Teplice, Czechia

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Teplice, Czechia

Region: Ústí nad Labem

Geographic Coordinates: 50.644400, 13.831900
Temperature Range: -30.0°C to 40.0°C (-22°F to 104°F)
Climate: Varies.
Population: 49705
Language: Czech

Teplice, Located in the Ústí nad Labem Region of Czechia, Is a picturesque spa town nestled in the heart of the Ore Mountains. With a rich history dating back to Roman times, Teplice has long been renowned for its healing thermal waters and stunning natural beauty. The town’s name itself derives from the Latin word tepidus, Meaning warm or tepid, Which perfectly encapsulates its most famous attraction. Attracting visitors from all over the world seeking relaxation and rejuvenation, Teplice boasts an array of luxurious spa resorts and wellness centers.

The therapeutic mineral springs found here are said to have numerous health benefits and have been used for centuries to treat various ailments. From outdoor thermal pools surrounded by lush greenery to elegant indoor spas offering massages and saunas, There is something for everyone seeking solace in Teplice’s healing waters. Beyond its wellness offerings, Teplice also offers a wealth of architectural treasures that reflect its storied past. One such gem is the Baroque-style Church of St. Bartholomew with its intricately designed façade and ornate interior.

Visitors can also explore the opulent Castle Gardens with their beautifully manicured lawns, Vibrant flower beds, And charming pavilions that provide breathtaking views over the city. For those interested in history and culture, Teplice’s Municipal Museum provides fascinating insights into the town’s heritage through its extensive collection of artifacts ranging from ancient Roman pottery to Baroque-era paintings. Additionally, Art enthusiasts will appreciate visiting Beethoven House – a museum dedicated to Ludwig van Beethoven who frequented Teplice during his lifetime. Nature lovers will find themselves captivated by Teplice’s surroundings as well.

The nearby Bohemian Central Mountains offer countless opportunities for hiking through dense forests or embarking on scenic cycling routes along winding paths that meander through picturesque valleys dotted with charming villages. In terms of culinary delights, Teplice showcases a variety of traditional Czech restaurants and cozy cafés where visitors can savor mouthwatering local dishes. From hearty goulash and tender roasted meats to delectable pastries, The town’s gastronomic scene is sure to leave a lasting impression. Teplice is an enchanting destination that seamlessly blends history, Wellness, Nature, And culture.

With its healing thermal waters, Stunning architecture, Captivating museums, And breathtaking landscapes – this spa town offers a truly unforgettable experience for travelers seeking relaxation or exploration in the heart of Czechia.

Important Landmarks

  1. Teplice Spa – Known for its healing thermal waters, Teplice Spa is one of the oldest spa resorts in Europe.
  2. Botanical Garden – A beautiful garden with a wide variety of plant species, including exotic plants from around the world.
  3. Castle Doubravka – A medieval castle located on a hill overlooking the city, offering panoramic views and historical exhibitions.
  4. Beethoven Park – A serene park dedicated to Ludwig van Beethoven, featuring statues and a monument dedicated to the famous composer.
  5. Church of St. Bartholomew – A stunning baroque church known for its intricate architecture and beautiful interior decorations.
  6. Altenberg Mining Museum – Located in an old silver mine, this museum provides insight into the history of mining in the region.
  7. Pivovar Richter Brewery – A historic brewery where visitors can learn about traditional brewing techniques and sample local beers.
  8. Duchcov Chateau – About 10 kilometers from Teplice lies Duchcov Chateau, which was once home to Casanova and is now open for guided tours.
  9. City Museum Teplice – This museum showcases artifacts related to the history and culture of Teplice throughout different periods.
  10. Zamecke Namesti (Castle Square) – The main square in Teplice surrounded by historic buildings such as Town Hall or House at Three Crowns with interesting architectural details.

Primary Industries

  1. Chemical Industry: Teplice has a strong presence in the chemical industry, with numerous chemical companies operating in the region. These companies are involved in manufacturing various chemicals, including pharmaceuticals, plastics, and industrial chemicals.
  2. Glass Industry: The city has a long history of glass production and is home to several glass manufacturing companies. Teplice’s glass industry specializes in producing high-quality glassware and decorative items.
  3. Automotive Industry: Teplice houses several automotive-related businesses, including manufacturers of auto parts and components. These companies supply their products to both domestic and international automobile manufacturers.
  4. Machinery Manufacturing: The city has a significant machinery manufacturing sector that produces various types of machinery and equipment for industrial purposes.
  5. Textile Industry: Though not as prominent as it once was, Teplice still has some textile factories producing clothing items such as shirts, trousers, and other textiles.
  6. Tourism: Teplice is also known for its tourism industry due to its historical significance as a spa town with natural hot springs offering therapeutic treatments attracting visitors seeking relaxation or medical treatments.
  7. Retail Sector: Like any other city, Teplice also has a thriving retail sector comprising supermarkets, shopping centers/malls offering various consumer goods from local as well as international brands.

These industries contribute significantly to the economy of Teplice by providing employment opportunities and driving economic growth within the region.

Noteable History

  1. Spa Town: Teplice is known for its thermal springs and has been a popular spa town since ancient times. It attracted visitors seeking healing properties of its mineral waters, including notable figures such as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.
  2. Battle of Teplitz: In 1757, during the Seven Years’ War, the Battle of Teplitz took place near Teplice. The Prussian army under Frederick the Great defeated an Austrian force led by Field Marshal Leopold Joseph von Daun.
  3. Beethoven’s Stay: Ludwig van Beethoven visited Teplice several times between 1796 and 1812 to benefit from its therapeutic spas. He composed some pieces during his stay, including his famous Für Elise.
  4. Richard Wagner: The renowned German composer Richard Wagner also spent time in Teplice during the mid-19th century while seeking relief from health issues.
  5. Franz Kafka: The acclaimed writer Franz Kafka visited Teplice on multiple occasions between 1900 and 1917 for spa treatments due to his chronic tuberculosis condition.
  6. Bombing in World War II: During World War II, on July 30th, 1943, Allied forces bombed Teplice as part of strategic air raids against German industrial areas.
  7. Post-War Development: After World War II and subsequent communist rule in Czechoslovakia, Teplice underwent significant urban development projects that transformed it into a modern city while preserving its historical heritage.

These events and individuals have left their mark on the history and cultural significance of Teplice in Czechia (formerly known as Czech Republic).

Museums and Things To See

  1. Teplice Castle: Explore the historic Teplice Castle, which dates back to the 9th century. It offers stunning views of the city and houses a museum showcasing local history and culture.
  2. Botanical Garden Teplice: Enjoy a leisurely stroll through this beautiful garden, featuring various plant species from around the world. It’s a perfect spot for nature lovers and those seeking tranquility.
  3. Beethoven Park: This park is dedicated to Ludwig van Beethoven, who visited Teplice several times for his health treatments. Admire the statue of Beethoven and relax in this picturesque green space.
  4. The House of Prince Clary-Aldringen: Visit this elegant Baroque palace, now transformed into a cultural center hosting art exhibitions, concerts, theater performances, and other cultural events.
  5. Church of Sts Peter and Paul: Explore this stunning Gothic-style church with its intricate architecture and beautiful interior decorations. Attend a mass or simply admire its historical significance.
  6. Museum of Southeast Bohemia in Teplice nad Metuji: Located just outside Teplice itself in nearby Teplice nad Metuji, this museum showcases regional history with exhibits on archaeology, geology, ethnography, and more.
  7. Spa Resort & Aquapark Děčín: If you’re looking for relaxation or family fun activities nearby Teplice (around 30 km away), consider visiting Děčín’s spa resort offering thermal baths as well as an aquapark with pools and water slides.
  8. Church of St John Nepomuk (Kostel svatého Jana Nepomuckého): Situated in nearby Krupka (around 10 km from Teplice), this Baroque-style church is known for its impressive frescoes depicting scenes from Saint John Nepomuk’s life.

Remember to check opening hours and any COVID-19 related restrictions before visiting these attractions.

Sports Teams

  1. FK Teplice: Founded in 1945, FK Teplice is the most renowned football club from the city. They have a long-standing presence in the top-tier Czech First League and have won several domestic titles. The team’s biggest success came in the 2003-2004 season when they won the Czech Cup and finished as runners-up in the league.
  2. BK Prostějov (Basketball): While not based solely in Teplice, BK Prostějov is one of the leading basketball clubs in the country and has had a significant impact on basketball development within Teplice.
  3. HC Stadion Litoměřice (Ice Hockey): Although not directly based in Teplice, HC Stadion Litoměřice represents a neighboring town that has strong ice hockey ties with Teplice. The team competes primarily at lower levels but contributes to fostering ice hockey talent within the region.
  4. SK Kadan (Ice Hockey): Another nearby ice hockey club with historical connections to Teplice is SK Kadan. While they haven’t achieved significant national success, they serve as an important outlet for local players to develop their skills.
  5. TJ Lokomotiva Most (Volleyball): Located close to Teplice, TJ Lokomotiva Most is a volleyball club that has garnered recognition at regional and national levels over time.

These are just a few examples of sports teams associated with or linked to Teplice’s sporting scene throughout its history.

Cultural Events

  1. Teplice Spa Festival: This annual festival celebrates the spa tradition of Teplice and features various cultural events, such as concerts, theater performances, art exhibitions, and workshops.
  2. International Film Festival Teplice: Held every year in September, this film festival showcases a selection of international films from different genres and countries.
  3. Teplice Beer Festival: Celebrating Czech beer culture, this festival offers a variety of local beers to taste along with live music performances and traditional Czech cuisine.
  4. Christmas Market: During the holiday season, Teplice hosts a charming Christmas market where visitors can enjoy festive decorations, purchase handmade crafts and gifts, try traditional Czech food and drinks, and experience live music performances.
  5. City Day Celebration: On the occasion of the founding of Teplice in 1158 AD., the city organizes a day-long celebration featuring parades, historical reenactments concerts by local bands and choirs fireworks display food stalls offering regional specialties.
  6. Open Air Music Festival Rock for People: Although not exclusive to Teplice but nearby Hradec Králové (about 100 km away), it is one of the largest rock festivals in Central Europe attracting thousands of visitors each year with renowned international rock bands performing across multiple stages.
  7. Easter Markets: During Easter time in springtime (usually March or April), colorful markets pop up throughout the city where locals sell hand-painted Easter eggs (kraslices) traditional crafts like pottery or woodwork alongside regional foods like honey cakes or sausages.

These are just some examples; there may be additional local events organized throughout the year depending on specific occasions or current interests within the community.


  1. Teplické Sklárny: This restaurant is known for its traditional Czech dishes such as svíčková (marinated beef with creamy sauce), guláš (goulash), and schnitzel. It also offers a nice selection of local beers.
  2. U Kocoura: A cozy family-run restaurant serving authentic Czech cuisine. Their specialties include roasted duck with red cabbage and dumplings, pork knuckle, and homemade potato pancakes.
  3. Restaurace Na Rychtě: Located in the historic center of Teplice, this restaurant offers a mix of traditional Czech dishes along with international cuisine options. Their menu includes grilled meats, fresh fish, pasta dishes, and vegetarian choices.
  4. Pizzeria Da Nino: If you’re craving pizza in Teplice, this is the place to go! They serve delicious wood-fired pizzas made with high-quality ingredients.
  5. Restaurace U Zlatého Slunce: Situated in a charming 17th-century building, this restaurant specializes in regional Bohemian cuisine. Some popular dishes include roast pork knee with sauerkraut and dumplings or potato pancakes filled with spinach and cheese.
  6. Café Restaurant Prince de Ligne: Known for its elegant ambiance and fine dining experience, this establishment offers both traditional Czech dishes as well as international gourmet cuisine options like steak tartare or French-style seafood platters.

Parks and Recreation

  1. Botanical Garden Teplice: This beautiful garden features a wide variety of plants and flowers from around the world, including rare species. It is a great place for leisurely walks and relaxation.
  2. Spa Park Teplice: Located near the city center, this park is known for its well-maintained green spaces, walking paths, and benches. It is an ideal spot for picnics or simply enjoying nature.
  3. Duchcov Chateau Park: Situated in the nearby town of Duchcov, this park surrounds the stunning Duchcov Chateau. Visitors can explore the vast grounds with its manicured gardens, fountains, and statues.
  4. Kozí vrch Lookout Tower: Located on a hill overlooking Teplice, this lookout tower offers panoramic views of the city and its surroundings. Climbing to the top provides an excellent opportunity for outdoor exercise.
  5. Bike trails: Teplice boasts various bike trails that allow visitors to explore the scenic countryside surrounding the city on two wheels.
  6. Aquapark Teplice: This water park provides fun-filled activities for all ages with its pools, slides, whirlpools, saunas, and wellness facilities.
  7. Golf Club Barbora Resort: Golf enthusiasts can enjoy a round or two at this golf club located just outside of Teplice in Ústí nad Labem district.
  8. Winter sports in Ore Mountains (Krušné hory): During winter months when there’s snowfall in nearby Ore Mountains (Krušné hory), you can engage in skiing or snowboarding activities at various resorts such as Klínovec Ski Resort or Boží Dar – Neklid Ski Resort.

These are just some examples of public parks and recreational activities available in Teplice; the city offers even more options for outdoor enthusiasts and those seeking relaxation amidst nature.


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