Chenzhou, China

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Chenzhou, China

Region: Hunan

Geographic Coordinates: 25.798900, 113.027000
Temperature Range: 5.0°C to 30.0°C (41°F to 86°F)
Population: 4744500
Language: Chinese

Chenzhou is a city located in the southern part of Hunan Province, China. It is situated in the foothills of the Nanling Mountains and is surrounded by picturesque scenery. The city covers an area of 19, 317 square kilometers and has a population of over 4 million people. The history of Chenzhou dates back to the Han Dynasty (206 BC-220 AD), When it was originally named Guiyang. During the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD), It became an important center for trade and commerce due to its location on the ancient Silk Road.

Today, Chenzhou is known for its rich cultural heritage and historical sites. One of the most popular attractions in Chenzhou is Dongjiang Lake, Which covers an area of 100 square kilometers and offers stunning views of mountains and forests. It is also home to many rare species such as Chinese alligators, Giant salamanders, And Chinese sturgeon. Another must-see destination in Chenzhou is Suxian Mountain Scenic Area – a national-level scenic spot that boasts breathtaking natural scenery with waterfalls cascading down steep cliffs, Caves carved into mountainsides, And lush green forests teeming with wildlife.

For those interested in history or culture, There are many ancient temples scattered throughout Chenzhou that offer insight into traditional Chinese architecture and religious beliefs. One such temple worth visiting is Yunyang Temple – built during the Tang Dynasty – which houses numerous Buddhist statues dating back over a thousand years.

Chenzhou’s cuisine also deserves mention as it offers a unique blend of Hunanese cuisine with local specialties such as fish-head hotpot made from fresh ingredients sourced from nearby Dongting Lake; spicy tofu soup; rice noodles; steamed buns filled with pork or beef; crispy fried chicken wings coated in spicy sauce; sweet sesame cakes; etc. visitors can experience local customs by attending festivals like Dragon Boat Festival or Lantern Festival, Which are celebrated with great enthusiasm in Chenzhou.

These festivals offer a glimpse into the city’s rich cultural heritage and provide an opportunity to interact with locals and learn more about their traditions. Overall, Chenzhou is a fascinating destination that offers something for everyone – from nature lovers to history buffs, Foodies to culture enthusiasts. It is a city that boasts stunning natural scenery, Rich cultural heritage, Delicious cuisine, And warm hospitality – making it an ideal place for travelers seeking an authentic Chinese experience.

Important Landmarks

  1. Suxian Mountain Scenic Area
  2. Dongjiang Lake Scenic Area
  3. Guihua Park
  4. Chenzhou Museum
  5. Baishiyan Scenic Area
  6. Xiqiao National Forest Park
  7. Wugai Mountain National Forest Park
  8. Tianmen Mountain Natural Reserve
  9. Yidi Mausoleum
  10. Shiziling Reservoir

Primary Industries

  1. Non-ferrous metal industry: Chenzhou is renowned for its rich reserves of non-ferrous metals like lead, zinc, and tin. Several mining companies operate in the city to extract these metals and process them into products for different industries.
  2. Chemical industry: The chemical industry in Chenzhou is well-established and produces an array of chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and dyes.
  3. Machinery manufacturing: There are multiple machinery manufacturing companies in the city that manufacture equipment for various industries including mining, construction, and agriculture.
  4. Textile industry: The textile industry is significant in Chenzhou as it produces fabrics and garments catering to both domestic and international markets.
  5. Food processing: There are several food processing companies located in the city that manufacture products like canned fruits & vegetables, meat products, dairy products & snacks.
  6. Tourism: The natural beauty of mountains, rivers,lakes & forests make Chenzhou a popular destination among tourists from across the globe who visit scenic spots throughout the region.
  7. Electronic Information Industry: With increasing global demand for electronic devices across different sectors; this sector is growing rapidly in ChenZhou with many electronic manufacturers setting up production units there to meet global demand.

Noteable History

  1. The Battle of Chenzhou, which took place in 208 AD, was a significant battle during the Three Kingdoms period. Warlord Cao Cao defeated his rival Liu Bei.
  2. Huang Tingjian, a famous poet and calligrapher of the Song Dynasty, was born in Chenzhou in 1045 and passed away in 1105.
  3. The Taiping Rebellion was a massive civil war that occurred between 1850-1864. It began in Guangxi Province but spread to Chenzhou where rebels established a base and fought against Qing Dynasty forces.
  4. Li Zongren was born in Chenzhou on August 13th, 1890. He became a prominent military leader and politician who served as Vice President of China from 1949 to 1954.
  5. During the Communist Revolution (1927-1949), many communist guerrilla forces operated in the mountains surrounding Chenzhou including Mao Zedong’s Red Army.
  6. Deng Xiaoping’s Southern Tour took place in 1992 after he retired from politics; he visited several cities including Chenzhou to promote economic reforms and development.
  7. Xie Jin was a renowned film director who spent much of his childhood growing up nearby Shangrao but also lived for some time during his youth years at Chen Zhou.
  8. The Great Leap Forward (1958-1961) saw rapid industrialization under Mao Zedong’s leadership which led to famine and other hardships throughout China, including at Chen Zhou where many people died due to these conditions.
  9. Li Baiyu is known as one of the leaders during Boxer Rebellion between1899–1901 against foreign influence over China’s government affairs.
  10. Zhang Guotao played an important role as an activist during Chinese Civil War; he was born on November17th ,1897 and passed away on September26th, 1979.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Chenzhou Museum showcases the history and culture of Chenzhou city.
  2. Dongjiang Lake Scenic Area is a famous tourist destination with beautiful landscapes and water activities.
  3. Xianling Mountain Scenic Area is a natural park with stunning views and hiking trails.
  4. Wuling Pavilion is an ancient pavilion built during the Ming Dynasty, offering panoramic views of the city.
  5. Guiyang Confucius Temple is a sacred place dedicated to Confucius, featuring traditional Chinese architecture and cultural relics.
  6. Suxian Ridge National Forest Park is a forest park with diverse flora and fauna, perfect for nature lovers.
  7. Yidi Mausoleum is an ancient tomb complex showcasing the history of the Chu Kingdom.
  8. Zhongshan Park is a beautiful park located in downtown Chenzhou with gardens, lakes, pavilions, and temples.
  9. Hongshan Pagoda offers panoramic views of Chenzhou City; it’s a pagoda built in Tang dynasty.
  10. Wanhuayan Scenic Area features karst landforms caves, waterfalls, forests among other natural beauty spots.

Sports Teams

  1. Chenzhou Hengyun Football Club – founded in 1994, this club plays in the China League Two (third tier of Chinese football).
  2. Chenzhou Basketball Club – although there is no official information available about this team, basketball is a popular sport in China and many cities have local teams.
  3. Chenzhou Volleyball Club – once again, there is limited information available about this team’s history or current status.

It’s worth noting that sports culture and infrastructure are still developing rapidly in many parts of China; therefore it’s possible that new teams may emerge or existing ones may evolve over time.

Cultural Events

  1. Chenzhou International Peach Blossom Festival
  2. Chenzhou City God Temple Fair
  3. Chenzhou Lotus Flower Festival
  4. Hunan Tea Culture Festival in Chenzhou
  5. Wugang International Hot Spring Tourism and Cultural Festival
  6. Dongjiang Lake Cherry Blossom Festival
  7. Rucheng County Dragon Boat Race
  8. Guiyang Mountain Folk Song and Dance Festival
  9. Yongxing County Torch Festival
  10. Zixing City Bamboo Shoots Cultural Tourism Festival


  • Chenzhou Spicy Chicken: This dish is a specialty of the city and can be found in many local restaurants.
  • Laoxiangji Restaurant: This restaurant serves traditional Hunan cuisine, including spicy fish head, fried pork with garlic sauce, and stir-fried mushrooms.
  • Xiangxiang Roast Duck: This restaurant is famous for its roast duck, which is cooked over an open flame and served with pancakes and vegetables.
  • Yuelu Mountain Restaurant: Located on Yuelu Mountain, this restaurant offers stunning views of the city along with delicious Hunanese dishes such as braised pork belly and spicy tofu.
  • Jindu Hotel Restaurant: This upscale restaurant serves a variety of Chinese dishes including seafood, Cantonese dim sum, Sichuan hot pot, and more.
  • Huatian Seafood Market: This market offers a wide selection of fresh seafood that can be prepared to your liking at one of the on-site restaurants.
  • Shanshui Tea House: A popular spot for tea lovers, this tea house serves a variety of high-quality teas along with light snacks such as dumplings and steamed buns.

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Chenzhou Park is a lovely public park situated in the heart of the city, which boasts walking trails, gardens, and a lake.
    2. Dongjiang Lake Scenic Area is a well-liked recreational spot located on the outskirts of Chenzhou that provides hiking trails, boating and fishing opportunities, and scenic views.
    3. Wugai Mountain National Forest Park is based in the mountains outside of Chenzhou and offers hiking trails with stunning views of waterfalls and natural scenery.
    4. Huitian Hot Springs Resort has hot springs pools for relaxation and therapeutic purposes.
    5. Xinglongshan National Nature Reserve houses many rare species of animals and plants along with hiking trails for visitors to explore.
    6. Suxian Ridge Scenic Area can be found on the outskirts of Chenzhou city proper where it features magnificent mountain views with multiple walking paths for exploration.
    7. Jinshiyan Scenic Area is a national-level scenic spot that includes karst caves with stalactites/stalagmites along with an underground river system that can be explored via boat tour.
    8. Longwanqun Waterfall is a picturesque waterfall nestled deep within the forested hills surrounding Chenzhou offering an excellent opportunity to hike along riverside paths while enjoying nature’s beauty.
    9. Nanling National Forest Park is another popular outdoor destination near ChenZhou City that offers visitors various activities like camping/hiking/fishing/rafting depending on their interests & preferences.


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