Al Mubarraz, Saudi Arabia

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Al Mubarraz, Saudi Arabia

Region: Al Mubarraz

Geographic Coordinates: 25.441600, 49.664200
Climate: Hot and dry climate with occasional rainfall, and high temperatures during the summer months.
Population: 298562
Language: Arabic

Al Mubarraz, Located in the eastern region of Saudi Arabia, Is a city known for its rich history, Cultural heritage, And natural beauty. Its name means the well-irrigated land, Reflecting its agricultural importance. One of the most notable landmarks in Al Mubarraz is Qaisariah Souq, One of Saudi Arabia’s oldest markets dating back to the 16th century. The bustling atmosphere and variety of goods for sale offer visitors a glimpse into traditional Arab culture. King Abdullah Environmental Park is another must-see attraction promoting environmental awareness among residents and visitors alike.

It features walking trails through lush greenery, Waterfalls, Lakes with fountains as well as an outdoor theater where concerts are held regularly. Jabal Qarah Mountain offers stunning views from its summit while palm groves throughout the region produce some of Saudi Arabia’s finest dates. Historic sites such as Ibrahim Palace Museum showcase artifacts from various periods throughout Saudi Arabian history. Foodies will be delighted by Al Mubarraz’s culinary scene featuring traditional Arabic dishes such as Kabsa (rice dish), Shawarma (meat wrap), Falafel (deep-fried chickpea balls), Hummus (chickpea dip) amongst others.

whether you’re interested in exploring ancient architecture or enjoying nature walks or sampling delicious cuisine – there’s something for everyone in Al Mubarraz.

Important Landmarks

  1. Al Qara Mountain: A popular hiking spot with stunning views.
  2. King Abdulaziz Palace for Culture and Arts: A cultural center that hosts various events and exhibitions.
  3. Al-Murabba Palace: A historic palace built in the early 20th century that now serves as a museum.
  4. Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Science and Technology Center: An interactive science museum with exhibits on space exploration, robotics, and more.
  5. Al-Ahsa Oasis: A UNESCO World Heritage Site featuring ancient irrigation systems and palm groves.
  6. Ibrahim Palace: Another historic palace turned museum showcasing traditional Saudi Arabian architecture.
  7. Jawatha Mosque: One of the oldest mosques in Saudi Arabia dating back to the 7th century AD.
  8. King Abdullah Environmental Park: A large park with green spaces, walking paths, playgrounds, and a lake for boating.
  9. Al Khodariyah Gardens Park: A beautifully landscaped park with picnic areas, fountains, and playgrounds for children.
  10. Al-Qaisariah Souq Market: The oldest market of its kind in Saudi Arabia where visitors can shop for traditional handicrafts like pottery or textiles while enjoying local food specialties like dates or honeycomb bread (Khubz).

Primary Industries

  1. Al Mubarraz, located in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, is a city with a diverse range of industries and businesses.
  2. The city is well-known for its agricultural production, particularly dates which are grown in large quantities.
  3. Additionally, there are several shopping centers and malls in the city that house many international brands.
  4. Education is also an important industry in Al Mubarraz with several universities and colleges located within the city limits. King Faisal University and Al Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University are just two examples of these educational institutions.
  5. The healthcare sector is well-developed in Al Mubarraz with several hospitals and clinics providing medical services to residents.
  6. Construction companies and contractors are also highly sought after due to ongoing development projects throughout the city.
  7. Hospitality plays a significant role as well with many hotels and restaurants catering to tourists visiting nearby attractions such as Qara Mountain or Jabal Qara Cave Park.
  8. Finally, transportation options including taxi services, car rental companies, and public transportation options are available to residents and visitors alike making it easy to get around Al Mubarraz.

Noteable History

  1. The Battle of Al-Mubarraz occurred in 1905 between Ibn Saud and Rashidi tribes, resulting in a victory for Ibn Saud and the establishment of modern-day Saudi Arabia.
  2. Sheikh Abdulaziz Bin Humaid Al Muhanna, a notable figure from Al Mubarraz, served as Minister of Justice in Saudi Arabia from 1992 to 2009.
  3. Late King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz visited Al Mubarraz multiple times during his reign and contributed to development projects within the city.
  4. Prince Faisal bin Bandar, a member of the Saudi royal family and former Governor of Riyadh Province oversaw several development projects in Al Mubarraz during his tenure.
  5. Qaisariyah Market is an iconic landmark dating back over 100 years that was established by Turkish merchants in Al Mubarraz.
  6. The large number of date palm trees within the city are an integral part of its economy and culture.
  7. Due to its proximity to major oil fields, many residents work within the oil industry or related fields.
  8. A new education city has been established near Al Mubarraz with multiple universities and research centers aimed at promoting education and innovation within the region in recent years.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Al-Mubarraz Heritage Village
  2. Al-Qatt Al-Asiri Museum
  3. King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra)
  4. Dammam Regional Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography
  5. Tarout Castle
  6. Al Khobar Corniche
  7. Dammam Public Library and National Archive
  8. Dhahran Exhibition Centre
  9. King Fahd Park
  10. Dhahran Hills Park

Sports Teams

  • I don’t have access to current information on sports teams in Al Mubarraz, Saudi Arabia.
  • However, I can tell you that football (soccer) is the most popular sport in Saudi Arabia and there are many professional football clubs throughout the country.
  • Some of the most well-known clubs include:
    1. Al-Hilal FC
    2. Al-Nassr FC
    3. Al-Ittihad FC

    Cultural Events

    1. Janadriyah Cultural Festival: This festival is one of the most significant cultural festivals in Saudi Arabia and occurs every year in Riyadh. It showcases the country’s rich heritage through traditional dance performances, music, art exhibitions, and food.
    2. Al Qassim Date Festival: This festival celebrates the importance of dates to the region’s economy and culture. It features various competitions such as date-picking contests, date cooking competitions, and a date market.
    3. Souq Okaz: This is a historical event that takes place annually in Taif but attracts visitors from all over Saudi Arabia including Al Mubarraz. The festival recreates ancient Arabian markets with traditional craftspeople selling their wares alongside cultural performances such as poetry recitals.
    4. Eid al-Fitr: As a predominantly Muslim country, Eid al-Fitr is an important holiday celebrated throughout Saudi Arabia including Al Mubarraz. It marks the end of Ramadan with festivities including family gatherings and feasting.
    5. National Day: Celebrated on September 23rd every year throughout Saudi Arabia including Al Mubarraz to commemorate the unification of modern-day Saudi Arabia by King Abdulaziz in 1932 with parades and fireworks displays being held across cities nationwide to celebrate this occasion.


    • Al Khodariyah Restaurant – Known for its traditional Saudi Arabian dishes such as lamb mandi and chicken kabsa.
    • Al Manar Restaurant – Offers a variety of Middle Eastern cuisine including shawarma and falafel.
    • Al Khamis Restaurant – Serves authentic Arabic food such as grilled meat and rice dishes.
    • Shamiyat Restaurant – Specializes in Syrian cuisine with popular dishes like fattoush salad, hummus, and kebabs.
    • Najd Village Restaurant – Offers traditional Saudi Arabian food in a unique setting that resembles an old village.
    • Al Tazaj Chicken Grill – Popular fast-food chain that serves grilled chicken with Arabic spices.
    • Chateaubriand Steakhouse – A high-end restaurant known for its steaks and international cuisine options.
    • Burger Boutique – A fast-food chain that offers gourmet burgers with various toppings to choose from.

    Parks and Recreation

    1. Al-Mubarraz Park
    2. King Abdullah Environmental Park
    3. Al-Mubarraz Zoo
    4. Al-Mubarraz Sports City
    5. Al-Mubarraz Public Garden
    6. Prince Faisal bin Fahd Stadium
    7. Bowling Alley in Al-Mubarraz Mall
    8. Ice Skating Rink in Al-Mubarraz Mall


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