Rangkasbitung, Indonesia

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Rangkasbitung, Indonesia

Region: Banten

Geographic Coordinates: -6.366700, 106.250000
Temperature Range: 25.0°C to 35.0°C (77°F to 95°F)
Climate: Tropical climate with rainy season from October to April and dry season from May to September.
Population: 137041
Language: Indonesian

Rangkasbitung is a small town located in the Banten province of Indonesia, Approximately 80 kilometers away from Jakarta. Despite its size, It has a rich history and culture that attracts tourists from all over the world. One of the main attractions in Rangkasbitung is its beautiful natural scenery. The town is surrounded by lush green forests and hills that offer breathtaking views to visitors. The Gunung Halimun Salak National Park, Located near Rangkasbitung, Is home to various species of flora and fauna. Visitors can go trekking or hiking in this park while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Another attraction worth visiting is the Kampung Naga village. This traditional village has been preserved for centuries and still maintains its original way of life with traditional houses made of bamboo and wooden structures built on stilts above waterways. For those interested in history, There are several historical sites to visit such as the Benteng Speelwijk fortress built during Dutch colonial times and also Al-Mukminin Mosque which was built around 1860s by Arab traders who settled here at that time.

Culinary enthusiasts will enjoy trying out local delicacies such as Nasi Uduk Khas Banten (rice cooked with coconut milk) or Sate Bandeng (grilled milkfish skewers). There are also several street food vendors selling delicious snacks such as Pisang Goreng (fried bananas) or Kerupuk Udang (prawn crackers). Furthermore, Rangkasbitung hosts various annual festivals that attract visitors from all over Indonesia such as Pasar Seni Budaya Banten Festival which showcases traditional art forms like music performances, Dance shows etc., Or Jambore Nasional Pramuka – an annual scouting event held here for young scouts across Indonesia.

but not least, Rangkasbitung is also known for its traditional handicrafts such as bamboo weaving and batik making. Visitors can watch local artisans at work and even purchase their beautiful creations as souvenirs. Overall, Rangkasbitung is a hidden gem that offers visitors a glimpse into the rich history, Culture, And natural beauty of Indonesia. It’s an ideal destination for those who want to escape the hustle-bustle of city life and immerse themselves in nature and tradition.

Important Landmarks

  1. Taman Wisata Alam Gunung Halimun Salak National Park
  2. Curug Cikaso Waterfall
  3. Puncak Parang Mountain
  4. Situ Gintung Reservoir
  5. Kampung Naga Traditional Village
  6. Cipanas Hot Spring Resort
  7. Taman Bunga Nusantara Garden
  8. Ciherang Waterfall
  9. Kampoeng Air Panas Ciater Hot Spring Park
  10. Tanjung Lesung Beach Resort

Primary Industries

  1. Agriculture – Rangkasbitung is known for its fertile land, and agriculture is the main source of income for most people in the town. Rice, corn, vegetables, and fruits are some of the major crops grown here.
  2. Small-scale industries – There are several small-scale industries in Rangkasbitung that produce handicrafts, textiles, furniture, and other products.
  3. Retail – Many retail stores and markets in Rangkasbitung sell food items, clothing, household goods etc.
  4. Services – The service sector is also growing rapidly with the development of tourism industry in nearby areas such as Carita Beach.
  5. Education – Several schools and colleges located here make education an important industry in Rangkasbitung.
  6. Transportation – As a transportation hub connecting Jakarta to other parts of Java island through highways or railways passing by this area also plays an important role on economy growth of this area.

Noteable History

  1. The establishment of Rangkasbitung as a regency in 1984.
  2. The Battle of Rangkasbitung, which took place during the Indonesian National Revolution in 1946.
  3. The birthplace of prominent Indonesian writer Pramoedya Ananta Toer, who was born in nearby Blora village.
  4. The location of the historic Cikaret Bridge, which played an important role in the Battle of Rangkasbitung.
  5. The site of several Dutch colonial-era buildings, including the former residence of the Dutch Resident and a colonial-era prison.
  6. Notable people from Rangkasbitung include former Minister for Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection Linda Amalia Sari Gumelar and musician Ahmad Dhani Prasetyo.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Benteng Heritage Museum
  2. Taman Wisata Alam Gunung Halimun Salak National Park
  3. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah
  4. Pura Jagatnatha Rangkasbitung
  5. Situ Cipondoh Lake and Park
  6. Masjid Agung Al-Muttaqin Rangkasbitung
  7. Kebun Raya Bogor (Bogor Botanical Gardens)
  8. Museum Zoologi Bogor (Bogor Zoological Museum)
  9. Batutulis Inscription in Bogor City Center
  10. Taman Bunga Nusantara (Nusantara Flower Garden)

Cultural Events

  1. Festival Kue Aci is a traditional food festival that celebrates the local delicacy of aci, a type of glutinous rice cake.
  2. Rangkasbitung Fair is an annual fair that showcases the best of Rangkasbitung’s agriculture, handicrafts, and cultural performances.
  3. Maulid Nabi Muhammad is a religious festival that commemorates the birth of Prophet Muhammad with prayers and recitations.
  4. Hari Jadi Kabupaten Lebak is the anniversary celebration of Lebak Regency, which includes parades, cultural performances, and exhibitions.
  5. Sembahyang Bumi is an agricultural ceremony held to honor the earth goddess Dewi Sri and ensure a bountiful harvest.
  6. Tari Topeng Cirebon Festival is a mask dance festival featuring performers from Cirebon, West Java.
  7. Cap Go Meh Celebration is the Chinese New Year’s Eve celebration in Rangkasbitung’s Chinatown area with lion dances and fireworks display.
  8. Wayang Golek Festival is a puppet theater festival featuring traditional wayang golek puppets from West Java.
  9. Ngaben Ceremony: Hindu cremation ceremony to send off deceased souls to their next life.
  10. Pasola War Ritual: Traditional horseback jousting ritual in Sumba Island.


  • Nasi Uduk Ayam Goreng Kremes Bu Endang: This restaurant is famous for its nasi uduk (coconut rice) with crispy fried chicken and kremes (crunchy bits).
  • Warung Makan Sari: A humble eatery that serves authentic Sundanese dishes such as pepes ikan (steamed fish in banana leaves) and sayur asem (sour vegetable soup).
  • Bakso Pak Gendut: Bakso is a type of Indonesian meatball soup, and this place offers some of the best in town.
  • Sate Maranggi Haji Isan: Sate maranggi is a grilled beef skewer dish marinated in sweet soy sauce from the Purwakarta region, and this restaurant has been serving it for decades.
  • Es Durian Pak Syamsul: For durian lovers, this place is a must-visit as they serve various durian-based desserts such as es durian (durian shaved ice) and dodol durian (durian candy).

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Taman Kota Rangkasbitung is a public park that offers playgrounds, gardens, and jogging tracks.
    2. Taman Wisata Alam Gunung Halimun Salak National Park is a national park that provides hiking trails, camping sites, and waterfalls for visitors.
    3. Pantai Cipanarikan is a beach with white sand and clear water perfect for swimming and sunbathing.
    4. Danau Situ Banten is a lake where visitors can enjoy fishing activities or boat rides.
    5. Taman Budaya Rangkasbitung serves as a cultural center that hosts various events such as art exhibitions, traditional dance performances, and music concerts.
    6. Lapangan Merdeka Rangkasbitung is an open field used for sports activities such as football or volleyball games.
    7. Curug Cikaso Waterfall located nearby in Sukabumi offers beautiful scenery for trekking or sightseeing tours.
    8. Kampung Naga Cultural Village preserves traditional Sundanese culture through its architecture and way of life in an ancient village setting.


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