Dam Dam, India

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Dam Dam, India

Region: West Bengal

Geographic Coordinates: 22.620000, 88.420000
Temperature Range: 18.0°C to 35.0°C (64°F to 95°F)
Population: 114786
Language: Punjabi

Dam Dam is a small town located in the district of Purba Bardhaman, West Bengal, India. The town is situated on the banks of the Damodar River and is known for its scenic beauty and historic significance. The name Dam Dam comes from the Bengali word Dhamsa, Which means a loud sound or noise. The town has a rich history dating back to the British era when it was an important center for coal mining. Today, It is known for its agricultural produce such as rice, Wheat, And vegetables.

The area around Dam Dam is also famous for its mango orchards. One of the major attractions in Dam Dam is the Kalyaneswari Temple. This ancient temple dedicated to Goddess Kali attracts thousands of devotees every year during Navratri. Another popular attraction in this region is Maithon dam – one of India’s largest dams built over Barakar river. Apart from these places, There are several other tourist spots near Damdam like Garh Jungle Reserve Forest where you can enjoy nature walks and bird watching or visit nearby towns like Asansol or Durgapur which have their own unique charm.

The people living here are friendly and hospitable towards tourists who visit their town. They practice different religions such as Hinduism, Islam, Christianity etc., Making it an excellent example of religious harmony in India. The climate here is tropical with hot summers (April-June) followed by monsoon season (July-September) with heavy rainfall that makes this place lush green during winters (November-February). It’s advisable to visit during winters when temperatures are mild allowing you to explore more comfortably without worrying about heat stroke or dehydration.

if you’re looking for a peaceful getaway from city life then visiting Damdam could be an ideal choice! With plenty of natural beauty around combined with historical significance & religious importance make this place worth exploring.’

Primary Industries

  1. Dam Dam is a small town situated in the Indian state of West Bengal.
  2. The primary occupation of the people living in Dam Dam is farming, with rice, jute, and vegetables being the major crops grown here.
  3. The town also has a few small-scale textile industries that produce fabrics and garments.
  4. Additionally, artisans in Dam Dam are known for their skills in making beautiful handicrafts such as pottery, bamboo crafts, and terracotta items.
  5. There are several shops selling daily essentials like groceries, clothes, footwear etc., making retail business another significant industry in the town.
  6. Being located on National Highway 19 (NH-19), there are several transport companies that operate from here providing transportation services to nearby cities like Kolkata.
  7. Education is also an essential aspect of life in Dam Dam with a few schools and colleges located within the town providing education to students from nearby areas.
  8. Healthcare services are readily available with one government hospital and a few private clinics offering healthcare services to residents of the town and surrounding areas.

Noteable History

  • Dam-Dam is a small town located in the Indian state of West Bengal with a rich history.
  • Although there aren’t many notable events or people associated with it, there have been some significant ones over the years.
  • One of these events was the Battle of Dam-Dam, which took place in 1760 between the British East India Company and the Maratha Empire near Dam-Dam. The British emerged victorious from this battle.
  • Another significant event that occurred near Dam-Dam was the establishment of the Ramakrishna Mission in 1897 by Swami Vivekananda, a disciple of Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa at Belur Math.
  • Swami Yogananda, also known as Paramhansa Yogananda, visited Belur Math in 1916 and spent time with his guru Sri Yukteswar Giri.
  • Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose visited Dam-Dam during his freedom struggle against British colonialism.
  • Kazi Nazrul Islam is one of the most prominent Bengali poets and writers who lived in this region for some time.
  • Jagadish Chandra Bose was a renowned scientist who conducted pioneering research on radio waves and plant physiology at his estate near Dam-Dam.
  • Mukunda Das is an eminent poet from Bengal who was born in Gopalpur village near to damdam.

  • Museums and Things To See

    1. Kali Temple – a famous Hindu temple dedicated to Goddess Kali
    2. Anandamayee Ashram – a spiritual center founded by Sri Sri Anandamayi Ma
    3. Jorebangla Temple – a terracotta temple built during the reign of Malla dynasty
    4. Hazarduari Palace Museum – a 19th-century palace turned museum with exhibits on Nawabi culture and history
    5. Katra Mosque – an ancient mosque built in the 18th century by Murshid Quli Khan
    6. Krishnagar Public Library and Museum- A library and museum established in 1853 AD.
    7. Hanseswari Temple- A famous Hindu temple located at Hanskhali.
    8. Mallikarjun Temple- A famous Shiva temple located at Nabagram.
    9. Rajbari-The palace of Zamindars of Duttapara(now known as Dattapara Rajbari).
    10. Krishnanagar Rajbari-A historical palace situated at Krishnanagar city which was once the capital of Nadia district.

    Cultural Events

    Cultural Events and Festivals in Dam Dam, India

    1. Holi – a spring festival of colors and love, usually celebrated in March
    2. Durga Puja – a 10-day festival honoring the goddess Durga, usually celebrated in September or October
    3. Diwali – a festival of lights and the victory of good over evil, usually celebrated in October or November
    4. Basant Panchami – a festival celebrating the arrival of spring, usually celebrated in January or February
    5. Raksha Bandhan – a festival celebrating the bond between brothers and sisters, usually celebrated in August
    6. Navratri – a 9-day festival honoring the goddess Durga, usually celebrated in September or October
    7. Janmashtami – a festival celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna, usually celebrated in August or September
    8. Ganga Sagar Mela – a pilgrimage and festival celebrating the convergence of the Ganges River and the Bay of Bengal, usually celebrated in January

    Please note that these are just a few examples of the many cultural events and festivals celebrated in Dam Dam, India. There are numerous other festivities that take place throughout the year, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the region.


    • Biryani House: This restaurant is famous for its delicious biryani made with spices and long-grain rice.
    • Chhappan Bhog: It is a vegetarian restaurant that serves North Indian dishes like dal makhani, paneer tikka masala, and butter naan.
    • Ganges View Restaurant: As the name suggests, this restaurant offers a stunning view of the Ganges river while serving mouth-watering Indian food.
    • Sagar Ratna: A well-known chain of South Indian restaurants that serve dosas, idlis, vadas along with other vegetarian dishes.
    • The Palms Kitchen & Bar: If you want to try some international cuisine in Dam Dam then this is the place to go as it offers Continental and Chinese food along with drinks.
    • Tandoori Nights: A casual dining restaurant that specializes in tandoori chicken and kebabs along with other North Indian delicacies.
    • Vrindavan Restaurant: A pure vegetarian eatery that serves authentic Gujarati thali which includes dal bati churma, kadhi khichdi among others.

    Parks and Recreation

    1. KMDA Eco Park – A beautiful park with a lake, walking trails, gardens, and children’s play area.
    2. Jheel Park – A scenic park with a lake, boating facilities, and picnic areas.
    3. Rabindra Sarobar – A popular park for jogging and walking with a large lake for boating.
    4. Nicco Park – An amusement park with rides and attractions suitable for all ages.
    5. Science City – An interactive science museum featuring exhibits on various scientific concepts.
    6. Aquatica Water Park – A water amusement park offering slides and pools suitable for all ages.
    7. Salt Lake Central Park – A large urban park featuring green spaces, walking paths, playgrounds, and sports facilities.
    8. Nalban Boating Complex – A serene spot to enjoy boating on the lake surrounded by lush greenery.
    9. Millennium Park- An eco-friendly theme park that offers various attractions like butterfly garden, fish aquarium etc.
    10. Bioxphere Reserve- It is located near the KMDA Eco-Park which has different types of flora & fauna, hiking trails etc.


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