Kunnamkulam, India

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Kunnamkulam, India

Region: Kerala

Geographic Coordinates: 10.650000, 76.080000
Climate: Data not available.
Population: 49230
Language: Malayalam

Kunnamkulam is a vibrant town located in the Thrissur district of Kerala, India. Nestled amidst lush greenery and serene landscapes, This town offers a unique blend of rich cultural heritage and modern development. Kunnamkulam is often referred to as the Land of Temples due to its numerous ancient temples that hold great religious significance. One of the prominent attractions in Kunnamkulam is the Mahadeva Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple stands as an architectural marvel with its intricate carvings and sculptures. The annual festival celebrated here, Known as Arattupuzha Pooram, Attracts thousands of devotees from far and wide.

Another significant religious site in Kunnamkulam is the Thiruvanchikulam Mahadeva Temple, Believed to be one of the oldest Lord Shiva temples in Kerala. The temple’s architecture showcases exquisite craftsmanship, Making it a must-visit for history enthusiasts. For nature lovers, There are several picturesque spots around Kunnamkulam that offer tranquility and breathtaking views. One such place is Peechi Dam, Situated just a short distance away from the town. This dam not only serves as a water reservoir but also provides an ideal spot for boating amidst scenic surroundings.

Kunnamkulam also boasts a rich agricultural landscape with vast paddy fields and coconut groves spread across its vicinity. The town’s economy heavily relies on agriculture, Particularly rice cultivation and coconut farming. Visitors can witness traditional farming practices or even participate in them during their visit. In terms of cuisine, Kunnamkulam offers a delightful range of local delicacies that tantalize taste buds with their authentic flavors. Traditional dishes like appams (rice pancakes), Puttu (steamed rice cake), And fish curry are among some favorites that visitors should try while exploring this region.

Moreover, Kunnamkulam hosts various cultural events throughout the year, Showcasing the vibrant traditions and art forms of Kerala. Kathakali performances, Classical music concerts, And traditional dance forms like Mohiniyattam and Theyyam are regularly organized in the town, Providing a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of Kerala. Kunnamkulam is a captivating town that seamlessly blends tradition with modernity. With its ancient temples, Picturesque landscapes, Agricultural charm, Delectable cuisine, And vibrant cultural scene—Kunnamkulam promises an unforgettable experience for travelers seeking to immerse themselves in the diverse beauty of India’s southern state of Kerala.

Important Landmarks

  1. Mammiyoor Temple: Located about 20 km from Kunnamkulam, this famous Hindu temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It attracts a large number of devotees during the annual festival of Maha Shivaratri.
  2. Thiruvanchikulam Mahadeva Temple: Situated near Kunnamkulam, this ancient temple is believed to be one of the oldest Shiva temples in Kerala. Its architecture and religious significance make it an interesting place to visit.
  3. Cheraman Juma Masjid: Located around 15 km from Kunnamkulam, this mosque holds great historical importance as it is believed to be the first mosque built in India by Malik Ibn Dinar.
  4. Koodalmanikyam Temple: Situated around 10 km from Kunnamkulam, this temple is dedicated to Lord Bharatha (brother of Lord Rama). It has unique architectural features and hosts an annual festival called ‘Bharatha Natyotsav’ which showcases classical dance forms.
  5. Guruvayur Sri Krishna Temple: Although not within Kunnamkulam town limits, Guruvayur temple is a major attraction situated just 15 km away. This famous Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Krishna receives thousands of devotees every day.
  6. Peechi Dam & Wildlife Sanctuary: Located about 30 km from Kunnamkulam, Peechi Dam offers scenic views with boating facilities for tourists. The nearby wildlife sanctuary provides opportunities for bird watching and nature walks.
  7. Parakkottu Kavu Bhagavathy Temple: Parakkottu Kavu Bhagavathy Temple is situated in Thrissur district, near Kunnamkulam. It is one of the oldest and most revered Devi temples in Kerala.

These are some of the significant landmarks and tourist attractions in and around Kunnamkulam. While the town itself may not have many prominent attractions, its proximity to other popular destinations like Guruvayur makes it a convenient base for exploring the region.

Primary Industries

  1. Agriculture: Kunnamkulam is primarily an agrarian region, with agriculture being the main occupation for a significant portion of the population. The town is known for its cultivation of crops such as coconut, paddy, rubber, banana, and various vegetables.
  2. Handicrafts: Kunnamkulam has a rich tradition of handicrafts, particularly pottery and clay works. Many artisans engage in pottery-making activities and produce various clay products like pots, vases, lamps, idols, and decorative items.
  3. Retail Trade: The town has a bustling retail sector with numerous shops and markets catering to the needs of both locals and visitors. These include grocery stores, clothing stores, electronic goods shops, hardware stores etc.
  4. Small-scale Industries: There are several small-scale industries operating in Kunnamkulam that contribute to the local economy. These industries include textile manufacturing units (handloom), coir processing units (coir extraction from coconut husk), wood-based industries (furniture making), metal fabrication units (utensils manufacturing) etc.
  5. Education Sector: Kunnamkulam has a well-developed education sector with numerous schools and colleges providing quality education to students from nearby areas.
  6. Healthcare Services: The town houses several hospitals and healthcare centers that cater to the medical needs of both residents and people from nearby regions.
  7. Tourism-related businesses: Being situated close to popular tourist destinations like Guruvayur Temple (approx 10 km away) attracts some tourism-related businesses such as hotels/guesthouses/restaurants that cater to pilgrims or tourists visiting these places.
  8. Trading Activities: As it lies on major road networks connecting different parts of Kerala & Tamil Nadu, there are many trading activities happening in Kunnamkulam. Traders engaged in commodities like spices, textiles, and other goods operate from here.

Overall, while agriculture remains a significant industry in Kunnamkulam, the town also has a diverse range of businesses and industries that contribute to its economy.

Noteable History

  1. Mamankam Festival: One of the most famous historical events associated with Kunnamkulam is the Mamankam festival. It was a grand medieval fair held once every 12 years on the banks of Bharathapuzha river. The festival attracted traders, performers, and visitors from across South India.
  2. Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja: Kunnamkulam was an important center during the reign of Pazhassi Raja (1753-1805), who fought against British colonial rule in Malabar region. He established his headquarters at Padinjare Kovilakom in Kunnamkulam.
  3. Kuriyedath Thathri: Kuriyedath Thathri was a renowned poetess who lived during the 17th century in Kunnamkulam. She composed several devotional poems and songs that are still celebrated today.
  4. Poonthanam Namboothiri: Poonthanam Namboothiri (1547-1640) was a famous Malayalam poet known for his work Jnanappana, which is considered one of the greatest devotional poems in Malayalam literature. He hailed from Keezhattoor near Kunnamkulam.
  5. Guruvayur Kesavan: Guruvayur Kesavan is an iconic elephant associated with Guruvayur Temple, located near Kunnamkulam town Known for his majestic presence and participation in temple processions he became synonymous with Guruvayur Temple’s identity.
  6. The Great Fire: In 1849 there was a massive fire that destroyed significant parts of Kunnamkulam town including temples and houses leading to major loss of property and lives.
  7. Kunnamkulam Congress: In 1921, during the Indian independence movement, the Kunnamkulam Congress was held. This event played a crucial role in mobilizing support for the freedom struggle in the region.
  8. Mahatma Gandhi’s Visit: Mahatma Gandhi visited Kunnamkulam town during his travels across India to promote non-violent resistance against British rule. His visit left a lasting impact on the local population.

These are just a few notable historical events and people associated with Kunnamkulam reflecting its cultural heritage and contributions to Kerala’s history.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Kunnamkulam Shiva Temple: One of the most famous temples in the region, dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is known for its intricate architecture and spiritual significance.
  2. Thiruvanchikulam Mahadeva Temple: Another ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, known for its unique style of architecture and religious importance.
  3. Cheraman Juma Mosque: Considered as one of the oldest mosques in India, it holds historical and cultural significance as it was built by Malik Ibn Dinar, a companion of Prophet Muhammad.
  4. Koodalmanikyam Temple: A renowned temple dedicated to Lord Bharatha (brother of Lord Rama) located near Irinjalakuda town, which is close to Kunnamkulam.
  5. Sree Rama Krishna Ashram: A serene ashram that promotes spirituality and provides a peaceful retreat for visitors seeking solace.
  6. Vazhani Dam: Located near Kunnamkulam, this dam offers picturesque views and serves as a popular picnic spot for locals and tourists alike.
  7. Kerala Kalamandalam Deemed University & Training Centre for Indian Performing Arts: Situated in nearby Cheruthuruthy village, this institution is renowned worldwide for promoting traditional Indian art forms like Kathakali, Mohiniyattam, Bharatanatyam through education and training programs.
  8. Punnathurkotta Elephant Sanctuary: Situated in nearby Guruvayoor town (around 15 km from Kunnamkulam), this sanctuary houses over 60 elephants used during temple festivals at Guruvayoor Sri Krishna Temple.
  9. Vilwadrinatha Temple (Thriprayar): Located near Kunnamkulam in Thriprayar village along the banks of River Theevra; it is an ancient Vishnu temple with beautiful architecture worth exploring.
  10. Panjal Mahadeva Temple: Situated in Panjal village near Kunnamkulam, this temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is known for its annual festival called Panjal Aaraattu.

These are just a few of the notable places to visit in and around Kunnamkulam. The region also offers beautiful natural landscapes, serene backwaters, and unique cultural experiences that make it a fascinating destination for travelers.

Sports Teams

  1. Kunnamkulam, a town in the Thrissur district of Kerala, India, does not have any notable sports teams with rich histories at the national or international level.
  2. However, there might be local sports teams and clubs that participate in various regional competitions.
  3. These teams are often affiliated with different sports such as football (soccer), cricket, volleyball, and athletics.
  4. The history and achievements of these local teams may vary depending on their participation and success in regional tournaments or leagues.
  5. It is recommended to reach out to local residents or community organizations in Kunnamkulam for more specific information about current sports teams and their histories within the town.

Cultural Events

  1. Thrissur Pooram: This is one of the most famous and grandest festivals celebrated in the nearby city of Thrissur, but it also has an impact on Kunnamkulam. It usually takes place in April or May and involves elaborate processions, fireworks, and traditional music performances.
  2. Vishu: Celebrated in April, Vishu marks the beginning of the Malayalam New Year. People decorate their homes with flowers (Pookalam), light oil lamps (Vilakku), and prepare a special feast known as Sadya.
  3. Onam: Onam is a harvest festival celebrated by Malayalis across Kerala, including Kunnamkulam. It usually falls between August and September and involves various cultural activities such as Vallam Kali (boat races), Pulikali (tiger dance), Pookalam competitions, Kathakali performances, etc.
  4. Parassinikkadavu Muthappan Temple Festival: Located near Kunnamkulam in Parassinikkadavu village, this temple hosts an annual festival that lasts for several days during February-March. The festival includes various rituals like Theyyam performances (a traditional dance form) along with other cultural programs.
  5. Malabar Mahotsavam: Organized by the District Tourism Promotion Council at Kottakkal near Kunnamkulam during January-February every year, this event showcases the rich culture of Malabar region through folk dances like Duffmuttu, Oppana, Margomkali along with music concerts and art exhibitions.
  6. Thriruvathira Festival: Celebrated in December-January to honor Lord Shiva’s consort Goddess Parvati’s birth anniversary; Thiruvathira is a women-centric festival where ladies perform traditional dances called Kaikottikali around a ceremonial lamp.

These are just a few examples of the cultural events and festivals celebrated in and around Kunnamkulam. The region has a rich cultural heritage, and there are many more local festivals that might be specific to certain temples or communities in the area.


  1. Hotel Surya: Known for its delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, this restaurant offers a wide range of South Indian delicacies like dosas, idlis, and biryanis.
  2. Hotel Anand Bhavan: This is a famous vegetarian restaurant in Kunnamkulam that serves authentic Kerala meals including sadya (traditional feast), appam with stew, and various types of curries.
  3. Hotel Aryabhavan: A popular spot for locals and tourists alike, this restaurant specializes in Malabar cuisine such as fish curry, chicken biryani, and seafood dishes.
  4. Shappu Curry House: It is known for its traditional Kerala-style meals served on banana leaves. The menu includes a variety of curries made with fresh spices and coconut milk.
  5. Kadaloram Restaurant: This seafood specialty restaurant offers an array of fresh catch from the Arabian Sea including prawns fry, fish curry, and squid roast.
  6. Royal Bakery: A well-known bakery in Kunnamkulam that serves freshly baked goods like cakes, pastries, cookies along with snacks like samosas and puffs.
  7. Biryani House: As the name suggests, this place is famous for its flavorful biryanis prepared with aromatic spices and tender meat or vegetables.
  8. Al Karam Restaurant & Juice Center: It is a popular spot for juice lovers offering an extensive range of fresh fruit juices as well as snacks like sandwiches and rolls.
  9. Rasoee – The Village Kitchen: This restaurant offers authentic North Indian cuisine including popular dishes like butter chicken, paneer tikka masala,and various types of bread (roti/naan).
  10. Sree Krishna Vegetarian Restaurant – Known for its pure vegetarian food options ranging from dosas to thalis (platters) served with different types of curries and rice preparations.

These are just a few examples, and there are many more local cuisine options and restaurants to explore in Kunnamkulam.

Parks and Recreation

  1. Kunnamkulam Municipal Park: This is a popular park located in the heart of the town, offering green spaces, walking paths, and seating areas for relaxation.
  2. Chittur Gurumadam Park: Situated near Chittur Gurumadam Temple, this park provides a serene environment with lush greenery and a children’s play area.
  3. Kuthirakulam Smarakam Park: Located near Kuthirakulam Temple, this park offers beautiful landscapes with trees and flowers along with facilities for outdoor games.
  4. Peruvanmala Eco-Tourism Park: Situated around 10 km from Kunnamkulam town, this eco-tourism park provides opportunities for trekking amidst nature trails and scenic viewpoints.
  5. Vilangankunnu: Although not directly in Kunnamkulam but nearby Thrissur city (around 20 km away), Vilangankunnu is a popular hilltop park that offers panoramic views of the surrounding landscape along with gardens and recreational facilities.
  6. Panchayat Stadium Grounds: This open ground serves as a venue for various sports activities like cricket matches, football tournaments, and cultural events organized by local authorities or clubs.
  7. Nelluvai Sree Krishna Swami Temple Grounds: The temple grounds often host cultural programs during festivals where locals gather to enjoy music concerts or traditional dance performances.
  8. Local Sports Clubs: There are several sports clubs in Kunnamkulam that offer facilities like badminton courts or indoor game centers where people can engage in recreational activities on a membership basis.

Note that availability of these parks may vary depending on current conditions or maintenance schedules; it is advisable to check their operational status before planning any visit or activity.


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