Folkestone, United Kingdom

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Folkestone, United Kingdom

Region: Kent

Geographic Coordinates: 51.081000, 1.166000
Population: 51337
Language: English

Folkestone is a charming coastal town located in the county of Kent, In the southeastern part of the United Kingdom. With its rich history, Stunning natural beauty, And vibrant arts scene, Folkestone has become an increasingly popular destination for tourists and locals alike. Nestled on the English Channel coast, Folkestone boasts a picturesque harbor that has been a hub of activity for centuries. The harbor area is lined with quaint cafes, Seafood restaurants, And boutique shops where visitors can enjoy fresh local cuisine while taking in breathtaking views of the sea.

Strolling along The Stade promenade is a must-do activity as it offers panoramic vistas of the coastline and opportunities for leisurely walks or bike rides. One of Folkestone’s most famous attractions is its Creative Quarter—an area that showcases an eclectic mix of independent art galleries, Studios, Vintage stores, And creative spaces. This vibrant district attracts artists from all over who are drawn to its bohemian atmosphere. Visitors can explore contemporary artworks or attend workshops hosted by local artists to get hands-on experience with different artistic mediums. For history enthusiasts, There are several notable landmarks to discover in Folkestone.

The Leas Promenade offers stunning views over the English Channel while also being home to several historic buildings such as The Grand Hotel—a Victorian-era architectural gem—and The Leas Cliff Hall—a concert venue that has hosted many renowned performers throughout its history. Nature lovers will find plenty to enjoy in this coastal town as well. Just outside Folkestone lies the beautiful Lower Leas Coastal Park—an expansive green space dotted with colorful gardens and play areas for children. It also features a pebble beach where visitors can relax under sunny skies or take refreshing dips in the sea during summer months.

Additionally, Those seeking adventure should not miss out on exploring The Warren—a sprawling nature reserve boasting dramatic cliffs and hidden coves accessible via winding trails through lush woodlands. Here you’ll find diverse wildlife, Including rare bird species, Making it a paradise for birdwatchers and nature photographers. Folkestone is also renowned for its annual events and festivals. The Folkestone Triennial—an internationally acclaimed art exhibition that takes place every three years—transforms the town into an open-air gallery with thought-provoking installations scattered throughout its streets and public spaces.

The Folkestone Book Festival attracts literary enthusiasts from far and wide, Offering a program of talks, Workshops, And readings by renowned authors. Folkestone is a captivating destination that seamlessly blends history, Natural beauty, Creativity, And cultural events. Whether you’re looking to relax on the beach or immerse yourself in art and culture, This coastal gem has something to offer everyone who visits. With its warm community spirit and welcoming atmosphere, Folkestone promises an unforgettable experience for all who venture to explore its unique charms.

Important Landmarks

  1. The Leas Promenade: A beautiful cliff-top walkway offering stunning views of the English Channel.
  2. The Harbour Arm: A historic pier that has been transformed into a vibrant cultural hub with food stalls, bars, and live music.
  3. Folkestone Creative Quarter: An area filled with independent shops, galleries, cafes, and studios showcasing local artists’ work.
  4. Folkestone Harbour: A picturesque harbor area with a marina, fishing boats, and waterfront restaurants.
  5. Lower Leas Coastal Park: A family-friendly park with adventure playgrounds, gardens, picnic areas, and a pebble beach.
  6. The Warren Country Park: A nature reserve covering over 200 acres of woodland and grassland ideal for walking or picnicking.
  7. Battle of Britain Memorial: Located on the cliffs above Folkestone’s coast; it is dedicated to the men who fought in the iconic aerial battle during World War II.
  8. Radnor Park: One of Folkestone’s oldest parks featuring ornamental gardens, tennis courts, a lake with rowing boats for hire.
  9. Martello Tower No 3: Built as part of Britain’s coastal defense system during the Napoleonic Wars; it now houses an exhibition about its history.
  10. Elham Valley Vineyard & Winery: Just outside Folkestone lies this vineyard where visitors can take tours and sample local wines.

These are just some examples among many other attractions that make up the charm of this coastal town in England’s southeast region.

Primary Industries

  1. Tourism: Folkestone is a popular tourist destination known for its beautiful coastline, sandy beaches, and historic attractions such as the Leas Promenade and the Creative Quarter.
  2. Shipping and Logistics: The town has an active port that handles freight traffic, providing services for shipping companies involved in import/export activities.
  3. Creative Industries: Folkestone’s Creative Quarter is home to numerous artists’ studios, galleries, creative agencies, design firms, and independent retailers.
  4. Retail: The town center offers a variety of shops ranging from high street chains to independent boutiques.
  5. Hospitality and Catering: With its thriving tourism industry, Folkestone has a range of hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, cafes, bars/pubs catering to visitors’ needs.
  6. Education: There are several educational institutions in Folkestone including primary schools, secondary schools like The Harvey Grammar School & The Folkestone Academy), colleges (such as East Kent College), language schools (e.g., International School UK) attracting students from both within the UK and abroad.
  7. Health Care Services: There are various healthcare facilities including hospitals (e.g., Royal Victoria Hospital), clinics (e.g., Sandgate Road Surgery) offering medical services to residents as well as tourists visiting the area.
  8. Construction Industry: Construction companies operate in Folkestone due to ongoing infrastructure development projects such as housing developments or commercial buildings construction.
  9. Financial Services: Several banks provide financial services including retail banking facilities within the town center area.
  10. Transportation Services: A significant number of transportation companies operate within or near Folkestone due to its strategic location with good road connections via M20 motorway or Channel Tunnel access point facilitating trade between UK/Europe.

These industries and businesses contribute to the local economy, provide employment opportunities, and support the growth of Folkestone as a vibrant town.

Noteable History

  1. Battle of Folkestone (1642): During the English Civil War, a skirmish took place in Folkestone between Royalist and Parliamentarian forces.
  2. Development as a seaside resort: In the 19th century, Folkestone became a popular seaside resort due to its sandy beaches and easy access from London via railway.
  3. World War I: During WWI, Folkestone was an important port for troops departing for the Western Front. It also served as a base for Canadian soldiers and housed several military hospitals.
  4. The Channel Tunnel: The construction of the Channel Tunnel began in 1988, with one of its main terminals located in Folkestone. This transport link between the UK and France has had a significant impact on the town’s economy.
  5. H.G. Wells: The renowned author H.G. Wells lived in Sandgate near Folkestone during his early years and wrote some of his famous works there, including The Time Machine and The War of the Worlds.
  6. Mary Tourtel: Mary Tourtel was an illustrator born in Canterbury but later moved to Folkseone where she created one of Britain’s most beloved fictional characters – Rupert Bear.
  7. Leas Cliff Hall: This iconic venue has hosted numerous notable performers throughout history like The Beatles, David Bowie, Elton John, Pink Floyd among others.
  8. Sir Philip Sassoon: Sir Philip Sassoon was an influential politician who owned Port Lympne Estate near Folkseone during the early 20th century which he used as his residence to entertain many prominent figures including Winston Churchill.
  9. Operation Dynamo (Dunkirk evacuation): In May 1940 during World War II, thousands of British troops were evacuated from Dunkirk to England through various ports along the south coast including Folkseone.
  10. Roger De Haan: A prominent businessman and philanthropist, Roger De Haan played a significant role in the regeneration of Folkestone in recent years, investing in various projects to revitalize the town’s economy and cultural scene.

Museums and Things To See

  1. The Folkestone Quarterhouse: This vibrant cultural hub hosts a variety of events, including live music, theater performances, art exhibitions, and film screenings.
  2. The Folkestone Artworks: An outdoor exhibition of contemporary artworks scattered along the coastline. Visitors can explore these unique installations while enjoying stunning views of the English Channel.
  3. The Creative Foundation: This organization aims to promote creativity and culture in Folkestone. They manage various artistic projects and spaces such as the Quarterhouse, the Triennial festival, and numerous public art installations.
  4. The Battle of Britain Memorial: Located on top of the White Cliffs near Folkestone, this memorial commemorates those who fought in the Battle of Britain during World War II. It offers breathtaking views across the channel.
  5. The Kent Battle of Britain Museum: Situated just outside Folkestone in Hawkinge, this museum showcases an extensive collection of aircraft parts and memorabilia from World War II’s iconic aerial conflict.
  6. Folkstone Museum: Learn about local history at this museum which covers topics such as maritime heritage, archaeology, natural history, and more.
  7. Lower Leas Coastal Park: A beautiful park with landscaped gardens that stretches along Folkestone’s coastline offering stunning views over sandy beaches and seafront promenades.
  8. Elham Valley Vineyard & Winery: Located a short drive from Folkestone in nearby Barham village; visitors can enjoy wine tastings or take a tour around this charming vineyard nestled within picturesque countryside surroundings.
  9. The Grand Burstin Hotel & Conference Centre – One cannot miss visiting this iconic hotel situated prominently on the waterfront offering panoramic sea views with easy access to attractions like Leas Cliff Hall theatre or Harbour Arm for food/drinks options while enjoying beautiful sunsets over English Channel.
  10. Folkestone Harbour Arm – A restored Victorian railway pier turned into a vibrant foodie destination with an array of street food stalls, bars, and live music events. Enjoy delicious local cuisine while taking in the stunning views of the harbor.

Sports Teams

  1. Folkestone Invicta Football Club: Founded in 1936, Folkestone Invicta FC is the town’s most renowned football team. They compete in the Isthmian League Premier Division and have achieved significant success over the years. Notable achievements include winning the FA Vase (non-league cup) in 2005 and reaching the third round of FA Cup during the 1998-99 season.
  2. Folkestone Rugby Football Club: Established in 1885, Folkestone RFC is one of Kent’s oldest rugby clubs. They have a long-standing history within regional leagues and currently compete in London & South East Premier league.
  3. Hythe & Dibden Cricket Club: Although not based exclusively in Folkestone, Hythe & Dibden CC represents both towns and has been an integral part of local cricket since its formation over a century ago.
  4. Cheriton Bowls Club: Cheriton Bowls Club was established back in 1920 and continues to be an active bowls club within the community today.

These are just a few examples of sports teams that have had significant histories within Folkestone; however, there may be other smaller or amateur-level teams that contribute to local sporting activities as well.

Cultural Events

  1. Folkestone Triennial: This internationally acclaimed art festival takes place every three years and showcases contemporary art installations throughout the town.
  2. Folkestone Book Festival: Held annually, this literary event brings together renowned authors, poets, and speakers for talks, workshops, and book signings.
  3. Folkestone Festivals: Throughout the year, various festivals are organized in Folkestone such as the Charivari Festival (celebrating music and street arts), the Hythe Venetian Fete (a water-based parade), and the Leas Village Fete (traditional summer fair).
  4. Folk Week: A week-long celebration of folk music and dance featuring concerts, workshops, ceilidhs, and Morris dancing performances.
  5. Pride in Folkestone: An inclusive LGBTQ+ event celebrating diversity with a vibrant parade through town followed by live entertainment in The Leas.
  6. Armed Forces Day: A tribute to current serving personnel of the British Armed Forces with parades, displays by military units, live music performances, and family-friendly activities.
  7. Christmas events: During December there are various festive events including a Christmas market with stalls selling crafts and food items as well as carol singing sessions.
  8. Skabour Festival: A popular ska music festival held annually showcasing local bands as well as established ska artists from around the world.
  9. Open Quarter Folkestone: An architectural event offering guided tours of interesting buildings in the Creative Quarter area of Folkestone along with talks on urban design and heritage preservation.
  10. Outdoor cinema screenings & live performances at venues like The Amphitheatre or Radnor Park Bandstand during summer months.


  1. Rocksalt: Situated on the harbor arm, Rocksalt is a renowned seafood restaurant offering stunning views of the English Channel. It serves fresh fish and shellfish dishes with a modern twist.
  2. The Pullman: Housed in an old train carriage near Folkestone Central Station, The Pullman is known for its British cuisine and cozy atmosphere. They serve traditional dishes like fish and chips, roast dinners, and homemade pies.
  3. Beano’s Vegetarian Cafe Bar: A popular choice for vegetarians and vegans, Beano’s offers a variety of plant-based dishes made from locally sourced ingredients. Their menu includes burgers, salads, wraps, soups, and more.
  4. Googies Art Café: Located on Rendezvous Street near Folkestone Creative Quarter, Googies is known for its creative menu featuring gourmet burgers with unique toppings like pulled pork or halloumi cheese. They also offer live music events.
  5. The Chambers: This family-run restaurant offers modern European cuisine using locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. With an intimate atmosphere and attentive service, it provides an excellent dining experience.
  6. Luben Pizza & Gelato: If you’re looking for delicious pizza in Folkestone town center near the Leas Cliff Hall theater complex or beach area – Luben is highly recommended! Their thin-crust pizzas are made using quality ingredients with various toppings to choose from.
  7. The Cliffe Restaurant at The Clifton Hotel: Situated within The Clifton Hotel overlooking the Leas Promenade, this restaurant serves classic British fare such as steaks, fish & chips, Sunday roasts, etc. It also has vegetarian options available.

These are just a few examples of popular local cuisine and restaurants in Folkestone; there are many more to explore, ranging from traditional British fare to international flavors.

Parks and Recreation

  1. The Leas: A scenic clifftop promenade with beautiful gardens, benches, and stunning views of the English Channel.
  2. Radnor Park: A Victorian park with a lake, playgrounds, tennis courts, and a café. It also hosts occasional events such as outdoor concerts.
  3. East Cliff & Warren Country Park: A nature reserve offering walking trails through woodlands and grassy areas. It has panoramic views of the coast and is ideal for birdwatching.
  4. Lower Leas Coastal Park: A landscaped park featuring gardens, children’s play areas, an amphitheater for live performances, and a pebble beach.
  5. Folkestone Harbour Arm: This former railway pier has been transformed into an entertainment venue with food stalls, bars, live music events, art installations, and stunning sea views.
  6. Sunny Sands Beach: A sandy beach popular for sunbathing or enjoying water activities like swimming or paddleboarding.
  7. Folkestone Sports Centre: Offers various sports facilities including swimming pools (indoor and outdoor), gymnasiums, tennis courts, football pitches etc., along with fitness classes for all ages.
  8. Hythe Imperial Health Club & Spa (located in nearby Hythe): Provides leisure facilities such as indoor pool/spa treatments/fitness classes/gym/tennis courts etc., overlooking the seafront.

These are just some examples of public parks and recreational activities available in Folkestone; there may be more options depending on personal preferences or specific interests.


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