Nokha, India

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Nokha, India

Region: Rajasthan

Geographic Coordinates: 27.600000, 73.420000
Temperature Range: 20.0°C to 40.0°C (68°F to 104°F)
Climate: Dry and hot climate with little rainfall, and a monsoon season from June to September.
Population: 120000
Language: Hindi

Nokha is a small town located in the Bikaner district of Rajasthan, India. The town is situated on the National Highway 11, Making it easily accessible from other major cities in Rajasthan. Nokha is known for its rich history and culture that attracts tourists from all over the world. One of the main attractions of Nokha is its stunning Jain temples. These temples are famous for their intricate carvings and beautiful architecture. The Shri Digambar Jain Atishaya Kshetra Mandir is the most renowned temple in Nokha, Which draws thousands of pilgrims every year.

Apart from its temples, Visitors can also experience rural life in Rajasthan by exploring traditional bazaars where local artisans sell handicrafts, Textiles, And jewellery. Nearby villages offer an opportunity to see how people live and work in this part of India. Nokha’s food scene is another highlight with spicy Rajasthani cuisine being a major attraction for foodies. Local dishes like dal baati churma (lentil soup served with baked wheat flour balls), Gatte ki sabji (chickpea dumplings cooked in a spicy gravy), And ker sangri (dried berries and beans) are must-try delicacies available at local restaurants or street vendors.

Wildlife enthusiasts can visit Tal Chhapar Wildlife Sanctuary nearby to observe several species of birds such as harriers, Eagles, Falcons as well as animals like blackbuck antelopes and desert foxes. Nokha celebrates several festivals throughout the year that showcase its vibrant culture. Teej festival marks the arrival of monsoon season in Rajasthan where women dress up beautifully while singing folk songs celebrating nature’s bounty. Overall, Nokha offers visitors an opportunity to experience Rajasthan’s rich history, Culture, Cuisine while exploring temples, Bazaars or wildlife sanctuaries – there’s something for everyone here.

Important Landmarks

  • Nokha is a small town in the Bikaner district of Rajasthan, India.
  • Although it’s not a well-known tourist destination, there are still several places worth visiting while in the area.
  • One of the most popular attractions is the Karni Mata Temple, which is located about 30 km from Nokha. This temple is dedicated to Karni Mata and has become famous for its sacred rats.
  • Another popular spot is the Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary, which can be found approximately 70 km from Nokha. Visitors to this sanctuary can see many different types of animals including deer, antelopes, wild boars and migratory birds.
  • Devi Kund Sagar is another place worth seeing. This lake sits about 25 km from Nokha and has several temples surrounding it.
  • The Junagarh Fort was constructed by Maharaja Ganga Singh in the early 20th century and features various palaces, pavilions and temples within its walls.
  • The Lalgarh Palace was built by Maharaja Ganga Singh as a tribute to his father Maharaja Lal Singh; today it operates as a heritage hotel.
  • Travelers interested in history will enjoy visiting Bhandasar Jain Temple; this ancient temple dates back to the 15th century and boasts beautiful paintings on its walls depicting scenes from Jain mythology.
  • Finally, Kolayat Lake attracts many pilgrims during Kartik Purnima when a fair takes place here; this lake lies approximately 50 km from Nokha.
  • These are just some of the noteworthy attractions located near Nokha that visitors may want to explore while touring Rajasthan’s Bikaner district.

  • Primary Industries

    • The major industries and businesses in Nokha, India are:
      1. Agriculture
      2. Handicrafts
      3. Small-scale manufacturing
    • The town is known for its production of:
      1. Jute bags
      2. Leather goods
      3. Textiles
    • Agriculture is also a significant industry in the area with crops such as:
      1. Wheat
      2. Mustard
      3. Cotton
    • Additionally, there are several small businesses such as:
      1. Grocery stores
      2. Restaurants
    • These businesses cater to the local population.

    • Noteable History

      1. Maharaja Ganga Singh, who ruled Bikaner in the past, had his palace in Nokha.
      2. Shri Parshwanath Bhagwan Jain Temple is a famous Jain temple that is over 500 years old and located in Nokha.
      3. During India’s struggle for independence from British rule, many freedom fighters from Nokha participated in various movements and protests.
      4. Mahatma Gandhi visited Nokha as part of his Quit India Movement back in 1942.
      5. Several notable personalities hail from this town such as Dr Ram Niwas Mirdha (former Union Minister), Rameshwar Lal Dudi (former Rajasthan Assembly Speaker), and Kailash Meghwal (former Rajasthan Minister).
      6. Kanhaiyalal Sethia, a renowned Indian poet was born here.
      7. The town is known for its handicrafts like pottery and weaving.
      8. In recent years, Nokha has become an important center for solar energy production and research with several companies setting up solar power plants here.

      Museums and Things To See

      1. Ramdeora Temple: A famous Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Rama located in the town of Ramdeora near Nokha.
      2. Bikaner Camel Breeding Farm: A government-run farm that breeds and trains camels for various purposes.
      3. Gajner Palace: A historic palace turned hotel located on the banks of Gajner Lake.
      4. Junagarh Fort: A 16th-century fort built by Rajput ruler Raja Rai Singh in Bikaner.
      5. Karni Mata Temple: Also known as the Temple of Rats, this temple is famous for its thousands of rats that are considered sacred by devotees.
      6. Lalgarh Palace Museum: A museum located inside Lalgarh Palace showcasing artifacts and exhibits related to the history and culture of Bikaner.
      7. Sadul Singh Museum: Another museum located inside Lalgarh Palace displaying vintage cars, photographs, and other items related to the royal family of Bikaner.
      8. National Research Centre on Camel (NRCC): An institute dedicated to research on camels and their role in desert ecology and economy.
      9. Kolayatji Temple: A holy place situated at Kolayat town near Nokha known for its religious significance.

      Cultural Events

      1. Gangaur Festival: Celebrated in March/April, this festival is dedicated to Goddess Parvati and marks the arrival of spring.
      2. Teej Festival: Celebrated in August/September, this festival is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.
      3. Holi: This vibrant festival celebrated in March signifies the victory of good over evil.
      4. Diwali: Celebrated in October/November, this festival celebrates the triumph of light over darkness.
      5. Bikaner Camel Festival: Held annually in January or February near Nokha town, it is a celebration of camels with various cultural performances such as folk dances and music.
      6. Nagaur Cattle Fair: Held annually for eight days around January-February near Nokha town, it is one of India’s largest cattle fairs showcasing livestock trading and cultural performances like traditional dances and music.


      1. Kachori Chaat: A famous street food in Nokha that is a combination of deep-fried kachori filled with lentils and spicy potato curry topped with yogurt, chutney, and sev.
      2. Rajasthani Thali: A traditional Rajasthani meal served on a large plate that includes dal bati churma (lentil soup with baked wheat balls), gatte ki sabzi (gram flour dumplings cooked in gravy), ker sangri (a desert bean) vegetable dish, papadum, rice, and roti.
      3. Bikaner Sweets Corner: A sweet shop famous for its rasgullas (spongy cheese balls soaked in sugar syrup), laddoos (sweet balls made of gram flour or semolina), pedas (milk fudge), barfis (milk-based sweet confectionery).
      4. Hotel Sagar Ratna: A vegetarian restaurant chain serving North Indian cuisine including dosas(idli-sambhar-dosa) , thalis , chaats etc.
      5. Shree Ram Bhojanalaya: A budget-friendly restaurant serving authentic Rajasthani dishes like dal bati churma(lentil soup with baked wheat balls) , ker sangri(a desert bean) vegetable dish etc.
      6. Gaurav Restaurant & Cafe : This is a multi-cuisine restaurant which offers both vegetarian & non-vegetarian options including Chinese & Continental dishes along with Indian food items like biryani etc.
      7. The Royal Palace Restaurant : This is another multi-cuisine restaurant located at the heart of the city offering Indian as well as Chinese & continental cuisines to its customers.

      Parks and Recreation

      1. Nehru Park: This park is a popular spot for locals to relax and enjoy the greenery.
      2. Shastri Park: Another popular spot for locals to enjoy outdoor activities such as jogging, walking, and playing sports.
      3. Nokha Lake: A great place for boating and fishing.
      4. Bikaner Camel Safari: Visitors can take a camel safari through the desert landscape surrounding Nokha.
      5. Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary: Located about 30 km from Nokha, this sanctuary offers visitors the chance to see various wildlife species including deer, antelope, and birds.
      6. Karni Mata Temple: Located about 60 km from Nokha, this temple is home to thousands of rats that are considered sacred by locals.
      7. Junagarh Fort: Located about 80 km from Nokha in Bikaner city, this fort is a popular tourist attraction known for its impressive architecture and historical significance.


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