Bursa, Turkey

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Bursa, Turkey

Region: Bursa

Geographic Coordinates: 40.183300, 29.050000
Temperature Range: -10.0°C to 35.0°C (14°F to 95°F)
Climate: Bursa, Turkey has a Mediterranean climate with hot and dry summers and mild and rainy winters.
Population: 2901396
Language: Turkish

Bursa, Turkey is a stunning city located in the northwestern region of the country. It sits at the base of Mount Uludağ and has an incredible view of the Sea of Marmara. Bursa is known for its rich history, Beautiful natural landscape, And lively culture. One of Bursa’s most remarkable features is its ancient architecture. The city was once the capital of the Ottoman Empire and boasts many impressive mosques, Tombs, And other structures that date back to this era. One such example is Yesil Camii or Green Mosque which was built in 1419 featuring elaborate tile work and calligraphy.

Mount Uludağ is another popular attraction in Bursa where visitors can enjoy panoramic views from its peak as well as outdoor activities like skiing or hiking on its slopes. Aside from these historical landmarks and natural wonders, Bursa also has a thriving cultural scene with numerous museums showcasing traditional Turkish art to contemporary works by local artists. Food enthusiasts will find plenty to indulge in while visiting Bursa with dishes like Iskender kebab (thinly sliced lamb served with yogurt sauce) or manti (Turkish dumplings filled with meat or cheese).

Overall, There are endless things to explore in Bursa whether you’re interested in history, Nature, Culture or food – this vibrant city offers something for everyone!

Important Landmarks

  1. The Green Mosque (Yesil Camii)
  2. The Grand Mosque (Ulu Camii)
  3. Bursa Castle (Bursa Kalesi)
  4. Tombs of Osman and Orhan (Osman Gazi Türbesi and Orhan Gazi Türbesi)
  5. Bursa Silk Market (Koza Han)
  6. Cumalikizik Village
  7. Uludag National Park
  8. Iznik Tile Works Museum
  9. Emir Sultan Mosque
  10. Tophane Clock Tower

Primary Industries

  1. Textile manufacturing: Bursa is one of Turkey’s largest centers for producing textiles, such as clothing, carpets, and home textiles.
  2. Automotive production: Tofas (Fiat), Oyak-Renault, and Karsan are among the automotive manufacturers located in Bursa.
  3. Food processing: Dairy products, meat processing, and confectionery are just a few examples of what Bursa’s thriving food processing sector produces.
  4. Chemicals: Various chemical companies operate in the city to produce chemicals for industries such as cosmetics or plastics.
  5. Machinery manufacturing: Agriculture and construction equipment are some examples of what Bursa’s machinery manufacturing sector produces.
  6. Tourism: With sites like Green Mosque & Tomb or Uludağ National Park attracting visitors from all over the world; tourism has become an important source of income for locals.
  7. IT & Technology Industry- As technology continues to advance across Turkey; many technology companies have begun expanding their operations from cities like Istanbul or Ankara to other places like Bursa too.

Noteable History

  1. Bursa was founded in the 4th century BC by the Bithynians, a Thracian tribe.
  2. After being conquered by Osman I in 1326, Bursa became an important center of the Ottoman Empire.
  3. The Green Mosque and Tomb are considered to be some of the finest examples of Ottoman architecture and were built during Sultan Mehmed I’s reign (1413-1421).
  4. Haci Bayram Veli, a prominent Sufi saint who lived in Bursa during the 14th century, is revered throughout Turkey for his teachings on Islam and his efforts to promote peace among different religious groups.
  5. Murad II ruled from 1421-1444 and again from 1446-1451; he is known for his military campaigns against Hungary and Serbia as well as his patronage of art and culture.
  6. As an important stop on the ancient Silk Road trade route that connected China with Europe via Central Asia, Bursa played a significant role in international trade.
  7. Uludağ National Park is located just outside Bursa; it is home to Turkey’s largest ski resort as well as various wildlife such as brown bears, wolves, wild boars, and lynx.
  8. Osman Gazi Tomb contains Osman Gazi’s sarcophagus along with those belonging to other members of his family who played significant roles in establishing Ottoman rule over Anatolia; it is located in Tophane district.
  9. Orhan Gazi Mosque was built by Orhan Gazi son of Osman Gazi making it one among oldest mosques built under Ottomans.
  10. Built in the 14th century, Bursa Castle offers stunning views of its surrounding area making it a major landmark within the city.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Bursa City Museum
  2. Green Tomb (Yesil Turbe)
  3. Bursa Castle
  4. Grand Mosque of Bursa (Ulu Camii)
  5. Ottoman House Museum
  6. Cumalikizik Village
  7. Tombs of Osman and Orhan
  8. Emir Sultan Mosque
  9. Koza Han Silk Market
  10. Tophane Clock Tower

Sports Teams

  1. BUDO Gemlik Basketbol Kulubu is a newly established amateur basketball organization
  2. Located within Gemlik Municipality Culture and Social Affairs Directorate
  3. Founded on January 1st, 2020

Cultural Events

  1. 9. Bursa Honey Festival – This festival celebrates the local honey production with tastings, workshops, and exhibitions.
  2. 10. Bursa International Photography Festival – This photography festival showcases works from both amateur and professional photographers from around the world.


  • Iskender Kebab is a well-known dish in Bursa, made with thinly sliced lamb or beef served on pita bread and topped with tomato sauce and melted butter.
  • Manti is a type of Turkish dumpling filled with spiced meat, often accompanied by yogurt and garlic sauce.
  • Pide is a Turkish-style pizza that usually features cheese, vegetables, and meat toppings.
  • Doner kebab consists of thinly sliced meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie and served in either a wrap or sandwich.
  • Lokum (Turkish Delight) is a sweet treat made from sugar syrup and starch that comes in various flavors like rosewater or pistachio.

Here are some popular restaurants to try these dishes:

  1. Kebapçı İskender
  2. Hacı Dayı
  3. Çelebi Köfte
  4. Karadeniz Pidecisi
  5. Şirin Fırın

Parks and Recreation

  1. Uludağ National Park is situated on Bursa’s highest mountain and provides outdoor enthusiasts with opportunities for hiking, skiing, and camping.
  2. The Emir Sultan Mosque Complex comprises a mosque, tombs, and a park with fountains and gardens.
  3. City Square Park (Kent Meydanı) is a vast urban park with walking paths, children’s playgrounds, and benches for relaxation in the city center.
  4. Gölyazı Village is located near Bursa’s Lake Uluabat and offers fishing opportunities as well as scenic views of the lake.
  5. Cumalıkızık Village is an ancient village on the outskirts of Bursa that provides walking tours through its narrow streets lined by traditional Ottoman houses.
  6. Atatürk Kültür Parkı is a spacious public park that includes a lake for boating and fishing, picnic areas, playgrounds for children as well as cafes to relax in.
  7. Oylat Thermal Springs are natural hot springs located approximately 100 km from Bursa which are ideal for relaxation at resort areas.
  8. Irgandı Bridge Recreation Area is an outdoor recreation area featuring a historic bridge over a river where visitors can enjoy picnics or go rafting during summer months.


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