Xiangcheng, China

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Xiangcheng, China

Region: Henan Province

Geographic Coordinates: 25.477500, 100.555000
Temperature Range: -40.0°C to 40.0°C (-40°F to 104°F)
Population: 140010
Language: Mandarin

Xiangcheng is a county-level city located in the central part of China’s Henan province, With a history dating back over 2, 000 years. Once an important center for trade and commerce during the Tang Dynasty, Xiangcheng served as a gateway between northern and southern China. The city’s ancient wall built during the Ming Dynasty stretches for over 3 kilometers and features impressive fortifications such as watchtowers, Gates, And moats. Visitors can walk along its top to enjoy panoramic views of the city below.

Xiangcheng also boasts numerous temples and shrines like Guandi Temple dedicated to Guan Yu – a famous general from ancient Chinese history who is revered as a god by many Chinese people. The temple features intricate carvings, Beautiful gardens, And colorful statues that pay tribute to Guan Yu. Nature enthusiasts can explore several scenic spots in Xiangcheng like Shuanglong Gorge – a picturesque canyon with crystal-clear waterfalls cascading down its rocky cliffs. Visitors can hike through it or take a boat ride along its winding river.

For foodies looking for something different to try out; spicy tofu soup (ma po dou fu), Braised pork belly (hong shao rou), Steamed dumplings (jiao zi), Sugar-coated hawthorn berries (tang hu lu) or sesame candy bars are some popular dishes sold by street vendors in Xiangcheng. Overall, Xiangcheng offers visitors an opportunity to experience both ancient Chinese culture as well as modern-day life in a bustling city with rich history, Stunning natural scenery & delicious cuisine making it definitely worth visiting while traveling to China.

Important Landmarks

  1. Xiangcheng Ancient Town – A well-preserved ancient town with traditional architecture and cultural heritage.
  2. Mount Wuzhi Scenic Area – A scenic mountain area with beautiful landscapes and hiking trails.
  3. Huayang Palace – An ancient palace that served as the residence of emperors during the Tang Dynasty.
  4. Qianfo Mountain National Forest Park – A national park with stunning natural scenery and outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and rock climbing.
  5. Wuyun Mountain National Geopark- Another national park featuring unique geological formations like karst caves, waterfalls, and hot springs.
  6. Yuntai Temple- A famous Buddhist temple built during the Tang Dynasty known for its intricate architecture and religious significance.
  7. Huanhuaxi Park- A beautiful park filled with colorful flowers that bloom throughout the year attracting visitors from all over China for its picturesque views.
  8. Xiangcheng Museum- The museum is home to a collection of historical artifacts showcasing local culture from different dynasties in Chinese history.
  9. Lingguang Temple Pagoda- This pagoda is one of the oldest structures in Xiangcheng dating back to 1176 AD during Southern Song Dynasty.
  10. Zhanggongshan Park- Located on top of Zhanggongshan Hill this park offers panoramic views over Xiangcheng city along with lush greenery making it a popular spot among locals for picnics or leisurely walks.

Primary Industries

  1. Manufacturing: Xiangcheng has a strong manufacturing sector, with companies producing everything from electronics and machinery to textiles and clothing.
  2. Retail: As a growing city, Xiangcheng has many retail businesses catering to its expanding population.
  3. Real Estate: With the rapid growth of the city, real estate development has become an important industry in Xiangcheng.
  4. Agriculture: The surrounding countryside is home to many farms producing crops such as rice, wheat, and vegetables.
  5. Tourism: With its rich history and cultural heritage, Xiangcheng is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination.
  6. Technology: Many technology companies have set up operations in Xiangcheng due to its favorable business environment and skilled workforce.
  7. Healthcare: The healthcare industry is also growing in Xiangcheng as the population ages and demand for medical services increases.
  8. Education: There are several universities located in or near Xiangcheng, making education another important industry for the city’s economy.

Noteable History

  1. Xiangcheng Battle: In 1948, a major battle occurred in Xiangcheng during the Chinese Civil War between Communist and Nationalist forces.
  2. Zhang Heng: Zhang Heng was an astronomer, mathematician, and inventor who lived in Xiangcheng during the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220 AD). He is known for inventing an early seismometer and improving astronomical instruments.
  3. Xu Beihong: Xu Beihong was a renowned painter from Xiangcheng in the early 20th century famous for his realistic paintings of horses and other animals.
  4. Ma Yinchu: Ma Yinchu was an economist and educator from Xiangcheng who advocated population control policies in China during the early 20th century.
  5. Wang Zhenyi: Wang Zhenyi, a female astronomer, mathematician, and poet from Xiangcheng during Qing Dynasty (1644-1912), is known for her work on solar eclipses as well as her poetry.
  6. Shang Yang: Shang Yang was a statesman and philosopher from Xiangcheng who introduced legalist philosophy to China’s political system during Warring States Period (475-221 BC).
  7. Li Bai: Li Bai was a famous Tang Dynasty poet who traveled throughout China including some time spent in Xiangcheng.
  8. Wu Jingzi: Wu Jingzi wrote The Scholars which is one of China’s most famous satirical novels about Confucian scholars during Qing Dynasty period (1644-1912).
  9. Liu Guosong: Liu Guosong is an artist born to parents from Xiangcheng; he is known for his abstract paintings contributions to modern Chinese art despite being born in Taiwan in 1932.
  10. Huang Xiaoming: Huang Xiaoming is a famous actor/singer born in Xiangcheng; he has starred numerous films & TV dramas in China.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Xiangcheng City Museum
  2. Qianfo Mountain Scenic Area
  3. Xiangcheng Confucius Temple
  4. Huaxi Park
  5. Xiangcheng Cultural Center
  6. Shuanglong Temple
  7. Longshan National Forest Park
  8. Han Dynasty Ancient City Site Museum
  9. Donglin Academy
  10. Tongling Ancient Town

Sports Teams

  1. Basketball: The Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) is the top professional basketball league in China. Some of the top CBA teams include the Beijing Ducks, Guangdong Southern Tigers, and Shanghai Sharks.
  2. Football (Soccer): The Chinese Super League (CSL) is the highest tier of professional football/soccer in China. Some of the top CSL teams include Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao FC, Shanghai SIPG FC and Beijing Guoan FC.
  3. Table Tennis: Table tennis is a hugely popular sport in China with many world-class players hailing from there including Ma Long, Zhang Jike and Ding Ning.
  4. Badminton: Another popular sport in China is badminton with many top players such as Lin Dan and Chen Long representing their country at international events.
  5. Volleyball: Volleyball is also a well-loved sport in China with both men’s and women’s national teams competing at an elite level internationally.

Cultural Events

  1. Xiangcheng Peach Blossom Festival – This festival is held every year during March and April when the peach blossoms are in full bloom.
  2. Xiangcheng International Kite Festival – This festival is held every year during May where participants from all over the world come to fly their kites.
  3. Xiangcheng Lotus Festival – This festival is held every year during June and July when the lotus flowers are in full bloom.
  4. Xiangcheng Temple Fair – This fair is held every year during October at Zhaoyin Temple where visitors can enjoy traditional Chinese performances and food.
  5. Xiangcheng Lantern Festival – This festival is held every year during February where visitors can see beautiful lanterns lit up at night.

These are just a few examples of cultural events and festivals that take place in Xiangcheng, China.


  1. Xiangcheng Roast Duck – a famous dish served in many restaurants throughout the city.
  2. Huaiyang Cuisine – a style of Chinese cuisine known for its delicate flavors and presentation, originating from Jiangsu province.
  3. Zhongshan Road Food Street – a bustling street filled with food vendors selling various local snacks and dishes.
  4. Fenghuanglou Restaurant – a popular restaurant serving traditional Huaiyang dishes such as braised pork belly and steamed crab meat dumplings.
  5. Yinyuan Restaurant – known for their seafood dishes, particularly their spicy boiled shrimp.
  6. Hengshan Noodle House – a local favorite for their handmade noodles served in various soups and sauces.
  7. Shuijingfang Restaurant – famous for their hot pot dishes cooked at the table using fresh ingredients.
  8. Qianlongyuan Restaurant – specializes in Hunan-style cuisine, particularly spicy stir-fried dishes.
  9. Wuzhishan Tea House- serves traditional Chinese tea along with snacks like dumplings or pastries.
  10. Baoguo Temple Vegetarian Restaurant- serves vegetarian meals made of soybean products as well as vegetables grown on-site at Baoguo Temple.

Parks and Recreation

  1. Xiangcheng Sports Park offers a wide range of sports facilities, including tennis courts, basketball courts, football fields, and a running track.
  2. Xiangcheng People’s Park is a large public park with stunning gardens, lakes, and walking paths.
  3. Xiangcheng Forest Park is a natural park that features hiking trails and scenic views of the surrounding mountains.
  4. Xiangcheng Cultural Square is a popular gathering place for locals to participate in cultural events and performances.
  5. Xiangcheng Water World is an amusement park that boasts water slides, pools, and other water attractions.
  6. Qilu Lake Scenic Area offers picturesque views of the lake surrounded by mountains and forests.
  7. Lianhua Lake Scenic Area also provides beautiful views of the lake and surrounding nature.
  8. Fenghuangshan National Forest Park is located just outside of Xiangcheng; this national forest park offers hiking trails with stunning views of the landscape.


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