Itagüí, Colombia

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Itagüí, Colombia

Region: Antioquia

Geographic Coordinates: 6.166700, -75.616700
Temperature Range: 20.0°C to 30.0°C (68°F to 86°F)
Climate: Tropical wet and dry climate with two rainy seasons and two dry seasons.
Population: 276744
Language: Spanish

Itagüí is a city in Antioquia, Colombia, Located in the Aburrá Valley. It has a population of around 300, 000 people and covers an area of 21 square kilometers. The city’s economy revolves around commerce and trade, With many small businesses and shops offering various goods such as clothing stores, Electronics shops, And traditional Colombian handicrafts. Itagüí also has a rich cultural heritage. The historic center features well-preserved colonial-era buildings like churches and government buildings dating back to the 18th century. The surrounding landscape is lush with rolling hills covered in vegetation and rivers flowing through the region.

Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy hiking or exploring nature here. The local cuisine includes bandeja paisa (rice, Beans, Meat, Plantains, Avocado), Arepas (corn cakes filled with cheese or other ingredients), And empanadas (fried pastry pockets filled with meat or vegetables). Nightlife in Itagüí offers various bars and clubs catering to different tastes from salsa dancing to electronic music for those looking for some after-hours fun. Overall Itagüí is an ideal destination for anyone interested in history culture outdoor adventure or authentic Colombian hospitality.

Important Landmarks

  1. Parque Obrero: A large public park with a lake, walking trails, playgrounds, and sports facilities.
  2. Plaza de la Madre Laura: A public square dedicated to Saint Laura Montoya Upegui, a Colombian nun who founded the Congregation of Missionaries of Mary Immaculate and Saint Catherine of Siena.
  3. Estadio Ditaires: A football stadium that hosts matches for local teams including Leones FC.
  4. Museo del Transporte de Antioquia: A museum showcasing antique cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles from different eras.
  5. Cerro Nutibara: A hilltop park with panoramic views of Medellín city and surrounding mountains.
  6. Parque Arví: An ecological reserve with hiking trails, bird watching areas, and picnic spots.
  7. Pueblito Paisa: A replica village featuring traditional Colombian architecture and crafts shops.
  8. Catedral Nuestra Señora del Rosario de Chiquinquirá: A Catholic church built in neoclassical style with stained glass windows depicting religious scenes.
  9. Casa Museo Otraparte: The former home of Colombian philosopher Fernando González Ochoa turned into a cultural center hosting art exhibitions, concerts, and lectures.
  10. Hacienda Fizebad Biodiversidad y Cultura : An eco-tourism farm offering horseback riding tours through coffee plantations and forests while learning about sustainable agriculture practices.

Primary Industries

  1. Itagüí, Colombia is renowned for its industrial and commercial activities.
  2. The city boasts several major industries and businesses:
    • Textile manufacturing
    • Food processing
    • Construction industry
    • Retail sector
    • Transportation services
    • Service sector
  3. The textile industry in Itagüí is thriving with numerous factories producing clothing, fabrics and other textile products.
  4. Additionally, the city is home to several food processing companies specializing in meat products, dairy products and other food items.
  5. Itagüí’s construction industry is booming with numerous companies engaged in building residential and commercial properties.
  6. The retail sector of the city has several shopping centers, supermarkets and retail stores that cater to the needs of local residents.
  7. Various transportation services are available in Itagüí such as taxis, buses, metro rail system which connects it to Medellin.
  8. Furthermore, it also has many service-based businesses such as banks, insurance companies that operate within the city providing employment opportunities to people living there.
  9. In conclusion, the economy of Itagüí is diversified with a mix of manufacturing industries along with service sector businesses which provides employment opportunities for its citizens making it an important economic hub in Colombia’s Antioquia region.

Noteable History

  1. The founding of the town in 1715 by Juan de Herrera y Sotomayor.
  2. The Battle of Itagüí in 1860, where General Tomás Cipriano de Mosquera defeated the Conservative forces.
  3. The construction of the Antioquia Railway in 1887, which connected Itagüí to Medellín and facilitated economic growth in the region.
  4. James Rodríguez, a Colombian footballer who played for Real Madrid and Bayern Munich was born here.
  5. Carlos Vives, a singer-songwriter from this town popularized vallenato music around the world.
  6. Several social movements such as protests against police brutality and labor strikes by workers at local factories have occurred here.
  7. A sustainable transportation system called Metrocable connects Itagüí to other parts of Medellín via cable car.
  8. This town is a major producer of textiles, leather goods, and footwear for export to international markets.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Museo del Ferrocarril de Antioquia (Antioquia Railway Museum)
  2. Casa de la Cultura Municipal (Municipal House of Culture)
  3. Parque Ditaires (Ditaires Park)
  4. Iglesia Nuestra Señora del Rosario (Our Lady of the Rosary Church)
  5. Plaza Cívica Concejo Municipal de Itagüí (Itagüí Municipal Council Civic Square)
  6. Monumento al Maestro (Teacher’s Monument)
  7. Biblioteca Pública y Parque Cultural Débora Arango Pérez (Débora Arango Pérez Public Library and Cultural Park)
  8. Teatro Metropolitano José Gutiérrez Gómez(Itagüí Metropolitan Theater)
  9. Centro Comercial Mayorca Mega Plaza(Mayorca Megaplaza Shopping Center)

Sports Teams

  1. Itagüí Leones FC: The most popular football (soccer) team in Itagüí. Founded in 2011, it currently plays in the second division of Colombian professional football.
  2. Itagüí Ditaires: Another football club based in Itagüí that played in the top division of Colombian football from 2009 to 2013 but was dissolved due to financial problems.
  3. Club Deportivo Rionegro: Although not based in Itagüí itself, this football club represents the neighboring city of Rionegro and has a strong following among fans from Itagüí as well. Founded in 2008, it currently plays in the first division of Colombian professional football.
  4. Academia de Boxeo Jairo Varela: This boxing academy was founded by former world champion Jairo Varela and has produced several successful boxers over the years.
  5. Club de Patinaje Artístico Estrellas del Sur: This figure skating club has won numerous regional and national championships and represents one of the few non-football sports teams from Itagüí that have gained recognition at a national level.

Cultural Events

  1. Festival de la Trova y el Bolero: This festival celebrates traditional Colombian music, particularly the genres of trova and bolero.
  2. Festival del Maíz: The Corn Festival is a celebration of the agricultural heritage of Itagüí, with food stalls, music, and dance performances.
  3. Feria de las Flores: The Flower Fair is a popular event across Colombia, and Itagüí hosts its own version in August each year. The fair features flower displays, parades, concerts and other cultural events.
  4. Festival de la Cultura Popular: This festival showcases the diverse cultural traditions of Itagüí through dance performances, art exhibitions and other activities.
  5. Semana Santa: Holy Week is an important religious celebration in Colombia that takes place in late March or early April each year. In Itagüí there are processions through the streets to commemorate Jesus’ journey to Calvary.
  6. Fiesta de San Juan Bautista: This festival honors St John the Baptist with traditional dances and music performances throughout June.
  7. Día del Campesino: Farmers’ Day is celebrated on July 2nd each year with parades featuring traditional dress from rural communities around Itagüí.
  8. Feria Artesanal y Cultural del Suroriente Antioqueño (FARCOSA): A regional arts & crafts fair showcasing local artisans from all over Antioquia department which takes place annually during September at Plaza Mayor Medellín Convention Center located in nearby Medellín city but easily accessible by public transportation from Itaguí.


  • Bandeja Paisa – a traditional Colombian dish consisting of rice, beans, plantains, avocado, chorizo sausage, pork belly and a fried egg.
  • Arepas – a type of corn cake that can be filled with cheese or meat.
  • Empanadas – a pastry filled with meat or cheese.
  • Churrasco – grilled beef served with rice and beans.
  • Lechona – roasted pig stuffed with rice and spices.

Some popular restaurants in Itagüí, Colombia include:

  • La Fogata de Sancho – known for their delicious churrasco and bandeja paisa.
  • El Rancherito – specializes in traditional Colombian dishes like lechona and arepas.
  • Punto y Coma Restaurante Bar- offers a variety of dishes including seafood options like ceviche and shrimp cocktails.
  • La Brasa Roja – famous for their rotisserie chicken.
  • El Corral Gourmet – serves gourmet burgers made from high-quality ingredients.

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Parque Ditaires: This is a popular public park in Itagüí, which features a variety of recreational activities such as swimming pools, sports fields, playgrounds, and picnic areas.
    2. Parque de las Chimeneas: This park is located in the heart of Itagüí and offers visitors a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city. The park features walking trails, gardens, and playgrounds for children.
    3. Parque Obrero: This public park is known for its large green spaces and sports facilities such as basketball courts, soccer fields, and a skatepark.
    4. Complejo Deportivo Ditaires: This sports complex is home to several professional teams in Itagüí including soccer teams Envigado FC and Leones FC. The complex also offers facilities for tennis, volleyball, basketball, swimming among other sporting activities.
    5. Biblioteca Pública y Parque Cultural Débora Arango: This cultural center features a library with an extensive collection of books on art history as well as exhibition spaces showcasing local art exhibitions throughout the year.
    6. Centro Comercial Mayorca Mega Plaza: Located near Itagüí’s main transportation hub this shopping mall has several stores selling clothes electronics among other things along with movie theaters restaurants offering different cuisine options from around the world.
    7. Museo del Transporte de Antioquia (Antioquia Transportation Museum): Located nearby in Medellin this museum showcases Colombia’s transportation history through exhibits that include antique cars buses trains bicycles among others that have played an important role in Colombia’s development over time.

    Note: Some of these places may be temporarily closed or operating under special hours due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions so it’s always best to check before planning your visit or activity there.


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