Az Zulfī, Saudi Arabia

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Az Zulfī, Saudi Arabia

Region: Az Zulfī is located in the Riyadh Region

Geographic Coordinates: 26.283300, 44.800000
Temperature Range: 10.0°C to 45.0°C (50°F to 113°F)
Climate: Hot and arid climate with very little rainfall throughout the year. Temperatures can reach up to 50°C in the summer months.
Population: 125000
Language: Arabic

Az Zulfī is a charming town located in the Riyadh Province of Saudi Arabia, Approximately 150 kilometers northwest of the capital city, Riyadh. It has a population of around 25, 000 people and is known for its beautiful scenery, Rich history, And traditional way of life. One of the most notable landmarks in Az Zulfī is the Al-Qassim Palace. This historic palace was built during the reign of King Abdulaziz Al Saud and now serves as a museum showcasing traditional Saudi Arabian artifacts and exhibits on local history. Wadi Hanifah Park is another popular attraction in Az Zulfī.

Covering an area of over 1 million square meters, It features beautiful gardens with various types of flora and fauna. Visitors can enjoy walking trails, Picnic areas, Playgrounds for children, And stunning views across the valley. For those interested in religious sites, Az Zulfī boasts several mosques worth visiting such as Masjid Al-Salam which features intricate Islamic architecture with beautiful calligraphy adorning its walls.

Az Zulfī also offers visitors a chance to experience traditional Saudi Arabian culture through its markets or souks where handmade crafts like pottery or textiles are sold along with spices used extensively in local cuisine such as saffron or turmeric. Food lovers will not be disappointed when visiting Az Zulfī either as it has several restaurants serving delicious local dishes like Kabsa (a rice dish cooked with meat), Shawarma (a sandwich made from roasted meat), Or Mandi (meat cooked over hot coals). These dishes can be found at many street vendors throughout the town.

Overall, Az Zulfī is a hidden gem in Saudi Arabia that offers visitors a chance to experience traditional Saudi Arabian culture and history. Its beautiful scenery, Historic landmarks, And delicious cuisine make it an ideal destination for those looking to explore beyond major cities.

Important Landmarks

  1. Mount Uhud: A mountain located in Medina that holds historical significance for Muslims.
  2. Al-Masjid an-Nabawi: Also known as the Prophet’s Mosque, it is one of the most important mosques in Islam and is located in Medina.
  3. Quba Mosque: Considered to be the first mosque built by Prophet Muhammad and his companions, it is located on the outskirts of Medina.
  4. Al-Baqi’ Cemetery: A cemetery located near Al-Masjid an-Nabawi containing graves of many important Islamic figures.
  5. Madain Saleh: An ancient archaeological site featuring well-preserved tombs carved into rock formations dating back to the Nabatean Kingdom era.
  6. Jabal al-Lawz: A mountain range believed by some to be Mount Sinai mentioned in religious texts such as the Bible and Quran.
  7. King Fahd Park: A large park with various recreational facilities such as playgrounds and picnic areas located in nearby Taif city.
  8. Shubra Palace Museum: A museum showcasing traditional Saudi Arabian architecture and culture located in Taif city center.

Primary Industries

  1. According to available data, Az Zulfī is a small town located in the Riyadh Province of Saudi Arabia.
  2. The major industries and businesses in this area may include:
    • Agriculture
    • Construction
    • Transportation
    • Retail trade
    • Small-scale manufacturing units
  3. However, it’s best to consult local sources for up-to-date information on the current state of industries and businesses in Az Zulfī.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Al-Qarah Mountain
  2. Al-Okhdood Archaeological Site
  3. Al-Dahna Desert
  4. The National Museum of Saudi Arabia in Riyadh
  5. King Abdulaziz Historical Center
  6. Diriyah Historical City
  7. Masmak Fortress
  8. Murabba Palace
  9. Riyadh Zoo

Sports Teams

  1. Az Zulfī is a city located in the Riyadh Province of Saudi Arabia, with a strong passion for football (soccer).
  2. The city has several football clubs that compete at various levels, including Al Jabalain FC and Al Nahda FC.
  3. Both clubs have won multiple championships and are known for their passionate fan base and strong youth development program.
  4. In addition to football, Az Zulfī also has basketball, volleyball, handball, and table tennis clubs that compete locally and regionally.
  5. Sports play a significant role in the culture of Az Zulfī, with many residents participating or supporting local teams.

Cultural Events

  1. Eid al-Fitr: This festival marks the end of Ramadan and is celebrated with great enthusiasm.
  2. Janadriyah Festival: It is one of the largest cultural festivals in Saudi Arabia that celebrates the country’s heritage and culture.
  3. Al-Janadriyah National Heritage and Culture Festival: This festival showcases traditional crafts, music, dance performances, food stalls, camel races, and other activities.
  4. Al-Qatt Al-Asiri Art Festival: This festival celebrates traditional Asir art forms like Qatt al-Asiri embroidery.
  5. Riyadh International Book Fair: It is an annual event that attracts book lovers from around the world to browse through thousands of books on display.
  6. Taif Rose Festival: It is a popular flower festival held annually in Taif where visitors can enjoy colorful rose gardens and various cultural activities.
  7. Jeddah Season Cultural Festival: This event features music concerts by international artists along with theater productions, art exhibitions among others.

Please note that this list may not be exhaustive as new events are added regularly based on local traditions or interests at different times of the year.


  • Al Khodariyah: This restaurant is famous for its traditional Saudi Arabian dishes such as Kabsa, Mandi and Shawarma.
  • Al Fakhamah: A popular restaurant that serves grilled chicken with Arabic spices.
  • Al Bait Al Sha’abi: Known for its delicious lamb chops and mixed grill platters.
  • Abu Khalid Restaurant: A favorite spot for locals to enjoy seafood dishes like grilled shrimp and fish.
  • Shababik Restaurant: Specializes in Middle Eastern cuisine with a variety of kebabs, hummus, falafel and shawarma on the menu.
  • Mado Cafe & Restaurant: This Turkish restaurant offers a range of authentic Turkish dishes such as pide (Turkish pizza), kebabs and baklava dessert.
  • Tanoor Laham Restaurant: Serves tasty traditional Arabic bread called Tanoor with lamb meat cooked inside it along with other local delicacies like Kabsa rice dish.
  • Pizza Hut Az Zulfi Branch – Offers fast food options including pizzas, burgers etc.,
  • Al Nokhba Restaurants – Known for their delicious breakfast options such as fava beans (Foul) , Shakshuka eggs etc.,
  • Az Zulfi Bakery- This bakery is famous for its freshly baked breads including samoon bread which is very popular among locals in Az zulfi area

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Unfortunately, I do not have access to the latest information regarding public parks and recreational activities in Az Zulfī, Saudi Arabia.
    2. However, you can try searching for local websites or tourism bureaus that provide information on the city’s attractions and amenities.
    3. You can also reach out to travel agencies or locals who may be able to recommend some places worth visiting in Az Zulfī.


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