Yueqing, China

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Yueqing, China

Region: Zhejiang

Geographic Coordinates: 28.118800, 120.962000
Temperature Range: -10.0°C to 40.0°C (14°F to 104°F)
Climate: Seasonal.
Population: 488980
Language: Mandarin

Yueqing is a county-level city located in the southeastern part of Zhejiang province, China. The city covers an area of 1, 107 square kilometers and has a population of approximately 700, 000 people. It borders Wenzhou to the east and Lishui to the west while being situated on the coast of the East China Sea. The city is famous for its natural beauty with numerous scenic spots such as Yandang Mountain, Feiyun Lake, And Nanxi River. Yandang Mountain National Geological Park is one of China’s first national parks with stunning landscapes that include waterfalls, Caves, Cliffs, And rock formations.

Yueqing has a rich history dating back over 2, 000 years with evidence suggesting that it was inhabited during the Han Dynasty (206 BC – AD 220). The city played an essential role in trade between Fujian Province and Zhejiang Province during ancient times due to its convenient location on the coast. In recent years Yueqing has undergone rapid economic development mainly due to its manufacturing industry which includes electrical appliances, Machinery parts production as well as automobile parts manufacturing.

The city’s economy is supported by large companies such as Chint Group Corporation which produces electrical equipment used in power transmission systems worldwide. Yueqing boasts excellent transportation links with easy access to major cities like Shanghai via rail or road networks making it an ideal location for business investment or tourism purposes. The local government has invested heavily in infrastructure projects such as expanding airports and building new highways further enhancing connectivity within the region. The cuisine in Yueqing reflects its coastal location with seafood being prominent on menus across town.

Local dishes include braised fish head soup made from fresh fish caught from nearby waters along with other seafood delicacies like shrimp, Crab, And oysters. Yueqing is also known for its rice wine which is made using traditional methods and has a unique flavor. Overall Yueqing offers visitors a mix of natural beauty, Cultural heritage, Delicious food, And modern infrastructure making it an attractive destination for anyone looking to explore the southeastern coast of China.

Important Landmarks

  1. Yandang Mountain Scenic Area
  2. Nanxi River Scenic Area
  3. Xianju National Forest Park
  4. Yuhuan Island
  5. Shuanglong Bridge (Double Dragon Bridge)
  6. Wenzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium
  7. Wenfu Temple
  8. Yueqing Bay Wetland Park
  9. Hongkong Industrial Zone
  10. Liuzhou City Tower

Primary Industries

  1. Electrical Equipment Manufacturing: Yueqing is home to several manufacturers of electrical equipment that produce a range of products such as transformers, switchgear, circuit breakers, and power distribution units.
  2. Electronic Components Manufacturing: The city is also known for its production of electronic components such as capacitors, resistors, diodes, transistors and integrated circuits.
  3. Machinery Manufacturing: Yueqing has a significant machinery manufacturing sector that produces machines for various industries such as textile machinery, packaging machinery and food processing machinery.
  4. Auto Parts Manufacturing: The city also has a thriving auto parts manufacturing industry that produces various components like brake systems and engine parts.
  5. Exporting Business: Due to its strategic location near the ports of Ningbo and Shanghai; Yueqing has become an important hub for exporting goods to other countries especially in Europe and America.
  6. Tourism Industry: With its beautiful scenery including mountain parks like Yandang Mountain Scenic Area; Yueqing attracts many tourists from China and other countries every year who come to enjoy hiking or sightseeing activities.

Noteable History

  1. Yueqing was an important center of the ancient Yue culture, which flourished in the region from around 3000 BCE.
  2. During the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), Yueqing was a major center for trade and commerce, with many merchants and traders coming to the city to buy and sell goods.
  3. In 1856, during the Second Opium War, British forces captured Ningbo and then marched on to attack nearby cities including Yueqing.
  4. Yu Qian (1398-1457), a famous statesman and general during the Ming Dynasty, was born in Yueqing.
  5. Chen Baozhen (1839-1892), a prominent politician during the late Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), served as governor of Zhejiang province and worked to modernize education and industry in Yueqing.
  6. Mao Zedong visited Yueqing in 1958 as part of his Great Leap Forward campaign to promote industrialization in China’s rural areas.
  7. In recent years, Yueqing has become known for its thriving manufacturing sector, particularly in electronics and electrical equipment production.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Yandang Mountain Scenic Area – a UNESCO World Geopark with breathtaking natural scenery and cultural attractions.
  2. Nanxi River Scenic Area – a picturesque river valley with crystal clear water and stunning landscapes.
  3. Wenzhou Yanfu Temple – a historic Buddhist temple that dates back to the Tang Dynasty.
  4. Yueqing Bay Wetland Park – a vast wetland park showcasing diverse flora and fauna.
  5. Jiangnan Great Wall Museum – an educational museum dedicated to the history of the Great Wall of China in Jiangnan region.
  6. Yueqing Museum – an excellent museum highlighting local history, culture, and art.
  7. Wenzhou Guogong Mansion – a well-preserved ancient mansion built during the Qing Dynasty era.
  8. Shuixin Pavilion (Water Reflection Pavilion) – A beautiful scenic pavilion situated on an island surrounded by mountains and forests.
  9. Taibaizhuang Ancient Village – An old village featuring traditional architecture from ancient times.
  10. Yueqing Confucian Temple (Yueqing Wenmiao) – One of Zhejiang province’s oldest Confucian temples showcasing beautiful architecture and cultural relics related to Confucius worshiping tradition.

Sports Teams

  1. After researching Yueqing, China,
  2. I couldn’t find any significant sports teams or their histories in the area.
  3. It is possible that there are local sports teams or clubs in the region,
  4. but they may not have significant recognition on a national or international level.

Cultural Events

  1. Yueqing International Kite Festival is an annual event that takes place in April, attracting kite enthusiasts from all over the world to showcase their unique designs and skills.
  2. The Yueqing Lantern Festival is celebrated every year on the 15th day of the first lunar month, featuring colorful lanterns, dragon dances, and traditional performances.
  3. The Yueqing Dragon Boat Festival is held on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month and features dragon boat races along with traditional food such as zongzi (sticky rice wrapped in bamboo leaves).
  4. The Yueqing Peach Blossom Festival celebrates the blooming of peach blossoms in March or April each year with music performances, art exhibitions, and local food.
  5. The Qingjiang Cultural Tourism Festival showcases the cultural heritage of Yueqing through various activities such as folk art performances, temple fairs, and local cuisine exhibitions.
  6. The Yueqing International Mountain Bike Race takes place in October each year and attracts professional mountain bikers from around the world to compete on challenging terrain in scenic locations around Yueqing.
  7. The Taiping Tea Culture Tourism Festival is celebrated every year in May or June highlighting tea culture with tea ceremonies, tastings, and cultural performances at Taiping Village.
  8. The annual event called ‘Yueqing Maritime Silk Road Culture Week’ promotes trade between China’s Zhejiang province & other countries along ancient maritime routes. The week-long celebrations include a trade fair showcasing products from different countries along with cultural programs such as dance shows, music concerts etc.


  • Yueqing Seafood: Being a coastal city, trying seafood is a must in Yueqing. Specialties include steamed fish with soy sauce, fried squid, and shrimp stir-fry.
  • Dongshan Mutton: This dish features tender mutton that has been marinated in spices and herbs before being roasted or stewed.
  • Hengdian Beef Noodles: This dish includes thick noodles served with beef broth and thinly sliced beef.
  • Xinchang Tea Oil Chicken: The chicken is cooked with tea oil from Xinchang County to create a fragrant and flavorful dish.
  • Fu’an Rice Cake: These rice cakes are made by steaming glutinous rice flour mixed with sugar or red bean paste.

Popular restaurants to try these dishes include:

  1. Fuyuan Seafood Restaurant
  2. Dongxing Mutton Restaurant
  3. Hengdian Beef Noodle House
  4. Xinchang Tea Oil Chicken Restaurant
  5. Huatong Rice Cake Shop

Parks and Recreation

  1. Yueqing Bay Wetland Park
  2. Shanshui Forest Park
  3. Yueqing City Sports Center
  4. Nanxi River Scenic Area
  5. Xianju National Forest Park
  6. Taishun Longshan National Forest Park
  7. Yunhe Qianfo Mountain Scenic Area
  8. Wenzhou Nanxi River Rafting Base
  9. Yueqing Linyang Ecological Agriculture Tourism Garden
  10. Tiantai Mountain Scenic Area


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