Sahiwal, Pakistan

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Sahiwal, Pakistan

Region: Punjab

Geographic Coordinates: 30.661100, 73.108300
Temperature Range: 30.0°C to 45.0°C (86°F to 113°F)
Climate: Seasonal climate and weather patterns in Sahiwal, Pakistan are characterized by hot summers, mild winters, and monsoon rains from July to September.
Population: 247706
Language: Urdu

Sahiwal is a city located in the Punjab province of Pakistan. It is situated on the banks of the Sutlej River and is known for its fertile land, Which makes it an important agricultural hub in the country. The city has a rich cultural heritage and is home to several historical sites, Including tombs, Forts, And mosques. One of the most notable landmarks in Sahiwal is Harappa, An ancient Indus Valley civilization site that dates back to 2600 BCE. The ruins at Harappa provide insight into early human settlements and have been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Another famous attraction in Sahiwal is Jahaz Haveli, A 19th-century mansion that was built by a wealthy landlord named Imam Baksh. The haveli features intricate carvings and frescoes on its walls and ceilings, As well as beautiful gardens surrounding it. Sahiwal also has several parks and recreational areas for visitors to enjoy. One such park is Fatima Jinnah Park, Which boasts lush greenery, Walking paths, Playgrounds for children, And picnic areas. Another popular spot is Ghazi Stadium where cricket matches are held regularly.

The city’s economy primarily relies on agriculture with crops such as wheat, Rice sugarcane being cultivated here along with dairy farming which produces high-quality milk products like butter ghee etc., Making it one of the largest producers of dairy products in Pakistan. In terms of education facilities Sahiwal has some highly reputable institutes including Government College University (GCU) Sahiwal Campus which offers undergraduate programs ranging from engineering sciences to arts & humanities while COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI) also has its campus here offering courses related to computer science & engineering fields among others.

Overall Sahiwal offers visitors a unique blend of history culture natural beauty & modern amenities making it an ideal destination for tourists looking for something different than typical tourist destinations.

Important Landmarks

  1. Harappa Museum
  2. Jahangir’s Tomb
  3. Noor Mahal
  4. National Park Sahiwal
  5. Farid Gate
  6. Jinnah Public Park
  7. Qaboola Sharif
  8. Channan Pir Mazar
  9. Ghazi Stadium
  10. Eidgah Mosque

Primary Industries

  1. Agriculture
  2. Textile manufacturing
  3. Dairy farming
  4. Poultry farming
  5. Pharmaceuticals
  6. Small-scale industries such as furniture making and handicrafts
  7. Developing service sector which comprises of:
    • Banking facilities
    • Healthcare institutions
    • Educational establishments
    • Retail stores

Noteable History

  1. Sahiwal District was established in 1895 during British colonial rule.
  2. The city of Sahiwal was founded by Sir Robert Montgomery in 1865.
  3. The famous Sutlej River flows through the district and has played a vital role in the region’s history.
  4. During the Indian Rebellion of 1857, there were several battles between British forces and Indian rebels in Sahiwal.
  5. In 1947, after Pakistan gained independence from British rule, many Hindu and Sikh families migrated to India from Sahiwal.
  6. Notable people associated with Sahiwal include Major Aziz Bhatti Shaheed (a recipient of Pakistan’s highest military award), Ghulam Mustafa Khar (former Governor of Punjab), and Rana Sanaullah Khan (former Law Minister of Punjab).
  7. The University of Agriculture Faisalabad’s College of Veterinary Sciences was established in Sahiwal in 2006.
  8. In recent years, the district has become known for its dairy industry with numerous milk processing plants operating there.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Harappa Museum
  2. Sadiq Public Library and Museum
  3. Noor Mahal
  4. Jahangir’s Tomb
  5. Qila Sahiwal Fort
  6. Shahi Eidgah Mosque
  7. Pakpattan Shrine of Baba Fariduddin Ganjshakar
  8. Khawaja Ghulam Farid Shrine in Mithankot
  9. Kamalia Sugar Mills
  10. The Chichawatni Gate


  1. Lahori Biryani: This is a famous dish in Sahiwal which is a combination of rice, meat, and spices.
  2. Shahjahan Tikka House: It is a popular restaurant that offers delicious tikka dishes.
  3. Al-Sheikh Restaurant: It serves Pakistani and Chinese cuisine with great taste.
  4. Bismillah Sweets & Bakers: This bakery offers fresh baked goods like cakes, pastries, cookies etc.
  5. Murgh Pulao Point: The restaurant serves traditional chicken pulao with raita which is very famous in the city.
  6. Saadat Tikka House: Another popular spot for tikka lovers that offers different varieties of tikka dishes.
  7. Chacha Burger Wala: This burger joint serves mouth-watering burgers with different flavors and toppings.
  8. Nafees Bakery & Sweets: A well-known bakery that provides fresh sweets like Gulab Jamun, Jalebi etc., along with baked goods like breads and cakes.
  9. Karachi Haleem Centre: The restaurant specializes in haleem which is a slow-cooked stew made from wheat grains, lentils or meat mixed together to form a thick paste-like consistency.
  10. KFC Sahiwal : A fast-food chain serving fried chicken meals and sandwiches along with sides such as fries or coleslaw.

Parks and Recreation

  1. Jinnah Park
  2. Fatima Jinnah Park
  3. Iqbal Park
  4. Sahiwal Zoo
  5. Ghalla Mandi Park
  6. Hockey Ground Sahiwal
  7. Cricket Stadium Sahiwal
  8. Swimming Pool Complex Sahiwal
  9. Golf Course Sahiwal
  10. Horse Riding Club Sahiwal


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