Soroti, Uganda

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Soroti, Uganda

Region: Soroti, Uganda is located in Soroti District

Geographic Coordinates: 1.715000, 33.611100
Climate: Seasonal climate and weather patterns in Soroti, Uganda include a dry season and a wet season.
Population: 60900
Language: English

Soroti is a captivating town located in eastern Uganda, Nestled in the picturesque Teso sub-region. Known for its rich cultural heritage, Friendly locals, And stunning landscapes, Soroti offers a unique experience to visitors seeking an authentic taste of Ugandan life. One of the main attractions in Soroti is the bustling central market. Here, Vibrant colors and aromas fill the air as vendors sell an array of fresh fruits, Vegetables, And traditional crafts.

The market provides a glimpse into everyday life in Soroti and offers an opportunity to interact with locals while indulging in delicious street food such as roasted maize or chapatis. For history enthusiasts, A visit to the Teso Cultural Museum is a must. This museum showcases various artifacts that depict the traditional lifestyle of the Teso people – one of Uganda’s largest ethnic groups. Visitors can learn about their traditions, Customs, And folklore through exhibitions featuring ancient tools, Musical instruments like adungu (a stringed instrument), Traditional clothing styles, And more. Nature lovers will be delighted by Soroti’s surrounding landscapes.

Just outside town lies Lake Kyoga – one of Uganda’s largest lakes – offering breathtaking views and opportunities for boating or fishing excursions. Additionally nearby mountain ranges provide hiking trails where adventurers can explore lush forests teeming with wildlife while enjoying panoramic vistas from elevated viewpoints. Another fascinating aspect of Soroti is its proximity to Karamoja region – home to various indigenous tribes known for their distinctive cultures.

Travelers can embark on guided tours to immerse themselves in these communities’ way of life by participating in activities like cattle herding alongside local herders or witnessing traditional dances performed around bonfires under starlit skies. In terms of accommodation options, Soroti has several hotels ranging from budget-friendly guesthouses to more luxurious establishments that cater to different preferences. Many offer comfortable rooms with modern amenities along with on-site restaurants serving both local delicacies and international cuisine. Soroti also hosts several annual festivals, Such as the Teso Cultural Festival, Where visitors can witness colorful parades, Traditional dances, And music performances.

These events provide a fantastic opportunity to experience the region’s vibrant culture and interact with locals in a festive atmosphere. Soroti is an enchanting destination that combines cultural immersion, Natural beauty, And warm hospitality. Whether exploring its bustling markets or venturing into surrounding landscapes and neighboring tribes’ territories, Visitors are sure to be captivated by the rich tapestry of experiences that Soroti has to offer.

Important Landmarks

  1. Soroti Rock: A large granite rock formation located near the town center, offering panoramic views of Soroti and its surrounding areas.
  2. Nyero Rock Paintings: Ancient rock art dating back over 3,000 years, depicting human figures and animals. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is located about 30 kilometers from Soroti.
  3. Teso Cultural Museum: Showcasing the cultural heritage of the Teso people, this museum displays artifacts, traditional tools, musical instruments, and traditional clothing.
  4. Lake Bisina: A beautiful crater lake located about 20 kilometers from Soroti town. It offers opportunities for boating, fishing, bird watching, and scenic walks around its shores.
  5. Acet Missionary Church Ruins: The remains of a church built by early missionaries in the late 19th century can be found in Acet village near Soroti. The ruins are now a historical site with cultural significance.
  6. Kumi University: Located just outside of Soroti town in Kumi District is Kumi University which attracts visitors interested in exploring academic institutions in Uganda.
  7. Local Markets: Exploring local markets like Opiyo Market or Central Market provides an opportunity to experience daily life in Soroti while shopping for fresh produce and local crafts.
  8. Wildlife Reserves: While not directly within Soroti itself but nearby are wildlife reserves such as Pian Upe Game Reserve or Lake Mburo National Park that offer safaris and wildlife viewing experiences.
  9. Cultural Festivals: Various cultural festivals take place throughout the year showcasing traditional dances like Akogo dance or Emorimori dance along with other cultural practices of the Teso people.
  10. Hiking Opportunities – There are several hills surrounding Soroti that provide hiking opportunities such as Amuria Hill or Moru Apalai Hill where visitors can enjoy scenic views and explore the natural beauty of the region.

Primary Industries

  1. Agriculture: Soroti is known for its agricultural activities, particularly the production of crops such as maize, millet, sorghum, beans, and groundnuts. The region also has a significant number of livestock farmers.
  2. Food processing: There are several food processing companies in Soroti that focus on value addition to agricultural produce. These companies process crops like maize into flour or animal feed.
  3. Manufacturing: The town has a growing manufacturing sector with businesses involved in the production of goods such as textiles, furniture, construction materials (bricks), and metal products.
  4. Retail and trade: Soroti serves as a regional commercial hub where various retail businesses operate including shops, supermarkets, and markets selling a wide range of goods.
  5. Education: The town is home to several educational institutions including primary schools, secondary schools vocational training centers, and universities which contribute significantly to the local economy.
  6. Health services: There are hospitals and clinics in Soroti providing medical services not only to the local population but also attracting patients from neighboring areas.
  7. Financial services: Banks and microfinance institutions have branches in Soroti offering financial services such as savings accounts loans to individuals and businesses.
  8. Hospitality industry: Hotels and lodges cater to tourists visiting nearby attractions like Kidepo Valley National Park or those passing through on their way to other destinations within Uganda or East Africa.
  9. Transportation services: With its central location within Eastern Uganda’s transportation network system (including roadways), there are transport companies operating buses/taxis connecting Soroti with other towns/cities across the country.
  10. Construction industry: The construction sector is also active due to infrastructure development projects taking place within the region.

Note that while these industries/businesses are prominent in Soroti; they may not be exhaustive or exclusive; there may be other smaller-scale enterprises operating within the town.

Noteable History

  1. Soroti District: The district itself was established in 1961 and is located in eastern Uganda.
  2. Teso People: Soroti is predominantly inhabited by the Teso people, who have a unique cultural heritage and history.
  3. Colonial Era: During the colonial period, Soroti served as an administrative center for the British government in eastern Uganda.
  4. Ateso Language: The Ateso language is widely spoken in Soroti and surrounding areas, serving as an important cultural aspect of the region.
  5. Anti-Amin Struggle: In 1979, during Idi Amin’s regime, there was significant resistance and struggle against his oppressive rule within Soroti District.
  6. Teso Insurgency: From 1986 to 1992, there was an armed insurgency led by rebel groups such as the Uganda People’s Army (UPA) within Teso sub-region (including parts of Soroti District).
  7. Peace Process: The peace process between the Ugandan government and various rebel groups started in 2000 through negotiations held at Soroti Hotel (now renamed Peace Hotel). This eventually led to a ceasefire agreement known as The Juba Agreement signed on June 29th, 2008.
  8. Archbishop Janani Luwum Memorial Site: Although not directly located in Soroti town but nearby Wii Gweng village (approximately 10 km away), this memorial site honors Archbishop Janani Luwum who was martyred during Idi Amin’s regime in February 1977.
  9. Notable Personalities:
    • Archbishop Janani Luwum (1922-1977): As mentioned above, he was a prominent religious leader who stood against Idi Amin’s human rights abuses.
    • Dr. Specioza Wandira Kazibwe: Born in Soroti, she became the first female Vice President of Uganda (1994-2003) and played a significant role in promoting women’s rights.
    • Captain Mike Mukula: A businessman and politician from Soroti who has held various government positions, including Minister of State for Health and Member of Parliament.

These are just a few examples of notable historical events and people associated with Soroti, Uganda. The region has a rich cultural heritage that continues to shape its identity today.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Teso Cultural Museum: This museum showcases the rich cultural heritage of the Teso people through various artifacts and exhibits.
  2. Soroti Rock: A massive rock formation located near Soroti town that offers panoramic views of the surrounding area.
  3. Nyero Rock Paintings: These ancient rock paintings date back thousands of years and depict scenes from traditional African life.
  4. Soroti Catholic Cathedral: The stunning architecture and beautiful stained glass windows make this cathedral a must-visit for history and art enthusiasts.
  5. Opiya Memorial Stadium: This sports stadium is an important landmark in Soroti where you can catch local football matches or other sporting events.
  6. Teso Art Gallery: Showcasing contemporary Ugandan artwork, this gallery features paintings, sculptures, and crafts by local artists.
  7. Amuria Crafts Center: Located in nearby Amuria district, this center promotes traditional craft-making skills such as pottery, weaving, and basketry.
  8. Kumi University Art Center: Situated in Kumi town (close to Soroti), this center hosts exhibitions featuring works by both local and international artists.
  9. Lake Bisina Wetland System: While not directly in Soroti town itself but nearby (about 25 km away), Lake Bisina is a beautiful wetland system that offers opportunities for bird watching and boat rides.
  10. Local Markets: Exploring the vibrant markets of Soroti provides an opportunity to experience the lively atmosphere while discovering unique crafts, fabrics, fresh produce spices or souvenirs.

Sports Teams

  1. Soroti Flying Stars FC: This football (soccer) club was established in 2013 and has participated in various regional football competitions. They have been active in the Soroti District Football League.
  2. Teso Boxing Club: Boxing is a popular sport in Soroti, and the Teso Boxing Club has produced several talented boxers over the years who have represented Uganda at national and international levels.
  3. Soroti Tennis Club: The Soroti Tennis Club provides tennis facilities to local enthusiasts and organizes friendly matches and tournaments within the community.
  4. Athletics Competitions: Soroti has hosted various athletics competitions at both school and regional levels, providing opportunities for young athletes to showcase their talents.

It’s important to note that while these teams may not have extensive histories or achievements on a national scale, they play an essential role in promoting sports participation within the local community of Soroti, Uganda.

Cultural Events

  1. Teso Cultural Festival: This is an annual event held in Soroti that celebrates the culture and traditions of the Teso people. It features traditional music, dance performances, storytelling, art exhibitions, and traditional food.
  2. Emorimor Festival: This festival is celebrated by the Iteso people of Soroti to commemorate their ancestral heritage and promote unity among different clans. It involves traditional rituals, music, dance competitions, beauty pageants, and sports activities.
  3. Independence Day Celebrations: Like the rest of Uganda, Soroti celebrates Independence Day on October 9th each year with parades, cultural performances, speeches by local leaders and government officials.
  4. Christmas Festivities: Christmas is a significant holiday in Soroti where locals celebrate with church services, carol singing processions through the town streets known as Carols by Candlelight, feasting on local delicacies like luwombo (steamed banana leaves wrapped around meat or fish), goat roasts (nyama choma), and exchanging gifts.
  5. International Women’s Day Celebrations: On March 8th each year there are various events organized in Soroti to celebrate women’s achievements and promote gender equality. These events include marches or rallies advocating for women’s rights as well as cultural performances showcasing women’s talents.
  6. World Tourism Day Celebrations: Held annually on September 27th in Soroti town center or nearby tourist attractions like Kumi Rock Paintings or Nyero Rock Paintings site to raise awareness about tourism potential in the region through exhibitions of local crafts/artworks/products from different tribes residing around.

These are just a few examples of cultural events and festivals that take place in Soroti throughout the year; however it is important to note that specific dates may vary from year to year so it’s advisable to check locally for up-to-date information.


  1. Malewa: This is a traditional dish made from bamboo shoots and is often cooked with beef or goat meat.
  2. Eboo: A staple food in the Teso region, eboo is a dish made from millet flour and served with various sauces such as groundnut sauce or greens.
  3. Atapa: A fermented cassava bread that is commonly eaten in Soroti and other parts of Uganda.
  4. Odi: A dish made from mashed beans, usually served with posho (maize meal) or millet bread.
  5. Akaro: Also known as sorghum porridge, akaro is a popular breakfast food in Soroti made from sorghum flour mixed with water and cooked until thickened.

Some popular restaurants in Soroti where you can find these local dishes include:

  1. Kaunda Restaurant: Known for its authentic Ugandan cuisine, this restaurant offers a variety of local dishes including malewa, atapa, and odi.
  2. Boma Hotel Restaurant: Located within Boma Hotel Soroti, this restaurant serves both international and local cuisines including traditional Teso dishes like eboo and akaro.
  3. Teso Cultural Village Restaurant: This cultural village has a restaurant that offers traditional Teso meals such as malewa, atapa, odi, and other regional delicacies.
  4. Sipi River Lodge Restaurant: Although not located directly in Soroti but nearby Kapchorwa town (known for its scenic beauty), this lodge’s restaurant serves delicious Ugandan dishes using fresh local ingredients sourced from the region including some Teso specialties.

Note that availability of specific dishes may vary depending on the season and availability of ingredients at different times of the year.

Parks and Recreation

  1. Soroti Public Gardens: This park is a popular spot for relaxation and picnics. It has well-maintained gardens, benches, and shaded areas.
  2. Teso Botanical Gardens: Located on the outskirts of Soroti, this botanical garden showcases a wide variety of plant species native to the region. Visitors can take leisurely walks and enjoy the serene environment.
  3. Lake Bisina: Approximately 30 kilometers from Soroti town, Lake Bisina offers opportunities for fishing, boat rides, bird watching, and camping.
  4. Mountain Elgon National Park: Although not located in Soroti itself but nearby (around 100 kilometers), Mount Elgon National Park is worth mentioning as it offers various outdoor activities such as hiking to the summit of Mount Elgon (4th highest peak in East Africa), wildlife viewing, bird watching, camping, and nature walks.
  5. Amuria Hills Game Reserve: Located about 40 kilometers from Soroti town in Amuria District, this game reserve provides opportunities for game drives to see wildlife like zebras, antelopes (including Uganda kob), buffaloes and various bird species.
  6. Sports activities: There are sports facilities available in Soroti town where visitors can engage in activities like football/soccer matches or watch local teams compete.

Note that availability of certain parks or recreational activities may vary over time due to maintenance or other factors; it’s always advisable to check with local authorities or tourism offices for up-to-date information before planning a visit.


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