Bergamo, Italy

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Bergamo, Italy

Region: Lombardy

Geographic Coordinates: 45.695000, 9.670000
Temperature Range: -10.0°C to 40.0°C (14°F to 104°F)
Climate: Seasonal climate and weather patterns in Bergamo, Italy are influenced by its location in the Po Valley and include mild temperatures with occasional rainfall in the spring, hot and humid conditions with thunderstorms in the summer, cooler temperatures with occasional rain showers in the fall, and cold winters with snowfall.
Population: 120923
Language: Italian

Bergamo is a beautiful city located in Lombardy, Italy. The city is divided into two parts: the Upper town and Lower town. The Upper town, Also called Città Alta, Has ancient walls dating back to the 16th century. It’s a maze of cobbled streets that lead to stunning piazzas, Churches and breathtaking views of the surrounding hills. Piazza Vecchia is one of Bergamo’s most iconic landmarks situated at the heart of Città Alta. This charming square boasts several historic buildings including Palazzo della Ragione – an impressive palace with arches and frescoes dating back to 1183.

Another must-see attraction in Città Alta is Rocca di Bergamo – an imposing fortress that offers panoramic views over the city. The Lower town or Città Bassa has a more modern feel with wide boulevards lined with shops, Cafes and restaurants. Here you’ll find some excellent examples of Art Nouveau architecture such as Casa Fantoni and Casa Giardino. Bergamo also has several museums worth visiting such as Accademia Carrara which houses an impressive collection of Italian art from the 14th to 19th centuries including works by Botticelli, Raphael and Titian.

Another museum not to be missed is Donizetti Museum dedicated to one of Italy’s most famous opera composers Gaetano Donizetti who was born in Bergamo. Foodies will love exploring Bergamo’s culinary scene which includes local specialties such as casoncelli pasta stuffed with meat or cheese served in butter sauce or polenta e osei – a dessert made from marzipan birds on top of yellow polenta cake. for those who love nature there are plenty outdoor activities available around Bergamo such as hiking trails up Monte San Vigilio or cycling along the Adda River.

All in all, Bergamo offers a perfect mix of history, Culture and natural beauty.

Important Landmarks

  1. Città Alta (Upper Town)
  2. Piazza Vecchia
  3. Rocca di Bergamo (Bergamo Castle)
  4. Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore
  5. Colleoni Chapel
  6. Accademia Carrara art gallery
  7. San Vigilio funicular ride and panoramic views
  8. Palazzo della Ragione
  9. Teatro Donizetti
  10. Parco dei Colli Park

Primary Industries

  1. Manufacturing: Bergamo has a robust manufacturing industry with companies producing machinery, textiles, food products, and more.
  2. Tourism: Due to its historic architecture, cultural attractions, and scenic beauty, Bergamo is a popular tourist destination.
  3. Healthcare: The city has several hospitals and healthcare facilities that offer medical services to residents and visitors alike.
  4. Finance: Several banks and financial institutions are located in Bergamo to serve the local community.
  5. Education: The city boasts several universities and educational institutions that provide courses across various fields.
  6. Retail: There are many shops and boutiques in Bergamo selling everything from designer clothing to local crafts.
  7. Agriculture: The surrounding countryside produces crops such as wine grapes, olives, fruits, vegetables which are sold locally or exported to other regions or countries.
  8. Transportation services: Companies providing transportation services including airlines, railways, buses, taxis, etc.

Noteable History

  1. Bergamo was founded by the Celts in the 4th century BCE and later became a Roman colony in 49 BCE.
  2. Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, born in Sotto il Monte near Bergamo, became Pope John XXIII and served from 1958 to 1963.
  3. During the Renaissance period, Bergamo was under Venetian rule for over three centuries (1428-1797).
  4. Gaetano Donizetti, a famous Italian composer born in Bergamo, wrote many operas including Lucia di Lammermoor, L’elisir d’amore and Don Pasquale.
  5. In July 1705, an alliance between France and Spain defeated Austrian forces near Cassano d’Adda (in the province of Milan) with support from troops from Bergamo during the War of Spanish Succession.
  6. Many people from Bergamo were involved in Italy’s struggle for unification and independence from foreign powers during the mid-1800s Risorgimento Movement.
  7. Bartolomeo Colleoni was a famous condottiero (mercenary leader) who lived during the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance period; his equestrian statue stands in Piazza Vecchia.
  8. Giovanni Battista Moroni was a Renaissance painter born near Bergamo known for his portraits which captured everyday life with great realism.
  9. Many people from Bergamo participated in anti-fascist activities during WWII as part of the Resistance Movement; notable figures include partisan leader Mario Rigoni Stern and writer Primo Levi (who survived Auschwitz).
  10. Football Club Atalanta BC is one of Italy’s oldest football clubs founded in 1907 that has been based in Bergamo since its inception.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Città Alta (Upper Town) – a historic medieval town with narrow streets and stunning views of the city.
  2. Accademia Carrara – an art museum featuring works by Italian masters such as Botticelli, Raphael, and Titian.
  3. Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore – a beautiful Romanesque church with impressive frescoes and artwork.
  4. Piazza Vecchia – a picturesque square in the heart of the old town surrounded by historic buildings and cafes.
  5. Colleoni Chapel – a stunning Renaissance chapel built in honor of Bartolomeo Colleoni, a famous mercenary leader.
  6. Donizetti Museum – dedicated to the life and works of Gaetano Donizetti, one of Italy’s most famous opera composers.
  7. Palazzo della Ragione – an impressive medieval palace that served as Bergamo’s courthouse for centuries.
  8. San Vigilio Castle – a hilltop fortress offering panoramic views over Bergamo and the surrounding countryside.
  9. GAMeC (Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea) – modern art gallery showcasing contemporary Italian artists.
  10. Orto Botanico di Bergamo Lorenzo Rota – botanical garden containing over 600 species of plants from all around the world.

Sports Teams

  1. Atalanta B.C.: Atalanta is a professional football club based in Bergamo, Italy. The team was founded in 1907 and has since become one of the most successful clubs in Italian football history. They have won the Coppa Italia once and finished as runners-up on three occasions.
  2. Basket Bergamo: Basket Bergamo is a professional basketball team based in Bergamo, Italy. The team was founded in 1973 and has played in various leagues throughout its history, including Serie A2 and Serie B.
  3. Volley Bergamo: Volley Bergamo is a professional volleyball club based in Bergamo, Italy. The team was founded in 1994 and has become one of the most successful women’s volleyball teams in Europe, winning seven Italian championships and four European Champions League titles.
  4. Hockey Club Valpellice Bulldogs: Hockey Club Valpellice Bulldogs is an ice hockey club based near Turin but with strong ties to the city of Bergamo due to its participation for several years at the highest level of Italian ice hockey (Serie A).
  5. Olimpia Lecco Rugby Union: Olimpia Lecco Rugby Union is a rugby union club based just outside of Lecco but with strong ties to the city of Bergamo due to its participation for several years at the highest level of Italian rugby (Top12).

Cultural Events

  1. Festa di Sant’Alessandro is the largest festival in Bergamo and is celebrated on August 26th in honor of the city’s patron saint.
  2. The Bergamo Jazz Festival is an annual event that takes place in March, featuring world-renowned jazz musicians performing at various venues throughout the city.
  3. Mercatino dell’Antiquariato is held on the third Sunday of every month and provides a great opportunity to find unique treasures and vintage items at an antique market.
  4. Fiera di Sant’Orsola, a traditional fair held in October, includes food stalls, carnival rides, and live music.
  5. The Festival del Cinema Europeo showcases European cinema from emerging filmmakers to established auteurs annually in March or April.
  6. La Notte Bianca offers an all-night cultural event with music performances, art exhibitions, street performers, and more every September.
  7. BergamoScienza promotes scientific knowledge through interactive exhibits for people of all ages during its annual science festival held each October.
  8. La Corsa della Sardina is a quirky local tradition where participants race with sardines mounted on sticks around Piazza Vecchia during Carnival season (February).


  • Casoncelli alla Bergamasca: a type of stuffed pasta served with butter, sage, and grated cheese. You can try it at Trattoria Caprese or Ristorante da Mimmo.
  • Polenta e Osei: a traditional dish made with polenta (cornmeal mush) and roasted birds (usually quail). You can try it at Ristorante San Vigilio or La Bruschetta.
  • Pizzoccheri: a dish made with buckwheat pasta, potatoes, cabbage, and cheese. You can try it at Osteria della Birra or La Tana del Luppolo.
  • Stracciatella di bufala: a creamy cheese made from buffalo milk served with tomatoes and basil. You can try it at Antica Trattoria del Gallo or Il Circolino.
  • Gelato artigianale: artisanal gelato made with fresh ingredients like fruit, nuts, and chocolate. You can try it at Gelateria la Marianna or Gelateria la Romana.
  • Wine from the Valcalepio area: Bergamo is surrounded by vineyards producing high-quality wines such as Moscato di Scanzo or Valcalepio Bianco DOCG. You can taste them at Enoteca Fontana or Enosteria Lipen.
  • Focaccia alla Genovese: A soft bread topped with olive oil and salt served as an appetizer in many restaurants in Bergamo such as Al Donizetti’s Pub & Restaurant or Pizzeria Bella Napoli.
  • Tortelli di Zucca: A kind of ravioli filled with pumpkin puree flavored by amaretti cookies, raisins, parmesan cheese. You could taste this dish in Da Ornella restaurant.

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Parco dei Colli di Bergamo is a large park that offers hiking trails, picnic areas, and panoramic views of the city.
    2. Parco della Trucca is a small park with a playground, sports fields, and walking paths.
    3. Parco Suardi is a green space that features walking paths and benches for relaxation.
    4. Piscina Comunale di Bergamo is an Olympic-sized swimming pool that’s open to the public for recreational swimming and lessons.
    5. Centro Sportivo Brembo is a sports center that offers various activities like tennis, soccer, basketball, and volleyball.
    6. Kartodromo di Bergamo is an outdoor go-kart track suitable for all ages.
    7. Golf Club Bergamo L’Albenza features an 18-hole golf course surrounded by beautiful scenery.
    8. Museo del Ciclismo Gianni Motta is dedicated to cycling history in Italy.
    9. Orto Botanico Lorenzo Rota features plants from all over the world in its botanical garden.
    10. Palazzetto dello Sport hosts indoor sporting events like basketball games.


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