Vitsyebsk, Belarus

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Vitsyebsk, Belarus

Region: Vitsyebsk is located in the Vitebsk Region

Geographic Coordinates: 55.191700, 30.205600
Temperature Range: -40.0°C to 35.0°C (-40°F to 95°F)
Climate: Cold winters, mild summers, and precipitation throughout the year in Vitsyebsk, Belarus.
Population: 366299
Language: Belarusian

Vitsyebsk, Also known as Vitebsk, Is a city located in the north-eastern region of Belarus. It is one of the oldest cities in the country and has a rich history that dates back to the 10th century. The city has been ruled by different empires and kingdoms throughout its history, Including the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Russian Empire, And Soviet Union. One of the most notable attractions in Vitsyebsk is its historic center. The city boasts numerous well-preserved buildings from different periods such as Baroque, Classicism, Art Nouveau and Modernism.

Visitors can take a stroll along Lenin Street to see some of these beautiful buildings or visit Marc Chagall House-Museum which features works by one of Vitsyebsk’s most famous sons. Another popular attraction in Vitsyebsk is its annual Slavianski Bazaar festival. This international music festival attracts singers from all over Europe and beyond who compete for prizes in various categories such as pop music, Folk music and opera singing. The festival takes place every July and brings thousands of visitors to the city.

Vitsyebsk also has several parks where visitors can relax or take part in outdoor activities such as hiking or cycling. One popular park is Victory Park which was built to commemorate World War II veterans. It features a large lake where visitors can rent boats or go fishing. For those interested in learning more about Belarusian culture, There are several museums worth visiting including Marc Chagall Art Center which showcases works by this famous artist who was born here; Museum-Estate Zdravnevo dedicated to traditional Belarusian way of life; Museum Old Castle with exhibits on local history.

Vitsyebsk offers plenty of opportunities for shopping with several markets selling traditional Belarusian products such as pottery, Embroidery work and handmade souvenirs made by local artisans. Visitors can also find modern shopping centers selling international brands. Vitsyebsk is a city with a rich history and culture that offers plenty of attractions for visitors. Its beautiful architecture, Annual music festival, Parks and museums make it an attractive destination for tourists interested in exploring the cultural heritage of Belarus.

Important Landmarks

  1. Marc Chagall Museum
  2. Vitsyebsk Regional Museum of Local Lore
  3. Assumption Cathedral
  4. Vitsyebsk City Hall
  5. Victory Square
  6. Governor’s Palace
  7. Holy Resurrection Church
  8. Pokrovskaya Church
  9. Summer Amphitheatre
  10. Artillery Bastion

Primary Industries

Major Industries and Businesses in Vitebsk, Belarus

  1. Chemical industry
    • Produces fertilizers, pesticides, and synthetic fibers
  2. Textile industry
    • Manufactures clothing items, fabrics, and other textiles
  3. Food processing industry
    • Produces dairy products like milk and cheese, as well as meat products like sausages and canned fruits and vegetables
  4. Machinery manufacturing
    • Produces agricultural equipment such as tractors and harvesters, as well as construction machinery like cranes and bulldozers
  5. Woodworking industry
    • Produces furniture items such as chairs and tables using the large timber reserve available within the region
  6. Information technology (IT) sector
    • Experiencing growth due to availability of skilled labor force at competitive rates
  7. Banking and finance industry
    • Several banks have branches located within the city center providing financial services such as loans or credit cards to locals or businesses alike

Overall, these industries contribute significantly to the economic growth of Vitebsk, making it one of Belarus’s most prosperous cities with a thriving business community.

Noteable History

  1. The establishment of the Vitebsk Voivodeship in 1569, which was an administrative division of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.
  2. The birthplace of Marc Chagall, a famous painter known for his unique style that blended elements of Cubism, Fauvism, and Symbolism.
  3. During World War II, Vitsyebsk was occupied by Nazi Germany from 1941 to 1944 and suffered significant damage during the war.
  4. The city played a key role in the development of Belarusian literature and culture in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
  5. Other notable people associated with Vitsyebsk include Yanka Kupala (a prominent Belarusian poet), Yakub Kolas (a writer and literary critic), and Kazimir Malevich (a Russian avant-garde artist who taught at a local art school).
  6. In recent years, Vitsyebsk has become known for its annual Slavianski Bazaar music festival which attracts performers from across Europe and beyond.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Marc Chagall Museum
  2. Vitebsk Regional Museum of Local Lore
  3. Art Center Slutsk Gate
  4. Memorial Complex Eternal Glory
  5. Holy Assumption Cathedral
  6. Jesuit Collegium
  7. Governor’s Palace
  8. Victory Square
  9. Monument to the Liberators of Vitebsk
  10. Summer Amphitheatre

Sports Teams

  • Vitsyebsk, Belarus has no prominent professional sports teams.
  • However, there are a few amateur and youth sports teams in the city that participate in various competitions and tournaments.
  • These include:
    • FC Vitebsk, a football club founded in 1960 that plays in the Belarusian Premier League
    • HC Vitebsk, a handball club founded in 2004 that participates in the Belarusian Handball Championship
    • BC Vitebsk, a basketball club founded in 1997 that competes in the Belarusian Basketball League
    • SKA-Vityaz Vitebsk, an ice hockey team founded in 1959 that plays in the Belarusian Extraleague
    • FK Dnepr Mogilev (Vitebsk Branch), a football team from Mogilev with a branch located in Vitsyebsk
  • Despite having some notable sports teams based out of Vitsyebsk, their histories are relatively short compared to other more established clubs around Europe and beyond.

  • Cultural Events

    1. Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk is an annual international song contest and music festival held in July.
    2. Festival of Arts Vitebsk Spring takes place in April and features cultural events, including exhibitions, concerts, and performances.
    3. The International Festival of Street Theatres Harmonious World is held every August and showcases street performers from around the world.
    4. International Film Festival Listapad happens every November, featuring films from Belarus and other countries worldwide.
    5. Vitebsk City Day is celebrated on the first weekend of July with parades, concerts, and fireworks displays.
    6. National Folklore Festival Kupalskiya Zore takes place annually in June to celebrate the summer solstice with traditional music, dance, and rituals.
    7. During December’s Christmas Market visitors can buy handmade gifts and decorations while enjoying traditional food and drink at this festive market.
    8. The International Jazz Festival Viva Braslav! is one of Belarus’ most famous jazz festivals that occurs every year at different locations across the Vitsyebsk region including Braslav Lake area attracting jazz lovers from all over Europe.


    • Draniki – a traditional Belarusian dish made from grated potatoes, served with sour cream or meat.
    • Krambambulya – a cozy restaurant that serves traditional Belarusian dishes such as draniki, machanka (pork stew), and kalduny (dumplings).
    • Svyataya Yelena – a restaurant located in an old church that offers a mix of European and Belarusian cuisine.
    • Pivnaya Apteka – a beer-themed restaurant that serves traditional dishes such as draniki and machanka along with their own brewed beer.
    • Gosti Cafe & Bar – a modern cafe that offers international cuisine along with some traditional Belarusian dishes like draniki and bliny (pancakes).
    • Uzvizh Castle Restaurant – located in the famous Uzvizh Castle, this restaurant offers fine dining experience with exquisite European cuisine.
    • Bistro de Luxe B – another fine dining option offering European cuisine along with some local specialties like smoked pork ribs and potato pancakes.
    • Tavernetta da Piero – an Italian restaurant serving authentic Italian food including pizza, pasta, risotto, and seafood dishes.

    • Parks and Recreation

      1. Central Park of Culture and Rest is a large park that offers various recreational activities, such as a Ferris wheel, boating on the lake, and playgrounds.
      2. Victory Park is a memorial park dedicated to World War II with monuments, gardens, and an outdoor museum.
      3. Gorky Park is another popular park with attractions like a roller coaster, bumper cars, and mini-golf.
      4. Children’s Railway Park is a small amusement park featuring a miniature railway that runs through the park.
      5. Chagall Museum and Art Center is an art museum dedicated to the works of Marc Chagall with exhibitions and workshops for visitors.
      6. Vitebsk Zoo is home to over 200 species of animals from around the world.
      7. Ice Palace Vitebsk is an indoor ice rink that hosts skating events and hockey games throughout the year.
      8. Stadium Spartak serves as home ground for local football teams where visitors can watch matches or take part in sports activities like soccer or running tracks.
      9. Summer Amphitheater provides an outdoor venue for concerts, festivals or theatrical performances during summer months.
      10. Vitba River Embankment offers scenic promenade along Vitba river bank where people can stroll or bike ride while enjoying picturesque views.


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