Sfântu-Gheorghe, Romania

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Sfântu-Gheorghe, Romania

Region: Covasna

Geographic Coordinates: 45.863600, 25.787500
Climate: Data not available.
Population: 56006
Language: Romanian

Sfântu-Gheorghe is a charming and historic city located in the heart of Romania, Nestled in the picturesque region of Transylvania. With its rich cultural heritage, Stunning natural landscapes, And vibrant atmosphere, This city offers a unique experience for visitors. One of the most striking features of Sfântu-Gheorghe is its beautiful architecture. The city center boasts an array of well-preserved medieval buildings that showcase a blend of Romanian and Hungarian influences. The main square, Piața Libertății, Is lined with colorful facades and elegant mansions that date back centuries. Strolling through these streets feels like stepping back in time.

The city’s cultural diversity is another highlight. Sfântu-Gheorghe has a significant Hungarian population which adds to its unique character. Visitors can explore the Hungarian Cultural Palace, Where various concerts, Exhibitions, And theater performances are held throughout the year. This venue serves as a hub for both Romanian and Hungarian artists to showcase their talents. Nature enthusiasts will find plenty to admire in Sfântu-Gheorghe as well. Located near the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve – one of Europe’s most biodiverse areas – this city offers easy access to stunning natural landscapes.

The nearby Covasna Mountains provide ample opportunities for hiking or simply enjoying breathtaking views over lush green valleys. For those interested in local traditions and folklore, Sfântu-Gheorghe hosts several festivals throughout the year that celebrate regional customs. One such event is The Days of Saint George, Held annually at the end of April or beginning of May when locals gather to honor their patron saint through lively parades featuring traditional costumes and music. Culinary delights also await visitors in Sfântu-Gheorghe.

Traditional dishes such as goulash (a hearty meat stew) or kürtőskalács (a sweet pastry) can be found in local restaurants and street food stalls. The city’s bustling market is a great place to sample fresh produce, Regional cheeses, And homemade preserves. In terms of accommodation, Sfântu-Gheorghe offers a range of options to suit different budgets and preferences. From cozy guesthouses tucked away in narrow streets to modern hotels with all the amenities one could desire, There is something for everyone. Overall, Sfântu-Gheorghe is a captivating destination that seamlessly blends history, Culture, And natural beauty.

Whether you’re interested in exploring its architectural treasures or immersing yourself in local traditions, This Romanian gem promises an unforgettable experience for travelers seeking something off the beaten path.

Important Landmarks

  1. St. George’s Church (Biserica Sfântul Gheorghe) – This Orthodox church is the main religious landmark in the city and dates back to the 18th century.
  2. Szekler Museum of Ciuc – This museum showcases the history, culture, and traditions of the Szekler people, an ethnic Hungarian group living in this region.
  3. Central Park (Parcul Central) – A green oasis located in the heart of Sfântu-Gheorghe with walking paths, playgrounds, and a lake where visitors can rent paddle boats during summer months.
  4. Harghita Mountains – Located nearby, these mountains offer beautiful landscapes for hiking enthusiasts and nature lovers.
  5. The Bear Lake (Lacul Ursu) – Situated at about 30 kilometers from Sfântu-Gheorghe in Sovata spa resort, this unique lake features water with high salt content that allows visitors to float effortlessly on its surface.
  6. Covasna Spa Resort – Just a short drive away from Sfântu-Gheorghe is Covasna Spa Resort known for its mineral-rich thermal waters used for various treatments and relaxation purposes.
  7. Miko Castle (Castelul Mikó) – Located around 20 kilometers from Sfantu Gherogre in Miclosoara village; it is an impressive castle built-in neo-gothic style that now serves as a hotel offering accommodation to tourists.

While these are some of the most famous landmarks and tourist attractions near Sfântu-Gheorghe, the region is also known for its beautiful landscapes, traditional villages, and opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking and biking.

Primary Industries

  1. Manufacturing: The city has a strong manufacturing sector, with companies involved in various industries such as textiles, furniture production, plastics, and metalworking.
  2. Food Processing: Sfântu-Gheorghe is known for its food processing industry. There are several companies engaged in the production of dairy products, meat processing, bakery products, and other food-related businesses.
  3. Agriculture: The surrounding region of Covasna County is rich in agricultural resources. Agriculture plays a significant role in the local economy with farming activities including crop cultivation (such as wheat and barley) and animal husbandry (poultry farming).
  4. Tourism: Sfântu-Gheorghe serves as a gateway to the beautiful natural landscapes of Covasna County and attracts tourists interested in outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing (in nearby resorts), or exploring the unique cultural heritage of the Székely people.
  5. Retail and Services: As one of the largest cities in Covasna County, Sfântu-Gheorghe has a thriving retail sector with numerous shops offering various goods and services to residents and visitors alike.
  6. Construction: With ongoing infrastructure development projects within the city and its surroundings, construction companies play an important role in shaping the urban landscape of Sfântu-Gheorghe.
  7. Education: The city hosts several educational institutions ranging from primary schools to high schools and vocational training centers that contribute to local employment opportunities.
  8. Healthcare: Sfântu-Gheorghe has hospitals and medical clinics that provide healthcare services not only to its residents but also to neighboring communities within Covasna County.

It’s worth noting that this list provides an overview of major industries and businesses in Sfântu-Gheorghe, but it may not encompass all sectors present in the city.

Noteable History

  1. The town’s origins can be traced back to the 13th century when it was established by Transylvanian Saxons.
  2. The Reformation had a significant impact on the town during the 16th century when Protestantism spread throughout Transylvania.
  3. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Sfântu-Gheorghe became an important cultural center for ethnic Hungarians in Romania.
  4. Notable people associated with Sfântu-Gheorghe include:
    • Miklós Bánffy: A Hungarian nobleman and politician who was born in Sfântu-Gheorghe. He served as Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hungary between 1921-1922.
    • Lajos Áprily: A renowned Hungarian poet who lived in Sepsiszentgyörgy during his childhood years.
    • Gyula Illyés: A prominent Hungarian writer and poet who spent some time living in the town during his youth.
    • József Antall Sr.: A historian and politician who was born in Sepsiszentgyörgy. He served as Prime Minister of Hungary from 1990 until his death in 1993.
  5. The region surrounding Sfântu-Gheorghe has been historically inhabited by both Romanians and Hungarians, leading to a diverse cultural heritage that is reflected in various aspects of life including architecture, traditions, cuisine, and language.

It’s worth noting that due to its location within an ethnically diverse region like Transylvania, there are numerous other historical events and notable individuals associated with Sfântu-Gheorghe that may not be mentioned here.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Mikó Castle: This historic castle is a must-visit attraction in Sfântu-Gheorghe. It houses the Covasna County Museum, which showcases exhibitions on local history, culture, and art.
  2. Szekler National Museum: Located in the heart of the city, this museum offers a comprehensive collection of artifacts related to the Szekler community’s history and traditions.
  3. St. George Church: The main church of Sfântu-Gheorghe is an impressive architectural landmark that dates back to the 14th century. Its beautiful interior and intricate woodwork make it worth exploring.
  4. Székely Gate: This iconic monument represents the cultural heritage of the Szekler people and serves as a symbol for Sfântu-Gheorghe’s identity.
  5. Tamási Áron Theatre: If you enjoy performing arts, catch a show at this renowned theater known for its diverse repertoire ranging from classical plays to contemporary performances.
  6. Art Center Kónya Ádám: This cultural hub hosts various art exhibitions featuring local artists’ works across different mediums such as painting, sculpture, photography, and more.
  7. Central Park (Parcul Central): Take a leisurely stroll or relax amidst nature in this park located near downtown Sfântu-Gheorghe.
  8. Háromszék Dance Ensemble: Experience traditional Hungarian folk dances performed by talented dancers at various events organized by this renowned ensemble.
  9. Csíki Beer Factory (Fabrica de Bere Csíki): Visit this local brewery to learn about beer production processes and enjoy tasting their famous Csíki beer varieties.
  10. Covasna-Bai Spa Resort: Located nearby in Covasna county, this spa resort offers relaxation opportunities with its thermal baths rich in minerals known for their therapeutic properties.

These attractions provide visitors with insights into the history, culture, and art of Sfântu-Gheorghe and its surrounding region.

Sports Teams

  1. Sepsi OSK Sfântu Gheorghe (Football/Soccer): Founded in 2011, Sepsi OSK Sfântu Gheorghe competes in Liga I, the top tier of Romanian football. They gained promotion to Liga I for the first time in 2018.
  2. CSM Sfântu Gheorghe (Handball): CSM represents Sfântu Gheorghe at various levels of handball competition and has achieved success nationally and internationally.
  3. CSU Sfântu Gheorghe (Basketball): CSU represents the local university and participates in domestic basketball competitions.
  4. ACS Kids Tg Secuiesc (Ice Hockey): Located nearby, ACS Kids Tg Secuesc is an ice hockey club that represents this region of Romania and has competed at multiple levels within Romanian ice hockey leagues.

It’s important to note that smaller clubs or amateur teams may exist but might not have achieved significant recognition or historical documentation beyond local competitions.

Cultural Events

  1. The Szekler National Days (Zilele Naționale Secuiești): Held annually in May, this festival celebrates the culture and traditions of the Szekler ethnic group. It features various activities such as folk dances, concerts, traditional crafts exhibitions, and culinary events.
  2. The Csíksomlyó Pilgrimage (Pelerinajul de la Csíksomlyó): This religious pilgrimage takes place on Pentecost Monday in June and attracts thousands of pilgrims from all over Transylvania. The event includes a procession to the Csíksomlyó Monastery with prayers, hymns, and religious ceremonies.
  3. The International Folklore Festival (Festivalul Internațional de Folclor): Organized annually in July or August, this festival brings together folk dance groups from different countries to showcase their traditional dances and music. It is a vibrant celebration of cultural diversity.
  4. The Saxon Days (Zilele Săsești): Celebrated in September or October each year, this festival honors the German heritage of the region with events like traditional music concerts, art exhibitions, craft fairs featuring local artisans’ products, and historical reenactments.
  5. Wine Festivals: Sfântu-Gheorghe is located near several renowned wine regions such as Târnave Valley or Covasna County. Throughout the year, there are various wine festivals where visitors can taste local wines while enjoying live music performances and learning about winemaking traditions.
  6. Christmas Market: During December’s festive season, a Christmas market is set up in downtown Sfântu-Gheorghe offering various handmade crafts, local delicacies like chimney cakes (kürtőskalács), mulled wine, and traditional music performances.

These are just a few examples of the cultural events and festivals that take place in Sfântu-Gheorghe. The city’s diverse population ensures a rich calendar of celebrations throughout the year.


  1. Kürtőskalács: This traditional Hungarian pastry is a must-try in Sfântu-Gheorghe. It is a sweet chimney cake coated with sugar or various toppings.
  2. Csíki Söröző: This local brewery and restaurant offers a selection of craft beers and traditional Hungarian dishes such as goulash or stuffed cabbage.
  3. Restaurant Casa Romaneasca: Known for its cozy atmosphere and traditional Romanian cuisine, this restaurant serves dishes like sarmale (stuffed cabbage rolls), mici (grilled minced meat rolls), and papanași (a type of doughnut).
  4. La Piazzetta: If you’re craving Italian food, this restaurant serves delicious pizzas, pasta dishes, and other Italian specialties.
  5. Bistro de l’Arte: A charming bistro that combines Romanian and international flavors with an artistic touch. They offer a range of dishes from salads to steaks.
  6. Restaurant Gabriel’s Pub & Grill: With its rustic interior design, this pub-style restaurant offers grilled meats, burgers, sandwiches, as well as vegetarian options.
  7. Laci Csárda: Located on the outskirts of Sfântu-Gheorghe near the Olt River Delta Natural Park, this traditional Hungarian csárda (inn) provides authentic Hungarian cuisine in a beautiful natural setting.

Parks and Recreation

  1. Central Park (Parcul Central) – A large park located in the city center with walking paths, green spaces, benches, and a playground.
  2. Sub Arini Park – A beautiful park situated on the outskirts of Sfântu-Gheorghe, offering picturesque landscapes, hiking trails, picnic areas, and a small lake.
  3. Sports Complex Gh. Demeter – This complex provides various sports facilities such as tennis courts, football fields, basketball courts, and a swimming pool.
  4. Bicaz Lake – Located nearby Sfântu-Gheorghe is this stunning lake where visitors can enjoy boating or fishing activities amidst breathtaking natural surroundings.
  5. The Cultural Palace Gardens (Grădina Palatului Cultural) – These gardens are part of the Cultural Palace complex and offer a peaceful atmosphere for walks or relaxation.
  6. Horseback riding – There are several equestrian centers around Sfântu-Gheorghe that offer horseback riding lessons or guided tours through the surrounding countryside.
  7. Cycling routes – The area around Sfântu-Gheorghe has numerous cycling routes that allow visitors to explore the scenic landscapes while enjoying outdoor activities.
  8. Canoeing/kayaking on the Olt River – Adventure enthusiasts can engage in canoeing or kayaking trips along the Olt River which flows near Sfântu-Gheorghe.

These are just some examples of parks and recreational activities available in Sfântu-Gheorghe; there may be more options depending on personal preferences and seasonal availability.


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