Kumasi, Ghana

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Kumasi, Ghana

Region: Ashanti Region

Geographic Coordinates: 6.666700, -1.616700
Temperature Range: 20.0°C to 35.0°C (68°F to 95°F)
Climate: Kumasi has a tropical climate with two rainy seasons and two dry seasons.
Population: 2069350
Language: Twi

Kumasi, Also known as the Garden City, Is the second-largest city in Ghana after Accra. Located in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, Kumasi is a bustling metropolis with a population of over 2 million people. The city has a rich history and cultural heritage that dates back to the Ashanti Empire, Which was one of West Africa’s most powerful empires. One of Kumasi’s most iconic landmarks is the Manhyia Palace Museum, Which was once home to the Ashanti Kings.

The museum offers visitors a glimpse into the life and culture of this ancient kingdom through its collection of artifacts and exhibits. Another must-visit attraction is Kejetia Market, One of West Africa’s largest open-air markets that spans over 12 acres. Here you can find everything from traditional crafts to modern electronics. Kumasi has also been dubbed as Ghana’s center for arts and crafts due to its numerous art galleries and craft centers scattered throughout the city. Visitors can purchase authentic African artifacts such as Kente cloth, Adinkra symbols, Wooden carvings, Pottery items among others at affordable prices.

For nature lovers seeking adventure activities in Kumasi can visit Lake Bosomtwe located just outside Kumasi city limits where they can enjoy swimming or fishing while enjoying picturesque views from atop surrounding hills. The culinary scene in Kumasi offers an array of dishes that showcase traditional Ghanaian cuisine such as fufu (a starchy dish served with soup), Banku (fermented corn dough), Jollof rice (spicy tomato rice) among other mouth-watering delicacies available at local restaurants.

Transportation around Kumasi is easy thanks to its well-developed road network system with buses serving different parts within and outside town while taxis are readily available for hire on-demand by tourists or locals alike. whether you’re interested in history and culture or want an adventurous holiday experience, Kumasi has something for everyone. With its vibrant and welcoming atmosphere, It’s no surprise that Kumasi is a popular tourist destination in Ghana.

Important Landmarks

  1. Manhyia Palace Museum: This museum was once the residence of the Ashanti King and now it showcases the history and culture of the Ashanti Kingdom.
  2. Kejetia Market: One of West Africa’s largest open-air markets, where you can find a variety of items ranging from food to clothing to electronics.
  3. Kumasi Central Market: Another lively market in Kumasi, known for its colorful fabrics and traditional crafts.
  4. National Cultural Centre: A complex that features museums, galleries, and performance spaces highlighting Ghanaian art and culture.
  5. Okomfo Anokye Sword Site: This shrine houses a sword that was believed to have been plunged into the ground by an Ashanti priest over 300 years ago; it has never been removed since then.
  6. Lake Bosomtwe: A beautiful crater lake surrounded by lush forests and hills that is popular for swimming, fishing, boating or just relaxing on its shores.
  7. Kumasi Zoo & Botanical Gardens: A wildlife park with various species of animals including lions, monkeys, antelopes etc., as well as beautiful gardens filled with exotic plants from around Ghana
  8. Adinkra Village: An artisan village where visitors can learn about traditional adinkra printing techniques used in creating textiles with symbols representing proverbs or concepts from Ashanti culture
  9. Asante Traditional Buildings (UNESCO World Heritage Site): The remains of historic buildings such as palaces and temples that showcase the unique architectural style of the Asante people
  10. Prempeh II Jubilee Museum : Named after one of Ghana’s most revered kings – Prempeh II – who fought against British colonialism in early 20th century; this museum houses his personal belongings including his throne chair,clothes etc., along with other historical artefacts related to Ashanti Kingdom’s past.

Primary Industries

Kumasi’s Industries and Businesses

  1. The textile industry produces a wide range of fabrics like kente cloth, batik prints and wax prints.
  2. The food processing industry produces cocoa powder, chocolate bars, biscuits canned foods and beverages.
  3. The wood processing sector manufactures furniture items like chairs tables cabinets as well as wooden crafts.
  4. The pharmaceutical sector produces drugs for both local consumption and exportation.
  5. The banking sector has various banks with branches across the city.
  6. There are numerous retail businesses ranging from street vendors to shopping malls offering various goods such as clothing items to electronics gadgets.
  7. Real estate development activities are rising across various parts of the city due to the increasing population.
  8. Transportation includes taxi services (both traditional taxis & ride-hailing services), buses (local & intercity), tricycles (locally referred to as ‘Pragya’), motorbikes among others.

Noteable History

  1. The Ashanti Empire was a dominant force in West Africa from the 17th to the 19th century, with Kumasi serving as its capital.
  2. Nana Yaa Asantewaa was a queen mother of Ejisu who led a rebellion against British colonialism in 1900, known as the War of the Golden Stool.
  3. Prempeh I was an Ashanti king who was exiled to Seychelles by British colonialists but later returned to Ghana after independence.
  4. Okomfo Anokye is regarded as a legendary priest and co-founder of the Ashanti Empire, credited with many miracles and spiritual feats.
  5. In 2013, Kumasi’s central market suffered extensive damage due to a devastating fire that displaced thousands and caused millions in damages.
  6. The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) is one of Ghana’s top universities located in Kumasi named after Ghana’s first president who attended school there himself.
  7. Adinkra Symbols are traditional symbols used by Akan people that originated from Kumasi and are still widely used today for communication purposes or as decorative elements on cloth or pottery.
  8. Otumfuo Osei Tutu II is currently serving as king (Asantehene) of Ashanti Kingdom since his coronation in 1999, playing an influential role both culturally and politically within Ghanaian society.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Manhyia Palace Museum
  2. Kumasi Fort and Military Museum
  3. National Cultural Centre
  4. Okomfo Anokye Sword Site and Shrine
  5. Prempeh II Jubilee Museum
  6. Kejetia Market
  7. Kumasi Central Market
  8. Asante Traditional Buildings (Adinkra Hall, Besease Shrine, etc.)
  9. Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology Museum of Science and Technology
  10. Lake Bosomtwe

Sports Teams

  1. Asante Kotoko SC is a highly successful football club in Kumasi, Ghana, founded in 1935. They have won numerous domestic and continental titles, including the Ghana Premier League, FA Cup, and African Cup Winners’ Cup.
  2. King Faisal Babes FC is another football club based in Kumasi that was established in 1978. They have had some success over the years, winning the Ghana Premier League once in 2004.
  3. Ashanti Gold SC is a football club based in Obuasi which was founded as Obuasi Goldfields Sporting Club but later changed its name to Ashanti Gold SC. They have won several domestic titles over the years.
  4. Real Tamale United FC used to be based in Tamale but played some of their home matches at Baba Yara Stadium during the early 2000s when they were competing at the highest level of Ghanaian football.
  5. Garden City Panthers FC is a basketball team from Kumasi that mainly competes locally but has also participated in national tournaments such as the Milo Basketball Championship for schools and colleges across Ghana.
  6. Kumapim Royals F.C. is another popular football club from Kumasi that has been actively competing since their establishment around 2010. They currently compete at Division One level of GFA league system.

Cultural Events

  1. Akwasidae Festival: This is the most important festival in Kumasi and is celebrated every six weeks. It is a time when the Asantehene, the King of the Ashanti people, receives homage from his subjects.
  2. Adae Kese Festival: This festival is celebrated once a year to mark the end of a cycle of Adae festivals. It involves a grand procession through Kumasi with traditional dancers, drummers, and other performers.
  3. Awukudae Festival: This festival takes place every six weeks and celebrates the renewal of life and fertility in nature. It includes traditional dancing, drumming, and other performances.
  4. Akomase Festival: This festival is held annually to celebrate the harvest season. It involves traditional dancing, drumming, and feasting on local delicacies such as yams and plantains.
  5. Okyir Festival: This festival celebrates the beginning of a new year for Akan people in Kumasi. It involves purification rituals, traditional dancing, and drumming performances.
  6. Asanteman Arts & Culture Exhibition (ASAFEST): An annual event that showcases various aspects of Ghanaian culture including music dance art crafts fashion food sports etc
  7. Kumasi Carnival: A yearly event that brings together different ethnic groups to showcase their cultures through colorful parades,dancing,music etc
  8. Akwasidae Street Fair: A street fair held during akwesidae festivals where traders sell arts,clothing,jewelry ,foodstuffs among others
  9. Oware Tournament: Oware is an ancient board game played by Ghanaians.An oware tournament takes place annually where players compete against each other.
  10. Kente Weaving Exhibition : Kente cloth weaving which originated from Ashanti kingdom has become one of Ghana’s most recognizable symbols.A kente weaving exhibition takes place annually where weavers showcase their skills and sell their products.


  • Fufu and soup is a well-known Ghanaian meal that involves pounding cassava, plantain, or yam into a smooth dough-like consistency and serving it with soup.
  • Banku and tilapia are also staple foods in Ghana that comprise fermented cornmeal and cassava dough, often served with grilled tilapia fish.
  • Kenkey is a steamed cornmeal dish similar to banku but has a more sour taste due to the fermentation process.
  • Waakye is another popular dish made from rice cooked with beans, spices, and tomato sauce, often served alongside fried plantains or meat.
  • Kelewele is a snack made from ripe plantains cut into cubes seasoned with ginger, pepper, onion then deep-fried until crispy.

Some of the popular restaurants in Kumasi are:

  • Ike’s Cafe & Grill
  • Royal Park Hotel Restaurant
  • Bush Canteen Restaurant
  • Kessben Restaurant
  • Kumasi City Mall Food Court

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Kumasi Zoo is a popular attraction that showcases various species of animals, including lions, monkeys, and crocodiles.
    2. Manhyia Palace Museum provides visitors with an insight into the rich culture and history of the Ashanti Kingdom.
    3. Lake Bosomtwe is a scenic lake located approximately 30 km southeast of Kumasi that offers excellent opportunities for swimming, fishing, and boating.
    4. Rattray Park is a well-maintained public park with beautiful gardens, children’s playgrounds, and picnic areas.
    5. The Cultural Centre hosts traditional dance performances, music concerts, and exhibitions showcasing local art and crafts.
    6. Kejetia Market is one of the largest open-air markets in West Africa where visitors can purchase everything from food to clothing to souvenirs.
    7. Kumasi Sports Stadium hosts various sporting events such as football matches featuring local teams like Asante Kotoko FC.
    8. Aburi Botanical Gardens are located about an hour’s drive from Kumasi; they feature exotic plants and trees as well as hiking trails that offer stunning views of the surrounding hillsides.


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