Marabá, Brazil

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Marabá, Brazil

Region: Pará

Geographic Coordinates: -5.350000, -49.116700
Temperature Range: 20.0°C to 35.0°C (68°F to 95°F)
Climate: Tropical climate with distinct wet and dry seasons.
Population: 266932
Language: Portuguese

Marabá is a city located in the northern region of Brazil, In the state of Pará. With a population of approximately 272, 000 inhabitants, It is one of the largest cities in the state and an important economic center for the region. Marabá is situated on the banks of Tocantins River and surrounded by dense forests and lush vegetation. One of Marabá’s main attractions is its natural beauty. The city sits at the edge of Serra dos Carajás mountain range, Which offers breathtaking views and opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking and birdwatching.

The nearby Araguaia National Park also provides visitors with a chance to explore some of Brazil’s most stunning landscapes. In addition to its natural wonders, Marabá has a rich cultural heritage that reflects its diverse history. The city was founded by Portuguese colonizers in 1835 but has since been home to various indigenous tribes and immigrants from Europe, Africa, And Asia. This mix of cultures can be seen in Marabá’s architecture, Cuisine, Music, And festivals. One popular event that showcases Marabá’s cultural diversity is Carnaval de Maraba.

This carnival takes place every year before Lent begins and features colorful parades with dancers dressed in vibrant costumes representing different regions or cultures from around Brazil. For those interested in history or archaeology, There are several sites worth visiting within driving distance from Marabá. One such site is Pedra do Ingá rock formation located about 60 miles away from the city center. It contains ancient inscriptions dating back thousands of years that are believed to have been made by prehistoric indigenous peoples living in this area.

Another attraction worth mentioning is Lago Verde (Green Lake), Located about 20 miles south-west from downtown Maraba – it’s an artificial lake created as part of Vale mining company operations but became famous for its crystal-clear green waters surrounded by white sand beaches and lush vegetation. Marabá is known for its bustling marketplaces where visitors can find a wide range of local products such as fruits, Vegetables, Fish, And handicrafts.

The Mercado Municipal de Marabá is one of the most popular markets in the city and offers a unique shopping experience with vendors selling everything from fresh produce to handmade souvenirs. Marabá is a fascinating city that offers visitors an opportunity to explore Brazil’s natural beauty, Cultural diversity, And rich history. From its stunning mountain ranges to vibrant festivals and bustling marketplaces, There is something for everyone in this vibrant city.

Important Landmarks

  1. Pioneiros Square
  2. Tocantins River Beach
  3. São Francisco Church
  4. Mercado Municipal de Marabá (Municipal Market)
  5. Praça Duque de Caxias (Duque de Caxias Square)
  6. Praia do Geladinho (Geladinho Beach)
  7. Parque Zoobotânico Vale (Vale Zoo-Botanical Park)
  8. Praia do Tucunaré (Tucunaré Beach)
  9. Mirante da Paz (Peace Viewpoint)

Primary Industries

  1. Mining
    • One of the largest iron ore mines in the world is operated by Vale in Marabá.
  2. Agriculture
    • Production of soybeans, corn, rice, and cattle.
  3. Timber production
    • Large sawmill industry that processes wood from surrounding forests.
  4. Transportation
    • Thrive due to strategic location on the Tocantins River and near major highways.
  5. Retail and services
    • Retail continues to grow with many shopping centers and supermarkets available to residents.
    • Many service-based businesses such as banks, clinics, and hotels contribute significantly to the economy of Marabá.
  6. Education
    • Several universities including Federal University of Pará (UFPA), State University of Pará (UEPA), and private institutions such as Faculdade Metropolitana de Marabá (FAMMA).

Noteable History

  1. The founding of Marabá in 1913 as a small village on the banks of the Tocantins River.
  2. The construction of the Carajás Railway in the 1980s connected Marabá to iron ore mines in Serra dos Carajás, leading to significant economic growth for the region.
  3. Environmental activist Dorothy Stang was assassinated in 2005 while working to protect land rights for rural communities in Marabá.
  4. The indigenous Xikrin people have inhabited the region around Marabá for centuries and continue to fight for their rights against mining companies and other threats to their way of life.
  5. Notable people from Marabá include footballer Edilson Silva Ferreira (known as Edilson Capetinha), musician João Donato de Oliveira Neto, and politician Jader Barbalho, who served as governor of Pará state from 1991-1994.
  6. In recent years, major agribusiness companies like Cargill have operated in Marabá, which has become a hub for soybean production and exports.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Memorial da Cidade de Marabá
  2. Museu de Artes Visuais de Marabá
  3. Parque Zoobotânico Vale
  4. Praça Duque de Caxias
  5. Biblioteca Municipal de Marabá
  6. Igreja Matriz São Félix de Valois
  7. Mercado Municipal
  8. Parque Ambiental Bico da Pedra
  9. Estação Ferroviária Tucuruí-Maranhão
  10. Centro Cultural Sesc Marabá

Sports Teams

  1. After conducting research, it appears that there are no significant sports teams or histories in Marabá, Brazil.
  2. While it’s possible that there are local teams and leagues within the city, there isn’t much information available online.

Cultural Events

  1. Festa do Carimbó: A traditional folk festival celebrated with dance performances, music, food, and drinks.
  2. Expomara: A trade fair that showcases local products and services from different industries such as agriculture, tourism, technology, and more.
  3. Festival de Inverno de Marabá: A winter festival featuring cultural activities like theater performances, art exhibitions, concerts by local musicians.
  4. Festa Junina: A typical Brazilian festival celebrated in June with traditional food like corn-based dishes (pamonha), sweets (brigadeiro), bonfires, dance performances (quadrilha).
  5. Semana da Cultura Popular: An annual event focused on promoting the rich cultural heritage of Marabá through various activities such as workshops on traditional crafts like pottery-making or weaving.

Please note that these events may change from year to year depending on the local authorities’ decisions due to COVID-19 or other factors affecting public gatherings.


  • Churrascaria Boi Dourado – a traditional Brazilian steakhouse that serves grilled meats and side dishes.
  • Restaurante do Mirante – a restaurant with a scenic view of the Tocantins River that serves regional dishes such as fish stew and pirarucu (a type of fish).
  • Pizzaria Napolitana – a pizzeria known for its thin-crust pizzas with various toppings.
  • Casa do Açaí – a café that specializes in serving açai bowls, smoothies, and other healthy options.
  • Restaurante Sabor da Roça – a rustic-style restaurant offering typical Brazilian food such as feijoada (bean stew) and rice with beans.
  • Pastelaria Japonesa – a Japanese-inspired pastry shop selling savory pastries filled with meat or cheese, as well as sweet pastries like cinnamon rolls.
  • Sorveteria Ki-Sabor – an ice cream parlor serving homemade ice cream flavors like passion fruit and guava.
  • Bar e Restaurante do Amigo Joãozinho – a bar/restaurant that serves traditional Brazilian appetizers like coxinha (chicken croquettes) and empadas (savory pies).

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Parque Zoobotânico Vale: a zoo and botanical garden
    2. Praia do Tucunaré: a beach on the Tocantins River
    3. Parque Ambiental de Marabá: an environmental park with walking trails and picnic areas
    4. Praça Duque de Caxias: a public square with outdoor seating and live music events
    5. Parque da Cidade: a city park with playgrounds, sports fields, and hiking trails
    6. Serra dos Carajás National Park: a protected area for wildlife and nature observation
    7. Rio Itacaiúnas Natural Monument: a conservation area with waterfalls, caves, and hiking trails
    8. Lago Verde Eco Resort: an eco-resort offering activities such as kayaking, fishing, and horseback riding
    9. Balneário Água Azul: a recreational complex with swimming pools, water slides, and sports courts
    10. Rio Araguaia Beach Club: a club located in Araguaina that offers various recreational activities like swimming pool, boating, etc.


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