsa, and Madfoon.
    • Al Khayam Restaurant – known for its delicious grilled meats and kebabs.
    • Al Rajhi Bakery – famous for its fresh bread and pastries.
    • Al Balad Restaurant – serves authentic Saudi Arabian dishes like Thareed, Haneeth, and Saleeg.
    • Al Andalusia Restaurant – offers a variety of Middle Eastern dishes like Shawarma, Falafel, Hummus, and Tabouleh.
    • Mawasem Al Sham Restaurant – specializes in Syrian cuisine with dishes like Fatteh and Fattoush salad.
    • Abu Mazen Fast Food – offers quick bites like burgers, sandwiches, fries etc., at affordable prices.
    • Tazaj Chicken restaurant- popular fast-food chain serving grilled chicken with rice or bread along with salads or sides such as hummus or french fries.

    • Parks and Recreation

      1. Al Rudaf Park is a recreational area situated in the center of Aţ Ţā’if, featuring playgrounds, walking paths, sports fields and picnic spots.
      2. Shafa Mountain Park is located on the outskirts of Aţ Ţā’if and offers picturesque views of the surrounding region along with hiking trails, picnic areas and scenic viewpoints.
      3. King Fahd Park is a public park which boasts a lake with paddle boats for rent, walking paths, children’s play areas and numerous picnic spots.
      4. Al Hada Mountain Resort provides an array of outdoor activities like zip lining and horseback riding through valleys surrounded by mountains.
      5. Taif Zoo houses over 700 animals from around the world in spacious enclosures that are designed to mimic their natural habitats.
      6. Wadi Mitna Reserve is situated outside Aţ Ţā’if city center; it features waterfalls surrounded by lush greenery making it an ideal spot for picnicking or hiking with family or friends.
      7. Ar Ruddaf Park is yet another popular park in Aţ Ţā’if that has plenty to offer visitors; there are play areas for kids to enjoy while adults can relax on benches under shaded trees or take walks along paved pathways throughout its green landscape.


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