Burutu, Nigeria

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Burutu, Nigeria

Region: Delta State

Geographic Coordinates: 5.350000, 5.516700
Temperature Range: 25.0°C to 35.0°C (77°F to 95°F)
Climate: Tropical climate with rainy and dry seasons.
Population: 209666
Language: English

Burutu is a town located in Delta State, Nigeria, Along the banks of River Niger. It serves as a bustling commercial hub and major trading center for goods and services in the region. Dating back to pre-colonial times, Burutu has a rich history as an important center for trade and commerce among various ethnic groups. The town’s economy is largely driven by agriculture, Fishing, And oil exploration activities. Several oil companies such as Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC), Chevron Nigeria Limited, And Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) have contributed significantly to its economic growth over time.

Burutu boasts several notable landmarks that attract tourists from different parts of Nigeria and beyond. The Olu Palace serves as the residence of the traditional ruler (Olu) of Warri Kingdom with intricate carvings showcasing traditional Nigerian artistry at its finest. Koko Beach Resort provides visitors with an opportunity to relax on sandy beaches while enjoying cool breezes from River Niger. In addition to these attractions, Burutu hosts several cultural festivals throughout the year including Ijakadi Festival celebrating wrestling prowess among young men; Edebi Festival showcasing traditional dances; and Ojude-Oba Festival honoring one of Warri Kingdom’s most revered monarchs.

The people of Burutu are predominantly from Itsekiri ethnic group known for their rich cultural heritage including music, Dance, Cuisine among others. They are friendly people who welcome visitors making it easy for tourists to blend into their way of life. Burutu is a town with a rich history offering visitors an opportunity to experience traditional Nigerian artistry while relaxing on sandy beaches or participating in cultural festivals that showcase diversity amongst its people.

Important Landmarks

  1. Olu of Warri Palace
  2. Koko Crater Lakes
  3. Bomadi Beach Resort
  4. Delta State Polytechnic Ogwashi-Uku
  5. Warri City Stadium
  6. Effurun Roundabout Park
  7. Abraka Turf and Country Club
  8. Araya Bible Site
  9. Effurun Garden Park

Primary Industries

  1. Oil and gas exploration and production
  2. Agriculture (fishing, farming)
  3. Trading (import/export)
  4. Transportation (riverine transport)
  5. Hospitality (hotels, restaurants)
  6. Retail sales (supermarkets, shops)

Noteable History

  1. The establishment of the Burutu Port in 1894 by the British colonial government.
  2. The Burutu massacre of 1948, where several people were killed during a protest against colonial rule.
  3. The birthplace of renowned Nigerian writer and environmental activist Ken Saro-Wiwa.
  4. The hometown of former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan’s mother.
  5. A significant center for oil production in Nigeria, with several multinational oil companies operating in the area.
  6. Home to several prominent political figures such as Chief Anthony Enahoro and Senator James Manager.
  7. A hub for traditional African art and crafts, including woodcarvings, pottery, textiles, and beadwork.
  8. Known for its vibrant cultural festivals such as the Eseimokumo festival which celebrates fishing season and marks the beginning of a new year in some communities within Burutu local government area.
  9. The site where Mungo Park discovered River Niger on August 20th 1796 during his exploration journey through West Africa.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Burutu Museum: This museum showcases the history and culture of the local communities in Burutu.
  2. Ogbobagbene Stilt Houses: These traditional houses are built on stilts above water and offer a unique glimpse into the way of life of the local people.
  3. Koko Port Complex: This historical site was built during colonial times and played an important role in Nigeria’s economic development.
  4. Warri Kingdom Royal Palace: This palace is home to the traditional ruler of Warri Kingdom and offers visitors a chance to learn about the history and customs of this ancient kingdom.
  5. Effurun Roundabout Sculpture Garden: This public art space features sculptures by local artists that celebrate the cultural diversity of Nigeria.
  6. Delta State University Art Gallery: Located on campus, this gallery showcases contemporary Nigerian art from both established and emerging artists.
  7. Araya Bible Site Monument: This monument marks the spot where Christian missionaries first brought Christianity to Burutu in 1910.
  8. Warri Wetland Centre: This is a nature reserve with mangrove forests, creeks & lagoons plus birdwatching opportunities & tours.

Cultural Events

  1. Ebenanaowei Festival: This festival is celebrated by the Ebenanaowei people of Burutu to honor their ancestral spirits.
  2. Oyinkorogha Festival: The Oyinkorogha people of Burutu celebrate this festival to showcase their culture and traditions.
  3. Egbelema Festival: The Egbelema people of Burutu celebrate this festival to commemorate their ancestors and showcase their rich cultural heritage.
  4. Ijaw Day Celebration: Held annually on October 1st, this celebration commemorates the founding of Ijaw nation and promotes unity among its people.
  5. Boat Regatta Festival: This colorful boat racing event is held annually in Burutu as part of its cultural festivities.

Note that there may be other local or regional events not mentioned here.


  • Banga Soup – a soup made from palm nuts and usually served with starch or eba.
  • Pepper soup – a spicy soup made with various meats like goat meat, chicken or fish.
  • Suya – grilled skewered meat (usually beef) seasoned with spices and served with onions and tomatoes.
  • Mama Cass Restaurant – a chain of restaurants known for their Nigerian dishes such as jollof rice, plantain dishes, and soups.
  • Bole King Restaurant – known for their roasted plantain (bole) dishes topped with different types of sauces and meats.
  • Ebi’s Kitchen – offers traditional Nigerian cuisine including soups, stews, rice dishes, and snacks like puff puff and chin chin.
  • Oyinbo Pepper Soup Joint – serves delicious pepper soups at affordable prices in Burutu town.
  • The Royal Palace Chinese Restaurant- Offers Chinese cuisine to customers in the area who crave something different than the usual local cuisines in Burutu.

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. I apologize, but I do not have any current information on the latest public parks and recreational activities in Burutu, Nigeria.
    2. Nevertheless, I recommend checking with local tourist information centers or online forums for updated information.


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