Fushun, China

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Fushun, China

Region: Liaoning

Geographic Coordinates: 41.870800, 123.892000
Temperature Range: -40.0°C to 35.0°C (-40°F to 95°F)
Climate: Cold and dry winters, warm and rainy summers in Fushun, China.
Population: 2024000
Language: Mandarin

Fushun is a city located in the northeastern part of China, In the province of Liaoning. The city has a rich history dating back to the Ming Dynasty when it was known as Fushun Fu. Today, It is an important industrial and cultural center with a population of over 2 million people. One of the most notable attractions in Fushun is the Shenyang Imperial Palace, Which was built during the Qing Dynasty and served as a summer retreat for emperors. The palace complex includes several buildings and gardens that are open to visitors year-round.

Another popular tourist destination is Gao’ershan National Forest Park, Which offers hiking trails, Scenic views, And opportunities to see wildlife such as deer and foxes. Fushun also has a strong mining industry due to its abundance of coal reserves. In fact, It was once known as the capital of coal in China. Visitors can learn about the history of mining at Fushun Mining Museum where they can see exhibits on mining equipment and learn about how coal played an important role in shaping modern China’s economy.

For those interested in Chinese culture, Fushun has several temples worth visiting such as Xianying Temple which dates back more than 1, 000 years. This temple is famous for its intricate carvings depicting Buddhist stories on its walls. In addition to historical sites and cultural attractions, Fushun also boasts several modern amenities including shopping centers like Wanda Plaza where visitors can shop for luxury brands or enjoy dining at one of many restaurants serving local cuisine or international fare.

sports enthusiasts will appreciate that Fushun has hosted several major sporting events including basketball games during the Asian Games held here in 1990s. The city also offers many recreational activities such as golfing or skiing at nearby resorts like Qipan Mountain Ski Resort. Overall, Fushin provides visitors with various options from exploring ancient Chinese history to enjoying modern amenities. With its rich cultural heritage, Natural beauty, And modern conveniences, Fushun is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to China.

Important Landmarks

  1. Fushun National Forest Park
  2. Fushun War Criminals Management Centre
  3. Gao’ershan Park
  4. Xihu Park
  5. Shenyang Imperial Palace (Mukden Palace)
  6. Liaoning Provincial Museum
  7. Yongling Mausoleum
  8. Hunhe River Scenic Area
  9. Fushun Museum of Art and History
  10. Zhongshan Square

Primary Industries

  • Fushun, located in China, is a notable industrial city with diverse industries and businesses.
  • The city’s economy is primarily driven by heavy industries like:
    • Coal mining
    • Petrochemicals production
    • Steel production
  • Other sectors such as machinery manufacturing are also growing at a remarkable pace due to increased demand from domestic markets and exports overseas.
  • The major industries in Fushun include:
    • Coal mining which is known for its vast reserves of coal
    • Petrochemical plants that produce chemicals like ethylene, propylene, and butadiene
    • A large steel industry with numerous mills producing different types of steel products
    • Machinery manufacturing industry that produces equipment for various sectors such as mining, construction, and agriculture
    • Power plants that generate electricity using coal or natural gas
    • Food processing industry that produces soybean oil products like flour and noodles
    • Textile mills producing clothing materials such as cotton fabrics and synthetic fibers
    • Chemical fertilizers used to increase crop yields in agriculture
    • Pharmaceutical companies producing drugs for various ailments
  • In conclusion, Fushun’s economy heavily relies on heavy industries such as coal mining while other sectors like machinery manufacturing are growing at an impressive pace too making it an essential economic hub in northeastern China.

  • Noteable History

    1. Fushun War of Resistance: During the Second Sino-Japanese War, Fushun was a site of resistance against Japanese occupation. The city suffered significant civilian casualties due to heavy bombing by the Japanese.
    2. Zhang Xueliang: Zhang Xueliang, also known as the Young Marshal, was a prominent Chinese military leader who played a key role in resisting Japanese aggression in Northeast China during the 1930s. He also helped negotiate an end to hostilities between the Chinese Communist Party and Nationalist Party.
    3. Fushun Coal Mine Disaster: In 1942, an explosion at one of Fushun’s coal mines killed over 1,500 miners, making it one of China’s worst mining disasters.
    4. Wang Jingwei: Wang Jingwei was a former member of Sun Yat-sen’s Nationalist Party who became a leading figure in Japan’s puppet government during World War II. He spent his final years living in exile in Fushun before dying under mysterious circumstances.
    5. The Manchukuo Experiment: Following Japan’s occupation of Northeast China during World War II, they established the puppet state of Manchukuo with its capital at Changchun (located near Fushun). This period saw significant cultural and social changes as Japan attempted to create a new society based on their own ideals.
    6. Liu Shaoqi: Liu Shaoqi was born in Hunan province but raised in Liaoning province (where Fushun is located). He went on to become one of Mao Zedong’s closest allies and served as President of China from 1959-1968 before being purged during the Cultural Revolution.
    7. The Great Leap Forward: During this period (1958-1961), Mao Zedong launched an ambitious campaign aimed at rapidly industrializing China through collectivization and mass mobilization efforts such as backyard steel furnaces. Fushun was one of the key sites of this campaign, with workers encouraged to produce iron and steel using local resources.
    8. The Fushun Oil Shale Industry: Fushun is home to one of China’s largest oil shale deposits, which has been mined since the early 20th century. The industry played a key role in China’s economic development during the 20th century and continues to be an important part of the city’s economy today.

    Museums and Things To See

    1. Fushun National Forest Park
    2. Fushun Museum
    3. Pingdingshan Ancient City Ruins
    4. Xinghua Village Scenic Area
    5. Shenyang Imperial Palace (located nearby)
    6. Fushun Coal Mine National Geopark
    7. The Memorial Hall of the Japanese Occupation of Northeast China
    8. Dongzhou Island Wetland Park
    9. Wunu Mountain City Wall Relics Park
    10. Chongqing Street Historic District

    Sports Teams

    • Fushun is a city in Liaoning Province, Northeast China with a rich history of sports and producing talented athletes who have represented China at international events like the Olympics.
    • Popular sports played in Fushun include:
      • Basketball
      • Football (soccer)
      • Volleyball
      • Table tennis
      • Badminton
      • Martial arts like taekwondo and wushu
    • There are also several local amateur teams that compete in various tournaments across the region.

    • Cultural Events

      1. Fushun International Kite Festival
      2. Fushun Shenyang Opera Festival
      3. Fushun Folk Art Festival
      4. Fushun International Tourism and Culture Festival
      5. Fushun Winter Sports and Ice Lantern Festival
      6. Northeast China Folk Song and Dance Festival
      7. China Northeast Ethnic Minority Cultural Tourism Week
      8. Chinese New Year celebrations with dragon and lion dances, fireworks, and temple fairs.
      9. Mid-Autumn Mooncake festival with traditional music, dance, storytelling, and moon-gazing activities.
      10. National Day Golden Week celebrations with parades, concerts, exhibitions showcasing the country’s history and culture.
      11. Spring Lantern festival which marks the end of Chinese New Year festivities with lantern displays in public places.


      • Fushun Roast Duck – a famous local dish made with tender duck meat and crispy skin.
      • Qingyuan Dumplings – a type of dumpling filled with minced pork and vegetables.
      • Shaxian Snacks – a variety of street food snacks including fried noodles, tofu, and meat skewers.
      • Hongji Restaurant – known for its traditional Chinese dishes such as braised pork belly and stir-fried vegetables.
      • Xinyuan Seafood Restaurant – specializes in fresh seafood dishes like steamed fish and spicy crab.
      • Dongbei Renjia Restaurant – serves Northeastern Chinese cuisine including hearty stews, dumplings, and noodle soups.
      • Lao Fengxiang Hot Pot – offers a wide range of hot pot options including spicy Sichuan-style broth or mild mushroom broth.
      • KFC (yes, really!) – the Fushun KFC is rumored to have some unique menu items not found at other locations such as rice bowls topped with chicken or shrimp curry sauce.

      • Parks and Recreation

        1. Fushun National Forest Park
        2. Gaoxin Park
        3. Dongzhou Park
        4. Xinghua Park
        5. Taiyangshan National Forest Park
        6. Fushun Museum and Cultural Square
        7. Pingdian Reservoir Scenic Area
        8. Yingangzi Hot Spring Resort
        9. Shenyang Qipan Mountain Ski Resort
        10. Huamulin Scenic Area


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