Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

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Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

Region: Stara Zagora

Geographic Coordinates: 42.433300, 25.650000
Temperature Range: -30.0°C to 40.0°C (-22°F to 104°F)
Climate: Climate: Continental climate with hot summers and cold winters. Weather patterns: Dry summers with occasional thunderstorms and snowfall in winter.
Population: 136475
Language: Bulgarian

Stara Zagora is a beautiful city located in the central part of Bulgaria, Situated at the foot of the Sredna Gora mountain range. It is one of the oldest settlements in Europe, With evidence of human habitation dating back to the Neolithic era. The city has a rich history and culture that can be seen through its ancient ruins, Museums, And traditional Bulgarian architecture. One of Stara Zagora’s most notable landmarks is its Roman Amphitheater. Built during the 2nd century AD, It was used for gladiator fights and other public events.

Today it stands as an impressive reminder of Stara Zagora’s past and attracts many tourists each year. Another must-see attraction in Stara Zagora is the Regional Museum of History. It houses over 160, 000 artifacts from different periods in Bulgaria’s history such as prehistoric times, Thracian culture, Roman rule and Ottoman rule which shaped this region’s development. The city also offers a unique experience through its traditional Bulgarian architecture which can be found throughout its streets and neighborhoods.

The Old Town area features beautifully preserved homes with colorful facades that offer visitors a glimpse into life during Bulgaria’s national revival period. Additionally, Stara Zagora has many parks where locals gather to relax or enjoy outdoor activities such as cycling or jogging along tree-lined paths surrounded by greenery. One such park is Ayazmoto Park which covers over 200 hectares and includes several lakes where visitors can fish or paddle boats to explore this serene landscape. For those interested in shopping or dining out while visiting Stara Zagora there are plenty of options available too!

The Mall Galleria complex offers modern shopping facilities with international brands while local restaurants serve traditional Bulgarian cuisine like Shopska salad (a mix of tomatoes cucumbers onions peppers feta cheese), Grilled meats served with roasted vegetables (kebapche), Banitsa (pastry filled with cheese and eggs) and many more. Overall, Stara Zagora is a city that offers a unique blend of historical landmarks, Cultural experiences, Natural beauty and modern amenities. It’s a destination that should be on the list of any traveler seeking to explore Bulgaria’s rich history and culture.

Important Landmarks

  1. Roman Forum of Augusta Traiana: ancient ruins dating back to the Roman Empire.
  2. Neolithic Dwellings Museum: a museum showcasing prehistoric dwellings and artifacts.
  3. Regional History Museum: a museum dedicated to the history and culture of Stara Zagora and the surrounding region.
  4. Beroe Stadium: a football stadium that hosts local matches and events.
  5. Ayazmoto Park: a large park with walking paths, playgrounds, and picnic areas.
  6. Eski Mosque: an Ottoman-era mosque that is now used as an art gallery.
  7. Stara Zagora Opera House: a beautiful theater that hosts operas, ballets, and concerts.
  8. Samarsko Zname Monument: a monument commemorating an important battle in Bulgarian history.
  9. Geo Milev House-Museum – A museum dedicated to the life of poet Geo Milev
  10. Park Mall – A modern shopping center with various shops, restaurants, cafes, and entertainment options

Primary Industries

  1. The agricultural industry
  2. Food processing companies
  3. Textile industry
  4. Chemical plants
  5. Construction materials companies
  6. Machinery production companies
  7. IT industry
  8. Tourism industry

Noteable History

  1. The Thracian city of Beroe was located in the area where Stara Zagora is today.
  2. During the Roman Empire, Stara Zagora was an important trade and military center known as Augusta Traiana.
  3. In 1877-1878, during the Russo-Turkish War, Stara Zagora was a key battleground between Bulgarian rebels and Ottoman forces.
  4. The city played a significant role in Bulgaria’s struggle for independence from Ottoman rule.
  5. Notable people associated with Stara Zagora include writer Yordan Yovkov, poet Geo Milev, actress Maria Bakalova (who starred in Borat Subsequent Moviefilm), and footballer Dimitar Berbatov.
  6. In 2012, an archaeological discovery was made in Stara Zagora that revealed a Roman-era chariot racing track – one of only two such tracks discovered in Europe to date.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Regional Museum of History: a museum dedicated to the history and culture of Stara Zagora and its surrounding region.
  2. Neolithic Dwellings Museum: an open-air museum showcasing reconstructed dwellings from the Neolithic era, giving visitors a glimpse into prehistoric life in Bulgaria.
  3. Beroe Stadium: a modern sports complex that hosts football games and other events throughout the year.
  4. Antique Forum Augusta Trayana: an archaeological site featuring ruins of an ancient Roman city, including a theater, forum, and public baths.
  5. Hadji Dimitar Monument: a monument dedicated to the Bulgarian revolutionary hero Hadji Dimitar, located in the center of Stara Zagora.
  6. Geo Milev House-Museum: a museum honoring Geo Milev, one of Bulgaria’s most celebrated poets and writers.
  7. Stara Zagora Art Gallery: an art center featuring works by local artists as well as rotating exhibitions from around Bulgaria and beyond.
  8. Park Ayazmoto: a picturesque park on the outskirts of Stara Zagora that features walking trails, picnic areas, and stunning views of the surrounding countryside.
  9. Eski Mosque (Old Mosque): A beautiful mosque built during Ottoman rule in 15th century which still stands today as one of Bulgaria’s oldest mosques.
  10. Ancient City Augusta Traiana – The remains are still visible today with many structures such as amphitheaters, temples etc which were built during Roman times.

Sports Teams

  1. Football Club Beroe Stara Zagora was established in 1924 and is the most popular football club in the city. They have won two Bulgarian Cups and one Bulgarian Supercup.
  2. Basketball Club Balkan Botevgrad is primarily based in Botevgrad but has a partnership with the municipality of Stara Zagora, where they play some home games. They have won one Bulgarian championship.
  3. Volleyball Club Neftochimic 2010 was founded in 2010 and has become one of Bulgaria’s top teams in the national league.
  4. Handball Club Lokomotiv Stara Zagora was established in 1945 and has had some success over the years, including winning the national championship twice.

Despite not being as well-known as teams from larger cities such as Sofia or Plovdiv, these clubs still contribute to promoting sports culture within Stara Zagora and Bulgaria overall.

Cultural Events

  1. Festival of the Rose is an annual event held in early June, celebrating the rose oil production in the region.
  2. Stara Zagora International Puppet Festival is a biennial festival showcasing puppetry from around the world.
  3. National Folklore Festival Balkan Folk is an annual event held in July, featuring traditional music, dance and costumes from Bulgaria and other Balkan countries.
  4. International Jazz Festival Stara Zagora is an annual event held in September, featuring jazz musicians from Bulgaria and abroad.
  5. Stara Zagora Theatre Fest is a biennial festival showcasing theatre productions from Bulgaria and other European countries.
  6. International Film Festival Love is Folly is an annual event held in August, featuring romantic films from around the world.
  7. Wine Festivals – The city is known for its wine production; therefore there are several wine festivals throughout the year celebrating local wineries and vineyards.
  8. Christmas Market – During December, there is a Christmas market with traditional Bulgarian food, crafts, and decorations on display for visitors to enjoy.


  • Klasika Restaurant – serving traditional Bulgarian dishes such as kebapche, kavarma, and banitsa.
  • Hadji Nikoli Inn – a historic restaurant offering Bulgarian specialties like tarator (cold soup), grilled meats, and homemade wine.
  • Mehana Chinarite – a cozy tavern with live music and delicious Bulgarian food like moussaka, stuffed peppers, and shopska salad.
  • Pizza Roma – a popular pizzeria with a variety of toppings and great prices.
  • Divaka Restaurant – specializing in fresh seafood dishes like grilled octopus, sea bass fillet, and shrimp risotto.
  • Shtastlivitsa Restaurant – known for its hearty meat dishes like pork knuckle, lamb chops, and beef stew.
  • Pekarnata Bakery & Cafe – offering freshly baked breads, pastries, sandwiches, coffee drinks, and smoothies.
  • Grand Hotel Boutique Restaurant – serving international cuisine with some traditional Bulgarian elements such as grilled meats with roasted vegetables or salads made from locally grown produce.

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Ayazmoto Park is the largest park in Stara Zagora, covering an area of 939 acres. The park boasts several lakes, a zoo, a planetarium, and many walking trails.
    2. Beroe Stadium serves as the home to the local football team and hosts various sporting events throughout the year.
    3. The Zagorka Brewery Museum showcases the history of beer production in Bulgaria and offers tastings of local brews.
    4. The Stara Zagora Regional History Museum displays artifacts from ancient times to modern day, including Roman ruins and medieval weaponry.
    5. Bedechka Park is located near the city center and features a playground for children as well as plenty of space for picnics or relaxation.
    6. Sinite Kamani Nature Park is just a short drive from Stara Zagora and offers hiking trails through beautiful landscapes and rock formations.
    7. Visitors can relax in thermal pools or receive spa treatments at Mineral Baths Complex Aquae Calidae which dates back to Roman times.
    8. Trakia Horse Riding Center provides horseback riding lessons and trail rides at this equestrian center located just outside of town.


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