Kendrāparha, India

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Kendrāparha, India

Region: Odisha

Geographic Coordinates: 20.500000, 86.420000
Climate: Data unavailable.
Population: 41404
Language: Odia

Kendrāparha, Also known as Kendrapara, Is a vibrant and culturally rich district located in the eastern state of Odisha, India. Situated on the banks of the river Luna, This region offers a delightful blend of natural beauty and historical significance. The district spans an area of approximately 2, 644 square kilometers and is home to a population that primarily relies on agriculture and fishing for their livelihood. One of the major attractions in Kendrāparha is Bhitarkanika National Park.

This sprawling mangrove forest covers an area of around 672 square kilometers and serves as a sanctuary for various species including saltwater crocodiles, White crocodiles (albinos), Indian pythons, King cobras, And numerous migratory birds. Exploring this dense forest through boat rides or trekking trails provides visitors with an unforgettable experience close to nature. The region also boasts several ancient temples that hold immense religious significance. One such temple is Baladev Jew Temple dedicated to Lord Balarama (brother of Lord Krishna). It attracts devotees from far and wide during festivals like Janmashtami.

Another notable temple is Aul Palace Jagannath Temple which showcases stunning architecture dating back centuries. Kendrāparha’s coastline stretches along the Bay of Bengal offering pristine beaches like Gahirmatha Beach and Hukitola Beach where one can relax amidst serene surroundings or indulge in water sports activities like swimming or surfing. Gahirmatha Beach holds special importance as it serves as the nesting ground for Olive Ridley sea turtles during their annual mass nesting phenomenon called arribada. Witnessing thousands of these gentle creatures laying eggs at night under moonlight is truly a mesmerizing experience.

The district also has its fair share of historical landmarks such as Rajkanika Palace which was once used by kings for administrative purposes but now stands as an architectural marvel depicting Odisha’s rich heritage. Additionally, The remnants of ancient forts like Kudanagari Fort and Banamalipur Fort provide a glimpse into the region’s historical past. Kendrāparha is also known for its vibrant festivals and fairs that showcase the cultural diversity of Odisha.

The famous Kali Puja, Durga Puja, And Raja Parba are celebrated with great enthusiasm, Where locals adorn themselves in traditional attire and participate in various cultural activities like folk dances, Music performances, And handicraft exhibitions. In terms of cuisine, Kendrāparha offers a delectable range of dishes influenced by both coastal and rural flavors. Fresh seafood delicacies like prawns, Crabs, Fish curries along with traditional Odia sweets such as rasagulla and chhena poda (burnt cheese cake) are must-try culinary delights.

With its rich biodiversity, Historical landmarks, Pristine beaches, Vibrant festivals, And mouthwatering cuisine, Kendrāparha truly captures the essence of Odisha’s cultural heritage while providing an enchanting experience for visitors seeking to explore this hidden gem in India.

Important Landmarks

  1. Maa Bhadrakali Temple: This ancient temple dedicated to Goddess Bhadrakali is one of the major religious sites in Kendrāparha. It attracts devotees from nearby areas during festivals.
  2. Chandbali: Located about 15 kilometers from Kendrāparha, Chandbali is a scenic spot where the river Baitarani meets the Bay of Bengal. It offers beautiful views and boat rides.
  3. Dhamara Port: Situated near Kendrāparha, Dhamara Port is an important commercial port on the east coast of India. Visitors can witness the port’s operations and enjoy views of ships docking.
  4. Akhandalamani Temple: About 30 kilometers away lies Akhandalamani Temple in Aradi village, which houses Lord Shiva as its presiding deity. The temple architecture and serene surroundings make it worth a visit.
  5. Bhitarkanika National Park: Though not directly located in Kendrapara town, Bhitarkanika National Park is a popular attraction nearby (around 70 kilometers away). Known for its mangrove forests and wildlife like crocodiles and migratory birds, this park offers unique experiences for nature enthusiasts.
  6. Gahirmatha Beach: Another highlight near Kendrapara (around 50 kilometers away) is Gahirmatha Beach, known as one of the largest nesting grounds for Olive Ridley sea turtles during their breeding season (November to February).
  7. Baladevjew Temple at Ichhapur: Located about 20 kilometers from Kendrapara town, this ancient temple dedicated to Lord Baladevjew (an incarnation of Lord Krishna) is a significant pilgrimage site for devotees.

While Kendrāparha may not be widely known for its tourist attractions, these landmarks and nearby destinations offer visitors a glimpse into the cultural, religious, and natural beauty of the region.

Primary Industries

  1. Agriculture: Kendrapara is known for its fertile soil and extensive agricultural activities. Rice, coconut, betel leaf, sugarcane, and vegetables are some of the main crops grown here.
  2. Fishing: Being situated near the Bay of Bengal and having a vast network of rivers and creeks, fishing is a significant industry in Kendrapara. It contributes to both local consumption and commercial trade.
  3. Poultry Farming: Poultry farming has gained prominence in recent years due to increased demand for poultry products like eggs and meat.
  4. Handicrafts: The district has a rich tradition of handicrafts such as pattachitra (traditional cloth-based scroll painting), terracotta crafts, bamboo crafts, shell crafts etc., which are produced by local artisans.
  5. Cottage Industries: Various cottage industries thrive in Kendrapara including handloom weaving (producing textiles like sarees), coir making (using coconut fibers), wood carving etc.
  6. Tourism: With its scenic beauty and proximity to Bhitarkanika National Park (known for its mangrove forests), Kendrapara attracts tourists interested in wildlife exploration and eco-tourism activities.
  7. Small Scale Industries: Several small-scale industries have been established over the years manufacturing items like bricks/tiles/clay products; rice mills; oil mills; fish processing units; ice factories etc., contributing to employment generation within the district.

It’s worth noting that while these industries play a vital role in the economy of Kendrapara district as a whole, there might be variations at the town or village level within the region based on specific resources available or local preferences/activities.

Noteable History

  1. Kalinga War: One of the most significant events in the history of Kendrapara was the Kalinga War, fought between Emperor Ashoka of the Mauryan Empire and the Kalinga Kingdom in 261 BCE. The war resulted in a massive loss of life and was pivotal for Ashoka’s transformation into a Buddhist ruler.
  2. Sarala Das: Sarala Das, also known as Adikavi (the first poet), was born in Jagatsinghpur district near Kendrapara around the 15th century CE. He wrote Mahabharata in Odia language, which is considered one of the earliest translations of this epic outside Sanskrit.
  3. Baladeva Vidyabhushana: Baladeva Vidyabhushana was an important philosopher and theologian associated with Gaudiya Vaishnavism (a sect within Hinduism). He hailed from Remuna village near Kendrapara and is famous for his commentaries on sacred texts like Brahma-sutra-bhasya.
  4. Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary: This sanctuary, located near Kendrapara town, is home to diverse flora and fauna including saltwater crocodiles (one of India’s largest populations), migratory birds, Indian pythons, wild boars etc. It holds immense ecological importance.
  5. Maritime trade history: Due to its proximity to major river systems like Brahmani River and Mahanadi River along with its coastal location on Bay of Bengal, Kendrapara has been historically connected to maritime trade activities since ancient times.
  6. Lord Baladevjew Temple: The Lord Baladevjew Temple in Kendrapara is a significant religious site dedicated to Lord Balarama, the elder brother of Lord Krishna. It attracts devotees from various parts of Odisha and neighboring states during festivals like Ratha Yatra.
  7. Cyclone Fani: In recent history, Kendrapara faced the devastating impact of Cyclone Fani in May 2019. This severe tropical cyclone caused widespread destruction, affecting millions of people and causing loss of lives and infrastructure damage.

These are just a few notable events and individuals associated with Kendrapara. The town has a rich cultural heritage, historical significance, and natural beauty that make it an important place in Odisha’s history.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Baladevjew Temple: Located in Ichhapur village near Kendrāparha town, this ancient temple dedicated to Lord Baladevjew (an avatar of Lord Krishna) is a major pilgrimage site and attracts devotees from all over the region.
  2. Gahirmatha Marine Sanctuary: Situated along the Bay of Bengal coast near Rajnagar town, this sanctuary is home to the world’s largest nesting beach for Olive Ridley sea turtles. Visitors can witness mass nesting during certain months and explore the diverse marine life.
  3. Bhitarkanika National Park: A renowned mangrove ecosystem and wildlife sanctuary located near Rajnagar town. It offers boat rides through dense mangroves where you can spot crocodiles, migratory birds, deer, wild boars, and other animals.
  4. Chandol Chhatar: A historical monument situated in Chandol village near Derabish town that dates back to the 17th century AD. This octagonal-shaped structure served as a royal resting place for kings during hunting expeditions.
  5. Kanika Palace: Located in Rajkanika town on the banks of river Brahmani, this palace was once a residence for erstwhile rulers of Kanika estate. The architecture reflects colonial influence with beautiful gardens surrounding it.
  6. Paradip Port: One of India’s major ports situated on Mahanadi River delta near Paradeep city (around 50 km from Kendrāparha). It offers stunning views of ships docked at berths and has a beach nearby for relaxation.
  7. Harihar Kshetra Temple: Situated in Mahakalapada town, this ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is believed to be one of the 12 Jyotirlingas (divine representations) in India. It attracts devotees and offers a serene religious experience.

While Kendrāparha may not have many museums or art centers, its natural beauty, historical monuments, and religious sites make it an interesting destination for travelers seeking cultural and ecological experiences.

Sports Teams

  1. Cricket: Cricket is immensely popular throughout India, including Kendrāparha. The district has produced talented cricketers who have represented Odisha at the state level.
  2. Football: Football is another widely played sport in Kendrāparha, with several local clubs and teams participating in tournaments at different levels.
  3. Kabaddi: Kabaddi is a traditional Indian sport that enjoys significant popularity in rural areas of Odisha, including Kendrāparha. Local kabaddi tournaments are organized regularly to promote this indigenous sport.
  4. Athletics: Athletics events such as track and field competitions are held at both school and district levels to encourage young athletes and identify talent for further training.
  5. Wrestling: Wrestling or Kushti holds cultural significance in many parts of India, including Odisha. While there might not be specific professional wrestling teams from Kendrapara, local wrestling academies train aspiring wrestlers who participate in regional competitions.
  6. Hockey: Although not as prominent as cricket or football, hockey has its followers in Kendrapara too with individuals participating actively within their communities or schools.

It’s important to note that while these sports are popular across India and likely have their presence felt even within small towns like Kendrapara; detailed information about specific teams’ histories may not be readily available due to limited documentation or media coverage on such matters at the local level.

Cultural Events

  1. Kendrapara Mahotsav: This annual festival celebrates the culture, art, and traditions of Kendrapara district. It includes various activities like cultural performances, traditional dances like Odissi, music concerts, handicraft exhibitions, food stalls offering local delicacies, and more.
  2. Baladevjew Temple Rath Yatra: The famous Baladevjew Temple in Kendrapara hosts an annual chariot festival known as Rath Yatra. During this event, Lord Baladevjew (an incarnation of Lord Krishna) is taken out in a grand procession on a beautifully decorated chariot pulled by devotees.
  3. Durga Puja: Durga Puja is a significant Hindu festival celebrated with great enthusiasm in Kendrapara. It involves worshiping Goddess Durga for nine days followed by grand processions on the tenth day immersed in music and dance performances.
  4. Kartika Purnima: Celebrated during the month of November-December as per the Hindu calendar (Kartika month), Kartika Purnima is an important religious festival observed at various temples across Kendrapara district. Devotees take holy baths in rivers or ponds before visiting temples to offer prayers.
  5. Raja Parba: Raja Parba marks the onset of monsoon season and celebrates womanhood during their menstruation cycle in rural Odisha including parts of Kendrapara district. It involves various traditional games like swinging on decorated swings tied to trees called ‘Doli’, singing folk songs while enjoying special delicacies like ‘Poda Pitha’ (a type of cake).
  6. Vishwakarma Puja: Vishwakarma Puja is dedicated to Lord Vishwakarma – considered as divine architect/engineer. It is celebrated by artisans, craftsmen, and industrial workers in Kendrapara to seek blessings for their tools and machinery.
  7. Nuakhai: Though primarily celebrated in western Odisha, Nuakhai is also observed by the local people of Kendrapara district. It is a harvest festival where the first grains of the season are offered to deities before being consumed by families.

These are just a few examples of cultural events and festivals celebrated in Kendrapara, India. The region has many more local festivals that reflect its unique traditions and customs.


  1. Pitha: Pitha is a traditional Odia dish made from rice flour or wheat flour. It comes in various forms like Chakuli Pitha (pancakes), Enduri Pitha (stuffed rice cake), and Manda Pitha (steamed dumplings).
  2. Machha Besara: This is a popular fish curry prepared with mustard paste, spices, and vegetables like eggplant or pumpkin.
  3. Dalma: Dalma is a simple yet delicious lentil-based dish cooked with vegetables like raw papaya, drumsticks, pumpkin, and spices.
  4. Chungdi Malai Curry: A creamy prawn curry made with coconut milk and flavored with aromatic spices.
  5. Chhena Jhili: A sweet dessert made from cottage cheese dipped in sugar syrup.
  6. Hotel Tapan: This restaurant in Kendrāparha serves authentic Odia cuisine including various vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes like fish curry, chicken biryani, dalma etc.
  7. Hotel Swagatika: Another popular eatery offering local flavors such as pithas (rice cakes), dalma rice platters along with other Indian dishes.
  8. Nimantran Restaurant: Known for its seafood delicacies including prawn malai curry and fish fry preparations.
  9. Hotel Truptee Continental & Restaurant: This restaurant offers both Indian and Chinese cuisines along with some local specialties like machha besara.
  10. Baba Biryani House: If you’re craving biryani while in Kendrāparha then this place is worth visiting for their flavorful chicken biryani preparations.

These are just a few examples of the local cuisine and restaurants in Kendrāparha, but there might be other hidden gems waiting to be explored.

Parks and Recreation

  1. Bhitarkanika National Park: Known for its mangrove forests and diverse wildlife, Bhitarkanika National Park offers boat rides, bird watching, trekking, and crocodile spotting.
  2. Gahirmatha Marine Sanctuary: This sanctuary is famous for being the largest nesting ground of Olive Ridley sea turtles. Visitors can witness the mass nesting during the breeding season.
  3. Baladevjew Temple: Located in Ichhapur village, this ancient temple attracts devotees from all over India. The temple complex also has a beautiful garden where visitors can relax.
  4. Kendrapara Stadium: The local stadium hosts various sports events like cricket matches and athletic competitions.
  5. Mahavinayak Temple: Situated in Chandanpur village, this temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha is known for its serene surroundings and religious significance.
  6. Hukitola Palace: A historic palace built by King Baishnab Charan Harichandan Mangaraj Bahadur in Rajkanika block of Kendrapara district. It offers a glimpse into the rich history of the region.
  7. Beaches: The district has several pristine beaches such as Pentha Beach and Paradip Beach where visitors can enjoy sunbathing, swimming or simply relaxing by the sea.
  8. Picnic Spots: There are numerous picnic spots around Kendrapara like Dangamal Nature Camp or Harihar Jhula where families and friends can spend quality time amidst nature.
  9. Boating on River Luna or Brahmani River: Visitors can enjoy boating on these rivers while enjoying scenic views of the surrounding landscapes.
  10. Rural Tourism Villages (Gramya Paryatan): Some villages around Kendrapara offer rural tourism experiences where tourists can engage in activities like pottery making, fishing with locals or exploring traditional art forms.


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