Tanuku, India

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Tanuku, India

Region: Andhra Pradesh

Geographic Coordinates: 16.750000, 81.700000
Climate: Varies.
Population: 77962
Language: Telugu

Tanuku is a vibrant and culturally rich city located in the West Godavari district of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Nestled on the banks of River Godavari, This bustling town is known for its historical significance, Natural beauty, And thriving agricultural industry. Tanuku has a population of around 100, 000 people and serves as an important commercial center for the region. One of the notable attractions in Tanuku is its lush greenery and picturesque landscapes. The city boasts numerous parks and gardens that offer serene environments for relaxation and leisurely walks.

One such popular spot is Rajarajeswari Park, Which features well-maintained lawns, Colorful flowerbeds, And a beautiful fountain. Visitors can also explore nearby Kolleru Lake, One of Asia’s largest freshwater lakes that attract migratory birds during winter months. Tanuku has a rich history dating back to ancient times. The town was ruled by various dynasties including Satavahanas, Chalukyas, Kakatiyas, Vijayanagara Empire, Mughals before eventually falling under British rule. As a result of this diverse past, Tanuku showcases architectural marvels like ancient temples with intricate carvings reflecting different artistic styles.

The cultural heritage of Tanuku shines through its festivals and traditions celebrated with great enthusiasm throughout the year. Ugadi (Telugu New Year), Sankranti (Harvest Festival), Diwali (Festival of Lights), And Dussehra are some major festivals that bring people together to participate in vibrant processions filled with music and dance performances showcasing local art forms like Kuchipudi. Tanuku’s economy thrives primarily on agriculture-based industries such as rice milling factories and oil extraction units due to its fertile lands irrigated by River Godavari’s water supply system.

The region produces abundant crops like paddy rice along with coconut plantations making it an agrarian hub. Additionally, The town is also known for its textile and manufacturing industries. The local cuisine of Tanuku is a treat for food enthusiasts. The region offers delectable dishes like Pootharekulu, A famous sweet made with rice flour and jaggery, And Bobbatlu, A traditional Indian bread stuffed with sweet lentil filling. The local markets are filled with fresh produce including mangoes, Bananas, Coconuts, And other tropical fruits that add to the culinary delights of Tanuku.

Transportation in Tanuku is well-connected to major cities through roadways and railways. The nearest airport is Rajahmundry Airport located about 60 kilometers away from the city center. Within the town, Auto-rickshaws and buses provide convenient modes of transportation for locals and tourists alike. Tanuku offers an enriching experience for visitors seeking historical insights into India’s past while being surrounded by picturesque landscapes. With its cultural festivals, Delicious cuisine, Thriving agricultural industry, And warm hospitality of its people – this small town in Andhra Pradesh truly has something unique to offer every traveler who ventures into its vibrant streets.

Important Landmarks

  1. Kolleru Lake: Located about 20 kilometers from Tanuku, Kolleru Lake is one of the largest freshwater lakes in India and serves as an important habitat for migratory birds.
  2. Perupalem Beach: Situated approximately 25 kilometers away from Tanuku, Perupalem Beach is a serene coastal spot known for its scenic beauty and tranquil atmosphere.
  3. Shri Veerabhadra Swamy Temple: This ancient temple dedicated to Lord Veerabhadra (an avatar of Lord Shiva) is located in Penugonda village near Tanuku. It attracts devotees with its unique architecture and religious significance.
  4. Dwaraka Tirumala Temple: Situated around 40 kilometers from Tanuku, this temple complex houses the famous Lord Venkateswara Swamy Temple. It is believed to be a smaller version of the renowned Tirumala Venkateswara Temple located in Tirupati.
  5. Atapaka Bird Sanctuary: Located around 60 kilometers away from Tanuku on Kolleru Lake’s shores, this bird sanctuary offers an opportunity to witness various migratory bird species during winter months.
  6. Bhimavaram Bull Temple: Situated approximately 30 kilometers from Tanuku, this temple dedicated to Lord Shiva showcases a massive statue of Nandi (the sacred bull) that attracts devotees and tourists alike.
  7. Palakollu Someswara Temple: This ancient Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is located about 30 kilometers from Tanuku in Palakollu town. It features exquisite architecture and intricate carvings on its walls.

While these landmarks may not be as famous as those in larger cities, they offer a glimpse into the cultural and natural beauty of the region surrounding Tanuku.

Primary Industries

  1. Agriculture: Tanuku is primarily an agricultural region, with various crops being cultivated such as paddy, sugarcane, coconut, and oilseeds.
  2. Rice Mills: The town has a significant number of rice mills that process and export rice to different parts of India and abroad.
  3. Oil Extraction: Tanuku is known for its oil extraction industry, specifically for producing edible oils like groundnut oil and sesame oil.
  4. Textiles: There are several textile manufacturing units in Tanuku that produce cotton fabrics, sarees, dress materials, and other textile products.
  5. Sugar Industry: The town has a sugar factory called Andhra Sugars Limited, which processes sugarcane into sugar products like refined sugar, molasses, ethanol etc.
  6. Dairy Products: Dairy farming is also prevalent in Tanuku with numerous milk processing units that produce milk-based products like ghee (clarified butter), curd (yogurt), paneer (cottage cheese) etc.
  7. Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals: There are chemical industries involved in the production of fertilizers and pesticides along with pharmaceutical companies manufacturing medicines and healthcare products.
  8. Retail & Wholesale Trade: Being a commercial hub for surrounding rural areas, Tanuku has a thriving retail sector comprising grocery stores, clothing shops, electronic stores as well as wholesale markets catering to agricultural commodities.
  9. Service Sector: Various service-oriented businesses such as banking institutions including nationalized banks and private financial institutions are present in the town along with healthcare facilities like hospitals and clinics.
  10. Education & Training Institutes: With several schools offering primary education to higher secondary education levels along with professional colleges providing technical courses like engineering or pharmacy degrees contribute significantly to the local economy through employment opportunities.

It is important to note that the aforementioned industries and businesses are not exhaustive, but they represent some of the major economic activities in Tanuku.

Noteable History

  1. Tanuku was historically known as Tarakapura and was an important center during the rule of the Eastern Chalukyas and later the Kakatiyas.
  2. During British colonial rule, Tanuku played a significant role in India’s freedom struggle. Many local leaders actively participated in various movements against British rule.
  3. Nidamarthi Surayya, also known as Andhra Gandhi, was born in Tanuku. He was one of the prominent freedom fighters from Andhra Pradesh and played a crucial role in organizing protests against British policies.
  4. Dravidarathna Potluri Venkateswara Rao (PV Rao) was another notable figure from Tanuku who fought for social justice and equality during colonial times.
  5. The town is renowned for its agricultural activities, especially for being one of the major centers for coconut cultivation in Andhra Pradesh.
  6. In recent years, Tanuku has seen economic growth with industries such as oil refineries, textile mills, and dairy processing units being established here.

While these events and people may not be widely known outside of their local context, they hold significance within the history and development of Tanuku itself.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Sri Veera Venkata Satyanarayana Swamy Temple: This ancient temple dedicated to Lord Venkateswara is a popular religious site in Tanuku.
  2. Dwaraka Tirumala: Located about 40 kilometers from Tanuku, Dwaraka Tirumala is another important pilgrimage site known for its Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple.
  3. Kolleru Lake: Situated around 50 kilometers from Tanuku, Kolleru Lake is one of the largest freshwater lakes in India and an ideal spot for bird watching and boating.
  4. Eluru: Eluru, which is approximately 40 kilometers away from Tanuku, houses attractions like the Buddha Park with a giant Buddha statue and the Thousand Pillar Temple.
  5. Nidadavolu: A nearby town just 10 kilometers away from Tanuku, Nidadavolu features the historic Radha Krishna temple built during the Chalukya dynasty.
  6. Rajahmundry: About 70 kilometers away from Tanuku lies Rajahmundry, known for its picturesque landscapes along with attractions such as Godavari Bridge and ISKCON temple.
  7. Draksharama Bheemeshwara Swamy Temple: Situated approximately 80 kilometers away from Tanuku near Ramachandrapuram town, this ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva attracts devotees throughout the year.

These are just a few suggestions; exploring local markets and experiencing traditional cuisine can also be enriching experiences while visiting this region of India.

Cultural Events

  1. Tanuku Veerabhadra Swamy Temple Festival: This is a major religious festival celebrated at the Veerabhadra Swamy Temple in Tanuku. It usually takes place in the month of February or March and attracts devotees from all over the region.
  2. Sankranti: Like many other parts of India, Tanuku celebrates the harvest festival of Sankranti with great enthusiasm. People fly kites, prepare special dishes like pongal and exchange gifts during this festive occasion.
  3. Diwali: The festival of lights, Diwali, is celebrated with joy and fervor in Tanuku as well. People decorate their homes with oil lamps (diyas), burst fireworks, exchange sweets, and perform prayers to seek blessings from Goddess Lakshmi.
  4. Durga Puja: This Hindu festival dedicated to Goddess Durga is also observed in Tanuku with grandeur. Elaborate pandals (temporary structures) are set up to house beautifully crafted idols of the goddess, and cultural programs like music and dance performances are organized during this time.
  5. Ganesh Chaturthi: The birth anniversary of Lord Ganesha is celebrated for ten days in Tanuku with great devotion and enthusiasm. Elaborate clay idols of Lord Ganesha are installed in homes and public places, followed by processions accompanied by music, dance, and drumming before immersing the idols into water bodies.
  6. Ugadi: Ugadi marks the Telugu New Year’s Day celebration in Andhra Pradesh including Tanuku. It usually falls between March-April when people clean their houses thoroughly before decorating them with mango leaves as a symbol of prosperity.
  7. Pongal/Makar Sankranti: Celebrated on January 14th every year marking the end of winter solstice. It’s a harvest festival where people pay gratitude to nature for its abundance, and celebrate with traditional dishes made of freshly harvested crops.

These are just a few examples of the cultural events and festivals celebrated in Tanuku, India. The city also participates in national festivals like Republic Day and Independence Day with flag hoisting ceremonies and cultural programs.


Tanuku Dishes and Restaurants


  1. Andhra-style Biryani: A spicy and flavorful rice dish cooked with meat (chicken or mutton) and a blend of aromatic spices.
  2. Pootharekulu: A famous sweet delicacy made with rice starch, jaggery, ghee, and dry fruits. It is a must-try dessert in Tanuku.
  3. Gongura Pachadi: A tangy chutney made from the Gongura leaves (sorrel leaves), which are native to Andhra Pradesh.
  4. Chepala Pulusu: A traditional fish curry prepared with tamarind juice, spices, and various local ingredients.
  5. Bobbatlu/Polelu: Sweet flatbreads stuffed with a mixture of jaggery and lentils or coconut filling.


  1. Hotel Srinivas
    Address: RTC Complex Road, Opposite RTC Bus Stand
  2. Sri Sai Ram Mess
    Address: Near Railway Station Road
  3. Hotel Dwaraka Grand
    Address: RTC Complex Road
  4. Hotel Ravi Teja
    Address: Velpuru Road
  5. Hotel Anand Bhavan
    Address: Velpuru Main Road

Parks and Recreation

  1. Kadiyapulanka Park: Located on the outskirts of Tanuku, this park offers beautiful greenery, walking paths, and a serene environment for relaxation.
  2. Ranganna Cheruvu: It is a large lake located near Tanuku where visitors can enjoy boating and fishing.
  3. Adarsha Nagar Park: This park is situated in the heart of the city and offers facilities like jogging tracks, children’s play area, and seating areas for picnics.
  4. Indira Gandhi Municipal Stadium: It is a sports complex that hosts various events like cricket matches, athletic competitions, and other sports activities.
  5. Gopalapuram Beach: Although not directly in Tanuku but nearby (around 20 km away), this beach offers a peaceful atmosphere to relax by the sea with beautiful sunset views.
  6. Tennis Court Complex: For tennis enthusiasts, there is a well-maintained tennis court complex available for recreational play or organized tournaments.
  7. Indoor Stadium: This stadium provides facilities for indoor sports like badminton, table tennis basketball etc., making it an ideal place for sports enthusiasts to engage in their favorite activities.

These are just some of the public parks and recreational activities available in or near Tanuku that offer opportunities for outdoor enjoyment and leisure time with family or friends.


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