Amherst, Massachusetts

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Amherst, Massachusetts


Geographic Coordinates: 43.011700, -78.757000
Temperature Range: -40.0°C to 40.0°C (-40°F to 104°F)
Climate: Seasonal.
Population: 128783
Language: English

Amherst is a charming town located in the western part of Massachusetts, United States. It is home to Amherst College, Hampshire College, And the University of Massachusetts Amherst. The town has a population of around 40, 000 residents and boasts a rich history dating back to the 1700s. One notable landmark in Amherst is Emily Dickinson’s Homestead. This was once home to one of America’s greatest poets who lived there for almost her entire life. The house has been preserved as a museum and offers visitors an opportunity to learn about Emily Dickinson’s life and work.

The downtown area of Amherst is bustling with activity throughout the year with numerous shops, Restaurants, Cafes, Art galleries and bookstores scattered throughout this vibrant community. In addition to these establishments are several cultural institutions such as The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art which features exhibitions on children’s literature. Nature lovers will appreciate what Amherst has to offer in terms of outdoor recreation opportunities. Mount Norwottuck State Reservation offers miles upon miles of hiking trails that lead up through beautiful forests towards breathtaking scenic vistas overlooking the Connecticut River Valley.

For those interested in history and architecture, There are several sites worth visiting such as The Jones Library which features an extensive collection on local history dating back over two centuries. Additionally, Visitors can explore buildings like The Old Town Hall which was built-in 1853 or even stroll through one-of-a-kind neighborhoods like South Pleasant Street Historic District. Sports enthusiasts will be happy with what they find here too! UMass-Amherst is known for its successful athletic programs including basketball (men’s & women’s), Football (UMass Minutemen), Hockey (UMass Hockey) among others!

Overall it’s safe to say that Amherst offers something for everyone – from its rich history, Vibrant downtown area, And outdoor recreation opportunities to its cultural institutions and collegiate atmosphere. Whether you’re a student, Visitor or resident, This town is sure to leave an impression on you!

Important Landmarks

  1. Emily Dickinson Museum: This museum is dedicated to the life and works of poet Emily Dickinson.
  2. Amherst College: One of the top liberal arts colleges in the country, known for its beautiful campus and academic excellence.
  3. The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art: A museum dedicated to children’s book author and illustrator Eric Carle.
  4. Mount Norwottuck: A popular hiking destination with stunning views of the surrounding area.
  5. Amherst Farmers’ Market: A vibrant farmers’ market featuring local produce, crafts, and food vendors.
  6. Atkins Farms Country Market: A family-owned farm market selling fresh produce, baked goods, meats, cheeses, and more.
  7. The Jones Library: An historic library featuring a collection of books on local history as well as modern literature.
  8. Puffers Pond: A scenic pond surrounded by nature trails perfect for hiking and picnicking.
  9. The Yiddish Book Center: A cultural center devoted to Yiddish literature & culture with a vast collection of books available for research or purchase.
  10. Hampshire Mall: A shopping mall that features a variety of stores including clothing retailers such as Target, Cinemark movie theater, restaurants, etc.

Primary Industries

  1. Amherst, United States is a small town situated in the state of Massachusetts.
  2. The town boasts several prestigious colleges and universities, including Amherst College, Hampshire College, and the University of Massachusetts Amherst.
  3. Additionally, there are various healthcare facilities such as Cooley Dickinson Hospital and Baystate Medical Center.
  4. Downtown Amherst is home to numerous retail stores that offer clothing items, books, gifts, and specialty products.
  5. The surrounding area of Amherst is well-known for its agricultural production of crops like apples and berries.
  6. Several technology companies also have offices or headquarters in the region around Amherst.
  7. Tourism plays an essential role in the town’s economy as it attracts visitors who come to explore historic sites like Emily Dickinson Museum and other cultural attractions such as art galleries and theaters.
  8. Furthermore, many non-profit organizations operate within the town’s borders; one example is Food Bank of Western Massachusetts which provides food assistance to local people facing hunger challenges among others.

Noteable History

  1. The founding of Amherst College in 1821, which has produced many notable alumni including President Calvin Coolidge, poet Robert Frost, and writer David Foster Wallace.
  2. The Battle of Amherst during the American Revolution in 1775, where local militia fought against British troops.
  3. Emily Dickinson, one of America’s greatest poets who lived most of her life in Amherst and wrote over 1,800 poems.
  4. The birthplace of Eugene Field, an American writer best known for his children’s poetry such as Wynken Blynken and Nod.
  5. The establishment of the Massachusetts Agricultural College (now University of Massachusetts Amherst) in 1863 as a land-grant institution focused on agriculture and engineering.
  6. The Great New England Hurricane that hit Amherst in September 1938 causing widespread damage and loss of life.
  7. Notable political figures from the area include former US Congressman John Olver and current US Senator Elizabeth Warren who taught at UMass Amherst Law School before entering politics.
  8. Famous musicians who have performed or lived in the area include Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Arlo Guthrie among others who played at venues like Hampshire College or UMass-Amherst during their early careers.

Museums and Things To See

  1. The Emily Dickinson Museum is a tribute to the renowned American poet, Emily Dickinson, and her works.
  2. The Mead Art Museum boasts an impressive collection of over 18,000 artworks from different parts of the world, including sculptures, paintings and photographs.
  3. The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art celebrates children’s book illustrations with exhibits featuring some of the most beloved characters in literature.
  4. At the Amherst College Museum of Natural History, visitors can admire a diverse range of natural history specimens from all over the globe such as fossils, minerals and live animals.
  5. The Jones Library is a public library that houses an extensive collection of books related to Amherst culture and history.
  6. Mount Holyoke Range State Park offers hiking trails with breathtaking views overlooking Connecticut River Valley.
  7. Hadley Farm Museum provides visitors with interactive exhibits and demonstrations that showcase New England agriculture at work on this historic farm museum.
  8. At Amherst Cinema Arts Center independent films from around the globe are screened along with special events like film festivals or lectures by filmmakers themselves.
  9. The Robert Frost Stone House Museum located in South Shaftsbury Vermont was home to Robert Frost for many years where he wrote some his most famous poems.
  10. A statue honoring Benjamin Franklin can be found on UMass campus outside Goodell Hall – one America’s founding fathers who played an important role in shaping American history.

Sports Teams

  1. Amherst College Athletics: Amherst College boasts a rich history of athletics, with its teams competing in the New England Small College Athletic Conference (NESCAC) and Division III of the NCAA. The football team has won three national championships, while the men’s basketball team has won two national titles.
  2. University of Massachusetts Amherst Athletics: The University of Massachusetts Amherst houses 21 varsity sports teams that compete in Division I of the NCAA. The school’s basketball program has had notable success, including a Final Four appearance in 1996.
  3. Pioneer Valley Roller Derby: This women’s roller derby league was founded in 2008 and is based nearby Northampton, MA. The league features four teams that compete against each other throughout the year.
  4. Hampshire United SC: Hampshire United SC is a soccer club based nearby Easthampton, MA that competes at various levels throughout New England.
  5. Amherst Hurricanes High School Sports: Students at Amherst Regional High School can participate in various sports programs such as football, soccer, volleyball, cross country running and skiing among others.
  6. The Western Mass Pioneers Soccer Club : Founded by local businessman Greg Kolodziey back in 1997 it was originally called The Pioneers before adding Western Mass to their name later on.They played their games at Lusitano Stadium located just outside Springfield but have since moved around several times due to stadium issues.

Cultural Events

  1. Amherst Block Party: A community event held in downtown Amherst featuring food, music, and activities for all ages.
  2. Taste of Amherst: A four-day festival celebrating the culinary diversity of the town with food vendors, live music, and entertainment.
  3. Emily Dickinson Poetry Marathon: An annual 24-hour reading of Emily Dickinson’s poetry at the Emily Dickinson Museum.
  4. Halloween on the Town Common: A family-friendly event featuring a costume parade, pumpkin carving contest, and trick-or-treating on the town common.
  5. Juneteenth Celebration: An annual celebration commemorating the end of slavery in America with music performances, food vendors and educational activities.
  6. Western Massachusetts Sacred Harp Singing Convention: An annual gathering of singers who perform traditional American hymns using shape-note singing techniques.
  7. Pioneer Valley Jewish Film Festival: A two-week festival showcasing Jewish-themed films from around the world with screenings at various locations throughout western Massachusetts.
  8. Amherst Cinema Arts Center Film Festival: An annual festival featuring independent films from around the world screened at one of New England’s premier independent cinemas.
  9. Amherst Crafts on The Common- This is an event that happens twice a year where artists come together to showcase their crafts such as jewelry making, pottery, painting etc.
  10. Amherst Farmers Market- This is a weekly market that happens every Saturday where local farmers come together to sell fresh produce, meat, cheese etc.


  • Antonio’s Pizza – famous for its large slices of pizza with unique toppings.
  • The Black Sheep Deli – known for its sandwiches and salads made with locally sourced ingredients.
  • Johnny’s Tavern – a popular spot for burgers, wings, and craft beer.
  • Judie’s Restaurant – serves classic New England comfort food such as clam chowder and lobster rolls.
  • Mission Cantina – offers Mexican-inspired dishes and cocktails made with fresh ingredients.
  • The Lone Wolf – a cozy gastropub serving elevated pub fare.
  • Bistro 63 – a farm-to-table restaurant featuring seasonal dishes made with local produce.
  • Ginger Garden Asian Fusion Restaurant- serves Chinese, Japanese & Thai dishes.
  • Hangar Pub & Grill- known for their burgers & wings.
  • Tavern on the Hill- offers American food like sandwiches, burgers & chicken tenders.

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Amherst Town Common is a public park that features a gazebo, benches, and grassy areas perfect for picnics and relaxation.
    2. Puffers Pond is a popular destination for swimming and fishing, with hiking trails and picnic areas available as well.
    3. Atkins Reservoir is a scenic spot where visitors can enjoy fishing, boating, kayaking, or canoeing.
    4. Mill River Recreation Area offers hiking trails, mountain biking paths, picnic areas with stunning views of the river.
    5. Amethyst Brook Conservation Area features hiking trails through wooded areas with streams and waterfalls to explore.
    6. Cushman Village Park is a small community park that has playground equipment designed for children to enjoy.
    7. Groff Park provides sports fields for soccer and baseball games in addition to walking paths around the perimeter of the park.
    8. North Amherst Recreation Area has facilities such as basketball courts, tennis courts & softball fields among others available for use by visitors.
    9. Robert Frost Trail offers 47 miles of scenic views of nature as it passes through Amherst.
    10. Amherst Bike Path connects to other nearby towns in the area via its 6-mile bike path making it an ideal location for cycling enthusiasts looking to explore the region’s beauty on two wheels!


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