Aarhus, Denmark

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Aarhus, Denmark

Region: Region Midtjylland

Geographic Coordinates: 56.157200, 10.210700
Temperature Range: -10.0°C to 30.0°C (14°F to 86°F)
Climate: Cold winters and mild summers with frequent rainfall.
Population: 285273
Language: Danish

Aarhus is the second-largest city in Denmark, Located on the eastern coast of Jutland and a major cultural hub of Scandinavia. The city has a rich history dating back to the Viking Age and boasts many attractions that showcase its heritage. Aarhus is also home to one of Denmark’s leading universities, Bringing a vibrant student population and an energetic atmosphere. The Old Town or Den Gamle By is one of Aarhus’s most popular tourist attractions. It is an open-air museum that recreates life in Denmark during different periods from the 16th century to the 1970s.

Visitors can explore over 75 historical buildings including shops, Homes, And workshops while costumed actors bring history to life. Another must-see attraction in Aarhus is ARoS Art Museum which houses some of Europe’s most impressive contemporary art collections. The museum features works by famous artists such as Andy Warhol and Yoko Ono as well as Danish artists like Olafur Eliasson. For those interested in architecture, Head over to Dokk1 – Scandinavia’s largest public library – designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects.

The building features stunning views of Aarhus Harbor from its rooftop terrace and houses several exhibition spaces showcasing local art. Foodies will love exploring Aarhus’ culinary scene with its many Michelin-starred restaurants such as Frederikshøj or Gastromé offering innovative Nordic cuisine made with local ingredients like seafood from nearby waters or wild berries found in forests around town. nature lovers can enjoy beautiful beaches just outside town like Moesgaard Strand where they can swim or sunbathe while taking in scenic views across rolling hillsides dotted with farms and windmills.

whether you’re interested in history or modern culture; foodie delights or natural beauty; there are plenty of reasons why visitors should add Aarhus to their travel itinerary when visiting Denmark!

Important Landmarks

  1. ARoS Aarhus Art Museum
  2. The Old Town (Den Gamle By)
  3. Aarhus Cathedral (Aarhus Domkirke)
  4. Marselisborg Palace and Gardens
  5. Moesgaard Museum
  6. Tivoli Friheden amusement park
  7. Aarhus City Hall (Rådhuset)
  8. Dokk1 library and cultural center
  9. Viking Museum at Moesgaard Beach
  10. Aarhus Botanical Gardens

Primary Industries

  1. Aarhus is a significant economic hub in Denmark with a diverse range of industries and businesses.
  2. The city boasts many IT companies, including Systematic, Siteimprove, and SimCorp.
  3. Additionally, Aarhus has a thriving life sciences industry with companies such as Novo Nordisk, Coloplast, and Leo Pharma having their headquarters in the region.
  4. The port of Aarhus is one of Denmark’s busiest ports with many shipping companies operating from there.
  5. The surrounding region around Aarhus produces significant amounts of agricultural products such as dairy products, meat, vegetables, fruits etc.
  6. There are also several creative industries based in Aarhus including architecture firms such as C.F Møller Architects; design agencies like Jacob Jensen Design; film production companies like Zentropa; fashion brands like Bruuns Bazaar etc.
  7. With two universities (Aarhus University & VIA University College) located within its borders along with research centers like iNANO (Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center) & Danmarks Tekniske Universitet (DTU), education & research have become important pillars for economic growth in this city.
  8. Due to its rich cultural heritage sites such as ARoS Art Museum or Moesgaard Museum along with scenic locations like Marselisborg Palace Gardens or Tivoli Friheden amusement park make it an attractive destination for tourists which boosts tourism sector significantly contributing to local economy.

Noteable History

  1. Aarhus was founded as a Viking settlement in the 8th century.
  2. In the Middle Ages, Aarhus became an important trading center and was granted city status in 1441.
  3. During World War II, Aarhus was occupied by Nazi Germany from April 1940 until May 1945.
  4. The city has been home to many notable people throughout history, including philosopher Søren Kierkegaard, writer Hans Christian Andersen, and composer Carl Nielsen.
  5. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Aarhus experienced significant growth and modernization with the expansion of its port and railway connections.
  6. The University of Aarhus was founded in 1928 and has since become one of Denmark’s leading universities.
  7. In recent years, Aarhus has undergone significant urban development with new cultural institutions such as the ARoS Art Museum and Dokk1 library opening in the city center.
  8. The annual Aarhus Festival is a major cultural event that attracts visitors from around Denmark and Europe with music performances, art exhibitions, theater productions, and more.
  9. Notable architectural landmarks in Aarhus include Marselisborg Palace (the summer residence of the Danish royal family), Den Gamle By (an open-air museum showcasing life in Denmark during different historical periods), and Musikhuset (a concert hall designed by renowned architect Jørn Utzon).
  10. Today, Aarhus is known for its high quality of life with a thriving economy based on industries such as technology, healthcare education research & development etc., making it one of Denmark’s most dynamic cities.

Museums and Things To See

  1. ARoS Aarhus Art Museum
  2. The Old Town (Den Gamle By)
  3. Moesgaard Museum
  4. Aarhus Cathedral (Aarhus Domkirke)
  5. Marselisborg Palace and Gardens
  6. Dokk1 – Aarhus’ Main Library and Cultural Center
  7. Tivoli Friheden Amusement Park
  8. Viking Museum
  9. Botanical Garden and Greenhouses
  10. Aarhus City Hall (Rådhuset)

Sports Teams

  1. AGF Aarhus is the oldest and most successful football club in Aarhus, founded in 1880. They have won five Danish championships and eight Danish Cups.
  2. The handball team of AGF, Aarhus Gymnastikforening (AGF) Handball, was founded in 1902 and has won the Danish championship three times.
  3. Founded in 2017, Aarhus United Handball is a women’s handball team that plays in the top tier of Danish handball league.
  4. Bakken Bears is a professional basketball team based in Aarhus that was founded in 1953. They have won ten Danish championships and four Danish Cups.
  5. Skovbakken IK Women’s Football Club is a women’s football club based in Aarhus that was founded in 1921. They have won nine national championships and seven national cups.
  6. FC Djursland is a football club from Grenaa located just outside of Aarhus which plays its home matches at Grenaa Idrætscenter Stadion.
  7. Risskov CC Cricket Club was founded by students from India who were studying at the University of Aarhus and has since grown to become one of Denmark’s largest cricket clubs with over 200 members today.

Cultural Events

  1. Aarhus Festuge is a 10-day festival that takes place in late August and early September. It features music, art, theater, and cultural events throughout the city.
  2. SPOT Festival is a music festival held in May that showcases emerging Danish and international artists.
  3. NorthSide Festival is a three-day music festival held in June featuring popular international acts.
  4. Aarhus Pride is an annual LGBTQ+ pride parade and festival held in June.
  5. International Food Festival is held in September each year, where visitors can enjoy food from around the world as well as cooking demonstrations and workshops.
  6. Julemarked (Christmas Market) takes place during December every year, offering visitors traditional Christmas crafts, food, and entertainment.
  7. Latin American Festival celebrates the culture of Latin America with live music performances, dance workshops, food stalls serving traditional cuisine from various countries of Latin America each August.
  8. Tall Ships Races take place every two years at the port of Aarhus where tall ships from around the world gather for a four-day maritime event with parades of sails through the harbor waters among other activities on land like concerts or shows etc., making it an exciting event for sailing enthusiasts or anyone interested to witness such grandeur up close!


  • Smørrebrød – open-faced sandwiches with various toppings such as fish, meat, cheese, and vegetables. Try it at Aarhus Street Food or Restaurant Pinden.
  • Flæskesteg – roasted pork with crackling served with red cabbage and potatoes. Try it at Restaurant Frederikshøj or Mefisto.
  • Frikadeller – Danish meatballs made of ground pork and beef served with potatoes and gravy. Try it at Café Hack or Gastro.
  • Stegt flæsk med persillesovs – fried pork belly served with parsley sauce and boiled potatoes. Try it at Svineriet or Vesterlauget.
  • Rugbrød – dense rye bread often used for sandwiches like smørrebrød or topped with butter and cheese for a snack. Try it at La Cabra Coffee Roasters or Grød.
  • Æbleskiver – small round pancakes filled with apple slices often eaten during Christmas time but can be found year-round in some places like Café Smagløs.
  • Fish dishes such as stegt ål (fried eel) or fiskefilet (fish fillet) can be found at seafood restaurants like Salling Rooftop Fish & Grill Bar or Seafood Bazar Aarhus.
  • Burgers are also popular in Aarhus, try the ones from Halifax Burgers & Cocktails or Jagger Burger & Cocktailbar.

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Marselisborg Forests and Deer Park: Explore a vast forest area with numerous walking and cycling paths, picnic areas, and a deer park that’s perfect for nature lovers.
    2. Den Permanente Beach: Enjoy the city center’s popular beach with its long promenade ideal for walking or cycling.
    3. Botanical Garden and Greenhouses: Admire the beauty of various plant species from around the world in this stunning garden that also features greenhouses filled with tropical plants.
    4. Moesgaard Museum: Delve into history at this archaeological museum located in an awe-inspiring building surrounded by forests and hills.
    5. Tivoli Friheden amusement park: Experience a fun-filled day at this amusement park featuring rides, games, restaurants, and live music performances.
    6. Aarhus Street Food Market: Satisfy your cravings at this outdoor food market offering various cuisines from around the world.
    7. ARoS Art Museum: Discover contemporary art exhibitions by Danish and international artists along with a rooftop rainbow walkway offering panoramic views of the city.
    8. Dokk1 Library & Cultural Center: Immerse yourself in culture at Scandinavia’s largest public library offering access to books, media resources as well as concerts, talks, workshops, exhibitions etc.,
    9. Ridehuset Skatepark & Culture Center : Enjoy thrilling indoor skateboarding sessions while also attending cultural events like concerts or workshops here!
    10. Aarhus Harbor Bath : Take a refreshing dip in this open-air swimming facility built into the harbor providing visitors with an unforgettable sea-bathing experience!


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