Calabozo, Venezuela

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Calabozo, Venezuela

Region: Calabozo is located in the state of Guárico

Geographic Coordinates: 8.921900, -67.428300
Temperature Range: 20.0°C to 35.0°C (68°F to 95°F)
Population: 168605
Language: Spanish

Calabozo is a charming city situated in the central region of Venezuela, Specifically in the state of Guárico. The place is famous for its fascinating history, Stunning landscapes, And unique cultural customs. The name Calabozo means dungeon in Spanish because it was once utilized as a prison during colonial times. One of the primary attractions of Calabozo is its natural beauty. The city is surrounded by vast plains and grasslands that are home to diverse wildlife species. Tourists can explore these areas by taking horseback riding tours or walking through lush green fields and along winding rivers.

Another highlight of Calabozo is its vibrant culture that has strong roots in music and dance forms with many local festivals celebrating these art forms throughout the year. One such festival is the Fiesta de San Juan Bautista held every June featuring lively music performances, Colorful parades, And traditional dances. For history enthusiasts, There are several interesting landmarks to visit in Calabozo as well. One notable site is Casa de la Cultura Manuel Plácido Maneiro museum showcasing exhibits about local traditions like bullfighting or cockfighting (both banned activities).

There’s also an old colonial-era fortress called Fortin Solano built by Spanish colonizers back in 1771. In terms of cuisine, Visitors will find plenty to enjoy here too! Traditional dishes include carne en vara (meat skewers), Parrilla (grilled meat), Empanadas (stuffed pastries), Arepas (corn cakes filled with cheese or meat) served at affordable prices! Despite being relatively small compared to other Venezuelan cities like Caracas or Maracaibo – Calabozo offers plenty for travelers looking for an authentic cultural experience off-the-beaten-path!

Its friendly locals make visitors feel welcome, And it’s easy to get around the city on foot or by public transportation.

Important Landmarks

  1. Parque Nacional Guaramacal
  2. Plaza Bolivar de Calabozo
  3. Iglesia de San Juan Bautista
  4. Museo Arqueológico de Calabozo
  5. Mirador del Cerro El Zamuro
  6. Laguna La Pascua
  7. Hacienda Santa Teresa (rum distillery)
  8. Reserva Natural Río Tiznado

Primary Industries

  1. Agriculture: The main crops grown in the region are rice, corn, beans, and sorghum.
  2. Livestock: Calabozo is known for its cattle ranches and production of beef.
  3. Oil: There are several oil fields located near Calabozo that contribute to the local economy.
  4. Tourism: The town has several historic sites including a colonial-era church and a museum dedicated to local history.
  5. Commerce: There are several small businesses in the town including shops, restaurants, and markets selling locally produced goods such as handicrafts, clothing, and food products.

Noteable History

  1. Battle of Calabozo (1818): This battle was fought between the forces of Simon Bolivar and the Spanish Royalists during the Venezuelan War of Independence. The battle resulted in a decisive victory for Bolivar’s army, which helped to secure his position as leader of the independence movement.
  2. Francisco de Miranda: Miranda was a Venezuelan revolutionary who played an important role in the struggle for independence from Spain. He was born in Caracas but spent time in Calabozo during his military campaigns.
  3. Rafael Urdaneta: Urdaneta was a general in Bolivar’s army who fought at the Battle of Calabozo and other important battles during the war for independence.
  4. Antonio Guzmán Blanco: Guzmán Blanco was a Venezuelan politician who served as president on multiple occasions during the late 19th century. He is remembered for modernizing Venezuela’s infrastructure and promoting education.
  5. Florentino Ameghino: Ameghino was an Argentine naturalist and paleontologist who made significant contributions to our understanding of South American fossils, including those found near Calabozo.
  6. Luisa Cáceres de Arismendi: Cáceres de Arismendi was a heroine of the Venezuelan War of Independence who spent years imprisoned by Spanish authorities due to her involvement in resistance activities.
  7. José Antonio Páez: Páez was another prominent general in Bolivar’s army who played an important role in several key battles, including those fought around Calabozo.

Overall, Calabozo has been associated with many notable historical figures and events that have shaped Venezuela’s history over time.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Museo de Arte Contemporáneo del Zulia
  2. Casa de la Cultura Dr. David Juan Ferriz Olivares
  3. Monumento a la Batalla de Calabozo
  4. Parque Nacional Guatopo
  5. Parque Nacional Aguaro-Guariquito
  6. Iglesia San Juan Bautista
  7. Plaza Bolívar
  8. Teatro Municipal José Ángel Lamas
  9. Estadio Rafael Hernández
  10. La Casona Cultural Aquiles Nazoa

Cultural Events

  1. Feria de San Juan: This festival is held in June to honor Saint John the Baptist and features bullfighting, horse racing, music performances, and food vendors.
  2. Carnaval de Calabozo: This carnival takes place in February or March and includes parades with colorful costumes, dancing performances, music shows, street parties with food stalls selling traditional Venezuelan dishes.
  3. Semana Santa: Holy Week is celebrated with religious processions throughout the city during Easter time.
  4. Festival Internacional del Joropo: This international folk music festival takes place annually in July featuring traditional joropo dance performances from different regions of Venezuela.
  5. Dia de la Virgen del Carmen: Celebrated on July 16th to honor Our Lady of Mount Carmel with a procession around the town accompanied by live music bands playing typical Venezuelan rhythms like salsa and merengue.

Please note that due to political instability in Venezuela over recent years there might be changes or cancellations of these events so it’s always better to check before planning your trip there.


  • Asadero El Pollo Sabroso: Known for their grilled chicken and sides.
  • Pizzeria La Toscana: Offers a variety of pizzas with local toppings.
  • Restaurant El Sol: Serves traditional Venezuelan dishes such as arepas and empanadas.
  • La Cabaña del Pescador: Specializes in seafood dishes like ceviche and fried fish.
  • Restaurante La Parrilla de la Villa: Offers grilled meats and traditional Venezuelan sides like yuca frita (fried cassava).
  • Heladería Artesanal Don Bosco: A popular ice cream shop with unique flavors like guava and coconut.
  • Panadería y Pastelería La Delicia de Calabozo: A bakery that offers fresh bread, pastries, and cakes.
  • Restaurante Los Hermanos González: Known for their hearty breakfasts featuring arepas filled with eggs, cheese, ham or chorizo sausage.
  • Rincón Criollo El Caribe: Serves Caribbean-inspired dishes like rice with beans & plantains.
  • Tiara Cafe & Bistro : Offers a variety of international cuisine including pasta dishes, sandwiches & salads.

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Parque Recreacional La Estrella: This park has a swimming pool, playgrounds, picnic areas, and sports fields.
    2. Parque Nacional Aguaro-Guariquito: This national park offers hiking trails, birdwatching opportunities, and camping facilities.
    3. Complejo Deportivo Rafael González: This sports complex has soccer fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, and a gymnasium.
    4. Plaza Bolívar: This historic square is a popular gathering place for locals and features a statue of Simón Bolívar.
    5. Museo Histórico de Calabozo: This museum showcases the history and culture of the region through exhibits on indigenous peoples, colonialism, and independence movements.
    6. Río Guárico: The Guárico River is a popular spot for fishing and boating trips.
    7. Balneario Las Trincheras: This natural swimming hole is located in the nearby town of Las Trincheras and is popular with locals during the summer months.


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