Tripunittura, India

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Tripunittura, India

Region: Kerala

Geographic Coordinates: 9.952800, 76.338700
Climate: Data unavailable.
Population: 92522
Language: Malayalam

Tripunittura is a small town located in the Ernakulam district of Kerala, India. Nestled amidst lush greenery and serene backwaters, This picturesque town is known for its rich cultural heritage and historical significance. Tripunittura holds a prominent place in Kerala’s history as it was once the capital of the erstwhile Kingdom of Cochin. One of the main attractions in Tripunittura is the Hill Palace Museum, Which was once the royal residence of the Maharajas of Cochin. This architectural marvel showcases a stunning blend of traditional Kerala and Dutch styles.

The museum houses an impressive collection including ancient artifacts, Paintings, Sculptures, And royal belongings that offer visitors a glimpse into Kerala’s regal past. Another significant landmark in Tripunittura is Poornathrayeesa Temple, Dedicated to Lord Vishnu. This temple is renowned for its grand annual festival called Vrishchikolsavam, Which attracts thousands of devotees from across Kerala. The temple’s intricate architecture with exquisite wood carvings and mural paintings adds to its charm. For nature enthusiasts, Tripunittura offers an enchanting experience with its proximity to backwaters and coconut groves.

A leisurely boat ride through these tranquil waterways provides an opportunity to witness rural life up close while enjoying breathtaking views of swaying palms and vibrant birdlife. The town also hosts various festivals throughout the year that showcase its vibrant culture. The Tripunittura Temple Festival held during February-March witnesses colorful processions accompanied by traditional music performances like Chenda Melam (percussion ensemble). These festivities attract both locals and tourists alike who come together to celebrate their shared heritage.

Additionally, Art lovers can explore Kalikotta Palace Art Gallery which exhibits contemporary artwork by local artists as well as traditional Indian art forms like Kathakali (classical dance-drama) performances that depict mythological stories through elaborate costumes and expressive gestures. In terms of cuisine, Tripunittura offers a delectable array of traditional Kerala dishes. From lip-smacking seafood delicacies to authentic vegetarian fare like appam (rice pancakes) and avial (mixed vegetables in coconut gravy), The local culinary scene is a treat for food enthusiasts. Overall, Tripunittura is a hidden gem that offers a perfect blend of history, Culture, And natural beauty.

With its rich heritage sites, Vibrant festivals, And serene surroundings, This charming town promises an unforgettable experience for travelers seeking an offbeat destination in India.

Important Landmarks

  1. Hill Palace Museum: This is the largest archaeological museum in Kerala and was once the royal residence of the Maharaja of Kochi. It houses a vast collection of artifacts, including paintings, sculptures, weapons, coins, and more.
  2. Poornathrayeesa Temple: One of the most revered temples in Kerala dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The temple architecture showcases traditional Kerala style and attracts devotees from all over.
  3. Chottanikkara Bhagavathy Temple: Located near Tripunittura, this temple is dedicated to Goddess Bhagavathy (Devi). Known for its healing powers and exorcism rituals performed here.
  4. Abhayaranyam Mini Zoo: Situated on the outskirts of Tripunittura town within Hill Palace premises is this mini zoo that houses various species like deer, monkeys, peacocks etc., making it an ideal attraction for kids.
  5. Kuzhuppilly Beach: A serene beach located around 10 km from Tripunittura offering beautiful views of sunset along with peaceful surroundings.
  6. Cherai Beach: Another popular beach nearby known for its golden sand stretches lined with coconut groves making it a perfect spot for relaxation or water sports activities.
  7. Bolgatty Palace: Situated on Bolgatty Island near Tripunittura town; this Dutch palace turned heritage hotel offers scenic views along with lush green gardens surrounding it.
  8. Vypeen Island: Accessible by ferry from Ernakulam mainland; Vypeen Island offers beautiful beaches like Puthuvype, Cherai, and Munambam along with the famous Vypin lighthouse.

These are some of the notable landmarks and tourist attractions in and around Tripunittura. Exploring these places will provide visitors with a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of Kerala.

Primary Industries

  1. Handicrafts and Art: Tripunittura has a rich tradition of art and craftsmanship. It is famous for its woodcarvings, mural paintings, bronze casting, and other traditional crafts. Many artisans and small-scale workshops engage in these activities.
  2. Tourism: Due to its historical significance as the capital of the erstwhile Kingdom of Cochin and its proximity to Kochi (Cochin), Tripunittura attracts tourists interested in exploring heritage sites such as Hill Palace Museum, Poornathrayeesa Temple, Chottanikkara Bhagavathy Temple, etc.
  3. Education: The presence of educational institutions like Maharaja’s College (one of Kerala’s oldest colleges) contributes significantly to the local economy by attracting students from various parts of Kerala.
  4. Agriculture: Although not an industrial sector per se, agriculture plays a crucial role in Tripunittura’s economy with paddy fields surrounding the town producing rice along with coconut plantations.
  5. Small-scale Industries: There are several small-scale industries that thrive in Tripunittura including textiles (handloom weaving), coir products manufacturing (coconut fiber-based products), rubber-based industries (processing rubber sheets), etc.
  6. Retail Trade: As a residential area catering to both locals and tourists visiting nearby attractions like Hill Palace Museum or temples around Kochi region; retail trade including grocery stores, restaurants/cafes serves as an important business activity.

It is worth noting that while these sectors contribute significantly to Tripunittura’s economy on a smaller scale compared to larger cities or industrial hubs within India; the town’s historical and cultural significance remains its primary attraction.

Noteable History

  1. Cochin Royal Family: Tripunittura was the capital of the erstwhile Kingdom of Cochin. The Cochin Royal Family, also known as Perumpadappu Swaroopam or Perumpadappu Rajas, resided in the Hill Palace located in Tripunittura.
  2. Hill Palace Museum: The Hill Palace was once the official residence of the Maharajas of Cochin. It is now converted into a museum that showcases artifacts, antiques, paintings, weapons, and other valuable items belonging to the royal family.
  3. Raja Ravi Varma: One of India’s most celebrated painters from the 19th century, Raja Ravi Varma had close ties to Tripunittura. He lived here for several years and established his art studio called Kilimanoor House within close proximity to Tripunittura.
  4. Shaktan Thampuran Palace: Also known as Poonithura Kottaram or Poonithurakkovilakom Mahadeva Temple Complex, this palace complex is closely associated with Shaktan Thampuran (1751-1805), one of the prominent rulers from Travancore-Cochin region.
  5. Vaikom Satyagraha: In 1924-25, Vaikom Satyagraha took place near Tripunittura in Vaikom town (around 10 km away). It was an important event during India’s freedom struggle against untouchability and discrimination based on caste.
  6. Sree Poornathrayeesa Temple: Located in Tripunittura town center is Sree Poornathrayeesa Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. This temple holds significant religious and cultural importance in the region.
  7. Malayattoor Church: Although not directly in Tripunittura, Malayattoor Church is a famous Christian pilgrimage center located around 30 km away. It is believed that St. Thomas the Apostle visited this place during his missionary journey to India.

These events and people have contributed to the historical and cultural significance of Tripunittura, making it an important destination for tourists and history enthusiasts alike.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Hill Palace Museum: Located in Tripunittura, the Hill Palace Museum is one of the largest archaeological museums in Kerala. It showcases a vast collection of artifacts, paintings, sculptures, and other historical items belonging to the erstwhile Maharaja of Kochi.
  2. Chottanikkara Bhagavathy Temple: This famous Hindu temple is dedicated to Goddess Bhagavathy and is visited by devotees from all over India. The temple architecture is exquisite and it holds great religious significance.
  3. Cochin Kalikotta Palace: Also known as Dutch Palace or Mattancherry Palace, this historic palace features stunning murals depicting scenes from Ramayana and Mahabharata. It also houses various artifacts showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Kerala.
  4. Vamanamoorthy Temple: Situated on a hilltop in Tripunittura, this ancient temple dedicated to Lord Vamana attracts both devotees and tourists alike due to its scenic location and architectural beauty.
  5. Kerala Folklore Museum: Located nearby in Thevara, this museum exhibits an extensive collection of traditional art forms, costumes, musical instruments, masks, puppets, and more related to the folk culture of Kerala.
  6. Bolgatty Palace: Situated on Bolgatty Island near Tripunittura town, this charming palace-turned-hotel offers a glimpse into colonial-era architecture along with beautiful gardens overlooking the backwaters.
  7. St George’s Forane Church: Known for its stunning architecture featuring Indo-European influences blended with traditional Kerala style elements like wood carvings and murals; this church holds historical importance as well as religious significance for Christians in the region.
  8. Kuzhuppilly Beach: If you’re looking for some relaxation by the sea while visiting Tripunittura; Kuzhuppilly Beach offers serene surroundings away from crowded tourist spots with picturesque views of sunsets over Arabian Sea.
  9. Cherai Beach: Located a short distance from Tripunittura, Cherai Beach is known for its pristine golden sands, calm waters, and scenic beauty. It’s a perfect spot for beach lovers and offers various water activities like swimming and boating.
  10. Kerala Museum: Situated in Kochi, this museum showcases an extensive collection of artifacts spanning different periods of Kerala’s history including ancient coins, sculptures, pottery, weapons, and more.

These are just a few examples of the many attractions in and around Tripunittura that offer cultural insights into the region’s rich heritage.

Sports Teams

  1. Tripunittura Cricket Club: Cricket is immensely popular in India, and Tripunittura has its own cricket club that participates in local tournaments and matches. The club provides opportunities for aspiring cricketers to showcase their skills.
  2. Tripunittura Football Club: Football (soccer) is another sport that has a dedicated following in India. While there might not be any notable professional football clubs from Tripunittura, local teams often participate in regional leagues and tournaments.
  3. Volleyball Teams: Volleyball is quite popular among the locals of Tripunittura as well as other parts of Kerala. The town may have various volleyball teams competing at different levels, including inter-school or college competitions.
  4. Annual Sports Events: In addition to specific sports teams, Tripunittura hosts various annual sporting events like athletic meets, badminton tournaments, table tennis championships etc., where participants from different schools or clubs come together to compete.

It’s important to note that while these sports activities exist within the town’s community fabric they might not have extensive historical records or achievements on a larger scale compared to professional sports leagues seen at national or international levels.

Cultural Events

  1. Athachamayam: This is a grand procession that marks the beginning of the Onam festival. It features various traditional art forms like Kathakali, Theyyam, Panchavadyam, and folk dances.
  2. Onam: This is the most important festival in Kerala and is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Tripunittura. It involves floral decorations (Pookalam), boat races (Vallamkali), traditional games (Onakalikal), and a grand feast (Onasadya).
  3. Navaratri: This nine-night festival dedicated to Goddess Durga is celebrated with dance performances like Garba and Dandiya Raas.
  4. Parumala Perunnal: The annual feast at St. Peter’s & St. Paul’s Orthodox Church attracts thousands of Christian pilgrims from all over Kerala.
  5. Malayatoor Perunnal: Held at St. Thomas Church in nearby Malayatoor, this pilgrimage attracts devotees who climb up the hill where it is believed that St.Thomas prayed.
  6. Thiruvathira Festival: Celebrated during the month of Dhanu (December-January), this festival involves women performing Thiruvathira Kali, a graceful dance form accompanied by singing devotional songs.
  7. Vishu: Celebrated on April 14th or 15th each year, Vishu marks the beginning of the Malayalam New Year and involves setting up Vishukkani – an arrangement of auspicious items symbolizing prosperity for the coming year.
  8. Maha Shivaratri: Devotees flock to temples like Sree Poornathrayeesa Temple to offer prayers to Lord Shiva during this auspicious day dedicated to him.
  9. Chembai Sangeetholsavam: A week-long music festival held at the Sree Ramakrishna Ashram in Tripunittura, featuring classical music performances by renowned artists.
  10. Christmas: The Christian community in Tripunittura celebrates Christmas with midnight masses, carol singing, and vibrant decorations.


  1. Sree Krishna Inn: This restaurant is famous for its traditional Kerala cuisine, including dishes like appam, puttu, and fish curry.
  2. Hotel Aryaas: Known for its vegetarian South Indian dishes like dosas, idlis, and vadas.
  3. Hotel Saravana Bhavan: A popular chain of restaurants serving authentic Tamil Nadu cuisine such as sambar rice, rasam rice, and various dosa varieties.
  4. Chakara Restaurant: Offers a mix of Kerala and North Indian cuisines with specialties like Malabar biryani and butter chicken.
  5. Kayees Biryani: Renowned for its flavorful biryanis made with fragrant rice and tender meat or vegetables.
  6. Arippa Restaurant: Famous for its traditional Malabar snacks like pathiri (rice bread), kappa (tapioca), and beef fry.
  7. Kashi Art Cafe: A cozy café known for its art gallery ambiance along with delicious sandwiches, salads, soups, cakes, and coffee.
  8. Dhe Puttu Restaurant: Specializes in serving different varieties of puttu (steamed rice cake) along with various accompaniments such as kadala curry (black chickpea curry) or banana.
  9. Pai Brothers Fast Food Center: A popular spot to enjoy local street food delicacies such as chaats (spicy snacks), pav bhaji (vegetable dish served with bread rolls), dosas, vadas etc.
  10. Hotel Moon Tree Café & Bistro – Offers a blend of Indian and continental cuisines including pizzas, pastas along with traditional Kerala dishes.

Parks and Recreation

  1. Hill Palace Gardens: Located within the Hill Palace complex, these gardens offer a peaceful environment for leisurely walks and picnics.
  2. Children’s Park: Situated near the Tripunittura Municipal Office, this park is specifically designed for children and features various play equipment.
  3. Chembakassery Sree Bhuvaneswari Temple Ground: This open ground adjacent to the temple serves as a recreational space for locals to engage in sports activities like cricket and football.
  4. Maharaja’s College Ground: A popular spot for outdoor activities such as jogging, yoga, and other fitness exercises.
  5. Tripunittura Public Library Park: The library has a small park surrounding it where visitors can relax with a book or enjoy some quiet time amidst greenery.
  6. Thrippunithura Subhash Park: Located near Thripunithura Market Junction, this park offers a pleasant ambiance with walking paths and seating areas.
  7. Kayal Island Retreat & Backwater Resort: Situated on the outskirts of Tripunittura, this resort provides various recreational activities like boating, fishing, cycling etc., along with beautiful backwater views.
  8. Karingachira Vayanasala Park: This park is part of Karingachira Public Library complex and offers an ideal setting to unwind while surrounded by books and nature.
  9. Puthiyakavu Devi Temple Grounds: Besides being a religious site, the temple grounds also serve as an open space where people can engage in outdoor games or simply enjoy nature’s beauty.
  10. Perandoor Canal Walkway: While not exactly a park per se, this canal walkway provides an excellent opportunity for residents to take leisurely strolls or jog alongside lush greenery.


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