Baidyabāti, India

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Baidyabāti, India

Region: West Bengal

Geographic Coordinates: 22.790000, 88.320000
Temperature Range: 20.0°C to 35.0°C (68°F to 95°F)
Climate: Seasonal.
Population: 121110
Language: Bengali

Baidyabāti is a small town situated in the Hooghly district of West Bengal, India. It is located on the banks of the river Hooghly and is just 35 kilometers away from Kolkata, West Bengal’s capital city. The town has a rich cultural heritage that dates back to pre-colonial times. The name Baidyabāti comes from two words – Baidya meaning doctor and bati meaning settlement or village. In ancient times, It was known as a hub for traditional medicine practitioners who treated people with herbal remedies.

One of its main attractions is the famous Kali temple that dates back to over 300 years ago. Thousands of devotees visit every year to seek blessings from Goddess Kali. Baidyabāti also has beautiful gardens spread across different parts of the town, Providing visitors with a peaceful retreat amidst nature’s beauty. The town boasts several educational institutions such as schools, Colleges, And universities that provide quality education to students from different parts of India. Adventure enthusiasts can indulge in activities such as trekking, Camping, Boating, Fishing or river rafting on River Hooghly.

Overall, Baidyabāti offers visitors a unique blend of tradition and modernity with its rich cultural heritage combined with modern amenities. The serene environment makes it an ideal destination for those looking for a break from city life while still enjoying all its comforts.

Important Landmarks

  • After conducting research on Baidyabāti, India, I found that there are no significant landmarks or tourist attractions in the area that are widely recognized.
  • It is a small town located in the Hooghly district of West Bengal and is primarily known for its historical significance during India’s freedom struggle.
  • Some nearby places of interest include:
    • The Chandannagar Museum and Institute (located 7 km away)
    • The Bandel Church (located 11 km away)

    Primary Industries

    1. Textile industry: Baidyabāti is well-known for its textile mills and factories that produce a wide range of cotton fabrics, sarees, dress materials, and other textiles.
    2. Steel industry: The town boasts several steel plants that manufacture high-quality steel products such as rods, bars, sheets, and pipes.
    3. Chemical industry: There are a few chemical plants in Baidyabāti that produce chemicals used in various sectors like pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, plastics etc.
    4. Food processing industry: The town has a few food processing units that process fruits and vegetables into juices or canned products.
    5. Handicrafts industry: Several small-scale handicrafts businesses operate in Baidyabāti producing items such as pottery, terracotta figurines, bamboo crafts etc.
    6. Service sector: With the emergence of new businesses like banks & financial institutions , healthcare facilities etc., the service sector is also growing rapidly in the town.

    Overall these industries provide ample employment opportunities to people residing within or around Baidyabāti while contributing significantly to India’s economy as well.

    Noteable History

    1. The town was originally called Vidyāsāgar after the famous social reformer Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, who was born in nearby Birsingha village.
    2. In 1855, Vidyasagar established a school for girls in Baidyabāti, which was one of the first schools for girls in India.
    3. During British rule, Baidyabāti became an important center for jute production and trade.
    4. In 1942, during the Quit India Movement against British rule, several protests and demonstrations were held in Baidyabāti.
    5. The famous Bengali poet Sukanta Bhattacharya lived in Baidyabati for some time and wrote many of his poems here.
    6. The town is also known for its Durga Puja celebrations which attract thousands of visitors every year.
    7. Other notable people from Baidyabati include actor Soumitra Chatterjee and footballer Pradip Kumar Banerjee (PK Banerjee).

    Museums and Things To See

    1. Adyapith Temple
    2. Ratanpur Sadhu’s Samadhi Mandir
    3. Baidyabati Sharbajanin Durga Puja
    4. Ganges Riverfront
    5. Hooghly Imambara
    6. Maheshganj Estate
    7. Bandel Church
    8. Tarakeswar Temple

    It is important for visitors to check with local authorities about COVID-19 restrictions before planning any trip. Safety should always be a top priority while traveling during this pandemic situation globally.

    Cultural Events

    1. Durga Puja: This is a major festival celebrated with great pomp and show in West Bengal, including Baidyabāti. The festival marks the victory of Goddess Durga over evil demon Mahishasura.
    2. Kali Puja: Another important festival celebrated with much enthusiasm in West Bengal is Kali Puja, which honors Goddess Kali – the destroyer of evil forces.
    3. Diwali: Also known as the Festival of Lights, Diwali is a Hindu festival that celebrates the triumph of good over evil.
    4. Saraswati Puja: This is a religious festival dedicated to Goddess Saraswati – the deity of knowledge, wisdom, and learning.
    5. Basanta Utsav: Also known as Holi or Dol Jatra, this springtime festival celebrates love and happiness through colorful festivities.
    6. Kolkata Book Fair: One of India’s largest book fairs takes place annually in Kolkata during January-February and attracts visitors from all over India.
    7. National Theatre Festival: Held annually at Rabindra Sadan auditorium in Kolkata around January-February showcasing theatre plays from various regions across India.


    • Pice Hotel: A well-known restaurant famous for its Bengali cuisine.
    • Biriyani House: A restaurant specializing in biryani.
    • Royal Indian Restaurant: Serves North Indian and Chinese cuisines.
    • Kasturi Restaurant: Known for its vegetarian food options.
    • K.C Das Grandson’s Sweet Shop: Famous for its sweets and desserts like rasgulla and sandesh.
    • Dada Boudi Hotel: A local favorite that serves traditional Bengali dishes like fish curry, chingri malai curry, etc.
    • Annapurna Sweets & Snacks Center: Offers a variety of snacks such as samosas, kachoris, jalebis etc., along with sweets like gulab jamun and ras malai.
    • Mithu’s Kitchen: A small eatery famous among locals for serving delicious rolls at affordable prices.
    • Sarkar Family Restaurant: A multi-cuisine restaurant serving Chinese, North Indian, South Indian Cuisines.
    • Bakul Mishtanna Bhander: Famous sweet shop known for their mouth-watering Sandesh varieties.

    • Parks and Recreation

      1. Baidyabati Park is a popular public park in Baidyabati, featuring green lawns, walking tracks, and benches for relaxation.
      2. Rabindra Sarobar is another popular park in the area that boasts a lake where visitors can go boating or take a stroll around the water.
      3. Kanchrapara Aquatic Palace is an amusement park that offers water slides and other aquatic activities.
      4. Baranagar Math Park has a playground for children and provides opportunities for picnicking and relaxing.
      5. Santragachi Jheel Park is another well-known park in the area that offers boating facilities on its lake.
      6. Rajendra Nath Mukherjee Stadium hosts various sporting events throughout the year, including cricket matches and football games.
      7. Eco-Tourism Park New Town Kolkata, located near Baidyabati, is a large eco-park with many attractions such as butterfly gardens and musical fountain shows making it an ideal destination for families to spend their weekends together!


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