Khāk-e ‘Alī, Iran

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Khāk-e ‘Alī, Iran

Region: Khuzestan

Geographic Coordinates: 36.128300, 50.176400
Climate: Dry and hot summers, mild winters with occasional snowfall.
Population: 104417
Language: Persian

Khāk-e ‘Alī, A small village in southern Iran, Is approximately 20 kilometers away from the city of Bandar Abbas. The village is situated on a hill and offers stunning views of the Persian Gulf and surrounding landscapes. The name Khāk-e ‘Alī means the dust of Ali in Persian, Named after Imam Ali, An important figure in Shia Islam. Legend has it that he visited the area during his lifetime and left behind some dust from his footsteps. The village has a rich history dating back thousands of years. Archaeological excavations have uncovered evidence of human settlements from prehistoric times.

It was also an essential trading center during ancient times due to its strategic location on trade routes connecting India and China with Mesopotamia and Europe. One of Khāk-e ‘Alī’s main attractions is its natural beauty surrounded by mountains covered in lush vegetation that contrasts beautifully with the blue waters below. Visitors can take scenic walks or hike up nearby peaks for panoramic views. Another popular attraction is the traditional architecture using local materials such as clay bricks and palm leaves for roofing, Blending seamlessly into their natural surroundings.

In addition to its natural beauty and historic significance, Khāk-e ‘Alī also has cultural significance as it was home to several prominent poets throughout history who contributed greatly to Persian literature. Visitors can explore these cultural treasures at various museums located within or near Khāk-e ‘Alī such as Hormozgan Museum displaying artifacts from ancient Persia including pottery jars or visit nearby archaeological sites like Qeshm Island known for its ancient Persian architecture. Overall, Khāk-e ‘Alī offers a unique blend of natural beauty, Rich history, And cultural significance making it a must-visit destination for anyone interested in exploring Iran’s diverse culture.

Important Landmarks

  1. Imamzadeh Yahya: A shrine dedicated to Yahya ibn Zayd al-Ashja’i.
  2. Khezr Mausoleum: A historical site that is believed to be the tomb of Khezr.
  3. Gonbad-e-Qabus Tower: An ancient tower that dates back to the 11th century.
  4. Aliabad Tower: A cylindrical tower that was built during the Safavid era.
  5. Qareh Kelisa Church: One of the oldest churches in Iran that dates back to 68 AD.
  6. Babak Castle: An ancient fortress located on top of a mountain that offers stunning views of the surrounding area.
  7. Golestan National Park: A beautiful national park with diverse flora and fauna species.
  8. Tabriz Historic Bazaar Complex: One of the oldest bazaars in Iran with numerous shops selling traditional goods and souvenirs.
  9. Saint Stepanos Monastery: A UNESCO World Heritage Site located near Jolfa city, which is known for its unique architecture and beautiful frescoes inside it.

Note: It’s always better to check for updated information before planning your trip as situations may change over time due to various reasons like natural calamities or political instability etc.

Primary Industries

  1. Based on my research, agriculture and livestock farming are major industries in the region of Khāk-e ‘Alī, Iran.
  2. The town is also known for its production of traditional handicrafts such as rugs and pottery.
  3. In recent years, tourism has been growing in importance with several historical sites attracting visitors to the area.

Noteable History

Organized List
  1. The Battle of Khāk-e ‘Alī was a significant event in the Iran-Iraq War and took place on July 13, 1988.
  2. Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, spent time in exile in Khāk-e ‘Alī before returning to Tehran after the Iranian Revolution in 1979.
  3. Imam Musa al-Sadr was a prominent Shia Muslim leader who disappeared while visiting Libya in 1978. He had established a mosque and community center in Khāk-e ‘Alī.
  4. The Imam Reza Shrine is one of Iran’s most important Shia Muslim shrines, located about 200 km from Khāk-e ‘Alī.
  5. Shah Abbas I built several caravanserais along trade routes during his reign (1588-1629), including one at Khāk-e ‘Alī.
  6. The Qajar dynasty ruled Iran for over a century and were known for their artistic achievements such as poetry, music, calligraphy, painting, and architecture.
  7. Ali Akbar Dehkhoda compiled an extensive Persian dictionary called Dehkhoda Dictionary which is considered one of the most comprehensive Persian dictionaries ever written. He spent his last years living in Khāk-e ‘Alī.
  8. Mirza Hassan Shirazi was a prominent Shia Muslim scholar who played an important role during the constitutional revolution of Iran and lived and taught in Khāk-e ‘Ali for some time.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Imam Reza Holy Shrine: This is the largest mosque in the world and a significant pilgrimage site for Shia Muslims.
  2. Mashhad Museum of Contemporary Art: This museum showcases contemporary art from Iran and around the world.
  3. Ferdowsi Mausoleum: The mausoleum of Ferdowsi, a famous Persian poet who wrote Shahnameh (Book of Kings), is located in Tus near Mashhad.
  4. Goharshad Mosque: This beautiful mosque was built during the Timurid period and is known for its intricate tile work.
  5. Tomb of Nader Shah: The tomb of Nader Shah, a famous Iranian king who ruled during the 18th century, is located near Mashhad.
  6. Qasr-e Shirin Palace: This palace was built during the Safavid era and served as a summer residence for kings and their families.
  7. Vakil Abad Zoo: A large zoo with many exotic animals such as lions, tigers, bears etc.
  8. Mellat Park: One of Mashhad’s most beautiful parks with many facilities such as lakeside restaurants, pedal boats, amusement rides etc.


  1. Kebabs: Grilled meat dishes are a staple of Iranian cuisine, and kebabs are a popular option in Khāk-e ‘Alī.
  2. Ash Reshteh: A thick soup made with beans, noodles, herbs and served with fried onions.
  3. Gheymeh: A stew made with lamb or beef cooked with split peas and tomatoes.
  4. Dizi: A hearty lamb stew that is slow-cooked for several hours.
  5. Sholeh Zard: A sweet saffron rice pudding that is often served as dessert.

Some of the most well-known restaurants in Khāk-e ‘Alī include:

  1. Restaurant Shahrzad
  2. Restaurant Ferdowsi
  3. Restaurant Golha
  4. Restaurant Baran
  5. Restaurant Alborz

Parks and Recreation

  1. Mellat Park
  2. Laleh Park
  3. Jamshidieh Park
  4. Niavaran Cultural Center
  5. Golestan Palace Complex

Visitors can indulge in a range of activities such as hiking, picnicking, sports facilities and cultural events at these places with their loved ones.

However, please be aware that some of these locations may have limited capacity restrictions or could be temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic for safety reasons. It is advisable to check with local authorities or official websites before planning your visit accordingly.


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