Gaborone, Botswana

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Gaborone, Botswana

Region: South-East District

Geographic Coordinates: -24.658100, 25.912200
Temperature Range: 20.0°C to 35.0°C (68°F to 95°F)
Climate: Dry and hot with little rainfall, especially during the winter months.
Population: 231626
Language: English

Gaborone is the capital city of Botswana, Located in the southern part of Africa. Founded in 1964, It has become a vital economic hub in the region. The city is known for its modern architecture, Bustling streets and friendly locals. One of Gaborone’s main attractions is its beautiful parks and gardens. Visitors can enjoy green spaces such as Gaborone Game Reserve where they can see wildlife like giraffes, Zebras and antelopes up close.

Other popular parks include Mokolodi Nature Reserve which features hiking trails, Picnic areas and camping facilities; Kgale Hill which provides stunning panoramic views of the city; and Three Dikgosi Monument Park which honors three legendary chiefs who played an important role in Botswana’s history. Gaborone also has a vibrant cultural scene with attractions like the National Museum & Art Gallery showcasing traditional African art alongside contemporary pieces from local artists. Thapong Visual Arts Centre hosts regular exhibitions featuring works by emerging artists from across Botswana while Maitisong Theatre hosts plays, Musicals and concerts throughout the year.

Foodies will find plenty to love about Gaborone’s culinary scene with restaurants serving everything from traditional African dishes like seswaa (pounded beef) to international cuisine like sushi or pizza. Local markets offer fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables along with handmade crafts made by local artisans. Shopping enthusiasts can indulge themselves at one of many shopping malls such as Riverwalk Mall or Game City Mall where they can find everything from high-end fashion brands to electronics stores selling gadgets at affordable prices.

For those seeking adventure outside of town there are plenty options available too including Khama Rhino Sanctuary which offers visitors an opportunity to see these majestic creatures up close while learning about conservation efforts in Botswana. The Tuli Block located in eastern part of Botswana is another popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts with rugged terrain perfect for hiking and wildlife viewing. Gaborone is a city that has something to offer everyone from nature lovers to culture vultures and adventure seekers. Its friendly locals, Modern amenities and rich cultural heritage make it a must-visit destination for anyone traveling through southern Africa.

Important Landmarks

  1. Three Dikgosi Monument
  2. National Museum and Art Gallery
  3. Gaborone Game Reserve
  4. Kgale Hill
  5. Botswana Parliament Building
  6. Mokolodi Nature Reserve
  7. Riverwalk Mall
  8. Lion Park Resort
  9. Gaborone Dam
  10. The Grand Palm Hotel Casino and Convention Resort

Primary Industries

  1. Mining: Botswana’s diamond mining industry is a significant contributor to the country’s economy.
  2. Financial services: Gaborone houses several banks and financial institutions such as the Bank of Botswana and Barclays Bank.
  3. Tourism: The city has a wealth of tourist attractions like the Gaborone Game Reserve, Mokolodi Nature Reserve, and National Museum & Art Gallery.
  4. Manufacturing: There are numerous manufacturing companies in Gaborone that produce goods such as textiles, food products, plastics, metal products among others.
  5. Retail: Shoppers can find local and international brands at shopping malls like Riverwalk Mall which is just one of many in the city.
  6. Agriculture: Rural areas surrounding Gaborone are involved in agricultural activities with crops like maize being grown for subsistence use or sold at markets within the city limits.
  7. Technology: Several technology companies call Gaborone home including Microsoft Innovation Center Botswana which provides training programs for startups on software development skills.
  8. Healthcare: The healthcare sector is growing significantly with hospitals like Princess Marina Hospital offering specialized medical care services to patients across Botswana.

Noteable History

  1. Establishment of Gaborone as the capital city of Botswana in 1966.
  2. The construction of the Three Dikgosi Monument, which commemorates three tribal chiefs who played a significant role in Botswana’s history.
  3. The founding of the University of Botswana in 1982.
  4. The inauguration of Sir Seretse Khama, Botswana’s first president, in 1966.
  5. The establishment and growth of the diamond industry in Gaborone.
  6. The hosting of major international events such as the African Games (1999) and the World Economic Forum on Africa (2007).
  7. Notable people associated with Gaborone include former presidents Sir Seretse Khama and Festus Mogae, musician Vee Mampeezy, and writer Unity Dow.

Museums and Things To See

  1. National Museum and Art Gallery showcases Botswana’s history, culture, and art.
  2. The Three Dikgosi Monument honors traditional leaders who played a significant role in Botswana’s independence.
  3. Mokolodi Nature Reserve is a wildlife sanctuary with various animal species and birdlife.
  4. Gaborone Game Reserve is another wildlife reserve with various animal species and birdlife.
  5. Kgale Hill offers panoramic views of Gaborone city and is a popular hiking spot.
  6. Botanical Gardens showcase indigenous plants and trees in a beautiful garden setting.
  7. Thapong Visual Arts Centre promotes local artists’ works through exhibitions, workshops, and events.
  8. The Old Gaberones Society Museum showcases the history of Gaborone city from its founding to present day.
  9. Main Mall is one of the main shopping areas in Gaborone with numerous restaurants and cafes nearby.
  10. Botswanacraft is a craft market selling handmade souvenirs such as baskets, jewelry, pottery etcetera.

Sports Teams

  1. Township Rollers FC: Founded in 1961, Township Rollers is one of the oldest football clubs in Botswana. They have won the Botswana Premier League title a record 15 times and have also won several domestic cups.
  2. Gaborone United FC: Another prominent football club in Gaborone, GU was founded in 1967 and has won the premier league title seven times. They also reached the final of the CAF Cup Winners’ Cup in 1990.
  3. BDF XI: This football club is owned by the Botswana Defense Force and was founded in 1978. They have won five premier league titles and several domestic cups.
  4. Police VI FC: As the name suggests, this football club is owned by the Botswana Police Service and was founded in 1984. They have won two premier league titles and several domestic cups.
  5. UB Rhinos Rugby Club: The University of Botswana’s rugby team was established in 2006 and has since become one of the most successful rugby clubs in Botswana, winning multiple national championships.
  6. Notwane Basketball Club: Founded over three decades ago (in 1988), Notwane BC has been one of the most successful basketball clubs not only within Gaborone but also across all of Botswana – having claimed numerous national championships to date.

Cultural Events

  1. Maitisong Festival is an annual arts festival that takes place in Gaborone and showcases a range of performances, including music, dance, theatre, and visual arts.
  2. President’s Day Celebrations is a national holiday that takes place in July to celebrate Botswana’s independence from British rule. The event features parades, cultural displays, and sports competitions.
  3. Kuru Dance Festival is an annual festival held in August featuring traditional dance performances by various tribes from Botswana and neighboring countries.
  4. Gaborone International Music & Culture Week is an event that features international musicians performing alongside local artists over several days in September.
  5. Thapong Visual Arts Centre Exhibition hosts regular exhibitions throughout the year showcasing the work of emerging artists from Botswana and beyond.
  6. Morula Cultural Festival is held annually in October to celebrate the culture of the Bakwena people with traditional dances, music performances, and storytelling sessions.
  7. Mascom Live Sessions Concerts feature popular local musicians performing live at venues across Gaborone throughout the year.
  8. Tsholofelo Park Jazz Festival is an annual jazz festival held every December featuring both local and international jazz musicians performing live on stage for two days straight!


  1. Seswaa and pap: This is a traditional dish made of slow-cooked beef or goat meat served with maize porridge.
  2. Chotlho: Made from dried beans, pumpkin leaves, and ground peanuts.
  3. Mopane worms: A delicacy in Botswana that is usually fried or boiled before being eaten.
  4. Morogo wa dinawa: A spinach-like vegetable typically cooked with onions and tomatoes.
  5. Sanitas tea room: A restaurant serving traditional Botswanan dishes like seswaa as well as international cuisine.
  6. Bull & Bush Pub & Grill: Offers a variety of grilled meats, seafood, and vegetarian options.
  7. The Grand Palm Resort Casino Convention Centre & Spa: Has multiple restaurants serving both local and international cuisine including Italian and Chinese food options.
  8. Maru-a-Pula School Dining Hall: Serves authentic local dishes to students and visitors alike.
  9. Nando’s Gaborone Game City Mall: Known for peri-peri chicken dishes but also offers vegetarian options like the veggie burger with avocado mayo sauce.
  10. Café Dijo Restaurant & Bar – Located in the heart of Gaborone CBD, this restaurant specializes in African-inspired fusion cuisine.

Parks and Recreation

  1. Gaborone Game Reserve: A wildlife reserve with hiking trails and birdwatching opportunities.
  2. Kgale Hill: A popular hiking spot offering scenic views of the city.
  3. National Museum and Art Gallery: A museum that showcases Botswana’s history, culture, and art.
  4. Three Dikgosi Monument: A monument built to honor three traditional leaders who played significant roles in Botswana’s history.
  5. Mokolodi Nature Reserve: A wildlife sanctuary where visitors can enjoy game drives, walking safaris, and horseback riding.
  6. Riverwalk Mall: An outdoor shopping center that offers restaurants, cinemas, and entertainment options for visitors to enjoy.
  7. Gaborone Dam: A reservoir where people can engage in fishing activities or go boating or camping with family or friends while enjoying a picnic by the water.
  8. Sir Seretse Khama International Airport Park: An aviation-themed park featuring aircraft displays as well as playgrounds for children to play on while learning about aviation history.
  9. Main Mall: The city’s main pedestrian street lined with shops, cafes, and street vendors selling local crafts and souvenirs for tourists to take home as a memento of their visit to Botswana.
  10. UB Stadium Sports Complex: A sports complex hosting football matches, athletics events concerts, and other entertainment events throughout the year making it an ideal place for sports enthusiasts or anyone looking for some fun activities during their trip.


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