Mishan, China

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Mishan, China

Region: Heilongjiang

Geographic Coordinates: 45.542000, 131.867000
Temperature Range: -40.0°C to 35.0°C (-40°F to 95°F)
Climate: Cold and dry winters, warm and wet summers in Mishan, China.
Population: 420000
Language: Chinese

Mishan is a beautiful city located in the Heilongjiang province of northeastern China. It sits on the banks of the Songhua River, Which provides a stunning view for visitors. The name Mishan translates to beautiful mountains, And it’s easy to see why – the city is surrounded by rolling hills and lush green forests. The history of Mishan dates back centuries, With its importance as a trading post for fur and timber during the Qing Dynasty. Today, It’s known for its coal mines and as a transportation hub between China and Russia.

One of Mishan’s top attractions is Xingkai Lake Scenic Area, Just 30 kilometers from downtown. Visitors can enjoy boat tours or hike along scenic trails while taking in breathtaking views of one of China’s largest freshwater lakes. Mount Fokine National Forest Park is another must-visit attraction in Mishan, Covering over 4, 000 hectares with stunning natural scenery such as waterfalls, Streams, Dense forests teeming with wildlife. For those interested in history or local culture, There are several museums worth exploring like Heilongjiang Provincial Museum showcasing local culture & Coal Mining Museum showcasing artifacts related to coal mining in northeastern China.

Foodies will also love visiting Mishan since it offers delicious local cuisine! Some popular dishes include stewed pork ribs with mushrooms (a local specialty), Dumplings filled with lamb or beef (known as guotie), Spicy tofu soup (mao doufu tang), Etc. Overall, Mishan offers visitors an unforgettable experience through its unique blend of natural beauty & cultural heritage alongside delicious food options & friendly locals who are happy to share their hometown with visitors from around the world.

Important Landmarks

  1. Another name for the Wuying Pagoda
  2. A must-visit landmark in Mishan

Primary Industries

  1. Mishan is a county-level city located in Heilongjiang province, China.
  2. The city has a diverse range of major industries and businesses that contribute to its economy.
  3. The agricultural sector is one of the largest industries in Mishan, with vast agricultural lands producing various crops such as rice, wheat, corn, soybeans and vegetables.
  4. The timber industry also plays a significant role in the city’s economy. With large forest areas supporting the industry, it produces wood products such as furniture, paper pulp and construction materials.
  5. Coal mining is another major industry in Mishan due to significant coal reserves found there. The coal mining industry provides employment opportunities for many residents of the city.
  6. Several chemical plants operate within Mishan’s borders producing fertilizers and pesticides used by farmers across the region.
  7. Food processing plants are also prevalent throughout the area. These facilities produce meat products, dairy products, canned foods and beverages for local consumption and export.
  8. Machinery manufacturing is another important sector within Mishan’s economy. The machinery produced serves agriculture and forestry industries among others.
  9. Tourism is an emerging industry in Mishan with scenic spots attracting visitors from different parts of China who come to enjoy natural beauty all year round.
  10. Lastly, textile manufacturing has become one of the major industries in this region which includes weaving, spinning, dyeing etc.

Noteable History

  1. The establishment of Mishan County during the Republic of China era in 1929.
  2. The discovery of coal reserves in the area during the 1950s, which led to rapid industrialization and economic growth.
  3. The construction of a railway network that connected Mishan to other parts of China further boosted its economy.
  4. Agriculture and forestry industries have been crucial sources of income for local residents in Mishan.
  5. Liu Shaoqi (1898-1969), a prominent Chinese Communist Party leader who served as Chairman of the People’s Republic from 1959 to 1968; and Zhang Xueliang (1901-2001), a military commander who played an essential role in several major battles during the Chinese Civil War are notable personalities from this city.
  6. In recent years, Mishan has gained recognition for its scenic beauty and tourist attractions such as Taiping National Forest Park and Yabuli Ski Resort.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Mishan Museum showcases the history and culture of Mishan, featuring exhibits on local industries, art, and traditions.
  2. Wanda Plaza is a modern shopping center with a variety of stores and restaurants.
  3. Xinglong Mountain National Forest Park is a scenic park with hiking trails, waterfalls, and stunning views.
  4. Zhongshan Park is a beautiful park with gardens, lakes, and walking paths.
  5. Xiangyang Temple is an ancient Buddhist temple that dates back to the Tang Dynasty.
  6. The Great Wall of China (Mishan Section) is one of the lesser-known sections but still worth visiting for its historical significance and scenic views.
  7. Nanfeng Mountain Scenic Area is another beautiful natural area with hiking trails, waterfalls, and caves to explore.
  8. The Memorial Hall of Anti-Japanese War in Northeast China commemorates the contributions made by local people in fighting against Japanese aggression during World War II.
  9. Shiwei Ancient City Ruins date back to the 10th century AD and offer a glimpse into ancient Chinese architecture and culture.
  10. Yiwulüshan Ski Resort offers skiing, snowboarding, and other winter activities in a stunning mountain setting for those visiting in winter months.

Cultural Events

  1. Mishan Ice and Snow Festival: This festival occurs in January and showcases ice sculptures, snow activities, and traditional performances.
  2. Dragon Boat Festival: Celebrated in June, this festival features dragon boat races and the eating of zongzi (sticky rice wrapped in bamboo leaves).
  3. Mid-Autumn Festival: Also known as the Mooncake Festival, this event is celebrated in September or October with lantern displays and the sharing of mooncakes.
  4. Spring Festival: The Chinese New Year is a major celebration that takes place between late January to mid-February with fireworks displays, family gatherings, and feasting.
  5. Lianhua Mountain Forest Music Festival: This annual music festival happens at Lianhua Mountain Scenic Area during the summer months featuring local musicians performing various genres of music including rock, pop folk etc.


  • Mishan Roast Duck Restaurant – known for its delicious roasted duck dishes.
  • Jiulongshan Village Restaurant – serves traditional Northeastern Chinese cuisine such as stewed pork with vermicelli and braised eggplant.
  • Huaxi Dumpling Restaurant – specializes in various types of dumplings including steamed and fried ones.
  • Laojie Snacks – offers a variety of street food such as deep-fried dough sticks and soy milk.
  • Xiangyang Seafood Restaurant – serves fresh seafood dishes like boiled shrimp and grilled fish.

Parks and Recreation

  1. Mishan Forest Park is a large park that boasts walking trails, picnic areas, and scenic views.
  2. Shengli Park is another popular park in the area with a lake, playgrounds, and sports facilities.
  3. For those who love winter activities, Mishan Ski Resort offers skiing, snowboarding, and more.
  4. Nature lovers will enjoy Xinglongshan National Forest Park with its hiking trails and stunning mountain views.
  5. The Hailang River Scenic Area provides opportunities for fishing, boating, and other water activities along the river.
  6. Xiangyang Lake Scenic Area features a beautiful lake surrounded by parks and gardens where visitors can go boating or fishing.
  7. Yimian Mountain Scenic Area offers breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding landscape along its hiking trails through the mountainous region.
  8. Finally, Tianchi Lake Scenic Area is an alpine lake surrounded by forests that provide hiking trails in summer and skiing in winter for visitors to enjoy all year round!


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