Jos, Nigeria

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Jos, Nigeria

Region: Plateau State

Geographic Coordinates: 9.916700, 8.890300
Temperature Range: 25.0°C to 35.0°C (77°F to 95°F)
Climate: Seasonal.
Population: 622802
Language: English

Jos is a city located in the central part of Nigeria, Situated on the Jos Plateau. It is the capital of Plateau State and has a population of over 800, 000 people. The city is known for its cool climate, Which makes it a popular destination for tourists looking to escape Nigeria’s hot and humid weather. The history of Jos dates back to the early 20th century when British colonialists discovered tin deposits in the area. This led to an influx of miners from all over West Africa, Making Jos one of the most diverse cities in Nigeria today.

The city’s name Jos is derived from Gwosh, Which means the hilltop in Berom, One of the indigenous languages spoken in Plateau State. One notable feature that distinguishes Jos from other Nigerian cities is its unique architecture. Many buildings in Jos are constructed with red clay bricks and have distinctive designs that reflect both colonial and traditional African styles. Some notable landmarks include Rayfield Resort, Hill Station Hotel & Resort, National Museum Jos and Shere Hills. The economy of Jos revolves around agriculture and mining.

The city produces crops such as potatoes, Yams maize rice as well as fruits like mangoes and pineapples; these are exported across Nigeria. Mining remains an essential industry for many residents who rely on it for their livelihoods; tin mining remains significant because it was what brought about rapid development during colonial times.

Jos has a rich cultural heritage with several festivals celebrated throughout the year by different ethnic groups residing there – Berom Cultural Festival (Barkin Ladi), Nzem Berom (Riyom), Longvel (Mangu), Pusdung Festival (Shendam) among others – showcasing their traditions through music performances or dances such as Tiv Kwagh-hir festival which involves masquerade displays symbolizing various aspects related to farming practices within Tiv culture. Jos is also home to several higher institutions of learning, Including the University of Jos, Plateau State Polytechnic, And Federal College of Education.

These institutions have helped to shape the city into an educational hub and attract students from all over Nigeria. Despite its many attractions, Jos has faced significant security challenges in recent years due to ethnic and religious conflicts. However, The government has taken measures to restore peace in the city through dialogue and community engagement programs. Jos is a unique Nigerian city with a rich cultural heritage and diverse population. Its architecture reflects both colonial and traditional African styles while its economy revolves around agriculture and mining.

The city’s cool climate makes it a popular destination for tourists looking for respite from Nigeria’s hot weather. Although it faces security challenges like many other cities in Nigeria, Efforts are being made to restore peace through community engagement programs.

Important Landmarks

  1. Jos Wildlife Park: This park is home to various species of animals such as lions, hyenas, elephants, and monkeys.
  2. Shere Hills: This range of hills located in Jos offers visitors an opportunity to hike, climb and enjoy scenic views.
  3. National Museum Jos: The museum showcases the cultural heritage of Nigeria with exhibits ranging from traditional clothing to arts and crafts.
  4. Riyom Rock Formation: These are natural rock formations that have been carved by erosion over time into interesting shapes.
  5. Luka Binniyat Pine Forest Reserve: This is a protected forest reserve that offers visitors an opportunity to see rare bird species such as the turaco and bee-eaters.
  6. Assop Falls: This waterfall is located on the outskirts of Jos and offers visitors a refreshing dip in its cool waters.
  7. Pandam Game Reserve: This reserve has a variety of wildlife including baboons, monkeys, antelopes, and crocodiles among others.
  8. Kurra Falls: A beautiful waterfall located near Mangu town about 40km from Jos city center
  9. Solomon Lar Amusement Park – A family-friendly amusement park with rides for children
  10. Tudun Wada Waterfalls – Another beautiful waterfall located near Tudun Wada village about 30km from Jos city center

Primary Industries

Major Industries and Businesses in Jos, Nigeria

  1. Agriculture
    • Significant industry due to fertile land
    • Major producer of crops such as potatoes, maize, yams, and vegetables
  2. Mining
    • Important industry with large deposits of tin and other minerals
    • Both local and international companies mine these resources
  3. Tourism
    • Popular destination due to natural attractions such as Jos Wildlife Park, Shere Hills, and Riyom Rock Formation
  4. Education
    • Significant industry with several universities and colleges located within the city
    • University of Jos attracts students from across Nigeria
  5. Healthcare
    • Services provided by several hospitals including Plateau State Specialist Hospital
    • Caters to residents’ needs
  6. Manufacturing
    • Companies produce goods such as textiles, ceramics, furniture, among others within the city
  7. Retail Trade
    • Thrives in various markets selling different products ranging from food items to clothing materials
    • Vibrant market scene within the city
  8. Banking/Finance
    • Industry has branches throughout the city providing financial services like loans or savings accounts for residents

Noteable History

  1. The founding of Jos: Jos was established by British colonial administrators in 1915 as a mining town.
  2. Tin mining: Tin mining was the primary economic activity in Jos for many years, earning it the nickname Tin City.
  3. Plateau State creation: In 1976, Plateau State was formed from the former Benue-Plateau State, with Jos as its capital.
  4. Religious conflicts: Over the years, there have been several religious conflicts in Jos resulting in numerous deaths due to clashes between Christians and Muslims.
  5. Chief Solomon Lar: Chief Solomon Lar served as governor of Plateau State from 1979 to 1983 and later became a senator.
  6. General Yakubu Gowon: General Yakubu Gowon is another notable politician from Plateau State who served as Nigeria’s military head of state from 1966 to 1975.
  7. The University of Jos: The University of Jos is one of Nigeria’s leading universities and has produced many accomplished alumni over time.
  8. National Museum, Jos: The National Museum located in Jos houses significant artifacts that represent Nigerian history and culture such as pottery, textiles, and sculptures.
  9. Nok Culture: Between about 500 BC to AD 200, the Nok Culture thrived around what is now northern Nigeria; their terracotta sculptures are among Africa’s earliest known artworks.
  10. Rock paintings at Riyom-Rim Area (RRS): RRS area has various rock art sites dating back thousands of years that provide insight into prehistoric life in West Africa.

Museums and Things To See

  1. National Museum Jos
  2. Jos Wildlife Park
  3. Solomon Lar Amusement Park
  4. Jos Plateau State Government House
  5. Shere Hills
  6. Assop Falls
  7. Riyom Rock Formation
  8. Wase Rock
  9. Kerang Volcanic Mountain
  10. Pandam Game Reserve

Cultural Events

  1. Jos Carnival is a yearly event that takes place in December, and it’s the biggest cultural event in Jos. It features colorful parades, music, dance performances, and street parties.
  2. Nzem Berom Festival celebrates the Berom people’s culture and traditions with traditional dances, music, and food.
  3. Pankshin Cultural Festival showcases the rich cultural heritage of the Pankshin people through various activities such as traditional wrestling matches, masquerade displays, and dance performances.
  4. Lalong Day Celebration is an annual event that celebrates Governor Simon Lalong’s achievements with cultural displays such as traditional dances and songs.
  5. Plateau State Arts Exhibition showcases works of art by local artists from across Plateau State to promote artistic expression in the region.
  6. Jos International Film Festival (JIFF) is an annual film festival that features local and international films to promote filmmaking in Nigeria.
  7. Fura Day Celebration is a celebration of Fulani culture featuring traditional dishes like fura da nono (a popular drink made from millet) alongside other activities like horse racing competitions.
  8. Jos Chillin’ Music Festival is an annual music festival featuring some of Nigeria’s top musicians performing live on stage for fans to enjoy their favorite tunes while socializing with friends at this fun-filled event!


  • Tuwon Shinkafa: A traditional Hausa dish made from mashed rice served with various soups and stews. It is a staple food in Jos and can be found in many local restaurants.
  • Miango Pottery Restaurant: This restaurant is known for its authentic Nigerian dishes such as jollof rice, fried rice, pepper soup, and suya.
  • Bukka Hut: A popular spot for traditional Nigerian cuisine with a modern twist. They serve dishes like pounded yam, egusi soup, and ofada stew.
  • Amala Joint: Known for its amala (yam flour) which is served with a variety of soups including ewedu soup and gbegiri soup.
  • Chicken Capitol Restaurant: Famous for its roasted chicken which is marinated overnight in spices before being grilled to perfection.
  • Nkoyo Restaurant & Bar: Offers a mix of African and continental cuisine with an extensive menu that includes seafood platters, grilled meats, burgers, pizzas, salads among others.
  • Bungalow Restaurant & Grill: Serves delicious barbeque ribs, chicken wings along with other American-style comfort foods like macaroni cheese or fries.
  • Tin City Food Court: Located at the famous Tin City Market offers an array of street food options such as akara (bean cakes), suya (spicy beef skewers), puff-puff (deep-fried dough balls) among others at affordable prices.

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Jos Wildlife Park: This park is home to various species of animals such as lions, elephants, baboons, and crocodiles.
    2. Jos Museum: The museum showcases the cultural heritage of the people of Plateau State.
    3. Riyom Rock Formation: This natural formation is a great spot for hiking and rock climbing.
    4. Shere Hills: This range of hills offers beautiful views of the city and is a popular spot for hiking and picnicking.
    5. National Museum Jos: The museum houses collections on archaeology, ethnography, arts, crafts, and traditional music instruments from different parts of Nigeria.
    6. Solomon Lar Amusement Park: This amusement park has various rides for children and adults alike.
    7. Kurra Falls: The waterfall is located in Riyom local government area about 120 kilometers southwest part of Jos.
    8. National Youth Service Corps Permanent Orientation Camp Mangu: The camp offers various recreational activities such as sports competitions, talent shows etc.
    9. Hill Station Hotel Golf Course: The golf course which was designed by Ronald Fream has hosted several national tournaments over the years.
    10. Lamingo Dam Resort: The resort offers water sports like boating, fishing etc.


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