Kirdāsah, Egypt

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Kirdāsah, Egypt

Region: Giza

Geographic Coordinates: 30.032000, 31.110400
Climate: Unavailable.
Population: 69317
Language: Arabic

Kirdāsah is a vibrant and culturally rich town located on the western bank of the Nile River in Egypt. Situated just 12 kilometers southwest of Cairo, It falls under the jurisdiction of Giza Governorate. With its fascinating history, Beautiful landscapes, And friendly locals, Kirdāsah offers visitors a unique glimpse into traditional Egyptian life. One of the notable attractions in Kirdāsah is its historical significance. The town dates back to ancient times and has witnessed various civilizations throughout its existence. Ruins from different eras can still be found here, Including remnants from Pharaonic, Greek, Roman, And Islamic periods.

Exploring these archaeological sites provides an opportunity to uncover Egypt’s diverse past. Nature lovers will be captivated by Kirdāsah’s picturesque surroundings. The town lies amidst lush green fields that stretch along the Nile’s banks, Creating a stunning backdrop against which daily life unfolds. Visitors can take leisurely walks or bike rides along the riverbanks while enjoying breathtaking views of both natural beauty and rural Egyptian life. One cannot miss experiencing Kirdāsah’s bustling local markets that offer an authentic taste of Egyptian culture. These vibrant souks are filled with colorful stalls selling everything from fresh produce to spices and handmade crafts.

Wandering through these markets allows visitors to interact with friendly vendors who are always eager to share stories about their products or recommend local delicacies. For those seeking spiritual enlightenment or cultural immersion, Kirdāsah boasts several mosques that showcase stunning Islamic architecture while serving as centers for religious worship and community gatherings. The mosques provide peaceful sanctuaries where one can observe traditional rituals or engage in conversations with locals about Islam’s role in their lives. Food enthusiasts will find themselves delighted by Kirdāsah’s culinary offerings too!

Traditional Egyptian cuisine shines here with mouthwatering dishes such as koshary (a mix of rice, Lentils, Pasta, And tomato sauce), Ful medames (a stew of fava beans), And taameya (Egyptian falafel). These delectable treats can be savored in local eateries or street food stalls, Where the aromas and flavors will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression. Kirdāsah’s warm and welcoming community is what truly sets it apart. The locals are known for their hospitality, Always ready to share stories about their town’s history or engage in friendly conversations with visitors.

Their genuine kindness allows travelers to truly immerse themselves in the local way of life, Fostering unforgettable memories and connections. Kirdāsah offers an enchanting blend of history, Natural beauty, Cultural richness, And warm hospitality. From exploring ancient ruins to strolling along the Nile River’s banks or indulging in mouthwatering Egyptian cuisine – this charming town has something for everyone. Whether you are a history buff seeking archaeological wonders or simply looking to experience authentic Egyptian culture firsthand, Kirdāsah is sure to leave an indelible mark on your heart.

Important Landmarks

  1. Pyramids of Giza: Although not technically located in Kirdāsah, it is worth mentioning that the Pyramids of Giza are very close by. These ancient structures, including the Great Pyramid of Khufu, are one of Egypt’s most iconic landmarks and attract millions of tourists every year.
  2. Dream Park: Dream Park is an amusement park situated in Kirdāsah. It offers various rides and attractions for visitors of all ages, making it a popular destination for families.
  3. Egyptian Media Production City: Located nearby in 6th October City, this media complex houses several film studios and production facilities. Visitors can take tours to witness the behind-the-scenes process involved in creating Egyptian movies and TV shows.
  4. Mall Of Arabia: This large shopping center is situated in 6th October City but is easily accessible from Kirdāsah. It features numerous international brands, restaurants, entertainment options like cinemas and arcades.
  5. Wadi Degla Protectorate: For nature enthusiasts looking for outdoor activities near Kirdāsah, Wadi Degla Protectorate offers hiking trails with beautiful scenery amidst desert landscapes.

While these are some notable attractions near Kirdāsah, many tourists also choose to explore other parts of Cairo where they can find more renowned landmarks such as the Egyptian Museum or Islamic Cairo with its historic mosques and bazaars.

Primary Industries

  1. Agriculture: Kirdāsah has fertile land suitable for agriculture, and many residents are engaged in farming activities. Crops like fruits, vegetables, wheat, and cotton are cultivated in the region.
  2. Manufacturing: There are small-scale manufacturing units in Kirdāsah that produce various goods such as textiles, garments, furniture, ceramics, and food products.
  3. Construction: With ongoing urban development projects in the area and its proximity to Cairo’s expanding metropolitan region, construction companies play a significant role in Kirdāsah’s economy.
  4. Retail trade: Numerous local shops and markets cater to the daily needs of residents by offering groceries, household items, clothing stores, electronics shops etc.
  5. Services sector: Various service-based businesses thrive in Kirdāsah including restaurants/cafes serving Egyptian cuisine or international flavors; transportation services like taxis; healthcare facilities such as clinics/pharmacies; educational institutions including schools/tutoring centers.
  6. Tourism-related activities: Being close to popular tourist attractions like the Pyramids of Giza and historical sites within Cairo makes Kirdāsah an ideal location for tourism-related businesses such as hotels/guesthouses or tour agencies offering guided trips.

It is important to note that these industries may vary based on factors such as economic conditions or government policies affecting specific regions over time.

Noteable History

  1. Kirdāsah Papyrus: In 1903, an ancient papyrus was discovered in Kirdāsah by the French archaeologist Charles Jullien. Known as the Kirdāsah Papyrus, it contained important texts related to Egyptian mythology and religious rituals.
  2. Al-Nasir Muhammad Mosque: Located in Kirdāsah, the Al-Nasir Muhammad Mosque is one of the prominent historical landmarks in the area. It was built during the Mamluk period (13th-16th centuries) and showcases beautiful Islamic architecture.
  3. Sheikh Mohamed El-Kurdī: Sheikh Mohamed El-Kurdī was an influential Sufi mystic who lived in Kirdāsah during the 19th century. He was known for his spiritual teachings and had many followers.
  4. Agricultural Heritage: Historically, Kirdāsah has been known for its agricultural significance due to its fertile soil and proximity to the Nile River. The area has been involved in farming practices for centuries, contributing to Egypt’s agricultural heritage.

While these are some notable aspects associated with Kirdāsah’s history, it should be noted that this neighborhood might not have as extensive historical events or famous figures compared to other areas of Egypt with more significant historical importance.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Giza Plateau: Located near Kirdāsah, the Giza Plateau is home to the iconic Great Pyramids of Egypt, including the Pyramid of Khufu (Cheops), Pyramid of Khafre (Chephren), and Pyramid of Menkaure (Mycerinus). This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a must-visit for its historical and architectural significance.
  2. Egyptian Museum: Situated in Tahrir Square, Cairo, the Egyptian Museum houses an extensive collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts, including the treasures from Tutankhamun’s tomb. Visitors can explore exhibits showcasing mummies, statues, jewelry, and more to delve into Egypt’s rich history.
  3. Saqqara Necropolis: Another UNESCO World Heritage Site near Kirdāsah is Saqqara Necropolis. It features the famous Step Pyramid of Djoser – one of Egypt’s earliest pyramid structures dating back to 2700 BC. The complex also includes numerous tombs and ancient ruins that offer insight into ancient burial practices.
  4. Coptic Cairo: In Old Cairo lies Coptic Cairo or Old Christian Quarter, which contains several churches dating back to early Christianity in Egypt. Notable sites include the Hanging Church (Saint Virgin Mary’s Coptic Orthodox Church) with its beautiful interior artwork and St. Sergius and Bacchus Church.
  5. Islamic Cairo: Explore Islamic Cairo to witness stunning mosques such as Al-Azhar Mosque – one of Islam’s oldest universities – or Sultan Hassan Mosque known for its intricate architecture and decoration.
  6. Citadel of Saladin: Perched on a hill overlooking Cairo stands the Citadel of Saladin (also known as Salah El-Din Citadel). Built by Salah ad-Din in 1176 AD, this fortress offers panoramic views over Cairo cityscape along with attractions like Muhammad Ali Mosque within its walls.
  7. Khan El Khalili Bazaar: Experience the vibrant atmosphere of Cairo’s oldest and most famous bazaar, Khan El Khalili. This bustling market offers a wide range of traditional crafts, spices, jewelry, textiles, and souvenirs. It’s an ideal place to immerse yourself in Egyptian culture.
  8. Al-Azhar Park: Located in the heart of Cairo, Al-Azhar Park is a beautifully landscaped green space offering stunning views of Islamic Cairo’s skyline. Visitors can enjoy peaceful walks amidst gardens and fountains while also exploring cafes and learning about local flora.

Sports Teams

Kirdāsah, Egypt Sports

Sports in Kirdāsah, Egypt

Kirdāsah, Egypt does not have any renowned sports teams with significant histories. The town is primarily known for its agricultural activities and doesn’t have a strong presence in professional sports. However, there may be local amateur or youth teams that participate in various sports within the community.


  1. Kirdāsah, Egypt does not have any renowned sports teams with significant histories.
  2. The town is primarily known for its agricultural activities and doesn’t have a strong presence in professional sports.
  3. However, there may be local amateur or youth teams that participate in various sports within the community.

Cultural Events

  1. Moulid al-Sayyid Ahmad al-Badawi: This annual religious festival celebrates the birth of Sayyid Ahmad al-Badawi, a prominent Sufi saint. It includes processions, music performances, traditional dances like Tanoura (whirling dervishes), and street vendors selling food and handicrafts.
  2. Kirdāsah International Folklore Festival: Held every year in September or October, this festival brings together folk dance troupes from various countries to showcase their traditional dances and music. It is a colorful event that promotes cultural exchange and appreciation.
  3. El-Moulid el-Nabawy (Mawlid): Celebrated throughout Egypt, this festival commemorates the birth of Prophet Muhammad. In Kirdāsah, it involves processions with decorated horses or camels carrying flags bearing religious symbols along with chanting praises to the prophet.
  4. The Feast of Sham El-Nessim: This ancient Egyptian spring festival takes place on Easter Monday following Coptic Christian traditions but has roots dating back to Pharaonic times. Families gather outdoors for picnics along the Nile River banks while enjoying traditional foods like salted fish (feseekh) and colored eggs.
  5. Ramadan Festivities: During the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, Kirdāsah comes alive with vibrant street decorations and festive lighting after sunset when Muslims break their fast during Iftar meals together as a community.
  6. Coptic Christmas Eve Celebrations: As a predominantly Coptic Christian neighborhood within Giza Governorate, Kirdāsah celebrates Christmas Eve on January 6th according to the Coptic calendar by attending midnight masses at local churches and engaging in joyful festivities.

These are just a few examples of the cultural events and festivals celebrated in Kirdāsah, Egypt. The exact dates and specific activities may vary from year to year, so it’s advisable to check local sources or contact the community for updated information.


  1. Koshary El Tahrir: This restaurant is famous for serving the traditional Egyptian dish called koshary. Koshary is a hearty combination of rice, lentils, macaroni, and chickpeas topped with a tangy tomato sauce and crispy fried onions.
  2. Felfela: Felfela is a well-known Egyptian chain of restaurants that offers authentic Egyptian cuisine. They serve a wide variety of dishes ranging from grilled meats to vegetarian options like stuffed vine leaves (warak enab) and eggplant moussaka.
  3. Al-Masryeen Restaurant: Al-Masryeen is another popular restaurant in Kirdāsah that specializes in Egyptian street food. Here you can enjoy flavorful falafel sandwiches, taameya (Egyptian-style falafel), shawarma wraps, and other delicious fast-food options.
  4. Abu Shakra: Located near Kirdāsah, Abu Shakra is an iconic restaurant known for its mouthwatering Middle Eastern cuisine. They are famous for their grilled meats such as kebabs and mixed grills served with aromatic rice or freshly baked bread.
  5. Zooba: Although not specifically located in Kirdāsah but nearby Zamalek neighborhood in Cairo city, Zooba has gained popularity among locals for its modern twist on traditional Egyptian street food. They offer innovative dishes like Hawawshi (meat-stuffed bread), Ta’ameya burgers (Egyptian falafel burgers), and refreshing juices made from local fruits.

Parks and Recreation

  1. Al-Ahly Sports Club: This is a popular sports club in Kirdāsah that offers various recreational activities such as football (soccer), swimming, tennis, basketball, and more.
  2. Al-Orman Botanical Garden: Located nearby in Giza, this beautiful botanical garden offers a peaceful escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. Visitors can stroll through the gardens, enjoy the greenery and flowers, have picnics or relax on benches.
  3. Dream Park: Situated near Kirdāsah district, Dream Park is one of Egypt’s largest amusement parks with numerous rides and attractions suitable for all ages.
  4. Family Park El Mohandessin: This park is located in nearby El Mohandessin neighborhood and provides an open space for families to gather for picnics or outdoor activities like playing ball games or flying kites.
  5. Sporting Club Zamalek (SCZ): Although not directly in Kirdāsah but close by in Zamalek neighborhood, SCZ offers various sports facilities including swimming pools, tennis courts, squash courts among others.

It’s worth noting that these options may require traveling outside of Kirdāsah itself but are within relatively close proximity to the district.


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