Companiganj, Bangladesh

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Companiganj, Bangladesh

Region: Sylhet

Geographic Coordinates: 22.875000, 91.283300
Temperature Range: 20.0°C to 35.0°C (68°F to 95°F)
Climate: Seasonal.
Population: 279870
Language: Bengali

Companiganj is a sub-district situated in the Noakhali district of Bangladesh. The town is located on the banks of the Meghna River, Which makes it a significant transportation and trade hub. The area covers 269.12 square kilometers and has an approximate population of 300, 000 people. Companiganj has a rich cultural heritage and historical significance as it was once a center for trade and commerce during the British colonial era. Today, It remains an important commercial center with various markets selling fresh produce to handmade crafts.

One of Companiganj’s most popular attractions is Jagannath Temple, An ancient temple built in the 17th century that features intricate carvings and sculptures representative of traditional Bengali architecture. Another notable landmark in Companiganj is Chouddo Guniya Mosque, Dating back to the early 18th century with unique architectural elements such as its octagonal shape and intricate stone carvings. Companiganj also boasts natural attractions such as hills, Forests, Rivers, Waterfalls that are popular among tourists who enjoy hiking or trekking through scenic landscapes. Satchari National Park nearby offers visitors a chance to explore dense forests filled with diverse flora and fauna.

The government has invested heavily in upgrading infrastructure over recent years making basic services like healthcare or education more accessible for residents. Overall Companiganj offers visitors an authentic Bangladeshi experience by blending history culture nature & development into one beautiful package making it an ideal destination for anyone looking to explore Bangladesh’s unique offerings.

Important Landmarks

  • Companiganj is a small town in Bangladesh that lacks major tourist attractions or landmarks. However, there are several nearby places that tourists may find appealing. These include:
    1. Srimangal Tea Gardens
    2. Lawachara National Park
    3. Madhabpur Lake
    4. Baikka Beel Wetland Sanctuary
    5. Ratargul Swamp Forest
    6. Jaflong
  • Srimangal is renowned as the tea capital of Bangladesh and offers lush green tea gardens with scenic views where visitors can participate in tea picking.
  • Lawachara National Park located near Srimangal in Moulvibazar district is home to various species of birds and animals such as gibbons and hoolock gibbons.
  • Madhabpur Lake provides picturesque views surrounded by hills and is a popular spot for boating.
  • Baikka Beel Wetland Sanctuary situated near Sylhet city attracts migratory birds during winter months.
  • Ratargul Swamp Forest located in Sylhet division is known for its unique beauty and biodiversity.
  • Jaflong situated on the Indo-Bangladesh border offers natural beauty along with stone collecting activities on river beds.

  • Primary Industries

    1. Companiganj is a sub-district located in the Noakhali district of Bangladesh.
    2. The area has a diverse range of industries and businesses, including:
      • Agriculture
      • Fisheries
      • Garment production
      • Small-scale industries
      • Trading activities
      • Services sector
      • Tourism industry
    3. Agriculture is the primary industry in Companiganj with rice, jute, wheat and vegetables being the main crops.
    4. The region also has numerous ponds and water bodies that support fish farming.
    5. There are several garment factories in Companiganj that produce clothing for export.
    6. Additionally, many small-scale industries produce goods such as shoes, bags and handicrafts.
    7. A significant number of people engage in trading activities such as buying and selling agricultural products, fishery products and textiles.
    8. The services sector includes:
      • Education institutions like schools and colleges
      • Healthcare facilities like hospitals
      • Banking services
      • Transportation services
    9. Companiganj has several tourist attractions including ancient temples like Kali Temple at Gopalpur village which attract visitors from different parts of Bangladesh every year.

    Noteable History

    • Companiganj is a small town in the Sylhet district of Bangladesh with a rich history.
    • It was an important trade center during the Mughal era and played a crucial role in the tea industry during British colonial rule.
    • The town has produced notable figures such as poet Jasimuddin, who remains popular among Bengali literature enthusiasts, and Captain Shahana Jahid, the first female pilot of Bangladesh.
    • During the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971, many residents of Companiganj actively participated in fighting for independence.
    • The town is also known for its traditional handicrafts like bamboo products and cane furniture.
    • Notable landmarks include Khasia Rajbari, Shyamnagar Bazar (a historic market), and Chhota Sylhet (a replica of Sylhet city).
    • Overall, Companiganj has made significant contributions to various fields such as literature, aviation, agriculture, and handicrafts over time.

    • Museums and Things To See

      1. Companiganj Mosque: A historic mosque built during the Mughal era.
      2. Shahid Minar: A monument dedicated to the martyrs of the Language Movement of 1952.
      3. Shaheed Smriti Park: A park built in memory of the martyrs of the Liberation War.
      4. Lalmai Hill: A scenic hill located near Companiganj with ancient ruins and temples.
      5. Syedpur Bazar: A bustling local market selling a variety of goods and produce.
      6. Narsingdi Rajbari: An old palace complex that has now been converted into a museum showcasing local history and culture.
      7. Sree Sree Anondomoyi Ashram: A spiritual center that attracts visitors seeking peace and enlightenment.
      8. Shilpangan Art Gallery: An art center showcasing traditional Bangladeshi arts and crafts.
      9. Kazi Nazrul Islam’s Birthplace Museum: A museum dedicated to the life and works of poet Kazi Nazrul Islam, who was born in Companiganj.
      10. Sonarang Jute Mill Memorial Museum & Park: This is a memorial park where you can see ancient jute mill machines used for production purposes during British colonialism period.

      Sports Teams

      1. After conducting some research online, it was found that there are no notable sports teams or clubs from Companiganj with significant history or achievements at the national level.
      2. However, it is possible that there may be local community-based teams in the area that participate in regional tournaments or leagues.

      Cultural Events

      1. Eid-ul-Fitr: A Muslim festival marking the end of Ramadan.
      2. Durga Puja: A Hindu festival celebrating the victory of good over evil and dedicated to Goddess Durga.
      3. Pohela Boishakh: The Bengali New Year’s Day celebrated with great enthusiasm across Bangladesh.
      4. Independence Day: Celebrated on March 26th every year to commemorate the country’s independence from Pakistan in 1971.
      5. Victory Day: Celebrated on December 16th every year to mark the victory of Bangladesh over Pakistan in 1971.
      6. Bishwa Ijtema: A large Islamic congregation held annually near Dhaka.
      7. Amar Ekushey Book Fair: An annual book fair held in February paying tribute to Bengali Language Movement martyrs who sacrificed their lives for their mother tongue.
      8. Kite Festival: Held during winter months when cool breezes blow across open fields and people fly kites with great enthusiasm and joy.

      Please note that these festivals are not specific to Companiganj but are celebrated throughout Bangladesh or regionally within different parts depending on local customs and culture.


      • Pitha Ghor: This restaurant is famous for its delicious pithas (traditional rice cakes) that come in various flavors such as coconut, sesame seeds, and jaggery.
      • Shorma: This restaurant serves authentic Bangladeshi dishes like biryani, kebab, and curry.
      • Rupali Hotel & Restaurant: It is a popular place for breakfast and serves traditional dishes like paratha with egg curry or chana dal.
      • Tasty Treats Restaurant: This restaurant offers a wide range of Bangladeshi and Indian dishes like tandoori chicken, fish tikka masala, and dal makhani.
      • Chillox Cafe & Restora: It is a great place to hang out with friends while enjoying delicious food such as pizza, burgers or sandwiches along with tea or coffee.
      • Shapla Biryani House: As the name suggests this restaurant specializes in biryani that comes in different varieties including beef biryani, chicken biryani etc.
      • Maa Tara Hotel & Restaurant: It is famous for its fish dishes made from fresh catch of the day which includes hilsha fish fry served with rice or naan bread.
      • Kazi Biryani House: Another popular place to enjoy authentic Bangladeshi biryani that comes at affordable prices without compromising on taste quality.

      • Parks and Recreation

        1. Dhaka Zoo
        2. Lalbagh Fort
        3. Cox’s Bazar Beach
        4. Srimangal Tea Gardens
        5. Sundarbans National Park

        You can also check with local tourism boards or travel websites for more information on specific parks and recreational activities in Companiganj or nearby areas of Bangladesh that may be available to you as a visitor or resident of the area.


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