Revere, Massachusetts

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Revere, Massachusetts


Geographic Coordinates: 42.418900, -71.004000
Climate: Climate and weather patterns in Revere, United States vary throughout the year.
Population: 60720
Language: English

Revere is a vibrant city located in Suffolk County, Massachusetts, United States. Situated just five miles north of downtown Boston, Revere offers residents and visitors a unique blend of urban amenities and coastal charm. With its rich history, Stunning natural beauty, And diverse community, Revere has become a sought-after destination for both tourists and those looking to settle down. One of the highlights of Revere is its beautiful coastline along the Atlantic Ocean. The city boasts three miles of sandy beaches that attract beachgoers from all over the region during the summer months.

Revere Beach is particularly renowned as America’s first public beach and continues to be a popular spot for swimming, Sunbathing, Picnicking, And enjoying various water sports. Apart from its picturesque shoreline, Revere also offers numerous recreational opportunities within its parks and green spaces. Belle Isle Marsh Reservation is a 350-acre nature preserve that provides visitors with an opportunity to explore trails while observing various bird species in their natural habitat. Similarly, Rumney Marsh Reservation offers scenic views along with walking paths through salt marshes.

Revere’s rich history can be traced back to colonial times when it was originally settled as part of neighboring Chelsea in 1626. It later became an independent town in 1846 before eventually incorporating as a city in 1914. The city takes pride in preserving its historical landmarks such as the Revere Beach Parkway Historic District which showcases beautiful architecture dating back to the early 20th century. In addition to its natural beauty and history, Revere also boasts a diverse community that contributes to its vibrant atmosphere.

The city embraces cultural diversity through various events like festivals celebrating different ethnicities throughout the year. This inclusivity can be seen not only through cultural celebrations but also by exploring local restaurants offering cuisines from around the world. Revere provides excellent educational opportunities for residents with several schools serving students from kindergarten through high school level education. Additionally, The city is in close proximity to prestigious higher education institutions in nearby Boston, Including Northeastern University and Boston University. Transportation options are plentiful in Revere, Making it easily accessible for both residents and visitors.

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) operates several bus routes within the city, Connecting it to neighboring communities and downtown Boston. For those preferring to drive, Revere is conveniently located near major highways such as Interstate 93 and Route 1. Revere offers a unique combination of coastal beauty, Rich history, Cultural diversity, Excellent educational opportunities, And convenient transportation options. Whether you’re looking for a day at the beach or exploring historical landmarks or enjoying diverse cuisines from around the world – Revere has something for everyone.

Important Landmarks

  1. Revere Beach: Known as America’s first public beach, Revere Beach attracts tourists with its sandy shores, beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean, and a lively atmosphere.
  2. Wonderland Greyhound Park: Once a popular dog racing track, Wonderland Greyhound Park is now a historic landmark that offers live simulcast racing and various entertainment options.
  3. Rumney Marsh Reservation: This 600-acre nature reserve is ideal for hiking and birdwatching. It features diverse ecosystems like salt marshes, tidal creeks, grasslands, and woodlands.
  4. Kelly’s Roast Beef: A local institution since 1951, Kelly’s Roast Beef is famous for its mouthwatering roast beef sandwiches that have become an iconic part of Revere’s culinary scene.
  5. Suffolk Downs Racetrack: Although no longer operational for horse racing events, this racetrack has a rich history in Thoroughbred horse racing and remains an important landmark in the area.
  6. The Cyclone Roller Coaster Statue: Located near Revere Beach Parkway (Route 16), this statue pays homage to the historic Cyclone roller coaster that operated at Paragon Park from 1928 to 1984.
  7. Immaculate Conception Parish Church: A stunning example of Gothic Revival architecture built in the late 1800s, this church stands as one of Revere’s most prominent religious landmarks.
  8. The Paul Revere Bell Tower & Memorial Park: Dedicated to Paul Revere himself – who was born in what is now modern-day Revere – this park features a replica bell tower commemorating his midnight ride during the American Revolution.
  9. Showcase Cinemas de Lux Legacy Place: While technically located just outside of Revere in Dedham (Massachusetts), this upscale movie theater complex offers state-of-the-art screens, comfortable seating, and a variety of dining options.
  10. Revere City Hall: A historic building dating back to 1898, Revere City Hall is an architectural gem that showcases the city’s rich history and serves as the municipal center for local government affairs.

Primary Industries

  1. Hospitality and Tourism: Revere is known for its beautiful beaches, such as Revere Beach, which attracts tourists during the summer months. The city has several hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues catering to visitors.
  2. Healthcare: There are various healthcare facilities and services available in Revere, including hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and medical offices.
  3. Retail: Revere has a number of shopping centers and retail establishments that serve both residents and visitors. These include malls like Northgate Shopping Center as well as smaller independent stores.
  4. Education: The city is home to several educational institutions ranging from elementary schools to high schools. Additionally, there are colleges nearby that offer higher education opportunities.
  5. Manufacturing: While not as prominent as it once was in the past decades when manufacturing played a more significant role in the local economy, there are still some manufacturing companies operating in Revere today.
  6. Construction: Construction companies play an important role in developing new residential areas or commercial buildings within the city.
  7. Transportation and Logistics: Given its proximity to Boston Logan International Airport and its location along major highways like Route 1A and Route 60, transportation-related businesses such as logistics companies or car rental agencies have a presence in Revere.
  8. Financial Services: Banks and financial institutions provide various financial services to residents of Revere through their branches located within the city limits.
  9. Real Estate Development: With its coastal location near Boston attracting many people looking for housing options close to urban amenities but with lower costs compared to downtown Boston itself; real estate development remains an active industry within Revere.
  10. Technology Services/Startups/Entrepreneurship: An emerging trend can be seen with startups focusing on technology services or other innovative ventures being established within this region.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and there may be other industries and businesses operating in Revere as well.

Noteable History

  1. Paul Revere: Perhaps the most famous person associated with Revere is Paul Revere himself. Born in Boston in 1735, he lived for some time in what is now Revere. He became an American patriot and played a crucial role during the American Revolutionary War. His midnight ride on April 18, 1775, warning of British troop movements to Lexington and Concord, became legendary.
  2. Rumney Marsh: The area that later became Revere was initially known as Rumney Marsh when it was settled by English colonists in 1626. It was one of the earliest settlements in Massachusetts Bay Colony.
  3. Battle of Chelsea Creek: During the American Revolution on May 27, 1775, the Battle of Chelsea Creek took place near present-day Revere Beach between colonial forces led by Colonel John Stark and British troops attempting to secure supplies stored at Chelsea’s Powder House.
  4. First Public Beach: In 1896, America’s first public beach opened at what is now known as Revere Beach State Reservation in Revere.
  5. Wonderland Amusement Park: From its opening in 1906 until its closure in 1919 due to Prohibition laws, Wonderland Amusement Park attracted millions of visitors from all over New England to enjoy roller coasters, rides, games, and entertainment.
  6. Charles Ponzi: Charles Ponzi was an infamous Italian-born swindler who lived for a time in what is now part of present-day Revere during his fraudulent schemes involving international postal reply coupons (known as Ponzi schemes) that collapsed spectacularly in the early twentieth century.
  7. Suffolk Downs Racetrack: Opened on July 10th,1935; Suffolk Downs Racetrack hosted horse racing events for several decades and became an iconic landmark in Revere.
  8. Tornado of 1953: On June 9, 1953, a devastating tornado struck Revere, causing significant damage to homes and buildings. It was one of the deadliest tornadoes in Massachusetts history.

These events and people have left a lasting impact on the history and identity of Revere, Massachusetts.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Revere Beach: Known as America’s first public beach, it is a popular destination for swimming, sunbathing, and picnicking.
  2. Rumney Marsh Reservation: This beautiful nature reserve offers walking trails, bird-watching opportunities, and scenic views of the marshlands.
  3. Revere Historical Society Museum: Located in an old schoolhouse building, this museum showcases the history of Revere through exhibits and artifacts.
  4. Wonderland Greyhound Park: Although no longer operational as a racing venue, it now serves as a multi-purpose facility hosting events like concerts and expos.
  5. Kelly’s Roast Beef: A local institution since 1951, Kelly’s is famous for its delicious roast beef sandwiches and seafood dishes.
  6. Suffolk Downs Racetrack: While not technically in Revere (it is located in East Boston), this historic racetrack offers horse racing events during certain seasons and has been operating since 1935.
  7. Showcase Cinemas de Lux Revere: If you’re looking for some entertainment indoors, this movie theater complex features multiple screens showing the latest films.
  8. The Northgate Shopping Center: A popular shopping destination with various stores including clothing boutiques, electronics shops, restaurants, and more.
  9. The Paul Revere Bell Tower at St Anthony’s Church: This iconic bell tower stands tall in honor of Paul Revere’s midnight ride during the American Revolution.
  10. The Neponset River Greenway Trail (Neponset River Reservation): Great for outdoor enthusiasts or those who enjoy biking or walking along scenic paths with beautiful river views.

Sports Teams

  1. Revere High School Patriots: The Revere High School athletic teams are known as the Patriots. They have a long history of competing in various high school sports, including football, basketball, soccer, baseball, softball, track and field, and more.
  2. Revere Little League Baseball: The city has an active Little League program where children can participate in baseball and softball leagues. The league provides opportunities for young athletes to learn and enjoy the sport.
  3. Beachmont VFW Post 6712 Baseball: This is an American Legion-affiliated baseball team that represents Beachmont Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 6712 in Revere. They compete against other American Legion teams from nearby cities.
  4. New England Sand Sculpting Festival: Though not specifically a sports team or organization itself, this annual event held on Revere Beach showcases incredible sand sculptures created by talented artists from around the world.
  5. Historical Sporting Events: Over the years, there have been various sporting events held in or near Revere that have attracted attention from locals and visitors alike; these include road races (such as the annual Run for Freedom 5K) or charity events organized by local organizations.

While these examples may not represent professional sports teams with extensive histories like those found in major cities across America, they highlight some of the sporting activities and events that take place within the community of Revere.

Cultural Events

  1. The St. Anthony’s Feast: Held annually in August, this traditional Italian festival features a procession through the streets of Revere and offers delicious Italian food, live music, and entertainment.
  2. The Greek Festival: Organized by Sts. Constantine & Helen Greek Orthodox Church, this festival celebrates Greek culture with traditional music, dance performances, authentic Greek cuisine, and activities for all ages.
  3. The Puerto Rican Festival: Celebrated during Hispanic Heritage Month (September), this vibrant event highlights Puerto Rican culture through music performances, traditional dances like salsa and merengue, delicious food stalls offering Puerto Rican cuisine specialties and family-friendly activities.
  4. The Vietnamese New Year Celebration: Hosted by Pho 99 Restaurant every Lunar New Year (between January-February), this event showcases Vietnamese traditions including lion dances, martial arts demonstrations (such as Vovinam), cultural performances like Ao Dai fashion shows and live music concerts.

These are just a few examples of cultural events and festivals that take place in Revere throughout the year to celebrate its diverse community’s heritage and traditions.


  1. Kelly’s Roast Beef: Known for their famous roast beef sandwiches and seafood dishes.
  2. Bianchi’s Pizza: A family-owned pizzeria offering a variety of pizzas and Italian dishes.
  3. Antonia’s at the Beach Restaurant & Bar: A waterfront restaurant serving Mediterranean-inspired cuisine with stunning ocean views.
  4. Twist Bakery Cafe: A gluten-free bakery and café offering a range of baked goods, sandwiches, and salads.
  5. Renzo’s Pizzeria & Trattoria: Offering traditional Italian fare including pizza, pasta, and seafood dishes.
  6. The Bagel Bin Deli & Bakery: Known for their freshly baked bagels, deli sandwiches, breakfast options, and pastries.
  7. Rincon Limeño Restaurant: Serving authentic Peruvian cuisine with dishes like ceviche, lomo saltado (stir-fried beef), and arroz con mariscos (seafood rice).
  8. Wonderland Sub Shop: A local favorite known for their delicious subs made with fresh ingredients.
  9. Casa Lucia Restaurant & Catering: Specializing in Portuguese cuisine with a menu featuring traditional dishes like bacalhau à brás (codfish) and frango à passarinho (fried chicken).
  10. D’Amelio’s Off the Boat Seafood Market & Grill: Offering fresh seafood options such as lobster rolls, clam chowder, fried clams, oysters among others.

Parks and Recreation

  1. Revere Beach: This is a historic beach and park that offers swimming, sunbathing, picnicking, and walking along the shoreline. It also hosts various events throughout the year.
  2. Rumney Marsh Reservation: A state park located in Revere that offers hiking trails through salt marshes, bird watching opportunities, and scenic views.
  3. Gibson Park: A small neighborhood park with a playground area for children, basketball courts, and open green space for picnics or leisure activities.
  4. Oak Island Park: Situated on a peninsula overlooking the Belle Isle Marsh Reservation, this park provides walking trails with beautiful views of nature.
  5. Garfield School Playground: A community playground with equipment suitable for children of all ages including swings, slides, climbing structures etc.
  6. Whelan School Playground: Another playground facility offering play structures for kids along with open spaces for sports activities like soccer or baseball.
  7. Wonderland Ballroom & Arcade: Located near Revere Beach; it features an arcade room filled with classic games like pinball machines and air hockey tables as well as live music events occasionally.
  8. Showcase Cinemas de Lux Revere: A movie theater complex where visitors can enjoy the latest blockbusters on big screens along with amenities such as reclining seats and food options.
  9. Northgate Shopping Center Ice Skating Rink (seasonal): During winter months this outdoor rink provides ice skating facilities to residents and visitors alike.
  10. Revere Public Library – The library offers various programs including storytimes for children as well as access to books, media resources etc.

Please note that availability of some facilities may vary depending on season or specific times of operation.


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