Ōme, Japan

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Ōme, Japan

Region: Tokyo

Geographic Coordinates: 35.788000, 139.276000
Temperature Range: -10.0°C to 35.0°C (14°F to 95°F)
Climate: Seasonal.
Population: 132436
Language: Japanese

Ōme is a city located in the western part of Tokyo, Japan. It is surrounded by beautiful mountains and lush greenery, Making it a popular destination for nature lovers. The city has a population of around 140, 000 people and covers an area of approximately 219 square kilometers. One of the most famous attractions in Ōme is the Tama River, Which flows through the city. The river provides ample opportunities for water sports such as kayaking and rafting. There are also several parks along its banks where visitors can enjoy picnics or take a leisurely stroll.

Another popular attraction in Ōme is Mitake Shrine, Which sits at the base of Mount Mitake. This Shinto shrine dates back to ancient times and attracts many visitors who come to pay their respects to the deities worshipped there. Visitors can also take a cable car up to Mount Mitake for stunning views of the surrounding area. For those interested in history and culture, Ōme has several museums worth visiting.

The Ome City Folk Museum showcases traditional Japanese crafts such as pottery and weaving, While the Ome Municipal Museum of Art features works by local artists as well as international exhibitions. Foodies will appreciate Ōme’s local cuisine, Which includes dishes such as soba noodles made from locally grown buckwheat flour and river fish like ayu (sweetfish) that are caught fresh from the Tama River. one unique aspect of Ōme is its connection to Japanese animation (anime).

Several anime studios are located in or near Ōme including Studio Ghibli (known for films such as Spirited Away), Production I.G (known for Attack on Titan), And Madhouse (known for Death Note). Overall, With its natural beauty, Rich history and culture, Delicious food offerings, And ties to anime production houses; there’s something for everyone in this charming town nestled amidst the mountains.

Important Landmarks

  1. Tama Zoological Park
  2. Akigawa Valley
  3. Ome Railway Park
  4. Mitake Shrine
  5. Musashi Mitake Shrine
  6. Okutama Lake
  7. Kushi Kanzashi Museum
  8. Ome City Local History Museum
  9. Takahata Fudoson Temple
  10. Tokyo Summerland Water Park

Primary Industries

  1. Manufacturing
    • Electronic components
    • Machinery
    • Transportation equipment
  2. Agriculture
    • Vegetables
    • Fruits
    • Flowers
  3. Retail
    • Clothing
    • Electronics
    • Consumer goods
  4. Education
    • Schools
    • Universities
  5. Tourism
    • Scenic parks
    • Historic sites
  6. Healthcare
    • Hospitals
  7. Service industry
    • Restaurants
    • Hotels
    • Banks

Noteable History

  1. The Battle of Okehazama: In 1560, Oda Nobunaga defeated Imagawa Yoshimoto in a battle that took place near Ōme.
  2. Katsu Kaishu: He was a prominent Japanese statesman and naval engineer who was born in Ōme in 1823.
  3. The Tama River Floods: In 1910 and 1953, the Tama River flooded causing significant damage to Ōme and surrounding areas.
  4. General Douglas MacArthur: During the occupation of Japan after World War II, General Douglas MacArthur used a house in Ōme as his residence.
  5. Akutagawa Ryunosuke: He was a famous Japanese writer who lived in Ōme for several years before his death by suicide in 1927.
  6. The Tokyo Olympics: In 1964, some events of the Tokyo Olympics were held at Musashino Forest Sports Plaza which is located in Ōme.
  7. Mount Mitake: It is a sacred mountain located near Ōme that has been worshipped since ancient times as a spiritual center for Shintoism and Buddhism.
  8. Hachioji Castle: It was built by Hojo Ujiteru during the Sengoku period and served as an important stronghold until it was destroyed by Tokugawa Ieyasu’s forces during his campaign to unify Japan.
  9. Shigeru Miyamoto: He is one of the most famous video game designers of all time who created iconic games such as Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, Legend Of Zelda etc. He grew up playing around mountains near Oume city which inspired him to create many games based on nature.
  10. Tomomi Nishimoto: She became first female mayor of Oume city after winning 2019 mayoral election.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Ome Municipal Museum of Art: This museum displays a collection of Japanese paintings, prints, and sculptures.
  2. Ome City Folk Museum: This museum exhibits the history and culture of Ōme through displays on local crafts, festivals, and daily life.
  3. Mitake Shrine: A historic Shinto shrine situated in the mountains near Ōme renowned for its stunning scenery and hiking trails.
  4. Akatsuka Fujio Kaikan Museum: A museum dedicated to the famous manga artist Akatsuka Fujio, who created Osomatsu-kun.
  5. Musashi Mitake Shrine: Another significant Shinto shrine located in the mountains near Ōme that is famous for its beautiful autumn foliage.
  6. Tama Forest Science Garden: A park featuring various trees from all over Japan as well as educational exhibits on forestry and conservation.
  7. Oshino Hakkai Springs: A series of eight natural springs found in nearby Yamanashi Prefecture that are known to have some of the clearest water in Japan.
  8. Mt. Mitake Cable Car: Take a cable car up to Mt. Mitake to enjoy breathtaking views over Tokyo Bay and the surrounding mountains.
  9. Ogouchi Dam: A dam famous for its cherry blossoms during spring season.
  10. Tamagawa Josui Aqueduct: An aqueduct built during Edo period used to transport drinking water from Tama River to Edo (present-day Tokyo).

Cultural Events

  1. Ome City Cherry Blossom Festival: This festival is held annually in early April to celebrate the blooming of cherry blossoms. Visitors can enjoy food stalls, music performances, and traditional Japanese arts and crafts.
  2. Ome Matsuri: This summer festival takes place in mid-July and features a parade of portable shrines called mikoshi, taiko drumming, and street food vendors.
  3. Koshu Wine Festival: The event showcases the local wine produced in the nearby Koshu region. Guests can taste various wines from different wineries while enjoying live music performances.
  4. Ome Autumn Festival: Held in late October or early November, this festival features a procession of traditional Japanese floats called yatai along with taiko drumming and other cultural performances.
  5. Hina Dolls Exhibition: Taking place during March every year at the Ome Municipal Museum of Art, this exhibition displays elaborate hina dolls that represent the imperial court during Japan’s Heian period (794-1185).


  • Ome Noodle: This restaurant is famous for its delicious ramen noodles.
  • Kaiseki Ryori: This restaurant serves traditional Japanese multi-course meals using fresh seasonal ingredients.
  • Ome Yakitori: This restaurant serves skewered chicken grilled over charcoal and is a popular local dish.
  • Soba no Miya: This restaurant specializes in soba noodles made from buckwheat flour and served with various toppings.
  • Gyoza no Ohsho: This chain restaurant serves delicious gyoza dumplings, a popular Japanese snack.
  • Okonomiyaki Kijiya: This restaurant serves Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki, a savory pancake filled with vegetables, meat, and seafood.
  • Udon Tatsuya: This restaurant specializes in udon noodles made from wheat flour and served hot or cold with various toppings.
  • Sushi Iwaizumi: This sushi bar offers fresh sushi made from locally caught fish and seafood.
  • Torikatsu Manjuu Kitamura Oume Branch: Famous for its crispy chicken cutlet stuffed inside steamed buns called manjuu.
  • Tsukemen Ichiran Ōme Branch – A franchise of the famous Ichiran Ramen chain known for their customizable ramen bowls where you can choose the spiciness level, richness of broth etc as per your preference!

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Ome Municipal Park is a vast park that boasts various facilities, including baseball fields, tennis courts, and a swimming pool.
    2. Ome Kaido Road is an ancient road that traverses the city and is popular among hikers and cyclists.
    3. Tama River is a picturesque river that provides opportunities for activities such as fishing, kayaking, and rafting.
    4. Fukiage-Fujimi Park features playgrounds, sports facilities, and cherry blossom trees in the springtime.
    5. Akigawa Valley is renowned for its natural beauty and outdoor activities like hiking and camping.
    6. Ome City Cultural Hall hosts cultural events such as concerts, plays, exhibitions throughout the year.
    7. Gyokudo Art Museum showcases works by the artist Gyokudo Kawai who was born in Ōme city.
    8. Mt.Takao – located near Ōme city it offers numerous hiking trails with stunning views of Tokyo’s skyline from its summit.
    9. Ogouchi Dam- A beautiful spot to enjoy nature’s beauty surrounded by mountains offering water sports like boating & fishing.


    Let The Journey Begin.

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