Ordu, Turkey

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Ordu, Turkey

Region: Ordu

Geographic Coordinates: 40.983300, 37.883300
Temperature Range: 10.0°C to 30.0°C (50°F to 86°F)
Climate: Ordu, Turkey has a humid subtropical climate with warm summers and mild winters. The region experiences precipitation throughout the year, with the heaviest rainfall occurring in autumn.
Population: 229214
Language: Turkish

Ordu, Located in the Black Sea Region of Turkey, Is a stunning city with an area of about 2, 500 square kilometers and a population of approximately 200, 000 people. The city is situated between the mountains and the sea making it a perfect destination for nature lovers. The coastline in Ordu is one of its main attractions with pristine beaches such as Gülyalı Beach, Altınordu Beach, Fatsa Beach, And Perşembe Beach offering visitors an opportunity to relax under the sun while enjoying sand and sea.

Apart from its natural beauty, Ordu has several historical sites worth visiting such as Boztepe Hill which offers panoramic views of the city below along with an ancient castle dating back to Ottoman times. Ordu’s traditional bazaar is another must-see attraction where local handicrafts like pottery, Textiles and jewelry can be found alongside delicious Turkish cuisine including lamb or beef kebabs cooked over charcoal grills. For adventure enthusiasts interested in hiking or trekking adventures there are several trails available throughout Ordu’s lush forests offering breathtaking views along the way. These trails can be explored on foot or by mountain bike.

Throughout the year Ordu hosts many cultural events including festivals celebrating local traditions like hazelnut harvesting season which takes place every August/September when hazelnuts are harvested from trees grown abundantly around this region. Overall Ordu offers something for everyone whether you’re looking for adventure sports like paragliding or simply want to relax on one of its beautiful beaches – there’s no shortage of things to see and do here!

Important Landmarks

  1. Boztepe Hill
  2. Ordu Boztepe Cable Car
  3. Taşbaşı Cultural Center
  4. Ordu Castle
  5. Yason Church (Saint Jason Church)
  6. Pasaoglu Mansion and Ethnography Museum
  7. Kurul Kalesi (Kurul Castle)
  8. Gölköy Beach
  9. Gülyalı Beach
  10. Ünye Castle

Primary Industries

  • 1. Agriculture, mainly hazelnut production
  • 2. Fishing
  • 3. Tourism
  • 4. Textile manufacturing
  • 5. Food processing

  • Noteable History

    1. The ancient city of Kotyora, which was an important trading center during the Byzantine Empire.
    2. The Ottoman Empire’s conquest of the region in the 15th century.
    3. The Battle of Ordu in 1916 during World War I, where Ottoman forces defeated Russian troops.
    4. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of modern Turkey, visited Ordu in 1924 and praised its natural beauty.
    5. Turkish folk singer Neşet Ertaş was born in Kirvem village near Ordu.
    6. Zeki Müren, one of Turkey’s most famous singers and composers, spent his childhood in Ordu before moving to Istanbul to pursue his music career.
    7. Yılmaz Güney, a prominent filmmaker and actor who won the Palme d’Or at Cannes Film Festival for his film The Way (Yol), was born in Şanlıurfa but spent some time living and working in Ordu as well.
    8. In recent years, Ordu has become a popular tourist destination due to its scenic coastline along the Black Sea and its many parks and gardens within the city limits.

    Museums and Things To See

    1. Ordu Boztepe Cable Car is a popular attraction that offers panoramic views of the city and the Black Sea.
    2. Ordu Archeology Museum displays artifacts from ancient civilizations that once inhabited the region.
    3. Pasaoglu Konagi Museum is a historic mansion converted into a museum showcasing traditional Turkish architecture and lifestyle.
    4. Ordu Ataturk House Museum was Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s childhood home, now turned into a museum.
    5. Kursunlu Mosque is an Ottoman-era mosque with unique architecture and intricate tile work.
    6. Yason Church Ruins are the ruins of an ancient Byzantine church located on a hill overlooking the city.
    7. Ordu City Park is a large park in the heart of the city with walking paths, playgrounds, and picnic areas.
    8. Boztepe Observation Deck offers stunning views over Ordu Bay and surrounding mountains.
    9. Fatsa Belediyesi Kent Muzesi (Fatsa Municipal City Museum) showcases local history and culture through exhibits such as traditional costumes, tools used in farming and fishing activities as well as household items from various periods throughout history located in nearby Fatsa.
    10. Ordu Golkoy Picnic Area & Waterfall is a beautiful natural site located about 20 km away from Ordu city center towards Samsun province border where you can enjoy nature walks at tranquil surroundings while observing waterfalls cascading down to crystal clear pools perfect for swimming or just relaxing by its banks.

    Sports Teams

    1. Ordu Gençlerbirliği Spor Kulübü (football)
    2. Ordu Belediyespor (basketball)
    3. Ordu Yıldızlar Güreş Kulübü (wrestling)
    4. Ordu Atletizm Kulübü (athletics)

    Ordu doesn’t have any professional sports teams, but there are numerous amateur sports clubs and teams in the city that compete in various local and regional competitions. These clubs have a rich history of producing talented athletes who go on to represent Turkey at national and international levels.

    Cultural Events

    1. Ordu International Folklore Festival is an annual event in July that attracts folk dance groups from all over the world.
    2. Ordu Municipal Culture and Art Festival takes place every August and offers a range of cultural activities, including music, dance, theater, and art exhibitions.
    3. The Ordu Hazelnut Festival celebrates the hazelnut harvest season in September with food stalls selling hazelnut products, live music performances, and traditional dances.
    4. The Ordu Sea Festival is held annually in August or September to celebrate the city’s seaside location with boat races, water sports competitions, seafood stalls serving local delicacies like anchovies and mackerel.
    5. The Ordu Traditional Handicrafts Fair showcases local handicrafts such as hand-woven carpets and kilims made by women from nearby villages.
    6. The Kabadüz Cherry Festival is held annually in June or July in the nearby town of Kabadüz (a district of Ordu). This festival celebrates the cherry harvest season with live music performances and cherry-themed food stalls.
    7. Gölköy Mushroom Festival takes place every October or November in Gölköy (another district of Ordu) to celebrate the mushroom harvest season with mushroom-themed food stalls and cooking contests.


    • Ordu pidesi: A type of Turkish flatbread filled with cheese, meat, or vegetables.
    • Kebapçı Halil Usta: A popular restaurant serving traditional Turkish kebabs and grilled meats.
    • Yalı Kahvesi: A café located on the shores of the Black Sea serving fresh seafood dishes.
    • Çambaşı Yaylası: A mountain village known for its traditional dairy products such as butter, cheese, and yogurt.
    • Balıkçılar Çarşısı: A fish market where visitors can purchase fresh catch of the day and have it cooked at nearby restaurants.
    • Hamsiköy Köyü: Famous for its homemade pastries such as baklava and künefe made with local ingredients like walnuts, honey, and cream.
    • Kırkızlar Kahvehanesi: An old-fashioned coffee house famous for its Turkish coffee served with lokum (Turkish delight).
    • Şahinkaya Canyon Restaurant: Located in a picturesque canyon setting offering traditional Turkish cuisine along with stunning views of nature around it.
    • Boztepe Teleferik Restaurant & Cafe Bar : This hilltop restaurant offers panoramic views of Ordu city along with delicious food options including grilled meats, soups etc
    • Mavi Su Aile Çay Bahçesi : This tea garden is a perfect spot to relax amidst nature while enjoying some tea or coffee along with some snacks like gozleme etc

    • Parks and Recreation

      1. Ordu Boztepe Nature Park is a popular park located on a hill that overlooks the city of Ordu. It offers panoramic views of the Black Sea and surrounding mountains.
      2. Ataturk Park is a large public park in the center of Ordu. It features walking paths, playgrounds, picnic areas, and a small lake.
      3. Yason Burnu Recreation Area is a scenic area located on the coast near Ordu. It offers hiking trails, picnic areas, and beach access.
      4. Kurul Kalesi National Park is a protected area with hiking trails and historic ruins dating back to ancient times.
      5. Golkoy Beach is a popular beach destination near Ordu with clear waters and sandy beaches.
      6. Aybasti Plateau is an elevated area known for its natural beauty and traditional Turkish villages.
      7. Fatsa Waterfall National Park is an area with waterfalls, hiking trails, and picnic spots located about 30 km from Ordu.
      8. Ulugol Lake Nature Reserve is a scenic lake surrounded by forests that are popular for fishing, boating, and camping trips.
      9. Tasbasi Cultural Center is a cultural center in Ordu that offers workshops on traditional Turkish crafts such as rug making and pottery.
      10. Tersane Island National Park is an island off the coast of Ordu that’s home to various bird species as well as historic ruins from Byzantine times.


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