Port Said, Egypt

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Port Said, Egypt

Region: Port Said, Egypt

Geographic Coordinates: 31.262500, 32.306100
Temperature Range: 15.0°C to 35.0°C (59°F to 95°F)
Climate: Hot and dry summers, mild and rainy winters.
Population: 524433
Language: Arabic

Port Said is a lively city situated in the northeast of Egypt, Serving as the gateway to the Suez Canal. The city has a rich history, Vibrant culture, And bustling atmosphere that attracts tourists from all over. One of Port Said’s most famous landmarks is its lighthouse, Which has been guiding ships through the canal since 1869. The lighthouse offers breathtaking views of both the city and surrounding waters and is a popular tourist attraction. The city also houses several museums that showcase its fascinating history.

The National Museum of Port Said displays artifacts from ancient times to modern-day Egypt while providing insight into how life has evolved throughout various periods. The Military Museum highlights Egypt’s military prowess throughout history. Port Said also boasts many parks and green spaces that offer visitors an opportunity to relax amid lush gardens. Al-Azhar Park provides stunning views of both Port Said’s skyline and Suez Canal. Another must-visit attraction in Port Said is its bustling marketplaces or souks where visitors can shop for local handicrafts, Spices, Textiles, Jewelry, Pottery items among others at reasonable prices.

Souq El Gomaa is one such market worth exploring where vendors sell everything from fresh produce to clothing items. Apart from being a hub for commerce due to its location on one end of Suez Canal, Port said also offers some fantastic beaches along with water sports activities like windsurfing & kiteboarding making it an ideal destination for beach lovers too. but not leastly , The people who live here are friendly & hospitable which adds up even more charm into this already beautiful coastal town making it an unforgettable experience for any traveler visiting there!

Important Landmarks

  1. The Suez Canal is a renowned landmark in Port Said, Egypt, and is one of the busiest waterways globally, connecting the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea.
  2. Standing tall at 56 meters and built-in 1869, the Port Said Lighthouse provides breathtaking views of the city and its surroundings.
  3. The Military Museum in Port Said houses an impressive collection of military equipment, weapons, and memorabilia from various wars that Egypt has participated in.
  4. Al-Nasr Mosque is a prominent mosque in Port Said known for its stunning architecture and intricate designs that attract visitors from all over.
  5. The National Museum of Port Said showcases the rich history and culture of this Egyptian city through various exhibits such as art pieces, artifacts, photographs, and documents.
  6. Built-in 1921 with an impressive facade featuring intricate details on its exterior walls; El-Gomhouria Theater is a historic theater offering entertainment to visitors.
  7. Visitors can explore bustling Fish Market where they can buy fresh seafood caught by local fishermen while enjoying their trip to Port Said.
  8. Tourists visiting Port Said can enjoy several beaches along the Mediterranean coast offering swimming activities sunbathing opportunities among other water-based activities for them to indulge in during their stay there.

Primary Industries

  1. Port Said’s economy is diverse and has a strong focus on trade and industry due to its strategic location near the Suez Canal.
  2. The city continues to grow and develop.
  3. Port Said attracts both local and international businesses and visitors.

Noteable History

  1. The opening of the Suez Canal in 1869 was a significant milestone in the history of Port Said.
  2. During the Arab-Israeli conflict of 1956, Port Said was occupied by Israeli forces as part of the Suez Crisis.
  3. Port Said played a crucial role in Egyptian nationalism during the early 20th century, and many prominent figures were associated with the city, including Saad Zaghloul and Gamal Abdel Nasser.
  4. Notable figures such as singer Umm Kulthum and writer Naguib Mahfouz were also connected to Port Said.
  5. In recent years, political unrest and economic challenges have affected Port Said, including a tragic football riot in 2012 that resulted in over 70 deaths.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Port Said Military Museum
  2. Suez Canal Authority Building
  3. Port Said National Museum
  4. El-Tawfikia Mosque
  5. De Lesseps Statue and Memorial Gardens
  6. Port Said Lighthouse and Pier
  7. Al-Arab Mosque
  8. Al-Adabiyah Mosque
  9. Al-Fath Mosque
  10. The Church of Saint Joseph

Sports Teams

  1. Port Said boasts several sports teams, with Al-Masry SC being one of the oldest football clubs in Egypt. Having been founded in 1920, they have won various domestic titles such as the Egyptian Cup and Egyptian Super Cup.
  2. Al-Ittihad Al-Iskandary SC is based in Alexandria but has a significant fanbase in Port Said due to their rivalry with Al-Masry. They have won numerous domestic and continental titles over the years.
  3. Port Said Sporting Club is a multi-sport club that was founded in 1930 and competes in football, basketball, handball, and volleyball. While they have had some success at the local level, they have never won any major trophies.
  4. Zamalek Sporting Club is not based in Port Said but has a large following within the city due to their accomplishments on both domestic and international levels. They are one of Egypt’s most successful clubs with numerous league titles and African Champions League victories under their belt.

Cultural Events

  1. Port Said International Festival is an annual event that takes place in August and features music, dance, and theater performances by local and international artists.
  2. Port Said National Day is celebrated on April 25th every year to mark the anniversary of the city’s liberation from British occupation in 1956.
  3. Suez Canal Day is held on November 17th each year to commemorate the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869 with a parade and fireworks display.
  4. Ramadan is observed throughout Egypt by Muslims as a holy month with fasting during daylight hours and special evening prayers.
  5. Eid al-Fitr is a three-day festival celebrating the end of Ramadan with feasting, gift-giving, and social gatherings.
  6. Moulid al-Nabi is celebrated throughout Egypt to honor Prophet Muhammad’s birthday with parades, feasts, and religious ceremonies.
  7. Sham el-Nessim is a spring festival that takes place on Easter Monday featuring picnics by the Nile River along with traditional foods like salted fish and colored eggs.
  8. The International Film Festival for Children & Youth occurs annually in September showcasing films made by or for children from around the world.
  9. Port Said Heritage Festival lasts for a week each October highlighting local traditions such as fishing competitions, folkloric dances, handicraft exhibitions among other activities.
  10. Port Said Summer Cultural Festival consists of cultural events including music concerts, theater plays, art exhibitions, workshops taking place during summer months (June-July-August).


  1. Foul: A dish made of fava beans mixed with herbs and spices.
  2. Koshari: A vegetarian dish consisting of rice, lentils, macaroni, chickpeas, and tomato sauce.
  3. Fish dishes: Port Said is known for its fresh seafood dishes such as fried fish and seafood tagine.
  4. Molokhia: A traditional Egyptian stew made from jute leaves served with rice or bread.
  5. Shawarma: A Middle Eastern sandwich made with grilled meat (usually chicken or beef), vegetables, and sauces wrapped in pita bread.

Some popular restaurants in Port Said include:

  1. El Kababgy Restaurant: Known for its delicious grilled meats.
  2. El Farasha Restaurant: Serves a variety of Egyptian dishes including molokhia and koshari.
  3. Fish Market Restaurant: Offers a wide selection of fresh seafood dishes.
  4. Al Deyafa Café & Restaurant: Serves traditional Egyptian breakfast items such as falafel sandwiches and foul medames.
  5. Abu Ali Street Food Cart: Famous for their shawarma sandwiches which are very popular among locals and tourists alike.

Parks and Recreation

  1. Al-Mashtal Park
  2. Port Said Public Beach
  3. Al-Nasr Sports Club
  4. Port Said Stadium
  5. Suez Canal Authority Sports Club
  6. Port Said Yacht Club
  7. El-Gomhoreya Park
  8. El-Manakhly Beach
  9. The Military Museum of Port Said
  10. Port Fouad Marina


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