Çarşamba, Turkey

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Çarşamba, Turkey

Region: Samsun

Geographic Coordinates: 41.199200, 36.727500
Temperature Range: 8.0°C to 30.0°C (46°F to 86°F)
Climate: Çarşamba, Turkey experiences a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters.
Population: 138840
Language: Turkish

Çarşamba is a small town located in the northwestern region of Turkey, In the province of Samsun. The name Çarşamba means Wednesday in Turkish, And it is believed that the town was named after a weekly market that used to take place on Wednesdays during Ottoman times. Today, Çarşamba is known for its beautiful natural scenery, Rich history and culture, And vibrant local markets. One of the main attractions in Çarşamba is its famous Wednesday market. This bustling bazaar attracts visitors from all over Turkey who come to buy fresh produce, Clothing, Jewelry, And other goods.

The market is held every Wednesday in the town center and offers a unique glimpse into traditional Turkish life. Another popular attraction in Çarşamba is the historic Kızılırmak River. This river flows through the town and provides a picturesque backdrop for outdoor activities such as fishing or hiking along its banks. Visitors can also take boat tours down the river to explore more of its scenic beauty. For those interested in history and culture, There are several important landmarks to visit in Çarşamba. One such landmark is the ancient city of Amisos which dates back to 300 BC.

Located just outside of town on a hilltop overlooking the sea, This archaeological site contains well-preserved ruins including temples, Tombs and an amphitheater. In addition to historical sites like Amisos there are also several museums worth visiting while staying at Çarsamaba such as Samsun Museum which houses artifacts from prehistoric times until today including Roman coins found around Black Sea coast line; Ethnographic Museum where you can learn about traditional village life; Atatürk Museum dedicated entirely President Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s life story with his belongings from childhood home up until his deathbed scene recreated within museum walls.

when it comes time for some relaxation there’s no better place than the nearby beaches of Samsun. The town is located just a short drive from the Black Sea coast, Which offers miles of sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters perfect for swimming, Sunbathing or simply enjoying a leisurely stroll along the shore. Çarşamba is a charming town that offers visitors an authentic taste of Turkish culture and history. With its lively markets, Beautiful natural scenery, And fascinating historical landmarks there’s something for everyone to enjoy here.

Whether you’re interested in shopping for souvenirs at the weekly market or exploring ancient ruins at Amisos there are plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in this unique corner of Turkey.

Important Landmarks

  • The Great Mosque of Çarşamba
  • Yıldız Park
  • Kızılırmak River
  • Samsun Atatürk Museum
  • Bafra Castle
  • Samsun 19 Mayıs Stadium
  • Amisos Hill
  • Amazon Village
  • Gazi Museum in Bafra

Primary Industries

  • 1. Agriculture
  • 2. Textile manufacturing
  • 3. Construction
  • 4. Retail trade

The city is known for its production of cotton and tobacco crops. Additionally, there are several textile factories producing clothing and fabrics. Construction companies are also prominent in the area due to ongoing development projects. Retail trade includes a variety of small shops and markets selling goods such as food, clothing, electronics, and household items.

Noteable History

  1. The city of Çarşamba was founded by the Ottoman Empire in the 14th century.
  2. During World War I, many Armenians were deported from Çarşamba to other parts of the Ottoman Empire as part of the Armenian Genocide in 1915.
  3. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who is known as the founder and first president of modern Turkey, visited Çarşamba in 1924 and gave a speech at a local school.
  4. In 1930, a major earthquake struck Çarşamba and surrounding areas causing significant damage and loss of life.
  5. Necmettin Erbakan, a prominent Turkish politician who served as prime minister in the 1990s was born in Çarşamba in 1926.
  6. The city is also known for its traditional weekly market (also called Çarşamba in Turkish), which has been held on Wednesdays for centuries attracting visitors from across the region.
  7. Other notable people associated with Çarşamba include Hüseyin Avni Lifij (a famous poet), İbrahim Şerif (a well-known painter), and Mehmet Akif İnan (a former member of parliament).

Museums and Things To See

  1. Çarşamba Museum showcases the history and culture of the town, displaying artifacts from ancient times to modern day.
  2. İkiztepe Archaeological Site is an ancient settlement dating back to the Bronze Age, featuring ruins of houses, tombs, and a temple.
  3. Atatürk Monument honors Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of modern Turkey.
  4. Samsun Amisos Hill Tumulus is an ancient burial mound containing artifacts from the Hellenistic period such as jewelry, pottery, and weapons.
  5. Gazi Museum in nearby Samsun is dedicated to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s life and accomplishments.
  6. Bandırma Ferry Memorial House commemorates the arrival of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in Samsun on May 19th, 1919 – a significant event in Turkish history marking the beginning of Turkey’s War of Independence.
  7. Amazon Village Theme Park is a family-friendly park featuring interactive exhibits about Amazonian culture and history.
  8. Mert River Delta Bird Sanctuary is a popular spot for birdwatching with over 200 species recorded here throughout the year.
  9. Kızılırmak Delta Bird Sanctuary located near Çarşamba has over 300 species recorded here throughout the year making it another bird sanctuary worth visiting.
  10. Bafra Beaches are known for their clear waters and sandy shores that are perfect for swimming or sunbathing!

Cultural Events

  1. Çarşamba International Culture and Art Festival
  2. Hıdrellez Festival (spring festival)
  3. Ramazan Bayramı (Eid al-Fitr)
  4. Kurban Bayramı (Eid al-Adha)
  5. Mevlid Kandili (Prophet Muhammad’s birthday)
  6. Şeker Bayramı (Sugar Feast)
  7. Turkish National Day celebrations on October 29th.
  8. The annual Cherry Festival is held in May or June.
  9. The Olive Harvest Festival is held in November.

Please note that this list may not be exhaustive and there may be other cultural events and festivals celebrated in Çarşamba, Turkey throughout the year as well as some specific to local traditions or customs that I am unaware of due to my limited knowledge about regional cultures and traditions around the world.


  • Manti: A traditional Turkish dish consisting of small dumplings filled with ground meat and served with yogurt sauce and melted butter.
  • Lahmacun: A thin, crispy flatbread topped with minced meat, vegetables, and herbs.
  • Kebab: Grilled or roasted meat skewers typically made with lamb or chicken.
  • Pide: A Turkish-style pizza made with a boat-shaped dough topped with cheese, vegetables, and/or meat.

Some popular restaurants in Çarşamba that serve these dishes include:

  • Köfteci Yusuf Usta is known for their delicious kebabs and grilled meats.
  • Şahin Usta Mantı Evi specializes in manti dishes served with yogurt sauce and melted butter.
  • Hacı Dayı Pide Salonu offers a variety of pide options including cheese, spinach, and minced meat toppings.
  • Gülcan Lokantası serves traditional Turkish dishes such as lahmacun as well as daily specials like stuffed peppers or eggplant dishes.

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Çarşamba Parkı: A public park with walking paths, playgrounds, and picnic areas.
    2. Samsun Atatürk Kültür Merkezi: A cultural center that hosts concerts, theater performances, and other events.
    3. Samsun Yüzme Havuzu: A swimming pool complex with multiple pools for different skill levels.
    4. Gazi Müzesi: A museum dedicated to the life of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of modern Turkey.
    5. Yeşilırmak Delta Bird Sanctuary: A nature reserve where visitors can observe a variety of bird species in their natural habitat.
    6. Samsun Golf Sahası: An 18-hole golf course located on the outskirts of Çarşamba.
    7. Samsun Kalesi: An ancient fortress that offers panoramic views of the city and surrounding countryside.
    8. Pazar Yeri (Bazaar): A bustling market where locals sell fresh produce, handmade crafts, and other goods.


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