Wilde, Argentina

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Wilde, Argentina

Region: Argentina

Geographic Coordinates: -34.700000, -58.316700
Climate: Data not available.
Population: 65881
Language: Spanish

Wilde is a vibrant neighborhood located in the southern part of Greater Buenos Aires, Argentina. Named after the famous Irish writer Oscar Wilde, This area offers a unique blend of history, Culture, And natural beauty. Situated just 15 kilometers from Buenos Aires city center, Wilde has become a popular residential area for those seeking a quieter lifestyle while still enjoying easy access to the bustling capital. One of the main attractions in Wilde is its rich historical background. The neighborhood was originally settled by European immigrants in the late 19th century and early 20th century.

Many of these immigrants hailed from Italy and Spain, Bringing their unique cultural influences that can still be seen today through local traditions, Architecture, And culinary delights. Wilde boasts several beautiful parks and green spaces that provide residents with opportunities for outdoor activities and relaxation. The Parque Dominico is one such gem; it features lush gardens, Walking paths lined with trees, Playgrounds for children, And even an open-air theater where concerts are held during warmer months. This park provides an ideal setting to unwind or enjoy a picnic with family or friends.

For art enthusiasts visiting Wilde or even locals looking for inspiration close to home will find themselves captivated by Museo de Arte Contemporáneo del Sur (MACSUR). This contemporary art museum showcases works from both local artists as well as renowned international figures. With its ever-changing exhibitions spanning various artistic mediums like paintings, Sculptures, Photography installations – MACSUR ensures there’s always something new to discover within its walls. Another highlight of Wilde is its gastronomy scene which caters to all tastes and budgets.

From traditional Argentinean steakhouses serving mouthwatering cuts of meat grilled to perfection known as parrillas to cozy cafes offering freshly baked medialunas (Argentine croissants) alongside aromatic coffee – food lovers will find themselves spoiled for choice here. Wilde also benefits from excellent transportation connections making it easy to explore the wider Buenos Aires region. The neighborhood is well-served by buses and trains, Providing convenient access to other parts of the city. Additionally, Nearby attractions like the Tigre Delta or the picturesque town of San Isidro can be easily reached for day trips.

Wilde offers a delightful mix of history, Culture, Green spaces, Arts, And culinary delights. Its historical roots combined with its modern amenities make it an appealing destination for both residents and visitors alike. Whether strolling through its parks, Exploring contemporary art at MACSUR or indulging in delicious Argentinean cuisine – Wilde has something to offer everyone seeking a unique experience in Greater Buenos Aires.

Important Landmarks

  1. La Boca: Located in Buenos Aires, La Boca is a vibrant neighborhood known for its colorful houses, tango culture, and Caminito Street.
  2. Plaza de Mayo: Situated in the heart of Buenos Aires, Plaza de Mayo is a historic square surrounded by significant buildings like Casa Rosada (Presidential Palace) and Metropolitan Cathedral.
  3. Recoleta Cemetery: This famous cemetery in Buenos Aires is known for its elaborate mausoleums and gravesites of notable personalities like Eva Perón.
  4. Teatro Colón: One of the world’s most renowned opera houses located in downtown Buenos Aires.
  5. Palermo Soho: A trendy neighborhood with boutique shops, restaurants, bars, and street art.
  6. Tigre Delta: A unique river delta system near Buenos Aires where visitors can explore by boat or kayak amidst lush greenery.
  7. San Telmo Market: An iconic open-air market held every Sunday featuring antiques, crafts, street performances, and delicious food stalls.
  8. Puerto Madero: A modern waterfront district with upscale restaurants housed in refurbished warehouses along the Rio de la Plata riverbank.
  9. Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (National Museum of Fine Arts): Showcasing an extensive collection of Argentinean art from different periods as well as works by international artists.
  10. Obelisco de Buenos Aires (Obelisk): A prominent landmark standing at the intersection of two major avenues on Avenida 9 de Julio; it symbolizes Argentina’s independence.

While these attractions are not specifically located within Wilde itself but rather nearby areas around Greater Buenos Aires region, they are easily accessible for visitors staying in Wilde.

Primary Industries

  1. Manufacturing: There are several manufacturing companies in Wilde, including those involved in metalworking, textiles, plastics, chemicals, and food processing.
  2. Automotive Industry: Wilde is home to various automotive-related businesses such as car dealerships, auto parts suppliers, and repair shops.
  3. Retail Sector: The area has numerous retail stores ranging from small local shops to larger supermarkets and shopping centers.
  4. Services Sector: There are various service-oriented businesses operating in Wilde such as restaurants, cafes, hotels, banks, healthcare facilities (clinics/hospitals), educational institutions (schools/colleges), and professional services like law firms or accounting firms.
  5. Construction Industry: With ongoing urban development projects and infrastructure improvements taking place in the region surrounding Wilde, there is a significant presence of construction companies engaged in building residential complexes or commercial structures.
  6. Logistics and Warehousing: Given its proximity to Buenos Aires city center and transportation networks like highways and railways; there are logistics companies providing storage facilities or distribution centers for goods transport.
  7. Technology Sector: Although not as prominent as other industries mentioned above; there are emerging technology-based startups or IT service providers establishing their presence within the area.

It’s important to note that while these industries/businesses have a notable presence in Wilde; they might not represent an exhaustive list since economic activities can vary over time due to market dynamics or specific regional factors.

Noteable History

History of Wilde, Argentina

  1. Foundation: Wilde was founded on October 9, 1870, as a small town in the province of Buenos Aires.
  2. Industrial Development: In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Wilde witnessed significant industrial development due to its proximity to Buenos Aires. Many factories and industries were established in the area.
  3. The Great Depression: Like many other parts of the world, Wilde was severely affected by the Great Depression in the 1930s. The economic downturn had a significant impact on the local population.
  4. Peronist Movement: During Juan Perón’s presidency (1946-1955), his political movement known as Peronism gained popularity among working-class communities like Wilde.
  5. Modernization and Urbanization: In recent decades, Wilde has undergone modernization and urban development with improved infrastructure and services.

Notable People Associated with Wilde, Argentina

  1. José Ingenieros (1877-1925): An Argentine physician, lawyer, psychologist, philosopher, writer, and educator who made important contributions to Argentine culture through his writings on social issues.
  2. Raúl Alfonsín (1927-2009): A prominent Argentine lawyer and politician who served as President of Argentina from 1983 to 1989 after the military dictatorship ended.
  3. Roberto Arlt (1900-1942): An influential Argentine writer known for his novels such as The Seven Madmen (Los siete locos) which depicted social issues prevalent during his time.
  4. Ricardo Piglia (1941-2017): A renowned Argentine writer and literary critic known for works like Artificial Respiration (Respiración artificial) that explored themes of politics and identity.
  5. María Elena Walsh (1930–2011): An iconic Argentine poetess, musician, and writer known for her children’s literature and songs that have become classics in Argentina.

Please note that while these individuals are associated with Argentina, they may not necessarily be from Wilde specifically.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Latinoamericano (MALBA): Located in Buenos Aires, this renowned museum showcases contemporary Latin American art with a vast collection of paintings, sculptures, photographs, and installations.
  2. Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes: Another prominent museum in Buenos Aires that houses an extensive collection of Argentine and international artworks from various periods.
  3. Centro Cultural Kirchner (CCK): Set in a former post office building in Buenos Aires, CCK is a cultural center hosting exhibitions, concerts, theater performances and more.
  4. Teatro Colón: One of the world’s most prestigious opera houses located in Buenos Aires. It offers guided tours to explore its stunning architecture and learn about its rich history.
  5. Caminito: A vibrant street museum located in La Boca neighborhood of Buenos Aires known for its colorful buildings and tango performances.
  6. Recoleta Cemetery: A historic cemetery situated in the Recoleta neighborhood of Buenos Aires where notable figures like Eva Perón rest; it boasts impressive mausoleums and beautiful architecture.
  7. Museo Evita: Dedicated to preserving the memory of Eva Perón (Evita), this museum showcases her life story through exhibits including clothing items and personal belongings.
  8. Museo del Bicentenario: Housed within Casa Rosada (Argentina’s presidential palace) in Buenos Aires’ Plaza de Mayo square; it displays historical artifacts related to Argentina’s independence movement.
  9. Parque de la Memoria: Located along the Rio de la Plata riverbank in Vicente López municipality near Wilde; it is a memorial park honoring victims of state terrorism during Argentina’s military dictatorship period (1976-1983).
  10. Museo Histórico Provincial Brigadier General Juan Manuel de Rosas: Situated in nearby San Vicente, this museum offers insights into the life and times of Juan Manuel de Rosas, a significant political figure in Argentine history.

Remember to check the opening hours and any COVID-19-related restrictions before visiting these places.

Sports Teams

  1. There is no specific information available about sports teams and their histories in Wilde, Argentina.
  2. Wilde is a neighborhood located within the Avellaneda Partido in the Buenos Aires Province of Argentina.
  3. While there may be local sports clubs or teams in the area, their histories and achievements are not widely documented or known outside of the community.
  4. It would be best to reach out to local residents or search for community-based sports clubs in Wilde for more specific information about teams and their histories.

Cultural Events

Events in Buenos Aires

  • Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Film (BAFICI): A renowned film festival showcasing independent films from around the world.
  • Tango Buenos Aires Festival and World Cup: A celebration of tango music and dance with performances, workshops, and competitions.
  • Feria Internacional del Libro de Buenos Aires: The largest book fair in Latin America featuring book presentations, author signings, and literary activities.
  • La Noche de los Museos: An annual event where museums open their doors to the public for free during extended hours with special exhibits and activities.
  • Carnival Porteño: Celebrated in February or March with vibrant parades featuring colorful costumes, music, dancing, and street parties.
  • Feria de Mataderos: A traditional fair held on Sundays showcasing Argentine folk music performances (such as chamamé), crafts exhibitions, regional food stalls, gaucho demonstrations, and horse shows.

It’s worth noting that these events take place across different neighborhoods in Buenos Aires province but can be accessed from Wilde relatively easily due to its proximity to the city center.


Local Cuisine in Wilde

Local Cuisine in Wilde

  1. Asado

    Asado is a traditional Argentine barbecue, and you can find some excellent asado restaurants in Wilde. El Viejo Almacén and Parrilla La Estación are two popular places to enjoy this mouthwatering grilled meat.

  2. Empanadas

    Empanadas are a beloved Argentine snack or appetizer consisting of pastry filled with various ingredients like meat, cheese, or vegetables. El Noble is a well-known empanada restaurant in the area that offers a wide variety of flavors.

  3. Milanesa

    Milanesa is another typical dish in Argentina made from breaded and fried meat cutlets served with mashed potatoes or salad. You can try delicious milanesas at La Farola de Wilde.

  4. Pizza

    Argentina has its own unique style of pizza influenced by Italian cuisine. Pizzería Los Inmortales is one of the most famous pizza places in Wilde where you can savor their thin-crust pizzas topped with fresh ingredients.

  5. Café culture

    Argentines love their coffee culture, and there are numerous cafes where you can relax and enjoy a cup of coffee along with some pastries or sandwiches. Café Martínez and Havanna Café are two popular options for coffee lovers in Wilde.

These suggestions should give you an idea of the local cuisine scene in Wilde, but remember that there may be many more hidden gems waiting to be discovered!

Parks and Recreation

  1. Parque de los Derechos del Trabajador: This park is located in the heart of Wilde and offers green spaces, walking paths, playgrounds for children, and sports facilities.
  2. Parque de los Niños: A popular park featuring a large lake where visitors can rent paddleboats or kayaks. There are also picnic areas, playgrounds, and walking trails.
  3. Reserva Natural Otamendi: Although not located directly in Wilde but nearby in Campana Partido, this nature reserve is worth mentioning. It offers opportunities for bird watching, hiking trails through wetlands and forests.
  4. Club Atlético Independiente: For sports enthusiasts, this renowned football club based in Avellaneda (near Wilde) hosts matches at their stadium Estadio Libertadores de América.
  5. Plaza Mitre: Located in the center of Avellaneda (adjacent to Wilde), this charming plaza features beautiful gardens with statues honoring national heroes like General San Martín.
  6. Cine Teatro Paramount: If you’re looking for indoor entertainment options like movies or theater performances while visiting Wilde or its surroundings, Cine Teatro Paramount is a historic venue worth checking out.

These are just a few examples of the public parks and recreational activities available in Wilde and its neighboring areas within Avellaneda Partido that offer leisure opportunities for residents as well as tourists visiting the region.


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