Alcorcón, Spain

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Alcorcón, Spain

Region: Madrid

Geographic Coordinates: 40.350000, -3.833300
Temperature Range: 10.0°C to 30.0°C (50°F to 86°F)
Climate: Seasonal weather patterns in Alcorcón, Spain include hot and dry summers with temperatures averaging around 30°C, and mild winters with temperatures averaging around 10°C. Precipitation is highest in the fall and winter months.
Population: 170817
Language: Spanish

Alcorcón is a city located in the southwestern part of the Community of Madrid, Spain. The city has a population of around 170, 000 people and is known for its rich history and cultural heritage. It is situated at an altitude of 690 meters above sea level and covers an area of approximately 34 square kilometers. The name Alcorcón comes from the Arabic word Al-Qurqun, Which means the fortresses. The city was founded during the Muslim period in Spain and played an important role in the defense against Christian attacks.

It was later conquered by King Alfonso VI during the Reconquista, After which it became part of Castile. One of Alcorcón’s most famous landmarks is the Castle of San José de Valderas. This castle dates back to the 18th century and was built as a defensive structure to protect against French invasions during that time. Today, It serves as a cultural center where visitors can learn about local history through exhibitions, Concerts, And other events. Another notable attraction in Alcorcón is Parque de las Comunidades.

This park covers an area of over 200 hectares and features various recreational facilities such as walking trails, Playgrounds, Picnic areas, Sports fields, And more. It also has several lakes where visitors can enjoy fishing or boating activities. In terms of education , Alcorcón has several prestigious institutions such as Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (URJC) which offers undergraduate programs in various fields including law , Engineering sciences among others . There are also numerous public schools within the city that provide quality education to children from all backgrounds.

For those interested in shopping or dining out , There are many options available throughout Alcorcón . One popular destination for both locals and tourists alike is Centro Comercial Tres Aguas , Which houses over two hundred shops including fashion outlets , Restaurants , Cinemas among others. Overall, Alcorcón is a charming and vibrant city that offers something for everyone. Whether you’re interested in history and culture or outdoor activities, This city has it all. With its beautiful architecture, Scenic parks, And excellent amenities , It’s no wonder why so many people choose to call Alcorcón home.

Primary Industries

  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitality
  • Construction

The city boasts a number of shopping centers and retail outlets that cater to the needs of the local population. Several hospitals and medical centers provide healthcare services to residents. Alcorcón is also home to many schools, colleges and universities.

The city’s growing technology sector has companies specializing in software development, IT services and telecommunications. There are several manufacturing companies producing machinery, electronics and textiles in Alcorcón as well.

Tourism is also significant due to its proximity to Madrid making hospitality an important industry for the city. Finally there are many construction companies operating due to ongoing infrastructure projects such as road expansions or building renovations happening within the area.

Noteable History

  1. The Battle of Alcorcón in 1808 during the Peninsular War between French and Spanish forces.
  2. The construction of the Royal Canal of Manzanares in the 18th century helped boost the economy and development of Alcorcón.
  3. Josefa Bayeu, Francisco de Goya’s wife, was born in Alcorcón in 1747.
  4. A railway station was established in Alcorcón in 1861, which facilitated transportation and trade throughout the region.
  5. Several important buildings were constructed such as Church Nuestra Señora de la Asunción (16th century), Casa Consistorial (17th century), and Hospital San José (18th century).
  6. Notable people from Alcorcón include footballers Fernando Torres and Rubén Castro, singer Melendi, actor Antonio Dechent, and bullfighter Rafael El Gallo.
  7. In recent years, modern architecture has become a hallmark of Alcorcon with buildings such as La Fortuna Cultural Center designed by architects Ángela García de Paredes y Ignacio García Pedrosa winning awards for their innovative design.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo (CA2M)
  2. Museo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología (MUNCYT)
  3. Parque Natural Regional del Curso Medio del Río Guadarrama
  4. Monasterio de San José y Santa Teresa
  5. Iglesia Parroquial Nuestra Señora de los Remedios
  6. Ayuntamiento de Alcorcón
  7. Biblioteca Municipal Miguel Delibes
  8. Plaza Mayor de Alcorcón
  9. Casa Museo Manuel Benedito
  10. Torreón Fortaleza Castillo De San José

Sports Teams

  1. AD Alcorcón is a football club that was established in 1971 and currently competes in the Segunda División, which is the second tier of Spanish football. The team has had numerous successful seasons, including two appearances in the playoffs for promotion to La Liga during 2010-11 and 2012-13.
  2. CB Alcorcón is a basketball club that was founded in 1987 and plays in Liga EBA, which is the fourth tier of Spanish basketball. Although they have achieved some success at lower levels, they have never played at higher levels.
  3. Club Patinaje Artístico Alcorcón is an artistic roller skating club that was established in 1985 and has won multiple national championships throughout its history.
  4. Club de Atletismo Lynze Parla-Alcorcón is an athletics club that came into existence as a joint venture between neighboring cities Parla and Alcorcón back in 2008. The team takes part at various levels across Spain.
  5. Club Voleibol Alkor was founded back in 1996 as a volleyball club for women who currently compete at Superliga Femenina de Voleibol – which happens to be the top level of women’s volleyball competition within Spain! They have achieved some success over their history by reaching playoffs for promotion to higher divisions on multiple occasions.

Cultural Events

  1. Fiestas de Alcorcón: This is the biggest and most important festival in the city and is celebrated in August. It includes a wide variety of cultural events, live music, parades, fireworks, and other activities.
  2. Feria de la Tapa: This gastronomic festival takes place in September and features local restaurants offering their best tapas dishes.
  3. Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes: This international short film festival takes place in October and features screenings of short films from around the world.
  4. Festival de Música Clásica Ciudad de Alcorcón: This classical music festival takes place throughout the year and features performances by local orchestras as well as visiting musicians.
  5. Festival Flamenco Ciudad de Alcorcón: This flamenco festival takes place in November and features performances by some of Spain’s most renowned flamenco artists.
  6. Feria del Libro y la Cultura: This book fair takes place in May or June each year and includes book signings, readings, workshops, and other cultural events.
  7. Semana Santa: Holy Week is celebrated with processions throughout the city featuring religious icons carried on floats accompanied by musicians playing traditional hymns.
  8. Carnaval de Alcorcón: The carnival celebration takes place before Lent begins each year with colorful costumes worn during parades through the streets of town.


  • Cocina de la Abuela: A traditional Spanish restaurant that serves homemade dishes like paella and cocido madrileño.
  • La Taberna del Puerto: Specializes in seafood dishes like grilled octopus and fried calamari.
  • El Timón de Alcorcón: Offers a variety of grilled meats, tapas, and Spanish wines.
  • Mesón El Cid: Known for its roast lamb and suckling pig dishes.
  • La Venta de la Rubia: Serves traditional Castilian cuisine such as roast beef and chorizo stew.
  • Casa Manolo: A family-run restaurant that offers a selection of Mediterranean-style seafood dishes.
  • Restaurante Chino Mandarín II: Popular Chinese restaurant with a wide range of dishes from different regions of China.
  • La Mafia se sienta a la mesa: Italian-themed restaurant with pasta, pizza, salads, and desserts on the menu.
  • Restaurante Asador San Isidro: Famous for its charcoal-grilled meats like beef steak and Iberian pork ribs.
  • Bar El Pilar de Alcorcón: A classic Spanish bar that serves tapas along with beer or wine at affordable prices.

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Parque de las Comunidades: This is the largest park in Alcorcón, offering various recreational activities such as cycling, jogging, walking, and picnicking.
    2. Parque Oeste: Located on the outskirts of Alcorcón, this park is known for its beautiful gardens and lake. Visitors can enjoy boating, fishing, and birdwatching here.
    3. Polideportivo Municipal Los Cantos: A sports complex with facilities for football, basketball, tennis, paddle tennis, swimming pool and athletics track.
    4. Parque de la Ribota: Featuring a large playground area for children with slides, swings and other equipment.
    5. Skatepark de Alcorcón: A skateboarding park designed for skateboarders to practice their moves.
    6. El Soto de Móstoles Natural Park : A nature reserve with hiking trails through forests and meadows.
    7. Centro Deportivo Municipal Prado Santo Domingo : A sports center with an indoor pool , gymnasium , paddle courts etc.
    8. Piscina Cubierta Municipal La Canaleja : An indoor swimming pool complex .
    9. Campo de Golf Villa de Madrid : An 18-hole golf course that also offers classes to beginners.


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