Horad Zhodzina, Belarus

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Horad Zhodzina, Belarus

Region: Minsk

Geographic Coordinates: 54.100000, 28.350000
Climate: Data not available.
Population: 65451
Language: Belarusian

Horad Zhodzina, Also known as Zhodino, Is a charming town located in the Minsk Region of Belarus. With a population of around 60, 000 people, It is situated just 50 kilometers northeast of the capital city, Minsk. Horad Zhodzina holds great historical significance and offers visitors a unique blend of cultural heritage and natural beauty. One of the main attractions in Horad Zhodzina is the BelAZ factory. This massive industrial complex is one of the largest manufacturers of heavy-duty mining equipment in the world. Visitors can take guided tours to witness firsthand how these colossal machines are produced.

The factory tour provides an intriguing insight into Belarusian industry and showcases its technological prowess. For those interested in history and culture, A visit to the Museum Complex Zabrodski Palats is highly recommended. Housed within an elegant 19th-century mansion, This museum exhibits various artifacts that depict life in Belarus throughout different periods. From traditional folk costumes to ancient tools used by early settlers, This collection offers a fascinating glimpse into the nation’s past. Nature enthusiasts will find themselves captivated by Horad Zhodzina’s picturesque surroundings.

Just outside town lies Lake Vileyka – a peaceful oasis perfect for relaxation or outdoor activities such as fishing or boating. Surrounded by lush greenery and rolling hillsides, It provides ample opportunities for hiking and exploring nature trails. Another noteworthy attraction nearby is Strochitsy Open-Air Museum – an expansive complex that recreates rural life from different historical eras across Belarus. With over 30 authentic buildings brought from various regions within the country, Visitors can step back in time and experience firsthand what life was like for their ancestors. Food lovers will also be delighted by Horad Zhodzina’s culinary offerings.

The town boasts numerous cozy cafes and restaurants serving traditional Belarusian cuisine alongside international dishes to cater to all tastes. From hearty potato pancakes to flavorful meat stews, Visitors can indulge in a wide range of delicious dishes. Horad Zhodzina’s vibrant cultural scene should not be missed. The town hosts various festivals and events throughout the year, Showcasing Belarusian music, Dance, And art. These celebrations provide an opportunity to immerse oneself in the local culture and experience the warm hospitality of the people. Horad Zhodzina is a captivating destination that offers a perfect blend of history, Nature, Industry, And culture.

Whether you are interested in exploring museums or factories, Immersing yourself in nature or trying traditional cuisine – this town has something for everyone. With its rich heritage and picturesque surroundings, Horad Zhodzina promises an unforgettable experience for all who visit this hidden gem of Belarus.

Important Landmarks

  1. BelAZ: The most famous attraction in Horad Zhodzina is the BelAZ factory, which produces some of the world’s largest mining trucks. Visitors can take guided tours of the factory and see these massive machines up close.
  2. Strochitsy Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Lifestyle: Located near Horad Zhodzina, this open-air museum showcases traditional Belarusian architecture and rural life from different regions of the country. It features over 30 wooden buildings, including houses, churches, windmills, and workshops.
  3. Victory Park: This park commemorates the victory in World War II and serves as a place for relaxation and recreation for locals and tourists alike. It features walking paths, monuments dedicated to war heroes, an eternal flame memorial, and various recreational facilities.
  4. Church of Sts Peter and Paul: This Orthodox church is one of the main religious sites in Horad Zhodzina. Built-in 1996-2000 in Byzantine style with traditional Russian elements; it attracts visitors with its beautiful architecture.
  5. Green Grove Park: Located on the outskirts of the city near Lake Sviridovichi Reservoirs System (Pridneprovskiy Water Reservoir), this park offers picturesque nature trails along with picnic areas making it ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking or biking.

While these attractions may not be globally renowned landmarks like those found in larger cities or countries around Belarus; they offer unique insights into local culture while providing opportunities for leisurely exploration within Horad Zhodzina’s vicinity.

Primary Industries

  1. Automotive Industry: Horad Zhodzina is known for its automobile manufacturing industry. The city is home to the BelAZ factory, one of the largest manufacturers of heavy-duty mining trucks in the world.
  2. Chemical Industry: The city has a significant chemical industry sector, with several chemical plants producing fertilizers, plastics, and other chemical products.
  3. Engineering and Machinery Manufacturing: Besides automobile manufacturing, Horad Zhodzina is involved in the production of machinery and equipment for various industries such as mining, construction, agriculture, and more.
  4. Metalworking: The city has a strong metalworking industry that includes metal processing plants producing steel structures and components for various applications.
  5. Construction Materials: There are several companies involved in the production of construction materials like cement, bricks, concrete blocks etc., catering to both local demand and export markets.
  6. Food Processing: Horad Zhodzina has food processing facilities that produce dairy products (milk processing), meat products (sausages), bakery goods (bread) etc., serving both domestic consumption and export markets.
  7. Textile Industry: The city also houses textile factories engaged in textile production including clothing items like shirts, pants as well as textiles used by other industries such as automotive interiors or furniture upholstery.
  8. Packaging Industry: Several packaging companies operate in Horad Zhodzina that manufacture various types of packaging materials including boxes/cartons made from paperboard or corrugated cardboard.

These industries contribute significantly to the local economy of Horad Zhodzina by providing employment opportunities and generating revenue through exports to different countries around the world.

Noteable History

  1. Establishment: Horad Zhodzina was first mentioned in historical records in 1600 when it was a small village.
  2. Industrialization: In the early 20th century, the city experienced rapid industrialization with the establishment of several major factories and plants. The most notable one is the BelAZ (Belarusian Automobile Plant), which is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of mining dump trucks.
  3. World War II: During World War II, Horad Zhodzina suffered heavy damage due to German occupation from 1941 to 1944.
  4. Notable People:
    • Aliaksandr Hleb (born 1981): A famous football player who played for top European clubs like Arsenal and Barcelona.
    • Uladzimir Karvat (born 1976): A former Olympic gold medalist wrestler.
    • Andrei Kostitsyn (born 1985) and Sergei Kostitsyn (born 1987): Both are professional ice hockey players who have represented Belarus internationally.
  5. Sports Achievements: The local football club Torpedo-BelAZ has achieved success at both national and international levels over the years.
  6. Cultural Events: Horad Zhodzina hosts various cultural events such as music festivals, theater performances, exhibitions, and traditional celebrations throughout the year.

While these are some notable historical events and people associated with Horad Zhodzina, there may be more specific or localized aspects that might not be covered here due to limited information available online or language barriers for research purposes.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Museum of Local Lore: This museum showcases the history and culture of the region. It displays artifacts related to archaeology, ethnography, and local traditions.
  2. Palace of Culture: The Palace of Culture is an important cultural center that hosts various events such as concerts, theatrical performances, exhibitions, and festivals.
  3. Monument to the Heroes of World War II: Located in Victory Square (Ploshcha Pabiedy), this monument honors the brave soldiers who fought during World War II. It’s a significant historical site for locals.
  4. Church of Sts Peter and Paul: This beautiful Orthodox church is one of the main religious landmarks in Horad Zhodzina. Its stunning architecture attracts both locals and tourists interested in religious heritage.
  5. Park Zalessky: A green oasis within the city limits where you can enjoy walks or have a picnic with family or friends.
  6. Art Gallery Volma: Volma Art Gallery showcases works by local artists from different genres including painting, sculpture, photography etc.
  7. Sports Complex Torpedo: If you’re interested in sports activities or want to catch a game while visiting Horad Zhodzina then Torpedo Sports Complex might be worth checking out since it hosts various sporting events throughout the year.

While these are some notable places to visit within Horad Zhodzina itself; if you have more time available during your trip it may also be worth considering a day trip to nearby cities like Minsk, Brest or Mir Castle which offer a wider range of attractions and cultural sites.

Sports Teams

  1. FC Torpedo-BelAZ Zhodino: The most prominent sports team in Horad Zhodzina is the football club FC Torpedo-BelAZ Zhodino. Founded in 1961, the club has had moderate success in Belarusian football. They have participated in various divisions of Belarusian football leagues and have been a consistent presence in the top tier since 2014.
  2. HK Belaruskali: HK Belaruskali is an ice hockey team based in Horad Zhodzina and competes in the Belarusian Extraleague, which is the top professional ice hockey league in Belarus. The team was established relatively recently but has gained recognition for its competitive performances.
  3. BC Khimik-2: BC Khimik-2 is a basketball team associated with BC Khimik Yuzhny, a Ukrainian basketball club based outside Horad Zhodzina but with ties to the city’s youth development program.

It’s worth noting that while these teams may not have extensive histories or achievements compared to more prominent clubs from larger cities like Minsk or Brest, they contribute to local sports culture and provide opportunities for athletes from Horad Zhodzina to compete at different levels within their respective sports disciplines.

Cultural Events

  1. International Festival Zhodino Autumn – This festival takes place annually in September and showcases various cultural performances, including music concerts, dance shows, theater plays, and art exhibitions.
  2. City Day Celebration – Horad Zhodzina celebrates its City Day on July 14th each year. The event includes parades, live music performances by local artists, fireworks display, sports competitions, and street food stalls.
  3. Traditional Belarusian Folklore Festival – Held during the summer months (June to August), this festival highlights traditional Belarusian folk dances, songs, crafts exhibitions, and culinary delights.
  4. International Ice Sculpture Festival – Taking place in January or February each year (depending on weather conditions), this festival features talented ice sculptors from around the world who create stunning ice sculptures displayed throughout the city.
  5. Christmas Market – During December and early January, Horad Zhodzina hosts a festive Christmas market where visitors can enjoy traditional food delicacies like honey cakes (medovik) and buy handmade crafts as gifts.
  6. Victory Day Celebrations – On May 9th every year, Horad Zhodzina commemorates Victory Day with various events such as military parades honoring World War II veterans along with concerts featuring patriotic music.

Please note that these events may vary from year to year or have been affected by recent circumstances such as COVID-19 restrictions; therefore it is advisable to check for updated information before planning to attend any specific event or festival in Horad Zhodzina.


  1. Karchma Babushki – This traditional Belarusian restaurant offers a variety of local dishes such as draniki (potato pancakes), machanka (pork stew), and various types of dumplings.
  2. Pervak – Known for its rustic atmosphere, Pervak serves authentic Belarusian cuisine including borscht (beetroot soup), kolduny (stuffed dumplings), and homemade sausages.
  3. Druzya Cafe – A cozy cafe offering a mix of international and local dishes, Druzya is known for its delicious pastries, coffee, and breakfast options.
  4. Grill House – As the name suggests, this restaurant specializes in grilled meats such as kebabs, steaks, and ribs. They also offer a variety of salads and side dishes.
  5. Korchma Taras Bulba – This Ukrainian-themed restaurant serves traditional Ukrainian cuisine including varenyky (dumplings), borscht, holubtsi (stuffed cabbage rolls), and various meat dishes.
  6. Pizza Celentano – If you’re looking for Italian cuisine in Horad Zhodzina, Pizza Celentano offers a wide range of pizzas cooked in wood-fired ovens along with pasta dishes and salads.
  7. Sushiya – For those craving Japanese food, Sushiya is a popular choice in Horad Zhodzina with its extensive menu featuring sushi rolls, sashimi platters, tempura dishes, and more.

Parks and Recreation

  1. Central Park of Culture and Rest: This park is located in the heart of the city and offers various recreational facilities such as walking paths, benches, playgrounds for children, sports fields, and a lake where visitors can rent paddle boats.
  2. Park Youth: Situated near the Youth Palace in Horad Zhodzina, this park is a favorite spot for young people. It features modern sculptures, fountains, green spaces for picnics or relaxation.
  3. Ice Palace: The Ice Palace is an indoor ice rink where residents can enjoy ice skating during winter months. It also hosts hockey games and other ice-related events.
  4. Sports Complex Zhlobin: This complex includes a swimming pool with multiple lanes for swimming enthusiasts to practice or take lessons.
  5. Stadium Torpedo-BelAZ: The stadium hosts football matches throughout the year and offers an opportunity to watch local teams compete.
  6. Gorky Park: Located on the outskirts of Horad Zhodzina near Lake Minskoye, Gorky Park provides ample space for outdoor activities like walking trails along with beautiful views of nature.
  7. Bowling Alley: There are bowling alleys available within some entertainment centers where visitors can enjoy friendly competitions with friends or family.
  8. Cycling Routes: Horad Zhodzina has designated cycling routes that allow cyclists to explore the city’s surroundings while enjoying outdoor exercise.

These are just some examples of public parks and recreational activities available in Horad Zhodzina; there may be more options depending on personal preferences or seasonal events happening at any given time.


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