Allada, Benin

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Allada, Benin

Region: Allada, Benin is located in the department of Atlantique

Geographic Coordinates: 6.650000, 2.150000
Temperature Range: 20.0°C to 35.0°C (68°F to 95°F)
Climate: Climate: tropical savanna Weather patterns: dry season (November to March) and rainy season (April to October)
Population: 127512
Language: Fon

Allada, Located in the southern part of Benin, West Africa, Is a small town situated approximately 50 kilometers north of Cotonou – the largest city and economic hub of the country. During pre-colonial times, Allada was an essential center for trade and commerce as it served as a significant market for slaves and other goods. Today, It is renowned for its rich cultural heritage and historical significance. One of Allada’s most notable attractions is the Royal Palace Museum built by King Agaja in the 18th century.

The museum houses artifacts and exhibits that showcase Allada’s history and culture concerning its royal dynasty. Visitors can view traditional masks, Costumes, Weapons, Musical instruments, Among other items used by past kings. Another popular attraction in Allada is the Python Temple dedicated to worshipping pythons – revered animals in Beninese culture. The temple houses several species of pythons that are fed with live chickens during religious ceremonies. Visitors can witness these ceremonies while learning about their significance to local beliefs.

Allada also has several historic landmarks such as Fort d’Allada (Fort Alladah), Constructed by French colonizers in 1892 to control trade routes between Dahomey (now Benin) and Lagos (now Nigeria). The fort played a significant role during World War II when it served as a strategic base for allied forces fighting against German troops. The town’s central market provides visitors with an opportunity to experience local life firsthand while shopping for souvenirs or sampling traditional dishes such as akpan (a fermented cassava dish) or fufu (a starchy staple made from cassava or yam).

In addition to its cultural attractions, Allada boasts stunning natural scenery including hills covered with lush vegetation that offer panoramic views over surrounding landscapes dotted with small villages inhabited by friendly locals. Overall, Allada offers a unique blend of history, Culture, And nature making it a fascinating destination. Visitors can immerse themselves in the town’s rich heritage while enjoying its vibrant atmosphere and warm hospitality, Making it a must-visit destination for anyone interested in exploring Benin’s diverse cultural landscape.

Important Landmarks

  1. Royal Palace of King Toffa: This palace was constructed in the 18th century and served as the residence of King Toffa, who reigned over the region.
  2. Temple of Python: The Temple of Python is a revered site where people come to worship pythons, which are considered sacred animals in Benin’s Vodun religion.
  3. Musée d’Allada: The Musée d’Allada is a museum that showcases Allada’s rich history and culture through its collection of artifacts, traditional costumes, and other exhibits.
  4. Porte du Non-Retour: This archway situated on Ouidah beach (approximately 20 km from Allada) was once used as an exit point for enslaved Africans forced onto ships bound for America.
  5. Sacred Forests: Several sacred forests surround Allada that are believed to be inhabited by spirits and deities worshipped by local communities.
  6. Abomey Historical Museum: Located about 50 km from Allada, this museum houses artifacts related to Dahomey Kingdom and offers fascinating insights into Benin’s history.
  7. Ganvie Stilt Village: Situated on Lake Nokoué near Cotonou (approximately an hour drive away), Ganvie Stilt Village provides visitors with a unique experience showcasing life on water with its exceptional architecture – houses built entirely on stilts above water level – making it an unforgettable experience not to be missed!

Primary Industries

  1. Allada, Benin is mainly an agricultural town with major industries and businesses focused on farming and livestock production.
  2. The main crops grown in the area include:
    • Maize
    • Cassava
    • Yams
    • Tomatoes
    • Peppers
  3. Livestock production includes:
    • Cattle
    • Sheep
    • Goats
    • Poultry
  4. Small-scale manufacturing businesses in Allada produce goods such as:
    • Soap
    • Textiles
  5. Small shops in Allada sell household items.
  6. Tourism is a growing industry in Allada due to its historical significance as the birthplace of King Toffa I of Dahomey.
  7. Visitors come to see his palace which has been turned into a museum showcasing artifacts from the kingdom’s past.

Noteable History

  1. Allada was the capital of the Dahomey Kingdom from 1625 to 1708 before it was moved to Abomey.
  2. King Houegbadja, who founded the Dahomey Kingdom in the early 17th century, was born in Allada.
  3. The city is home to several important historical sites, including the Royal Palace of King Toffa and the Temple of Pythons which is dedicated to worshiping snakes.
  4. The French explorer and ethnographer Paul Hazoumé was born in Allada in 1890.
  5. During World War II, Allada served as a base for Allied forces fighting against German forces in West Africa.
  6. In more recent times, Allada has become known for its vibrant cultural scene and its annual Festival of Vodoun Culture which celebrates traditional African religion and culture.
  7. Other notable people associated with Allada include King Agadja (who ruled over Dahomey from 1708-1732), King Ghezo (who ruled from 1818-1858), and writer Amos Tutuola (who grew up in a nearby village).

Museums and Things To See

  1. The Royal Palace of Allada is a historic palace that was once the seat of power for the Kingdom of Dahomey.
  2. The Musée d’Allada is a museum dedicated to the history and culture of Allada and its surrounding regions.
  3. The Temple des Pythons is a sacred temple where worshippers pay homage to pythons, which are considered sacred in traditional Beninese religion.
  4. La Place des Martyrs de la Liberté is a monument commemorating those who fought for Benin’s independence from France.
  5. Le Centre Culturel Artistique et Touristique d’Allada (CCATA) is an art center that showcases local artists and hosts cultural events throughout the year.
  6. Le Marché de Dantokpa is one of West Africa’s largest open-air markets, located just outside Allada in Cotonou.
  7. La Porte du Non-Retour (The Door of No Return) is a symbolic monument on the coast near Ouidah, marking the spot where enslaved Africans were loaded onto ships bound for the Americas during the transatlantic slave trade.

Cultural Events

  1. Fête de la Vannerie: This festival celebrates the traditional art of basket weaving in Allada. It takes place in August and features exhibitions of woven baskets and other crafts.
  2. Fête de la Divinité Sè: This is a religious festival that honors the deity Sè, who is believed to protect the town of Allada. It takes place in September and includes processions, music, dance performances, and offerings to the deity.
  3. Festival des Masques: This festival showcases traditional masks from different regions of Benin. It takes place in November and includes parades, mask dances, drumming competitions, and exhibitions.
  4. Festival du Zangbéto: This is a voodoo festival that celebrates the Zangbéto spirits who are believed to protect communities from evil spirits. The festival includes masquerade performances by men dressed as Zangbéto spirits.
  5. Fête du Yovo Doko: This is a cultural event that celebrates the relationship between Allada residents and foreigners living in the town (known as yovos). The event includes music performances, dance shows, food stalls and cultural exhibitions.
  6. Note: Due to COVID-19 pandemic situation around the world many events may be cancelled or postponed until further notice for safety reasons.


  1. Pate: a staple food made from cassava flour and served with various sauces such as peanut or tomato.
  2. Akpan: a fermented corn dough dish that is often eaten with soup.
  3. Agouti: a type of rodent that is commonly eaten in Benin and can be found at local restaurants in Allada.
  4. Chez Dohou: a popular restaurant in Allada known for its grilled chicken and fish dishes.
  5. Restaurant Le Jardin de la Paix: this restaurant offers traditional Beninese cuisine such as pate and akpan as well as French-inspired dishes like steak frites.
  6. La Table du Roi: another restaurant in Allada that serves both local and international cuisine including seafood platters, grilled meats, and vegetarian options.
  7. Maquis le Bistrot d’Allada: this casual eatery serves up traditional West African fare like grilled meat skewers, rice dishes, and stews at affordable prices.

Parks and Recreation

  1. Unfortunately, I do not have access to the latest information or updates about Allada, Benin.
  2. However, I suggest checking with local tourism boards or government websites for the most up-to-date information on public parks and recreational activities in Allada.


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